News and Headlines. 2/27/2018

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Commentary / Opinion:

Kurt Russell TAKES Whoopi Goldberg to SCHOOL on gun control

Kurt Russell TAKES Whoopi Goldberg to SCHOOL on gun control, Kurt Russell & Ted Nugent defends guns, & the view debates gun control

Matt Walsh Live Video 

We need to stop trying to tame and feminize our boys, and start teaching them to embrace and understand their masculinity. We need fathers for that. So let’s talk about the THREE things every boy needs a father to teach him.

WALSH: 3 Things A Father Must Teach His Son So That His Son Doesn’t End Up Dead Or In Prison

On Monday, Amanda Prestigiacomo wrote a piece for The Daily Wire highlighting the fact that the vast majority of mass shooters and school shooters come from fatherless homes. The trend is undeniable. And, sadly, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The problem runs much, much deeper.

Dana Loesch: FL Sheriff Israel ‘Went After 5M Law Abiding, Innocent Americans’

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch criticized the Broward County, Fla. sheriff for trying to place blame for the recent school shooting on her organization.

Loesch agreed with Tucker Carlson that Sheriff Scott Israel is a “blowhard” who is trying to shift blame to other people than himself. Loesch: Broward County sheriff owes public an apology


Is Gun Ownership a Right?

What does the Second Amendment say? Is gun ownership a right for all Americans? Or just for a small militia? Eugene Volokh, Professor of Law at UCLA, explains what the Founding Fathers intended.

In The News:

Trump appears to push for DOJ probe into Hillary Clinton scandals

President Trump took to Twitter Tuesday to promote calls for the Justice Department to investigate alleged criminal activity by his former Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton — citing a Fox News analyst who suggested that the DOJ may be sitting on a “treasure trove” of evidence.

Consumer Confidence Soars to Highest Level Since 2000

American consumer confidence soared in February, hitting the highest level since 2000.

The Conference Board’s measure of consumer confidence rose to 130.8, up from 124.3 in January. Consumers seem to have not been bothered by stock market volatility that rose in mid-February.

Bill requires feds to name all ‘nonessential’ government workers

Budd said the aim of the bill is to show how big the government has grown over the years, and how many “nonessential” workers it employs. Once implemented, the bill would give the government a good sense of how many employees are nonessential, their names, and the total salary of these workers.

Robert Mueller drops many charges against ex-Trump aide cooperating in Russia inquiry

The special counsel investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin has dropped nearly two dozen criminal fraud charges against a key witness who has agreed to cooperate in the investigation.

Mainstream media dutifully complies with Obama request to attend speech — but not report on it

“In this country, we don’t allow politicians to issue gag orders,” he wrote. “Can you imagine if President Trump had tried to pull this? It would have been called a threat to the First Amendment, and another reason for impeachment.”

The event, held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center,

Sheriff Scott Israel Exemplifies The Failures Of Our Institutions

When Israel was previously accused of corruption, he responded with a paraphrased quote from Game of Thrones: “Lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.” The manner of corruption, though, is illuminating: essentially, it amounts to Israel’s use of the Broward County office as a patronage program, hiring unqualified political allies for cushy county public relations jobs.


Sheriff says he got 23 calls about shooter’s family, but records show more

PARKLAND, Fl — As critics have taken aim at law enforcement for missing warning signs about South Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, public records have emerged that conflict with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s statements about the number of times deputies were dispatched to the shooter’s home.

Records obtained from the sheriff’s office by CNN show the law enforcement agency received at least,

Man armed with AR-15 stops knife attack by neighbor

OSWEGO, Ill. – A man armed with an AR-15 rifle stopped an attack by one of his neighbors in his Illinois apartment building.

Police say it all began Monday when someone with a knife attacked another person during an argument.

Lockdown lifted at 3 Arlington schools over elementary student with toy gun

Three Arlington ISD campuses were placed on lockdown Tuesday morning after school officials got reports that a student had a gun on a bus.

Report: More Than 100,000 Non-Citizens Are Registered Voters in Pennsylvania

More than 100,000 non-U.S. citizens are registered voters in Pennsylvania, according to testimony contained in a lawsuit demanding that the state admit its problems when it comes to non-citizen voting.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation argued that non-citizens have been voting in Pennsylvania for decades, and that problem has been evident in other states the organization has worked with—including New Jersey and Virginia.

Jimmy Kimmel won’t talk Hollywood’s perv problem at the Oscars, but Trump is fair game

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel won’t bring up the slew of sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood heavyweights in a room full of the same, but President Trump jokes are just fine.

Kimmel spoke about his hosting duties on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, saying that when it comes to making fun of Trump “you can’t go too far.”


World News:

Venezuelan Inmates Eating Rats and Pigeons to Avoid Starvation

Venezuelan prisoners are eating rats and pigeons as a means of survival as food supplies continue to dissipate in the failed socialist state, according to a report published this weekend.

U.N. links North Korea to chemical weapons used in Syria

WASHINGTON — North Korea shipped 50 tons of supplies to Syria for use in building what is suspected to be an industrial-scale chemical weapons factory, according to intelligence information cited in a confidential United Nations report.

A Chinese trading firm working on behalf of Pyongyang made five shipments in late 2016 and early 2017 of high-heat, acid-resistant tiles, stainless-steel pipes and valves to Damascus, the report said, citing them as evidence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is paying North Korea to help it produce chemical arms.

‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Jailed for Raping Pregnant Woman at Knifepoint

An Afghan man has been jailed after raping a pregnant woman at knifepoint in her own bed, and for an attack on a sleeping victim as her baby lay beside her in a cot.

Aryan Rashidi charged raping a pregnant woman
An Afghan man Aryan Rashidi has been jailed after raping a pregnant woman

Judge Neil Clark said he hoped Aryan Rashidi would be deported after Leeds Crown Court heard the defendant had caused “huge psychological upset” in his victims, who have had to move house due to no longer feeling safe in their own homes.

Andreas and Sandra live in a German forest as there’s no house for them

Andreas and Sandra have been living for months in a forest near Höhenberg, Cologne. Although they visit the city’s housing office every week, there isn’t a house for the homeless couple.

Andreas and Sandra Homeless in Germany
Andreas and Sandra live in a German forest as there’s no house for them

Earlier they camped in a forest near Merheim and now Höhenberg. It’s unclear when their situation will change, as the migrant crisis made Germany’s housing crisis worse.