News and Headlines. 7/10/2017

In the News:

“The north country law enforcement community is mourning the death of a New York State trooper who was shot and killed Sunday night in the town of Theresa.

A woman, described by police as the wife of the shooter, was killed in the same incident.” More here.> State Trooper, Woman Shot & Killed

Brand New Congress works to replace every member of Congress

1 person was killed and 8 were wounded at a gender reveal party in Ohio

911 calls reveal chaos after mass shooting at Colerain Township gender reveal party

Louisiana police officer wounded in ambush sues Black Lives Matter activists

Chicago policemen plead not guilty to cover-up in shooting of black teen

IRS shuts down mom and pop dressmaker, sells dresses within hours

ICYMI: Donald Trump Jr. gathered members of campaign for meeting with Russian lawyer before election. “NYT leaves out the woman in that meeting worked w/ Dem oppo research firm that created the phony dossier & also represented Sid Blumenthal.”

PR specialist says set up meeting between Trump’s son, Russian lawyer at a client’s request

Donald Trump Jr. changed his account of the meeting with Russian lawyer

Priest arrested in road rage incident on Florida’s Turnpike

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — “A federal judge should consider holding Oakland, California, city and police officials in contempt of court for mishandling an internal affairs investigation of several officers alleged to have sexually exploited an underage prostitute, civil rights lawyers said.

U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson has summoned lawyers for the city to his court Monday to discuss a report that found fault with the mayor, city administrator, police chief and other top officials in their handling of the prostitute’s claims and two separate police investigations.” More here.> JUDGE ORDERS CALIFORNIA CITY TO COURT OVER POLICE PROBE

New York Times Misleads Again on U.S. Intel Agencies’ Russia ‘Interference’ Assessment

“An African American female professor at a university in Hawaii believes that white, male professors who identified as male at birth should simply quit.

Piper Harron wrote on Facebook that if white male professors are not willing to quit, then they should at least take a demotion to make room for minority women and transgender educators.” more here.> Prof. calls for white male colleagues to quit

Fire crews report progress in California, elsewhere in West

YOU’RE FIRED! Trump’s VA Terminates 500, Suspends 200 For Misconduct

VA To Post Employee Firings, Stop Rewarding Employees For Bogus Discrimination Claims

World News:

Cardinal Pell arrives in Australia to face sexual offence charges

The Latest: US-led coalition says Iraqis have retaken Mosul

“United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley aims to put to a vote within weeks a U.N. Security Council resolution to impose stronger sanctions on North Korea over its long-range ballistic missile test, said several senior U.N. diplomats.

Haley told some U.N. diplomats late last week of the ambitious timeline for a U.N. response to North Korea’s launch on Tuesday of a missile that some experts believe could have the range to reach Alaska, and parts of the U.S. West Coast.” More here.> U.S. aims for U.N. vote on North Korea sanctions within weeks: diplomats

UK court sets new hearing in case of terminally ill baby

A brief look at the medical issues in the Charlie Gard case

“Israel’s foreign ministry has issued a statement denouncing U.S. billionaire George Soros, a move that appeared designed to align Israel more closely with Hungary ahead of a visit to Budapest next week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” More here.> Israel backs Hungary, says financier Soros is a threat

“Four Americans were among a group of 19 tourists that was robbed by masked men in Paris this past Saturday, according to The Local France.

On Monday, the digital news publisher reported that the victims also included 12 French tourists and three Moroccans.

The group was reportedly waiting outside their hotel for a shuttle bus to Charles de Gaulle airport when the attack occurred.” More here.> 4 Americans were tear gassed and robbed in Paris

Government Corruption:

Comey’s private memos on Trump conversations contained classified material


“The apprehension of families and unaccompanied alien minors by Border Patrol agents along the southwest border increased substantially in June. The total apprehension of illegal aliens increased by 10 percent during that same period.

While apprehensions increased in this latest report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), they remain at historic lows, CBP officials pointed out.” More here.> Border Apprehension of Families, Minors Increases Substantially in June

Economy / Stocks:

Wall Street up as technology shares hold gains

Commentary / Opinion:

Tomi Lahren reacts to Trump’s face-to-face with Putin

“President Trump is the first political entity in our lifetime that not only comprehends the faces of the false arguments (the fallacies of false choice), but more importantly sees the administrative architects behind the Potemkin villages represented by those faces. When it comes to domestic economic policies, the architects are the BIG CLUB.” More here.> Healthcare Legislation is Stuck Amid The Big Club Administrative Lobbying Network…

Tucker Carlson on Transgenders In The Military?!!

“Poor students deserve just as good an education as rich students, right? So why are so many stuck in failing public schools? Denisha Merriweather, who benefited from school vouchers, explains the problem and the solution.” More here.> School Choice Saved My Life

“Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Trump, weighs in on Paris’ evacuation of migrants and President Trump’s visit to Poland.” Video here.> Sebastian Gorka: National interest must trump charity

VIDEO: America Under Siege — Soviet Islam