News and Headlines: 6/9/2017

Lot’s of news today of course. After you get through all the News and Headlined,Comey Testimony reports, got a little Humor at the bottom of the post for you compliments of Circa News.

In The News:

“An Israeli nurse won the hearts of millions after she was photographed breastfeeding a Palestinian baby boy whose mother was critically injured in a car accident.

According to TODAY, a Palestinian family of three was involved in a horrific collision with a bus in Jerusalem earlier last week, killing the infant’s father and seriously injuring the mother. Yamen, the couple’s nine-month-old baby boy, who was also restrained in his car seat at the time of the crash, survived with minor injuries — but he was quickly growing hungry.” More here.> Israeli nurse breastfeeds Palestinian baby boy after his mom is critically injured in accident

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — “Twelve employees of a Democrat-linked group focused on mobilizing black voters in Indiana are accused of submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration applications ahead of last year’s general election in order to meet quotas, according to charging documents filed Friday.

Prosecutors allege that 11 temporary workers employed by the Indiana Voter Registration Project created and submitted an unknown number of falsified applications. According to a probable cause affidavit, a supervisor for those canvassers, Holiday Burke, was also charged, as was the group.” More here.> Canvassers Charged in Fake, Fraudulent Voter Registrations


“During her weekly press conference, Pelosi not only became confused over who is president, but also what day of the week it is. 

“I spoke with the speaker a week, a week and a couple days ago, about — oh, no, just last Friday,” she said. “What is today? Is it Friday again? Pelosi’s aide came to her assistance, passing her a note alerting her to the slip-up she’s made many times before” More here.> MOMENTS AFTER QUESTIONING TRUMP’S MENTAL HEALTH, PELOSI HAS SENIOR MOMENT(S)

A Democratic Senator dropped multiple f-bombs in an anti-Trump speech in New York

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — “A use-of-force expert testified Friday that a Minnesota police officer was justified in the fatal shooting of a black motorist moments after the man told him he was carrying a gun, and said his tests found the motorist could have pulled the weapon in a fraction of a second.

Emanuel Kapelsohn was the second such expert in two days called by attorneys for Officer Jeronimo Yanez. He’s charged with manslaughter for shooting Philando Castile during a traffic stop last July that drew widespread attention because Castile’s girlfriend streamed the aftermath on Facebook.” More here.> USE-OF-FORCE EXPERT: MINNESOTA OFFICER JUSTIFIED IN SHOOTING


CNN cuts ties with Reza Aslan following anti-Trump tweets

Puerto Rico to vote on becoming the 51st state

Footage shows a distracted woman on her cellphone fall into an open sidewalk cellar

World News:

UK police say stabbing at London’s Russell Square not terror-related

“Prime Minister Theresa May has lost seats in the general election in a stunning reversal of her hopes. Mrs May said her government will keep Britain safe by cracking down on terrorism in the recent attacks.” More here.> May finally says ‘sorry’ to losing Tory candidates who ‘didn’t deserve it’ but vows to be PM for five more years with support of DUP after seeing the Queen… but do her rivals have other ideas?

Defiant May vows to stay on despite UK election blow

Record number of women elected to British parliament

June 9 (UPI) — “Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies have targeted dozens of organizations and individuals with new terror-related sanctions — escalating a diplomatic crisis in the Middle East, particularly with Qatar.

The sanctions target dozens of organizations and nearly 60 individuals with purported links to militant groups. Many of those sanctioned are from Qatar.

The new sanctions come as many Gulf allies continue to single out Qatar for alleged ties to terrorist groups. Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates formally cut diplomatic ties with the small Arab nation.” More here.> Arab diplomatic crisis deepens with new terror-related sanctions

June 9 (UPI) — “Concern is growing in South Korea after the military said a North Korean drone equipped with a Japanese camera was found near the demilitarized zone.

The drone was not captured on surveillance radar and was instead reported by a local resident in Inje County, Gangwon Province, Yonhap news agency reported Friday.

Experts say South Korea’s self-developed radars have difficulty detecting small drones that fly at an altitude of 1-2 miles.

Seoul military radars failed to track as many as three incoming North Korean UAVs at the border in 2014. South Korean residents reported the three drones after they crash-landed in different parts of the country.” More here.> North Korea’ drone discovered after crash worries experts

North Korea says it has tested new anti-ship missile

“China said on Friday it was monitoring U.S. military activities in the South China Sea, after two U.S. bombers conducted training flights over the disputed waters.

The U.S. Pacific Command said on its website that two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers flew a 10-hour training mission from Guam over the South China Sea on Thursday, in conjunction with the Navy’s USS Sterett guided-missile destroyer.” More here.> China says it is vigilant as two U.S. bombers fly over South China Sea

“U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday called on Qatar to stop funding terrorism as his state department urged Arab states to ease their blockade on the country and calm tensions that intensified with a Turkish offer to send military forces to aid its Qatari ally.

