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News and Headlines. 11/13/2017

Got some pretty interesting News in Tech Watch followed by American Bias and Hate Headlines. In The News has some Headlines you may or may not have seen yet, followed by some interesting and troubling News in the Immigration category, followed by World News. Scroll down to the category your interested in.

Tech Watch:

Justice Department moves to end routine gag orders on tech firms

The Justice Department has issued new guidelines aimed at providing more transparency around prosecutors’ secret demands for customer data stored on tech firms’ servers.

The binding guidance, approved last week by Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, ends the routine imposition of gag orders barring companies from telling customers that their email or other records have been turned over in response to legal demands.

Missouri opens investigation into Google’s business practices

Google is facing a new front in its regulatory battles after Missouri’s attorney general launched a broad investigation into whether the internet giant’s business practices violate the state’s consumer-protection and antitrust laws.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley on Monday said he issued an investigative subpoena to probe Google’s collection of user data, its use of other sites’ content, and its alleged manipulation of search results to favor its own services.

Equifax will release a free credit-locking service ‘for life’ — but will people use it?

How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You’ve Ever Met

Behind the Facebook profile you’ve built for yourself is another one, a shadow profile, built from the inboxes and smartphones of other Facebook users. Contact information you’ve never given the network gets associated with your account, making it easier for Facebook to more completely map your social connections.

Shadow contact information has been a known feature of Facebook for a few years now. But most users remain unaware of its reach and power. Because shadow-profile connections happen inside Facebook’s algorithmic black box, people can’t see how deep the data-mining of their lives truly is, until an uncanny recommendation pops up.

Report: Facebook Fact-Checking Is A Sham, According to Facebook Fact-Checkers

One Facebook ‘like’ is all it takes to target adverts, academics find

Online ad campaigns created by academics in Britain and the US have targeted millions of people based on psychological traits perceived from a single “like” on Facebook – demonstrating, they say, the effect of “mass psychological persuasion”.

More than 3.5 million people, mostly women in the UK aged 18-40, were shown online adverts tailored to their personality type after researchers found that specific Facebook likes reflected different psychological characteristics.

This Smartwatch Is Powered by Body Heat, and That’s Cool as Hell

Americas Bias and Hate:

Media Matters targets Sean Hannity, we examine the various perspectives on the Roy Moore sex scandal allegations, and President Trump sends the single greatest tweet of his career. The Hit On Hannity, And Much Much Moore | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 416

Socialist students refuse to join conservative food drive

Colin Kaepernick GQ’s ‘Citizen of the Year’; Pro-Sharia Linda Sarsour Also Makes List

On Monday, GQ magazine announced its “Citizen of the Year:” Colin Kaepernick. While Kaepernick remains without a team, his act of protest in kneeling for the national anthem has continued, and sparked a Veterans Day boycott of the NFL this past weekend. Furthermore, GQ also reported that Kaepernick would team up with Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, who supports a political enshrinement of sharia law and declared a “jihad” against President Donald Trump.

In The News:

Menendez trial jurors say they’re deadlocked; judge orders them to continue deliberations

Jurors in Sen. Bob Menendez’s corruption case were ordered to continue deliberations despite telling the judge Monday they were deadlocked in the trial of the Democratic senator accused of taking bribes for political favors.

Army lifts ban on cutters, mentally ill and drug abusers to meet recruiting goals

Facing low recruitment levels, the U.S. Army quietly lifted its ban on allowing people with a history of mental illness, self-mutilation and drug abuse to serve in the military – despite warnings from the industry about the risks involved.

Officers plea not-guilty in chase, kicking burning bystander

Three New Jersey police officers and a former officer have pleaded not guilty to charges in a June car chase that ended with officers kicking and dragging a burning bystander.

Florida man had grenade, explosive devices in parents’ house, police say

‘Vegas Strong’ F-15 fighter jet debuts at Nevada air show

A fighter jet at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada now is considered a work of art in tribute to the 58 victims who died in the Las Vegas shooting on Oct. 1. The aircraft is debuting to the public at Aviation Nation, an annual air show at the base.

An F-15 fighter jet emblazoned with "Vegas Strong" at Aviation Nation, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

An F-15 fighter jet emblazoned with “Vegas Strong” at Aviation Nation, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. (Fox News)

The jet originally was going to be painted to honor the 70th anniversary of the Air Force, but when the tragedy happened, airmen decided to memorialize the event by treating a static, retired F-15 fighter jet as a canvas.

