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Scroll down for the News, Headlines, Commentary and more but first. Thought of the day via RfDesk. “This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” – Winston Churchill

This day in History: The Battle of Alcatraz Begins (1946)

“The Battle of Alcatraz followed an escape attempt from Alcatraz Island’s federal penitentiary by six inmates who got stuck inside a cellhouse after failing to secure a key to the prison yard. Trapped, the inmates took the guards prisoner and took control of the cellhouse. The US Marines were called in, and two guards and three inmates died in the ensuing confrontation. Two inmates were later executed for their role in the incident. How long was it before the next attempted escape from Alcatraz?” More here. Battle of Alcatraz

In other News:

VA fires embattled Louisiana director amid scandal, secret wait lists

Marine vet, girlfriend found dead in Belize, a week after they vanished

“Passengers throw punches on All Nippon Airways flight set to depart Japan to Los Angeles”. Video here. Flight fight: Fists fly during violent encounter on plane

DALLAS (AP) — “A 36-year-old man with a criminal history killed his roommate, shot his neighbor and opened fire on responding paramedics in a Dallas neighborhood during an attack that prompted police to barricade the area for hours, investigators said Tuesday.

Derick Lamont Brown was acting erratically at his home before he forced his 67-year-old roommate into a back room and fatally shot him Monday, said Randy Blankenbaker, Dallas’s police assistant chief of investigations. The gunshots prompted a neighbor to go outside, where Brown shot him.” More here. POLICE: MAN KILLED ROOMMATE, THEN SHOT NEIGHBOR, PARAMEDIC

Net Neutrality Rules Could Be Headed For A Supreme Court Showdown

Feds Paid Dead People Millions In Social Security Benefits

World news:

‘MOAB’ aftermath: Fox News tours site where Afghanistan bomb was dropped

In Cuba, VIDEO: Cuban Dissident Beaten for Interrupting Communist May Day Parade Waving U.S. Flag

China’s new aircraft carrier lacks catapult, must stop for refueling

Utah Air Force base members participate in NATO exercise in Spain

Mexico captures Sinaloa Cartel leader ‘El Licenciado’

Trump, Putin signal new effort to cooperate on Syria

U.S. May Consider New Sanctions on Venezuela as Crisis Deepens 

Venezuela’s Maduro reaches for Chavez’s constitution playbook

Venezuelan opposition blocks streets to protest Maduro power shakeup

Test of U.S. Defense Against North Korea Missiles Set This Month 

Air Force B-1 bombers have flown over the Korean Peninsula twice in the past week

US Military Says It Has ‘A Very Good Chance’ Of Destroying ISIS In Afghanistan In 2017

U.S., China talk firmer U.N. response to North Korea’s missiles: diplomats

German minister cancels U.S. trip, calls in top brass over officer’s arrest


WASHINGTON—“House Republican leaders are on the brink of losing too many GOP votes to pass their health-care bill overturning much of the Affordable Care Act, potentially dashing hopes raised by the White House of a big legislative win this week.

At least 21 House Republicans have now said they oppose the latest version of the Republican plan to overhaul the health-care system, with an almost equal number publicly undecided on the bill. House GOP leaders can likely lose only 22 GOP votes to pass the bill, because it isn’t expected to receive any Democratic support.” More here. GOP Losing Votes on Health Bill, Imperiling Its Chances

Dawdling Congress tests Trump’s patience


“White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney said Tuesday that a “good” government shutdown would include “fixing Washington, D.C. permanently,” though he added the threat shouldn’t be used as a way to negotiate.

“It’s not a goal and it’s not a negotiating tool,” Mulvaney said at White House press briefing. “But to the extent that the president advocated for one today, if you want to imagine what a good shutdown was, it’s one that fixes this town.”

“One that really drives the message back home to people that it really was as broken as they thought it was when they voted for Donald Trump. A good one would be something that fixes Washington, D.C. permanently. Mulvaney’s comments come after President Trump earlier in the day called for a “good shutdown” in September to fix the “mess” in government.” More here. Trump budget chief defines good shutdown as ‘one that fixes this town’

OMB Director: We’re Funding the Border Wall

Trump turns to ‘The Snake’ to warn about border security

DNC: We Had the Right to Screw Bernie

Hillary Clinton Blames FBI and Russia for 2016 Loss

GOP Urges Acosta to Block Obama Retirement Rule


Trump: Off to a Good Start.

“Much, for America, depends on his success. It is often hard to discern, but, despite an unprecedented amount of friction and the continued implacable hostility of the discredited post-Reagan political establishment, Donald Trump is continuing to gain ground in his holy crusade against them. He mousetrapped himself into turning 100 days into an important milestone, unlike any other president except Franklin D. Roosevelt (who had a unanimous mandate to deal radically with the Great Depression). Very predictably, this has turned into an empty-net goal for the large swath of the media whom he has correctly described as, in terms of honest reportage, “enemies of the people.” But in fact, although the impression has often, and not always inaccurately, been one of chaos and unserious amateurism in the administration, the president has achieved a lot.” More here. Trump: Off to a Good Start

Rush on the terrible spending bill: “Why is anybody voting Republican, if this is what happens when we win?”

“It’s a fair question.

I know the headline makes it sound like he’s criticizing Trump, but after a year and a half of Rush applauding him at every turn, you should know better than that by now. He sort of criticizes him. It’s the special interests who are responsible for this garbage spending bill, he insists, aided and abetted by the corrupt Republican establishment.” More here. Rush on the terrible spending bill: “Why is anybody voting Republican, if this is what happens when we win?”

“If Defense Secretary James Mattis cannot persuade Trump to request additional funds for the U.S. military, then perhaps he can convince him to reprioritize existing funding instead.’

“In 2016, as ISIS spread its mayhem into the heart of Western Europe, beheading a Catholic priest at the altar in France and murdering well more than 100 other innocents across the continent, the Obama administration directed the secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force to “integrate climate change considerations” into their “policy, guidance, plans, and operations.” The order reflected the Obama administration’s worldview: “If you’re consumed by the Middle East, you can’t fix climate change,” foreign policy advisor Ben Rhodes lectured, reverting, apparently, to his earlier career as a fiction writer.” More here. 3 Wasteful Military Programs Congress Should Cut To Free Up Money For Upgrades