News and Headlines. 7/12/2017

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In The News:

“The man considered a person of interest in the disappearance of four young men in Pennsylvania has been taken into custody for a second time, this time on a stolen property charge related to the missing men, authorities said.

Cosmo DiNardo, 20, was arrested Wednesday on a charge related to a 1996 Nissan Maxima, which authorities believe belonged to one of the missing men, 21-year-old Tom Meo, Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said in a press conference Wednesday afternoon.” More and Press Conference video here.> Person of interest in disappearances of 4 young men arrested for 2nd time

U.S. attorney general says to hire 300 prosecutors to fight crime

Video has emerged of an American’s deadly beating in Greece

“President Trump ripped Hillary Clinton and fellow Democrats Wednesday over what he described as a double standard for their respective associates’ alleged coordination with foreign governments in the 2016 campaign.” More here.> Trump unloads on Hillary over double standard, amid reports Dems also got foreign help


Praying for the President: Evangelical pastor shares image of prayer circle laying their hands on Donald Trump’s back in the Oval Office

Trump’s FBI pick vows independence, says Russia probe no ‘witch hunt’

Trump expected to nominate Senate Democratic aide to be CFTC commissioner: WSJ

Trump says he’ll be ‘angry’ if Senate health care bill flops

World News:

80,000 rally for life in Ireland: ‘We can do better’ than ‘killing children before they are born’

U.S. informs South Korea plans to start talks to amend trade pact

Ex-Brazilian President Silva convicted of corruption

Government Corruption / Russian Collusion:

Tom Fitton discusses the Mueller Investigation, Obamacare Exemption, New VA & Deep State Lawsuits 

“Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on the controversy over a meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian lawyer and the allegations some of former FBI Director James Comey’s leaked memos contained classified information.” Comey in legal trouble over leaked memos? 

“If the new rule is talking to a foreigner in the United States subjects you to being called in to testify on Capitol Hill, there would be a line going out the door.” –JW President Tom Fitton

“Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch Director of Investigations, wants the Russian collusion investigation to look into Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Russians.” Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Russian connections? 

“An electric car company that folded after taking millions of taxpayer dollars was founded by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, but the mainstream media is ignoring this pertinent fact. The Mississippi-based company, GreenTech, shut down in January but is back in the spotlight because this week the state’s auditor demanded the firm repay $6.4 million in public funds. Only a small Richmond, Virginia newspaper prominently reported McAuliffe’s ties to the scandal,” More here.> Media Ignores Virginia Gov. McAuliffe’s Role in Green Car Scandal that Fleeced Taxpayers out of Millions


“Police officials in Arizona’s largest city have quietly implemented a new policy banning officers from contacting the feds after arresting an illegal alien and forbidding them from asking about immigration status, in violation of key provisions of a state law upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Judicial Watch obtained a copy of the Phoenix Police Department’s new sanctuary Immigration Procedures, which also replace the term “illegal alien” with “a person unlawfully present.” It appears to be part of a broader scheme to dodge federal immigration laws in Arizona’s most populous county.” More here.> Phoenix PD Bans Officers from Asking About Immigration Status, Calling Feds in Violation of State Law

Islam / Terrorist / War on Terror:

Terror Convictions in Ohio and Virginia

“ISIS fighters burned to death three families in Raqqa, Syria. The reason: The families refused to return to Islamic-State-held territory, according to eyewitnesses who managed to flee the scene.” More here.> Burnt Alive! ISIS Punishment for Fleeing Families

“In yet another abhorrent act of violence, a radicalized child who looks around eight years old carries out an execution captured on video by the twisted minds of ISIS.

While ISIS activities in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq, have significantly diminished, Islamic State is now targeting central, eastern and southeastern Asia.

This clip was filmed in Afghanistan where ISIS takes advantage of the dismal security and economic situation, in a separate struggle to that of the Taliban.

In this highly-graphic video, the child claims he will avenge the killing of all ISIS leaders and children.” More here.> Warning, highly-graphic videoVIDEO: Young ISIS Child Carries Out Gruesome Execution

“After a year of watching Ikaika Erik Kang, an FBI SWAT team arrested the active duty soldier in Hawaii over the weekend.

