News and Headlines for 9/18/2017

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In The News:

At Least 3 Dead When MTA, Coach Buses Collide in New York

ST. LOUIS (AP) — “Hundreds of riot police mobilized in downtown St. Louis overnight, arresting more than 80 people and seizing weapons amid reports of property damage and vandalism following another day of peaceful protests over a former police officer’s acquittal in the killing of a black man.

The arrests late Sunday came after demonstrators ignored orders to disperse, police said.” More here.> Police arrest more than 80 amid violent St. Louis protests

“A group of illegal aliens calling themselves the “Immigration Liberation Movement” crashed a press conference by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Monday, warning the Democratic Party not to “sell [us] out.”

The group shouted down Rep. Pelosi, who struggled to maintain control of the meeting, and unfurled a large banner calling for all illegal aliens to be legalized.” More here.> Illegal Aliens Crash Nancy Pelosi’s DACA Press Conference: ‘All of Us or None of Us!’

Protesters Force Nancy Pelosi Off Stage, Chant “You Are A Liar!”

“A wheelchair basketball team in California is now facing a new hardship after thieves stole a trailer that transported specialized equipment.

The Sacramento Royals Basketball Team said the trailer for the youth team was stolen Thursday outside a home in Sacramento. No chairs were taken, but now the youth team has no way to practice because there is no way to transport the chairs.” More here.> Thieves Steal Trailer From Wheelchair Basketball Team in California

“Authorities in Southern California are looking for a thief caught on camera snatching the purse of an 82-year-old woman as she was grabbing an item from a shelf at a grocery store last week.

Burbank Police said the robbery occurred Tuesday at a Ralphs supermarket when the elderly woman reached up to grab an item from a store shelf.” More here.> Brazen Thief Steals Purse From Woman, 82, on Scooter at California Supermarket

“A man was killed trying to thwart a robbery at a Las Vegas-area convenience store early Saturday after the female suspect ran him over, police said.

The North Las Vegas Police Department said the woman took several items from the AM/PM convenience store around 7 a.m. – and ran over a man who was trying to prevent her from leaving in her car.” More here.> Good Samaritan Run Over, Killed Trying to Thwart Robbery at Las Vegas-Area Convenience Store

“A McDonald’s manager in Des Moines, Wash., stabbed a man in the chest after he was attacked by a group of five people on Saturday afternoon, according to police.

The McDonald’s manager had asked the man and his friends to leave the restaurant at around 2:30 p.m., but they reportedly refused.

Instead, the group allegedly began shouting and attacking the manager, battering him with punches and kicks as employees and customers looked on.” More here.> McDonald’s Manager Stabs Man During Brawl at Washington Location, Police Say

“Farmington Hills — Nada Huranieh’s death was initially seen as an accidental fall, but investigators soon determined the 35-year-old fitness trainer had been murdered — and that her 16-year-old son was the alleged culprit.

Authorities remain tight-lipped about their investigation into Huranieh’s death, but court records shed some light on her family’s sometimes troubled existence behind the walls of their mansion off a quiet dirt road in southern Oakland County.” More here.> Michigan: Muslim teen pushed ‘Americanizing’ mother out 2nd story window to her death

World News:

BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) – “The U.S. military staged bombing drills with South Korea over the Korean peninsula and Russia and China began naval exercises ahead of a U.N. General Assembly meeting on Tuesday where North Korea’s nuclear threat is likely to loom large.

The flurry of military drills came after Pyongyang fired another mid-range ballistic missile over Japan on Friday and the reclusive North conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3 in defiance of United Nations sanctions and other international pressure.” More here.> Korean peninsula draws range of military drills in show of force against North Korea

MOSCOW (Reuters) – “President Vladimir Putin observed Russia’s biggest war games in years on Monday, watching as his forces successfully repelled an imaginary enemy and launched a tank-led counter offensive, part of an exercise that has rattled the West.

NATO officials say they are monitoring the “Zapad-2017” (“West-2017”) war games with “calm and confidence”, but many are unnerved about what they see as Moscow testing its ability to wage war against the West. Russia says the exercise is rehearsing a purely defensive scenario.” More here.> Putin watches as Russia intensifies war games that have rattled West

PARIS (AP) — “Four American college students were attacked with acid Sunday at a train station in France, but French authorities so far do not think extremist views motivated the 41-year-old woman who was arrested as the alleged assailant, the local prosecutor’s office and the students’ school said.” More here.> France: Acid attack on 4 US students not seen as terror act

“The Royal Marine who was the first on the scene of a horrific accident on the M5 has spoken about the harrowing aftermath of the crash. 

