News and headlines. 10/20/2017

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“Former President Bill Clinton asked permission from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department to meet with Russian nuclear officials at a time when the Obama administration was considering a deal to allow a Russian state-owned company to purchase 20% of U.S. domestic uranium production.” More here.> Report: Bill Clinton Asked Permission from Hillary’s State Dept. to Meet with Russian Nuclear Officials at Time of Uranium Deal

“A Russian company, whose former executive was the target of an FBI investigation and who admitted to corrupt payments to influence the awarding of contracts with the Russian state-owned nuclear energy corporation, paid millions of dollars in consulting fees to an American firm in 2010 and 2011 to lobby the U.S. regulatory agencies and assist the Russians, who would go on to acquire twenty percent of American uranium, according to court documents, a former FBI informant and extensive interviews with law enforcement sources.” More here.> A US consulting firm with ties to the Clintons lobbied on behalf of Russia’s nuclear giant

“In a move they say is necessary to stop foreign invaders from influencing future elections through its site, Facebook is looking to hire people who already have national security clearances.

The idea would seem to reek of an Orwellian nightmare and whole new level of Big-Brother global spying.

The move is unconfirmed since a Facebook spokesman declined to comment, but would likely be in response to the company’s admission that it sold political ads to a Russian firm in advance of the the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” Video and more here.> Why is Facebook seeking employees with US security clearances?

In The News:

“Three people, including a Colorado State University student, were killed and one person was wounded Thursday in a pre-dawn shooting outside an apartment complex about a mile west of the campus, police said. The shooting suspect was among those killed.” More here.> Colorado State University student, 22, killed alongside two others in early-morning shooting near campus

“A Gold Star widow shared her uplifting condolence call with President Trump Natasha De Alencar lost her husband, Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar, during his deployment back in early AprilThe conversation was released publicly shortly after controversy erupted when a Congresswoman listened in on another one of Trump’s condolence calls.” More here.> A Gold Star widow shared her uplifting condolence call with President Trump

“After raising both middle fingers and proclaiming “I hate you,” a convicted cop killer was executed in Alabama on Thursday night — while the outcome of his lawsuit against the state’s execution method was still pending.

Torrey Twane McNabb, 40, killed Officer Anderson Gordon in 1997 when he shot the Montgomery police officer five times as he sat in his patrol car, authorities have said. Anderson had arrived at the scene of a traffic accident that McNabb allegedly caused while fleeing a bail bondsmen.” More here.> Cop killer executed in Alabama despite lawsuit over lethal injection

The Latest on the funeral of an off-duty Las Vegas police officer who was one of 58 people killed when a gunman fired from a hotel into a crowded outdoor concert on Oct. 1 (all times local): 1508519910718

10 a.m.

Traffic on the Las Vegas Strip paused for a moment Friday as a blocks-long police motorcade passed the site where an off-duty officer was among 58 people killed in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.” More here.> Motorcade for Vegas officer passes shooting site

“An investigation is underway in Florida after reports surfaced claiming scammers are selling food stamps on Craigslist in exchange for money.

This comes as the state continues to hand out food stamps to those impacted by Hurricane Irma.” More here.> Fla. Scammers Allegedly Selling Food Stamps On Craigslist

“On Dec. 7th, 2014, Danica Peters and her husband learned they were expecting their first child. The couple was surprised and elated. Prior to Peters’ pregnancy, her husband underwent three surgeries and six weeks of radiation treatments for a brain tumor, and she was not sure they would be able to have a baby. The news of a child on the way, however, was a complete surprise.

However, the joy of the pregnancy was quickly overshadowed with concern when the couple went in for a 20-week ultrasound. Peters was told that she had already begun labor, and her cervix had already dilated. Sadly, there was nothing doctors could do to stop her baby, Harlee, from being born.” More here.> Mother shares powerful photos of baby miscarried at 20 weeks: He was ‘not a clump of cells’


“President Donald Trump says the budget that passed the Senate Thursday night would clear the way for enactment of ‘large scale’ tax cuts – and blasted Democrats for not going along with the GOP leadership’s procedure.

The budget includes special ‘reconciliation’ instructions that let Republicans pass $1.5 trillion in tax cuts with a simple majority – denying Democrats the ability to stall it with a filibuster.” More here.> Republicans passed a $4 trillion budget through the senate Thursday night 

“With Ivanka Trump out front, President Trump’s tax reform framework includes an idea crucial for significantly reducing taxes on middle and lower earners, who pay the least proportion of taxes:

The real reason most tax reforms most affect the wealthiest Americans, of course, is because the wealthiest Americans pay for the lion’s share of America’s heavily redistributive social welfare state. It’s basically impossible to reform taxes for everyone without benefitting high earners, since the rest of us are paying so little of what we allow our representatives to spend. With a flat tax rate, the rich would still pay more than others because it’s an equal percentage of a larger pie.” More here.> We Need A Child Tax Credit Bump To Undo Our Welfare State’s Redistribution Of Children


“A wounded warrior said it’s “incredibly disappointing” to see the controversy over President Donald Trump’s call to a Gold Star widow.” Video and more here.> Wounded Warrior’s Warning: ‘We Are Politicizing Things That Really Should Not Be Touched’

World News:

“One woman is dead and seven others are in hospital in Poland after a man attacked them with a knife at a shopping mal.

A 27-year-old man has been detained after the attack in the south-eastern city of Stalowa Wola.” More here.> Knifeman stabs woman to death and wounds seven others in rampage at Polish shopping mall

SAO PAULO – “Brazilian police say a 14-year-old student opened fire inside a classroom in the central city of Goiania, killing two classmates and wounding four.

Lt. Col. Marcelo Granja of the Goiania police department tells reporters the shooting occurred Friday at Colegio Goyases, a private school. The teen was taken into custody.

Granja says the shooter is the son of a police officer who used his father’s .40 caliber pistol.” More here.> Police: Student kills 2, wounds 4 in Brazil school shooting

“Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marin, made the video below yesterday showing what he says is United States aid to Puerto Rico going to waste. It’s being thrown into dumpsters before it can reach the needy island residents suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

About 80% of the island is still without power and homes, businesses have been washed away. There are shortages of all basics.

It is believed that Puerto Rican officials threw the supplies away” More here.> Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State Shows US Aid Thrown Into Dumpsters

Tech Watch:

“Twitter has committed to a specific timeline for rolling out changes to its Safety features, and announced new policies, including a ban on hateful display names, and improvements for second-hand “witness reporting” of abuse.” More here.> Twitter bans ‘Hateful Display Names’ and shares Safety road map

Commentary / Opinion:

“When I was a junior in high school, I thought there were only two sides to politics. Republicans and Democrats have perpetuated a massive domination on American politics. If you look at history, there has always been a two-party dominance, but at times they have changed ideas and names. The American public, in my opinion, once were aware of deception and deceit, but now the common American is so conditioned that they have no clue.” More here.> The Last Stand of Traditional Americanism

“Any chance justice will finally come a-callin’ for the Clintons? I suppose anything’s possible. To get away with the “Foundation” scam for as long as Bill and Hill did would be a challenge for most of us. To do it under a six-year Mueller/Comey FBI investigation testifies yet again to the uniquely charmed lives these two lead…

The big story this week is that the FBI uncovered a Moscow bribery plot just before the Obama Administration approved the transfer of 20 per cent of American uranium into the hands of the Russians.

And who precisely were the Russkies trying to bribe?” More here.> Uranium & Diarrhea, Inc

How Corrupt Are American Institutions?

“The left and the mainstream media owe Gold Star parents an apology.” Hannity: Rep. Frederica Wilson is a national disgrace