SHOCK: More Than Half of California Pregnancies Unintended

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would take up the abortion case National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Xavier Becerra. The legal brief for Becerra — which defends a California law mandating crisis pregnancy centers post information about abortion — stated an eye-popping figure.

According to the State of California, more than half of pregnancies in the state are unintended.

Sports Illustrated Releases Its First ‘Midi Model’ – Find Out What That Means

Sports Illustrated just released a video Monday of model Allie Ayers, and she’s explaining to all the fans what it means to be a midi model.

Allie Ayers Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Allie Ayers (Credit: Screenshot/Instagram Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

Now, you probably have no idea what that could possibly be. Don’t worry because I had never heard of such foolishness before either. Turns out that a midi model is a model who is apparently larger than a regular model and not plus sized


U.S. Court Allows Part Of Trump Travel Ban To Go Into Effect

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — A U.S. appeals court in California on Monday let part of President Donald Trump’s latest travel ban go into effect, ruling that the government can bar entry of people from six Muslim-majority countries if they have no connections to the United States.

A three-judge panel of the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals partially granted a Trump administration request to block at least temporarily a judge’s ruling that had put the new ban on hold. Trump’s ban was announced on Sept. 24 and replaced two previous versions that had been impeded by federal courts.

Subsidized Foreign Alumni Take 19% More Jobs from U.S. College Grads

The bad news — that federally subsidized foreign grads of U.S. colleges took 19 percent more jobs from Americans in 2016-2017 than they did the year before — is thoroughly hidden in the latest release of data from the Institute of International Education in New York

U.S. Immigrant Population Hit Record 43.7 Million in 2016

Overall growth slowed, but Middle Eastern, non-Mexico Latin American, Asian, and sub-Saharan African populations grew substantially

On September 14, 2017, the Census Bureau released some data from the 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) that shows uneven growth in the immigrant population in the last year.

30,000 visas issued to people from terror-sponsoring countries since 2007: State Departmen

The United States issued nearly 30,000 visas to people from nations officially designated as sponsors of terrorism over the last decade through the Diversity Visa “lottery” program, the White House said Monday.

MS-13 gang member eyed in El Salvador murder nabbed in stabbing of Colorado woman

An MS-13 gang member wanted for murder was arrested in Colorado on Friday after he allegedly stabbed a woman with a screwdriver and ran over her leg, police said.

Angel Ramos, 36, an illegal immigrant who was previously deported from the U.S., was taken into custody without incident Friday morning, FOX31 Denver reported. Ramos and a Fort Morgan woman were in a car on Nov. 4 when Ramos allegedly stabbed her with a screwdriver. The woman jumped out of the moving vehicle to escape Ramos, and the car ran over her leg, police said.

World News:

Hezbollah at the center of Lebanon’s current crisis

The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah is at the center of the recent crisis that has gripped Lebanon and rattled a region already rife with conflict.

When Saudi-backed Prime Minister Saad Hariri declared his resignation in a surprise announcement from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, he blamed Hezbollah for imposing itself on the country and doing the bidding of its main backer, Iran, in Lebanon and elsewhere in the region.

North Korean soldier is shot while defecting across DMZ, South says

UN urges countries to stop fighting during winter Olympics

The U.N. General Assembly has approved a resolution by acclamation urging all countries to stop fighting and observe a truce during the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The Latest: Over 445 dead from earthquake

The Latest on a powerful earthquake near the Iran-Iraq border that has killed more than 445 people (all times local):

Iran-Iraq quake

Iran-Iraq quake

Saudi walks back escalation as dramatic moves backfire

BEIRUT (AP) — Saudi Arabia’s dramatic moves to counter Iran in the region appear to have backfired, significantly ratcheting up regional tensions and setting off a spiral of reactions and anger that seem to have caught the kingdom off guard.

Now it’s trying to walk back its escalations in Lebanon and Yemen.

On Monday, the kingdom announced that the Saudi-led coalition fighting Shiite rebels in Yemen would begin reopening airports and seaports in the Arab world’s poorest country, days after closing them over a rebel ballistic missile attack on Riyadh.