News and Headlines for today. 6/8/2017

Big News day no doubt but there is other News and Headlines besides Comey’s testimony. Scroll down for highlights from Comey’s testimony, World News, Commentary / Opinion and other News and Headlines.

Thought of the day. Via- Refdesk “Winners take responsibility, losers blame others.” – Brit Hume

In the News:

MIAMI (AP) — “An ex-convict from Alabama was arrested early Thursday on charges of kidnapping, killing and disposing of the body of a 12-year-old Florida girl.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said during a news conference that Robert Letroy Howard, 38, often “frequented” the apartment of his girlfriend in the Aspen Village apartment complex where Naomi Jones lived with her family near Pensacola. The child was reported missing May 31, and her body was found by fishermen on Monday.” More here.> Ex-convict arrested in death of 12-year-old Florida girl

Child sex molestation, evangelicals and ‘outrageously’ wrong conduct: $2 million jury award to Trinity Broadcasting founder’s granddaughter

“Atlas Project bosses and staff locked vulnerable adults in punishment rooms. Staff showed a sickening lack of remorse, boasting of nights out and holidays. A total of 13 people were convicted of the ‘organised and systemic abuse’. Atlas director Jolyon Marshall was called ‘the nastiest man in the world’ in court. They were paid millions to care for some of the most vulnerable adults in society – but instead abusive Atlas bosses and their staff locked them in punishment rooms. As their crimes were detailed in court over the past year, they showed a sickening lack of remorse, boasting of enjoying debauched nights out and holidays.” More here.> We profile some of the defendants who made care home residents’ lives hell

Jury awards $6.7M to inmate raped by guard, shackled during childbirth

“A doctor in a Detroit suburb performed genital mutilation on as many as 100 girls over 12 years, prosecutors claimed as they tried to convince a judge to keep a man and his wife who assisted the medical professional locked up on Wednesday.

Detroit-based doctors Jumana Nagarwala and Fakhruddin Attar, as well as Attar’s wife Farida, have been charged with carrying out female genital mutilation, FGM, on young girls from Minnesota on February 3.

Attar, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, is accused of letting Nagarwala use his Livonia, Michigan, clinic to perform genital mutilation procedures on young girls as part of a religious rite of passage.” More here.> Michigan doctor and her cohorts may have cut the genitals of as many as a HUNDRED girls

Taxpayer Funding of Abortion at Planned Parenthood

“Pro-life groups are now in the second phase of a campaign to drive an abortion clinic owner out of Washington, DC.

OneNewsNow has for years reported on the saga of abortionist Steven Chase Brigham who has lost or surrendered his medical license in six states, yet maintains ownership of a string of abortion clinics on the East Coast. The latest episode of the saga involves a shop Brigham set up in the nation’s capital.” More here.> Campaign advances against destructive career of longtime abortionist

A group says it was booted from a gay pride parade for supporting President Trump

June 8 (UPI) — “A gunman killed three people before killing himself inside a grocery store in northeastern Pennsylvania.

State police said Randy Stair, 24, carried out the murder-suicide. The victims were identified as Terry Sterling, 63, Victoria Brong, 25, and Brian Hayes, 47. The murder-suicide occurred inside a Weis Markets grocery store in Eaton Township, Pa., about 25 miles northwest of Scranton.” More here.> Grocery store gunman kills 3 co-workers, himself in Pa.

“It’s not uncommon to see marches for all kinds of causes but a “March Against Sharia” might be a first.

“March Against Sharia” is planned for June 10 in at least 29 cities around the country, says event organizer  Brigitte Gabriel of ACT for America.

Known for her grassroots activism against radical Islam, Gabriel says the idea of a march came after Muslim doctors in Detroit were arrested earlier this year for genital mutilation of young Muslim girls.” More here.> March Against Sharia’ coming (maybe) to a city near you

YouTube banned me, but not the hate imams

Hateful CNN Host’s Tweets Calling for Rape Mysteriously Disappear

James Comey Testimony: / Government Corruption: / Leaks: / Clinton:

“For the first time, former FBI Director James Comey, who is testifying today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to call the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal a “matter” and not an “investigation.”

“Under questioning by panel chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), Comey said that he was uncomfortable with the unexpected meeting Lynch had with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac last year. 

Comey said that meeting convinced him that the independence of the investigation was tainted with regard to the Justice Department and led him to go public with the bureau’s findings on Clinton.” More here.> Comey said Loretta Lynch told him not to call the Clinton email probe an ‘investigation’

Comey says he was ‘confused’ by firing, administration lied

“Shortly after his dismissal as head of the FBI, James Comey authorized “a close friend” to leak the contents of his memos to the press in order to prompt a special counsel investigation. 
The memo, written contemporaneously, documented Comey’s Oval Office meeting with President Trump during which the president allegedly asked him to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.” More here.> Comey leaked memos to prompt special counsel

A newly produced Hillary Clinton email appears to conflict with her FBI testimony

Reality Winner is expected to plead not guilty to leaking classified NSA information

“White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday that President Trump is “not a liar” hours after ousted FBI Director James Comey said the president had lied about the FBI.” More here.> White House: Trump is not a liar

“Fired former FBI Director James Comey said during his appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday that the New York Times reporting on President Donald Trump colluding with the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign was “not true.”

Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) asked Comey about the reporting.

“Okay, so again,” Risch said. “So the American people can understand this, that report by the New York Times was not true, is that a fair statement?”

“It was not true,” Comey said. “Again, all of you know this, maybe the American people don’t.” More here.> Fake News: Comey Confirms New York Times’ Trump-Russia Collusion Story False 

Reactions to James Comey’s Senate testimony

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Never Warned State Election Officials Of Russian Election ‘Hacking’

Ryan Says Trump’s Reaction To Comey Is Understandable, ‘He’s New At This’

World News:

North Korea launches multiple surface-to-ship missiles, South Korean military says

“Surprise, surprise, another inmate released from the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has been arrested for reengaging in terrorism. His name is Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar and his Department of Defense (DOD) file says he has links to “multiple terrorist plots” and as a member of the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA) plotted with Al Qaeda to attack the United States Embassy in Sarajevo.” More here.> Former Gitmo Captive on Saudi Payroll Arrested in French ISIS Cell

An explosion at the US Embassy in Ukraine’s capital is being investigated as terrorism

Brits are heading to the polls for national elections amid heightened security fears

“A pro-ISIS news agency has told followers to stay away from the ‘gathering places of the Crusaders’ as it warns that ‘thousands of lonely lions’ are prepared to slaughter civilians at any time.

In a statement published by Nashir News Agency, people in America, Russia, France, Britain, Canada, Belgium, Australia – and those ‘outside the Caliphate’ – are warned of ‘almost daily blessed attacks’ by Islamic State fighters.

‘We will explode, run over people by vehicles and cut off their necks in any time,’ the statement reads.”  More here.> ISIS-supporting news agency tells Muslims to avoid ‘gathering places of the Crusaders’ as fanatics plan to ‘explode, run over people and cut their necks any time’

U.N.: Islamic State kills 231 civilians in west Mosul within three days

Al-Shabab militants: At least 61 killed in attack on Somali military base

Explosive thrown on grounds of U.S. Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Brutal revenge: Rare attack in Iran shows how country responds to terrorism

Gunmen kill 14 in ambush on main South Sudan highway: police

US Shoots Down Pro-Assad Drone That Fired On Coalition Forces

President Trump:

WASHINGTON (AP) — “President Donald Trump says congressional Democrats are “obstructionists” who are stalling his agenda.

In a speech to evangelical supporters Thursday, Trump said the “level of hatred” between the political parties is “beyond anything that I’ve ever seen.”

Trump urged the audience to help send more Republicans to Congress in next year’s elections. He noted that Republicans have just a two-vote edge in the Senate, where the rules give minority Democrats power to block or stall action on legislation.

Trump also reiterated his commitment to repeal and replace the Obama health care law. The Republican-controlled House recently passed a bill with only GOP votes. The Senate is working on its own version.” More here.> Trump: Democratic ‘obstructionists’ are stalling my agenda

Trump’s infrastructure package to include wage protections

President Trump Gives Remarks on His Infrastructure Initiative


The ‘state’ of job markets is debatable

Berkshire Settles California’s ‘Bait-and-Switch’ Insurance Case

Biggest Job Growth Expected in Health Care & Renewable Energy

Jobless Claims in U.S. Resume Decline Amid Tight Labor Market

Verizon plans to cut 2,000 jobs at Yahoo, AOL: source

Wall St. rises as Comey testimony springs no surprise

WASHINGTON (AP) — “President Donald Trump has said he wants to do “a big number” on the Obama-era financial rules devised after the Great Recession, and House Republicans were poised to fulfill that goal Thursday.

The GOP-controlled House was on track to vote for legislation that would wipe away much of the financial law created to head off economic meltdowns like the one that caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs and homes during the 2008-09 collapse.

Republicans say many requirements imposed under what is known as the Dodd-Frank Act, named after its Democratic sponsors, have harmed economic growth by making it harder for consumers and businesses to get loans.” More here.> GOP-run House poised to roll back post-2008 financial rules

Commentary / Opinion:

Sekulow: Comey statement a complete vindication of Trump

“This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Six Day War, when the state of Israel defeated three Arab armies determined to destroy the Jewish state in a second Holocaust. Notwithstanding all the might the Arabs could muster (supplied by the Soviet Union), Israel saved itself from annihilation and liberated the holy city of Jerusalem from Jordan’s oppressive rule of Judaism’s holiest sites. 

But more than that, we should reflect on the fact that in preserving itself Israel also preserved Western Civilization in the Middle East. If we think that region is chaotic now, causing constant suffering for the people who live there and increasing the risk of regional or global war, imagine what it would be like if there were not a state like Israel with the might, economy, and political culture to mitigate the horrors of barbarism that repeatedly emanate from it.” More here.> Fifty Years Ago, Israel Saved Western Civilization In The Middle East

“Thomas Barrack, founder of Colony Capital and executive chairman of Colony NorthStar, was interviewed on June 6 in New York City by Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Megan Murphy. Following are excerpts from their discussion, which appear in the June 12-18, 2017, edition of the magazine. The real estate lion and close friend of POTUS talks with Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Megan Murphy about taxes, tweets, tradition, and disruption.” More here.> Trump Knows Exactly What He’s Doing: Tom Barrack on the President