News and Headlines. 9/15/2017

Important Public Service Announcement’s: Then scroll down for all the News and headlines. “Please join the National League of POW/MIA Families and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund for a candlelight remembrance on Friday,” September 15, 2017. POW/MIA RECOGNITION DAY CANDLE REMEMBRANCE

East Knoll of The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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Equifax Cybersecurity Incident & Important Consumer Information

See if your personal information is potentially impacted.


“American hardworking taxpayers and small businesses have been struggling under high tax rates for years. It’s time we change that. Passing tax cuts now means creating more jobs, increasing wages, expanding the economy and letting Washington take less out of your wallet.”

Tell Congress to pass meaningful tax cuts for small businesses and the country’s hardworking taxpayers by signing the petition below> Tax Cuts

In The News:

“Equifax Inc. should stop selling credit-monitoring on its web site and take advantage of confused customers who don’t know they can get the service for free, said a group of attorneys general investigating the company’s massive data breach.


Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen, who is helping lead the probe by 32 states, urged the company in a letter Friday to disable links to its fee-based monitoring services until a sign-up for the free service ends. The current cutoff date is Nov. 21 and Jepsen told the company that should be extended at least until Jan. 31.” More here.> State Attorneys General Ask Equifax to Stop Selling Credit Monitoring Services

“An amazing story about a “surprising hero” has emerged in the wake of Hurricane Harvey: a 13-year-old boy from Dickinson, Texas, who reportedly used an inflatable air mattress to save 17 of his neighbors.” More here.> Meet the Epic 13-Year-Old Boy Who Used an Air Mattress to Save 17 of His Neighbors During Hurricane Harvey

“The Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics on Friday rescinded its invitation to Chelsea Manning to be a Visiting Fellow for the upcoming academic year, calling the decision a “mistake.”

Less than two days after announcing Manning would join the school, which triggered significant backlash, Dean Douglas Elmendorf released a statement saying he took responsibility for the invitation, which he realized was viewed by many as an “honorific” of sorts.

“We did not intend to honor her in any way or to endorse any of her words or deeds, as we do not honor or endorse any Fellow,” he wrote. “However, I now think that designating Chelsea Manning as a Visiting Fellow was a mistake, for which I accept responsibility.” More here.> Harvard Withdraws Fellowship Invitation to Chelsea Manning After Fierce Backlash

ST. LOUIS (Reuters) – “Hundreds of protesters poured into St. Louis’ streets and some scuffles broke out as they voiced their anger after a Missouri judge on Friday ruled a white former St. Louis police officer was not guilty of murder in the 2011 shooting of a black man.

With the National Guard on standby in case of violence, authorities appealed to protesters to march peacefully in a state where racially charged clashes in the nearby city of Ferguson spawned the Black Lives Matter movement in 2014.” More here.> Protesters pour into St. Louis streets after murder acquittal for ex-cop

WASHINGTON — “An 11-year-old boy who asked the White House if he could mow the property’s lawn was granted his wish Friday. 


(Photo credit: MIKE THEILER/AFP/Getty Images)

“I always wanted to do something big and so I was like, ‘Why don’t we just start here?’ This seems like the perfect example,” Frank, of Falls Church, Virginia, told Camerota.

In August, Frank wrote a letter to the President asking if he could be allowed to put his landscaping skills to good use for the White House. In his letter — read aloud at a briefing by press secretary Sarah Sanders — he even offered to bring extra fuel and charged batteries.” More here.> 11-year-old gets his wish, mows lawn at White House

President Trump:

President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address

“President Donald Trump is taking up an offer from an 11-year-old in Virginia to help cut the White House grass. “Frank from Falls Church, Va.,” helped the grounds crew cut the Rose Garden grass on Friday. (Sept. 15)” 11-Year-Old Cuts White House Lawn

“U.S. President Donald Trump will urge other countries to confront North Korea’s nuclear program, Iran’s malign actions in the Middle East and other global dangers when he meets with and addresses world leaders for the first time at next week’s annual gathering of the United Nations General Assembly.” More here.> On Trump’s Agenda at UN: North Korea, Iran and Other ‘Grave Dangers

Terrorism / Terrorist Attack:

“Police are today hunting for the ‘bucket bomber’ who tried to blow up a rush hour Tube train amid claims the terror suspect is armed with knives and may have left other devices.


