News and Headlines. 10/24/2017

In The News:

Authorities in Alabama say a 12-year-old girl is accused of dousing her younger brother with hair spritz and setting him on fire.

Investigator James Harvey says Dothan police were dispatched to a hospital Friday and found the 10-year-old boy with serious burns to his back and arms. Multiple news outlets report that detectives determined the girl doused her brother’s back with the hair spritz and then used a lighter to ignite the fire.” > Police: Girl,12, accused of setting her brother on fire

“Racist chants at every opportunity.

A Lazio banner in the intra-city derby nearly 20 years ago aimed at Roma supporters that read: “Auschwitz Is Your Homeland; The Ovens Are Your Homes.”

Another message honoring the slain Serbian paramilitary leader, Arkan.

Lazio fans have a long history of racism and anti-Semitism and the Roman club’s supporters established another low over the weekend. They littered the Stadio Olimpico with superimposed images of Anne Frank — the young diarist who died in the Holocaust — wearing a jersey of city rival Roma.” > Italian soccer fans use anti-Semitic Anne Frank stickers to mock rivals

“A Cincinnati man allegedly raped his 63-year-old mother and broke her neck earlier this year after an argument about money, according to a report.

The 46-year-old suspect, according to court documents cited by the Cincinnati Enquirer, “dragged her around the home, punching her in the face and body” during the brutal attack in March. The suspect also “forcibly raped her” and left his mother with serious injuries — including a fractured vertebra in her neck, bruises, cuts and bite marks on her inner thighs and back, the documents show.”Man allegedly raped his mother after argument over money

“An MSNBC report on President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall took a different turn when three people jumped the existing fence while the camera was rolling.

A girl with a pink backpack as well as two other immigrants turned themselves in to Border Patrol officers on horseback in the background of MSNBC’s shot.” > WATCH: Illegal Immigrants Jump Fence During MSNBC Report on Border Wall

“The UK Sun reported today that the Care Quality Commission (CQC), charged with overseeing abortion facilities in Britain, has found that staff members at Marie Stopes International (MSI), one of the largest abortion clinics in the United Kingdom, were paid bonuses for “encouraging women to have [abortion] procedures.” When inspectors visited the Maidstone branch of MSI in May 2016, staffers compared it to a ‘cattle market’ where women were often pressured to have abortions, which the facility committed up to 14 weeks gestation.” > Abortion chain caught giving bonuses to staff who push abortions on pregnant women

“A U.S. federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that an illegal immigrant minor can get an abortion after weeks of back and forth in state and federal courts, Politico reports.

In a 6-3 ruling, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned its Friday decision to put a hold on the case until Oct. 31, and ruled that the illegal immigrant must be taken to an abortion clinic rather than a crisis pregnancy center, according to Politico.”Court Rules Illegal Immigrant Teenager Can Get An Abortion

“Apparently, Jay Middle School in Jay, Oklahoma had a sex education class that was — as one parent described it — “comprehensive.”  According to The Blaze, “parent Mandy Callihan posted on Facebook that her 12-year-old daughter came to her in tears earlier this month after she was too embarrassed to complete her sex education assignment.”Oklahoma Middle School Kids Given Worksheet on Anal Sex and Masturbation



“A majority of GOP voters say Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) should resign as majority leader, according to a new poll.

The survey from Harvard-Harris Poll also found that the Republican Party’s approval rating has hit a new low, amid widespread intraparty dissatisfaction with congressional leadership.”Poll: GOP voters want McConnell to step down

“Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake (R.) announced Tuesday he will not seek reelection to his seat in 2018, saying he did not believe he could in good conscience earn the Republican nomination in the current climate.

Flake, who President Donald Trump has called “weak” and “ineffective,” said he would also not run as an independent and had no plans to run for president.”Jeff Flake Announces He Won’t Seek Reelection to Senate Seat

Joe Arpaio still considering Arizona Senate run, says he met Steve Bannon twice

Deep State / Government Corruption / Russian Collusion:

“It’s Out There” Wikileaks Shows Clintons Knew Uranium One Was Major Scandal in 2015

Scholar: Russia collusion obsession is empty hysteria

“Republican members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence announced Tuesday that they, along with the House judiciary and oversight committees, were launching new probes into the Obama administration’s approval of the sale of a Canadian company, Uranium One, to Russia’s state-owned nuclear giant, Rosatom’s Tenex subsidiary.” > House committees announced an investigation into the Uranium One deal

World News:

Japan defense minister backs US response to NoKo threat

Second US aircraft carrier enters the Western Pacific

“Diabetes Canada says it used to be fairly easy for the estimated 100,000 Canadians with Type 1 diabetes to be approved for a tax credit that helps them pay for medical expenses that can easily run from $5,000 to $15,000 a year.

But since May, says the organization, it has become “very difficult” for people with the inherited disease to qualify. It says 80 per cent of adults who used to be approved are now being turned down.

Worse, the organization says the CRA and Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier ignored their repeated pleas for information on why sufferers are being rejected until Conservative Pierre Poilievre raised the issue in Parliament on Friday.

Losing the tax credit affects the ability of sufferers “to access the medications and the medical supplies they really desperately need to manage their disease,” says Kimberley Hanson of Diabetes Canada. Adds Madison Ferguson, a constituent of Poilievre’s, “It’s not like I can snap a finger and this disease turns off.”Ottawa should not penalize people living with Type 1 diabetes: Editorial

Commentary/ Opinion:

“Five former presidents criticized the current administration, but their policies are what helped inspire the current wave of populism.” Steve Says: The elites are fighting back against populism

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