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Despite Being Homeless, Mom Has Taught Her 2 Kids How to Bless Others During Christmas

One mother, though, has taken the theme of giving to the extreme — in the best way possible.


Jnelle Dean, and her children Jmiel and Naima,

Jnelle Dean, and her children Jmiel and Naima, have a different sort of holiday tradition they started five years ago. They trade off from year to year, one year buying gifts for each other, and the next buying gifts for those in need.

President Trump Gives a Statement on Jerusalem

Pentagon: About 2,000 US troops in Syria

The Pentagon says there are about 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria. That is four times as many as officials had publicly acknowledged as recently as last month.

The new total does not mean additional troops have been deploying to Syria. It’s merely a long-delayed confirmation that the troop numbers the Pentagon had been citing were inaccurate. In fact, the Pentagon spokesman who announced the new number, Army Col. Rob Manning, said Wednesday that troop numbers are now declining in Syria.

FBI Official Says A Domestic Terror Statute Would Be Helpful

An FBI counterterrorism official said Wednesday at a Senate hearing that it would be helpful to have a domestic terror statute to defend the country against domestic terrorists.

At a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee hearing, Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri asked the question of whether the FBI would find it useful to have a domestic terror statute on the books. Currently there is a criminal statute for international terrorism, but not domestic terrorism — an issue that has come to the forefront in the wake of antifa violence, the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., and Stephen Paddock’s massacre in Las Vegas.

Politics / Government:

Senator says Franken expected to resign Thursday

A top Senate Democrat says he expects Sen. Al Franken to resign Thursday over allegations of sexual misconduct. Another woman has come forward with accusations against the Minnesota Democrat of sexual misconduct.

House votes to kill Democrat’s resolution to impeach Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House overwhelmingly voted Wednesday to kill a resolution from a liberal Democratic lawmaker to impeach President Donald Trump as most Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the move.

Trump warns of government shutdown threat ahead of meeting with lawmakers

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Wednesday again raised the possibility of a U.S. government shutdown by week’s end – blaming Democrats for that possible outcome – one day before he is due to host Republican and Democratic congressional leaders for talks on a spending bill.

Nancy Pelosi to California Republicans: ‘You Don’t Belong Here’

Senate Altered Tax Reform to Help Illegal Aliens Claim Child Tax Credit

Americas Bias and Hate:

Donut Shop Faces Leftist Fury for Helping Christmas Charity

A popular donut shop in Portland, Maine was forced to apologize to the community after they offended customers by working with the Salvation Army to provide Christmas to a needy family.

World News:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Thanks President Donald Trump

Responding to the historic announcement that U.S. President Donald J Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the nation state of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers remarks to the international audience.


DACA Is Not What the Democrats Say It Is. Here Are the Facts

How Immigration Affects Child Poverty Rates

The latest issue of City Journal features Kay Hymowitz’s essay “Why America Can’t Lower Child-Poverty Rates”, in which she argues that low-skill immigration swells the ranks of the poor and makes poverty harder to tackle. She is refreshingly forthright about the trade-offs involved in setting immigration policy:

Tech Watch:

Self-driving cars are going to be an important part of tomorrow’s smart cities, and electric vehicle automaker Fisker isn’t wasting any time cementing its position in this market. This week, the California-based company announced that it is teaming up with China’s Hakim Unique Group to create the Orbit, an autonomous electric driverless shuttle that can be used to ferry commuters around.

Orbit, an autonomous electric driverless shuttle

Orbit, an autonomous electric driverless shuttle that can be used to ferry commuters around.

“Mobility choices will change dramatically in the near future,” Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc., told Digital Trends. “It’s already on the way. There will be a time when people will select from a menu of choices, depending on their mobility needs.

Google beats class action sex bias claims, for now

(Reuters) – A California state judge has dismissed class action claims accusing Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google of paying female employees less than men and giving them fewer opportunities for promotions.