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Terrorist attack in Paris. Paris airport attack investigated as terrorism, suspected man known to police

‘I shot the police’: Text message sent by ‘Radicalised Muslim’ who shot at cops before grabbing an officer’s gun at Paris Orly airport and being killed


Great piece by Matt Walsh on the budget and “Meals on Wheels”. BTW, meels on wheels isn’t actually being defunded nor is Sesame Street. Watching the news myself last night saw a lot of people stepping up donating and volunteering for meals on wheels. They said they were experiencing record number donations and volunteering. I thought, that’s good. Isn’t that what America is all about? In this self serving, selfish culture we’re living in right now it seems this would be a nice change.

“Trump did not end Meals on Wheels. He didn’t do anything close to ending Meals on Wheels. His budget doesn’t mention Meals on Wheels. Instead, his budget cuts a program called the Community Development Block Grant. This program, which is often abused, partially funds Meals on Wheels. But the funds it gets from the CDBG are small in comparison to the funds it gets from sources like the Older Americans Act, which remains unscathed by Trump’s budget. Meals on Wheels also subsists largely on private donations. So, it’s not close to accurate to say that Meals on Wheels is “ended.” It’s not even accurate to say that government funding of Meals on Wheels is ended. Rather, one single source of government funding to the program is ended, while may other sources, including private ones, will continue.”

“Yet even as the real story surfaces —a story anyone could have figured out for themselves simply by reading the budget proposal —” Read more here. Matt Walsh: You don’t get to lecture about ‘Christian values’ while you support killing babies


Exclusive: Canadian border authorities detaining record number of Mexicans

Exclusive: Immigration judges headed to 12 U.S. cities to speed deportations

30 Countries Are Refusing To Take Back Illegal Immigrants Convicted Of Serious Crimes

Israel and the UN:

Beyond ‘apartheid’–U.N. commission pushes legal and propaganda offensive against Israel

UN official resigns over nixed anti-Israel report after pressure from Haley

Amb. Haley: China Must Prove to Us It Wants to Stop North Korean Aggression

Found this video on TKM News Facebook. “We couldn’t describe it any better.

Canadian reporter Faith Goldy came to Israel in order to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and reported from the Syrian border.

Faith said that she arrived with an open mind and ended up on “one big myth busting trip” regarding what is going on in Israel.


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