A photograph of the flaming white bucket taken just after it exploded around 8.20am shows a number of wires protruding out of the top and on to the train carriage floor

 The crude IED could have killed dozens but failed to properly detonate and sent a ‘wall of fire’ through the carriage injuring at least 22 people including a ten-year-old boy. 


A victim, believed to be a schoolchild, is carried from the station with charred legs

Terrified passengers were seen covered in blood with scorched hands, legs, faces and hair – others suffered crush injuries during a ‘human stampede’ as they ‘ran for their lives’ at Parsons Green station in west London at 8.20am. “ More here.> Scotland Yard have confirmed rush hour blast on District Line train at Parsons Green was a terror attack

ISIS claims responsibility for London terror attack

World News:

North Korea has launched another intercontinental ballistic missile over northern Japan

WASHINGTON/SEOUL (Reuters) – “U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson accused North Korea on Friday of threatening the entire world, after Pyongyang fired a missile over Japan for the second time in under a month in defiance of international pressure over its missile and nuclear programs.

In the latest attempt to deal with an issue that has repeatedly frustrated world powers, the U.N. Security Council was due to meet at 3 p.m. ET (1900 GMT) on Friday to discuss the missile launch, at the request of the United States and Japan.” More here.> After new missile test, U.S. says North Korea threatens whole world

“U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned North Korea on Friday that she is more than willing to let Defense Secretary Jim Mattis deal with the nuclear threat from Pyongyang if sanctions do not work.” More here.> Nikki Haley to North Korea: ‘No problem’ letting Mattis deal with you


“NBC Bay Area has learned that one of the three men charged with carrying out a murder with a police officer’s off-duty revolver was wearing an electronic monitor issued by United States immigration officials.

NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit has learned that Garcia-Pineda is an undocumented immigrant and was wearing an ICE-issued electronic monitoring bracelet at the time of the slaying. Immigration officials did not immediately respond to NBC Bay Area’s requests for comment.

Data from that monitor confirms that the 18-year-old suspect was at the murder scene at the time of the slaying.

It is not clear why. Sources tell NBC Bay Area Garcia-Pineda was claiming asylum in the United States — claiming he was being hounded by MS-13 gang members.” More here.> Suspect in Stolen San Francisco Police Gun Murder is an Undocumented Immigrant Who Was Being Tracked By ICE



Economy / Stocks:

Wall Street hits record high, S&P 500 teases 2,500-mark

Were you impacted by the Equifax breach? You risk financial chaos by doing nothing

Free Speech:

“At least nine people were arrested Thursday night related to protests at the University of California, Berkeley, over an appearance by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

The university spent approximately $600,000 on security measures, including metal detectors, concrete barriers and police barricades, amid fears that Antifa demonstrations would turn violent.” Article and Video here.> Tomi Lahren: ‘Disgusting’ That More Dems Don’t Condemn Antifa

Commentary / Opinion:

“As Americans debate the necessity of a border wall — or lack thereof — it’s not surprising if they’re confused. President Trump hasn’t always been exacting and consistent in expressing his vision. Yet a lot of confusion is being caused by media reports.” More here.> Americans support a border wall more than the media wants to believe

“When Congress hauls in Equifax CEO Richard Smith to grill him, it can start by asking why he put someone with degrees in music in charge of the company’s data security.

And then they might also ask him if anyone at the company has been involved in efforts to cover up Susan Mauldin’s lack of educational qualifications since the data breach became public.

It would be fascinating to hear Smith try to explain both of those extraordinary items.

If those events don’t put the final nails in his professional coffin, accountability in the U.S. is officially dead.” More here.> Opinion: Equifax CEO hired a music major as the company’s chief security officer