Alex Morgan pulled two children and their mother from a car (SWNS)

Alex Morgan, 27, described seeing “body parts scattered everywhere” when his girlfriend Hayley O’Connor, a sales office manager, stopped suddenly in front of the accident in Gloucestershire on Saturday. 

The M5 was closed following the accident (SWNS)

The Royal Marine leapt straight out of the vehicle after seeing a “dark” car lying upside down in the motorway and pulled two screaming children and their mother from one of the cars.” More here.> Hero Marine pulled two screaming children and their mum from M5 horror crash

Government / Politics /  Fraud / Corruption:

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is recommending that six of 27 national monuments under review by the Trump administration be reduced in size, with changes to several others proposed.

A leaked memo from Zinke to President Donald Trump recommends that two Utah monuments – Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante — be reduced, along with Nevada’s Gold Butte and Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou.

Two marine monuments in the Pacific Ocean also would be reduced under Zinke’s memo, which has not been officially released. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the memo, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Trump ordered the review earlier this year after complaining about improper “land grabs” by former presidents, including Barack Obama.” More here.> Interior secretary recommends shrinking 6 national monuments

“Senate Republicans are trying again to repeal and replace ObamaCare, pushing a measure that would give states broader authority through block grants and which appears to have wide support among GOP members. But the deadline to pass such a measure ends in just days, with leaders of the GOP chamber skeptical about another failed and damaging attempt.

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., says he’s just one or two votes shy of the minimum 50-vote threshold, with 52 Republicans senators in the chamber. He said last week that Democrats and Republicans alike have said, “If we give states the flexibility to come up with their own solutions, they will find solutions that work better for their states than” ObamaCare.” More here.> ObamaCare push may show Senate Republicans ‘getting there

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – “The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said on Monday it had ordered National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts and their debt collector, Transworld Systems, Inc to pay at least $21.6 million in penalties and restitution for illegally filing debt collection lawsuits.” More here.> U.S. cracks down on debt collection of private student loans

“As you read this thread in which I’m requesting information (that I own) from the FBI, keep in mind that Freedom of Information (FOI) law requires the government to turn over the requested information within about 30 days. Years later: 

Buy the New York Times bestseller, “The Smear,” anywhere.

From: Sharyl Attkisson

Subject: FBI FOIA Request

Under FOIA and Privacy Act law, I request access to the following:

My FBI file.

Specifically, this includes—but isn’t limited to—material regarding my required FBI background checks to obtain a White House “hard” press pass, which I obtained as a CBS News reporter starting in 1995 in order to have access to the White House and travel with presidents and first ladies. (1)

Attached, please find my identity statement as well as some examples of the travel I took part in using my FBI-approved White House “hard” pass.” More here.> How the FBI is treating my Freedom of Info requests

President Trump:

“The United Nations must reduce bureaucracy and focus on results, President Trump said Monday during remarks at a reform meeting.

Trump said the U.N. was founded on noble goals, but that “in recent years, the United Nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement.”


“While the United Nations on a regular budget has increased more than 140 percent and its staff has more than doubled since 2000, we are not seeing the results in line with this investment,” he said.” More here.> Trump: UN needs to fix ‘bureaucracy and mismanagement’

President Participates in the Reforming the United Nations Meeting

“President Trump on Monday said “you’ll see very soon” when asked whether the U.S. would leave the Iran nuclear deal.

“You’ll see very soon,” he said during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York City. “We’re talking about it constantly. You’ll see.” More here.> Trump, alongside Netanyahu, said ‘you’ll see very soon’ if the US leaves the Iran deal

Commentary / Opinion:

“To all you besuited, bespectacled, and soon-to-be bewildered diplomats slogging around the United Nations General Assembly this week, try to understand this: Donald Trump means every word of what he’s going to tell you. Which is: the United States is done with being blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world, and then paying to fix it.

For decades since the UN’s founding in 1945, ambassadors and their ever-sprawling staffs have lived, eaten and parked at taxpayer expense, enjoying a life far beyond the means most of them could ever hope to afford in their homelands.” More here.> Listen up, UN — Trump means what he’s telling you

North Korea threat the defining event of Trump’s presidency?

Latest Google scandal exposes hypocrisy of liberal Attorneys General