Kang, 34, a convert to Islam, was charged with seeking to provide classified military documents and support to Islamic State (ISIS).

Kang had been under surveillance by a number of law-enforcement agencies since he began making threatening remarks and voicing his support for ISIS beginning in 2011. He was arrested Saturday after swearing his loyalty to ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and saying that he wanted to kill “a bunch of people.” More here.> SWAT Team Arrests Active Duty Soldier in Hawaii

“As the number one state sponsor of terrorism and the source of a fundamentalist ideology, the Iranian regime is the principal contributor to the crises that are riddling the Middle East. And the past eight years have proven that appeasing the mullahs ruling Iran will only render a bad situation worse.

It is now more evident than ever that only a free and democratic Iran can help restore peace and stability in the region, not one that is ruled by the current religious fascist regime.

However, contrary to what the proponents of the appeasement policy toward Iran have tried to portray, regime change in Iran does not require another bloody conflict in the region. It is now more possible than ever, and the people of Iran, along with their organized resistance movement (NCRI/MEK), have all they need to bring democracy and freedom to their country.

This was the message delivered by the July 1 Free Iran gathering in Paris, an event attended by tens of thousands of Iranians expats and hundreds of politicians, activists, parliamentarians and religious figures from across the globe.” More here.> Massive ‘Free Iran’ Rally Calls for Regime Change

Economy / Stocks:

Dow sets record-high close; Fed signals gradual rate hikes

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – “American Airlines Inc (AAL.O) said Wednesday it ending its code share agreements with Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways over an ongoing dispute over Gulf states support for the carriers.

The airline said the decision would not have a material financial impact and “is an extension of our stance against the illegal subsidies that these carriers receive from their governments.”

American and two other U.S. carriers argue that Gulf states are unfairly subsidizing state-owned carriers, driving down prices and crowding out competition on key routes, accusations those carriers deny.” More here.> American airlines ending code share agreements with Qatar, Etihad Airlines

Tech firms protest proposed changes to U.S. net neutrality rules

Check This Out:

“Gyros inside of a burger Attachment-1-2
Now let me say that again…
Gyros INSIDE of a burger! Attachment-1-4

Today I’m at Johnny’s,
a small yet popular grill
If the picture didn’t get you, hopefully this poem will!” More here.> Johnny’s Grill

Johnny’s Grill – dineANDvlog 

Watch a bride meet the man carrying her late son’s heart on her wedding day

Commentary / Opinion:

“After more than a quarter century of sharing his thoughts and opinions through his Creators Syndicate newspaper column, Thomas Sowell recently decided to retire from column writing. It is a loss to public discourse and especially a loss to the African-American community, for reasons I shall explore below. Luckily, the reading public still has access to Sowell’s trenchant political and social observations and analyses through his many books, including his latest, Wealth, Poverty and Politics, a revised and enlarged edition of a 2015 volume of the same title.

His overall aim is to clarify the facts and causes of income and social inequalities. In pursuing this aim, he challenges the thinking of “luck egalitarians,” the moral philosophy of John Rawls, and the redistributionists, all of whom advocate various concepts of equal opportunity and disparate political schemes to summon desired outcomes through social engineering. Often these conceptions of equal opportunity assume that most of the differences in achievement between individuals and groups should either be even or random. In the case of luck egalitarians, advocates of an extreme version of equal opportunity, life chances should depend only on an individual’s responsible choices, not on brute luck. Luck egalitarians deem morally illegitimate such things as one’s genetic endowment, abilities, and the circumstances of birth; however, they also deem morally legitimate things that are acquired, both tangible and intangible, through deliberate and calculated choices.”

“His retirement is a loss to public discourse and the African-American community.” More here.> Thomas Sowell’s Legacy

“Dinesh D’Souza joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends to reveal why Hillary and Obama are responsible for the dismal state of affairs at the DNC, and why Democrats can’t seem to learn their lesson.”  Dinesh D’Souza: How Obama & Hillary destroyed the Democratic Party 

Net Neutrality: Leave the Internet alone.