Trump said he spoke with regional leaders in the wake of a recent meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and he had decided it was time to call on Qatar to end its support of terrorist groups.” More here.> Trump calls on Qatar to stop funding terrorism

President Trump:

June 9 (UPI) — “President Donald Trump on Friday announced the formation of a new council to speed his massive proposed infrastructure overhaul that will “hold the bureaucracy accountable.”

In a speech at the U.S. Transportation Department, Trump said the process for getting construction approval for federal projects is burdensome and promised his administration would prevent bureaucratic red tape from delaying projects.

He said the infrastructure council would create tools to help contractors and states win speedy approval for infrastructure projects and would be empowered to punish federal agencies if they cause delays, though he did not specify what those punishments would be.” More here.> Trump vows infrastructure council to speed project approvals

“President Trump finally broke his silence Friday morning about James Comey’s congressional testimony a day earlier, tweeting that he felt vindicated and emphasizing the former FBI director’s admission that he leaked details of confidential conversations with the president to the press. 

“Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!” Trump tweeted.”Video and more here.> Comey is a leaker!’ Trump breaks his silence on ex-FBI boss’ testimony

“President Donald Trump publicly reaffirmed his commitment to NATO’s mutual defense provision, countering suggestions he previously made that he might not deploy U.S. troops to defend a member state under attack.

“Absolutely, I’d be committed to Article 5,” Trump said Friday at a press conference with Romanian president Klaus Iohannis at the White House, invoking the provision of the treaty that requires signers to defend other nations in the alliance.

The White House has praised Romania as among the countries meeting the president’s call for alliance members to increase their defense spending. Earlier this year, the Romanian Defense Ministry announced its budget would be pegged to 2 percent of gross domestic product, in line with a benchmark set by members of the pact in 2014.” More here.> Trump Affirms U.S. Commitment to Defend NATO Nations If Attacked

James Comey Testimony / Fall Out / Commentary: 

Leftist Host Chris Matthews Admits Russia Collusion Narrative Destroyed

Will media admit they were ‘dead wrong’ about Russia?

Tucker: The truth about what we learned from Comey hearing

Krauthammer: Not a good day for ‘liar’ Trump, ‘coward’ Comey

Comey fallout: Similarities in Times article, testimony could bolster Trump claims

“Former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie took aim at former FBI Director James Comey this morning, calling his leak of his private memos unethical and “possibly illegal.”

Comey acknowledged in the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that he passed the contents of private memos about his conversations with Donald Trump to the New York Times through a friend.” Video and more here.> Bossie: Comey’s ‘Political’ Leaks ‘Possibly Illegal, Definitely Unethical’

Law professor: It’s now clear that Loretta Lynch’s intrusion into the Clinton email investigation ‘probably changed history’

Justice Department Issues Correction After Comey’s Testimony On Sessions

Terrorist Attacks:

“An Islamist terrorist attack in Toronto is going all but ignored by city police and most Canadian news outlets.

A woman wearing the full-face Islamic veil and an Islamic State-type flag as a bandana shouted “Allahu Akbar” and began swinging a golf club at employees and a customer late Saturday afternoon at a Canadian Tire big-box hardware store. She also shouted death threats and support for the Islamic State.” More here.> Islamist Terror Attack in Canada All But Ignored by Media, Police

“Investigators are looking into whether or not the Islamist militants who attacked civilians with a truck and knives in London last Saturday may have been inspired in part by a U.S. cleric, European and U.S. government officials said.

The cleric, Ahmad Musa Jebril, who had been living in the Detroit area for some years, is one of several described by authorities as online propagandists who could have influenced the three attackers, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.” More here.> Officials probe U.S. cleric’s possible influence on London attackers: sources


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“In September 2014, Gilberto Velasquez, a 38-year-old house painter from El Salvador, received life-changing news: The U.S. government had decided to shelve its deportation action against him.

The move was part of a policy change initiated by then-President Barack Obama in 2011 to pull back from deporting immigrants who had formed deep ties in the United States and whom the government considered no threat to public safety. Instead, the administration would prioritize illegal immigrants who had committed serious crimes.

Last month, things changed again for the painter, who has lived in the United States illegally since 2005 and has a U.S.-born child. He received news that the government wanted to put his deportation case back on the court calendar, citing another shift in priorities, this time by President Donald Trump.

The Trump administration has moved to reopen the cases of hundreds of illegal immigrants who, like Velasquez, had been given a reprieve from deportation, according to government data and court documents reviewed by Reuters and interviews with immigration lawyers.” More here.> Exclusive: Trump targets illegal immigrants who were given reprieves from deportation by Obama

Commentary / Opinion:

On Watch: LIVE – “Inside the Deep State”

“Their reputations were taken down not by Donald Trump, but by their attempts to take down Trump.” Pathetic endings to prosecutorial careers of James Comey and Loretta Lynch


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