News and Headlines. 6/29/2017 Special edition, Videos.

Just some videos today, with a little Satire. Gotta start with humor. Trump vs The Swamp Creatures – Intellectual Froglegs

Recording artist Kaya Jones on being a Trump supporter

Tucker: Viewers don’t trust CNN – they’re untrustworthy

Van Jones: Russia is “Nothing burger”– American Pravda: CNN Part 2

Washington Post’s Paul Farhi is “Very Fake News”

CNN’s Jeff Zucker Runs From O’Keefe–Afraid of the Truth?

And now, a little Satire.

Washington, D.C. — “In a surprise tweet this morning, President Donald Trump announced that transcontinental railroad executive and physics expert Dagny Taggart will take over AMTRAK. Taggart, who’s known for insights on steel manufacturing and a shrewd business acumen, is the “one man who can fix AMTRAK” according to Mr. Trump.

According to anonymous White House insiders, President Trump was given a copy of the seminal Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged shortly after he assumed the office by Vice President Pence who told him “it’s a training manual on how to fix AMTRAK.” Pence, who is not known to be a fan of the Objectivist writer, appears to believe that it is a “cookbook” to fix America and said the book was given to him shortly before the 2016 election by House Speaker Paul Ryan.” Read more here. Trump Nominates Dagny Taggart for AMTRAK Chairman

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