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News and Headlines. 12/8/2017

In The News:

Bombshell: Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Admits She Forged Yearbook

Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Trump declares federal emergency for wildfires in Southern California

President Trump approved a disaster relief declaration on Friday for California, where wildfires that engulfed several mountains around Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley earlier this week continue to burn out of control.

Trump Scoreboard shows 1.7 million new jobs created during presidency

The latest update to the Trump Scoreboard tells what is beginning to be a familiar tale — good news on job creation and the stock market, and not so much on worker pay.

State Dept says Trump travel ban fully implemented

The State Department says President Donald Trump’s travel ban on citizens of six mainly Muslim countries, North Korea and Venezuela is now fully operational. The announcement follows the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this week to allow enforcement of the ban as it is challenged in lower courts.

Congressman Used False CNN Report To Claim Trump-Russia Collusion

Democratic California Rep. Ted Lieu referenced a false CNN report Friday to allege collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Israel / Jerusalem / History:

Why Isn’t There a Palestinian State?

Jerusalem has been the home of the Jews for 3,000 years – to deny it is Israel’s capital is Fake History

Fake news is a problem, but fake history is worse. And fake history has a lot to do with the troubles in the Middle East and the controversy surrounding Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

We were invited to participate in a conference call on this important decision hosted by White House Deputy Director and Special Assistant to the President Jennifer Korn on Wednesday afternoon. Ambassador David Satterfield, who is principal deputy assistant secretary of state in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, discussed the implications of this decision and replied to a number of questions.

The background briefing we were sent prior to the White House conference call makes it clear that the president and his team understand the importance of history – not the bogus narrative many on the left embrace.

We all know how the president feels about “fake news.” As it turns out, he doesn’t like “fake history” either. Peace in the Middle East will never happen if we keep lying about history.

Three important points – truthful history – need to be made.

World News:

14 UN peacekeepers killed, 53 wounded in deadly Congo rebel attack

Rebels attacked a United Nations peacekeeping base in eastern Congo, killing at least 14 peacekeepers and wounding 53 others in the deadliest single assault on a U.N. mission in recent history, officials said Friday.

North Korea Has Reportedly Started Jailing Military Officers With Ties To Defectors

In the wake of the most recent high-profile defection at the DMZ, the rogue North Korean regime is now investigating and even jailing military officers with ties to known defectors, the Daily NK reports.

Prominent Feminist Group Elects Transgender MAN As Its Leader

The largest feminist group in Quebec elected a transgender man as its new leader in an effort to “deconstruct and eliminate patriarchy” per its mission.

French Ambassador Observes Pearl Harbor Day By Slamming US

French Ambassador to the U.S., Gerard Araud, observed the 76th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor by castigating America for allegedly not helping his country fight fascism in the 1930s.
“In this Pearl Harbor day, we should remember that the US refused to side with France and UK to confront fascist powers in the 30s,” Araud declared in a now-deleted tweet.

Free Movement of Rapists: Romanian Brothers Rape London Woman After Being Released from French Prison


Data: Every 2 New Immigrants to the U.S. Bring 7 Foreign Relatives with Them

Every two new immigrants to the United States bring roughly seven foreign relatives with them, creating an enormous, never-ending flow of family-based immigration.