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News and Headlines. 3/6/2018

‘Planet Parade’ to light up night sky in March: How to watch the rare event

Stargazers, get your binoculars ready: a string of bright planets, called a “Planet Parade,” will grace the night’s sky this week, and the show is expected to last several days.

A parade of five planets, including Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus (pictured) along with the bright star Antares, will light the sky starting March 7. (REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)

It’s just the start of what will be a breathtaking month. A “worm moon” rose on March 1, and another full moon, known as a “blue moon,” will pop up on March 31. But this may be the most stunning show yet.

In The News:

Trump Today: President sees ‘possible progress’ with North Korea but says it could be ‘false hope’

This column provides a daily update on key presidential actions as well as comments, whether spoken aloud or on Twitter, by President Trump.

Police captain, 49, who told deputies to ‘stage’ outside Stoneman Douglas High School instead of going inside to find the shooter

The police captain who told sheriff’s deputies to ‘stage’ and form a perimeter outside Stoneman Douglas High School as students and teachers were shot inside on February 14 has been named and pictured.

Jan Jordan, 49,

Jan Jordan, 49, was in charge of deputies who responded to the first calls of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month, according to police sources

Jan Jordan, 49, was in charge of deputies who responded to the first calls of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month, according to police sources.

Nanny had ‘eyes of the devil’ after slaughtering two children, witness says

An NYPD Emergency Services Unit testified that one of the children was “partially decapitated” and the other has a similar injury “straight down to the spine,” according to The New York Post.

Facebook asked users if pedophiles should be able to ask kids for ‘sexual pictures’

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook is under fire for asking users whether pedophiles should be able to proposition underage girls for sexually explicit photographs on the giant social network.

The survey is the latest in a series of missteps by the Silicon Valley company, which has been criticized for allowing content that exploits children.

Central Michigan University shooting suspect remains in hospital with $3 million bond

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. (WJRT) — Three days after a double homicide in a Central Michigan University residence hall, the suspect remains hospitalized in police custody.

James Davis Jr., 19, was still a patient in a Mount Pleasant hospital on Monday with a police officer stationed outside his room.

Davis is accused of shooting and killing his parents, Diva and James Davis Sr. of Illinois, around 9 a.m. Friday on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall in the Towers residence hall complex.

Prosecutor: After boy, 8, shot sister, mom went back to work

An 8-year-old boy loaded a rifle, repeatedly shot his 4-year-old sister at home and then informed their mother, who left work to check the girl’s injuries, cleaned up a bloody bed cover and returned to work, leaving the children alone again, a prosecutor said.

Alyssa Edwards, 27, is jailed on child endangerment charges related to the Saturday shooting in Hayesville, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) southwest of Cleveland.

Two dozen arrested after fights erupt outside of white supremacist speech at Michigan State University

EAST LANSING, MI – Nearly 500 protesters showed up to Michigan State University to rally against a speaking event for avowed white supremacist Richard Spencer on Monday.

A crowd of roughly 500 protesters gathered in front of the Michigan State University agricultural pavilion, where Spencer was set to speak at 4:30 p.m.  The speech was pushed back to 5 p.m. as violent clashes erupted between his supporters and the protesters,

Man in suit attacks straphanger at Times Square subway station: cops

Police are hunting for a man wearing a suit and tie after he was caught on video punching a straphanger in New York City’s Times Square subway station in an unprovoked attack as bystanders watched and walked away.

Violent assault suspect sought by NYPD after subway attack

Violent assault suspect sought by NYPD after subway attack Raw video: New York Police Department asks for public’s assistance in identifying suspect caught surveillance camera attacking man on subway platform.

The well-dressed man was walking off the train on Feb. 27 when he punched a 22-year-old man several times, police said. Surveillance video caught the attacker swinging his fists against the man’s head until he fell to the ground.

Brutal video shows man holding 4-year-old daughter as he’s viciously attacked; suspect on loose

Police are seeking a suspect who was captured on tape viciously beating a man holding his 4-year-old daughter while at a Colorado bar last Thursday.

Police are seeking a suspect who was captured on tape viciously beating a man

Police are seeking a suspect who was captured on tape viciously beating a man holding his 4-year-old daughter while at a Colorado bar last Thursday.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released a video Monday of the suspect and another man, Joel Michael Wilson, 31, viciously beating Richard Warry Brown, 39, as he held his four-year-old daughter. The incident occurred at Crossroads Pizza and Wings in Pine Junction.

Police: Suspect shot dead in 2-day Indiana police standoff

An Indiana State Police tactical team shot and killed a man suspected of killing a woman and wounding someone else, ending a standoff on its second day, authorities said Tuesday.

The suspect made threatening gestures before he was shot and he died at the scene, State Police Sgt. Joe Watts said. His name hasn’t been released.

Professor Supports Euthanizing Disabled Children Because “Parents are Harmed Seeing Their Child Suffer”

The U.S. assisted-suicide movement pretends to want a limited legalization of assisted suicide to competent adults with a terminal illness.

That’s not true. It’s just the expedient to persuade us to accept the premise that suicide or killing is an acceptable solution to human suffering.

If we ever do that — the jury is still out — then, the killing license thereby granted will not only expand way beyond the terminally ill, but will eventually also include children and the incompetent.

The evidence of this isn’t hard to find. Case in point.

Linda Sarsour Arrested At The US Capitol

Authorities arrested Linda Sarsour at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s office Monday while demanding Ryan meet with her and others protesting current inaction on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) program.

VIDEO: Billionaire Paul Allen Finds Lost World War II Carrier USS Lexington

Billionaire Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder and Seattle Seahawks owner, has made another huge nautical find: the USS Lexington, which was lost at the Battle of Coral Sea 76 years ago.

Paul Allen has discovered the missing wreck of the World War II carrier USS Lexington (CV-2)

Billionaire-turned-explorer Paul Allen has discovered the missing wreck of the World War II carrier USS Lexington (CV-2) at the bottom of the Coral Sea.

The fleet aircraft carrier, the first to be sunk by opposing carrier aircraft in World War II, was found near Australia below Coral Sea in a remarkably well-preserved condition, reported.

Father makes his son run a mile in the rain to school after he was banned from the bus for bullying

A father punished his son by making him walk to school after finding out he was bullying people on the school bus.

Bryan Thornhill took a video from inside his car of his 10-year-old son running outside in the rain.

Thornhill is pictured with his ten-year-old son and also his daughter

Thornhill is pictured with his ten-year-old son and also his daughter

He started the video by saying ‘Hey everyone, welcome to you better listen to your Dad 2018.

Deep State / Government Corruption:

Australian diplomat whose tip prompted FBI’s Russia-probe has tie to Clintons

The Australian diplomat whose tip in 2016 prompted the Russia-Trump investigation previously arranged one of the largest foreign donations to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s charitable efforts, documents show.

If Andrew McCabe lied, could he be charged like Michael Flynn?

The Justice Department’s inspector general is reportedly close to releasing a report on its investigation into the handling of the Clinton Foundation. FBI Director Christopher Wray reportedly asked deputy director Andrew McCabe to step down in light of some of the findings of the inspector general.


Clinton Cash, is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.”

Nashville’s Democratic Mayor Megan Barry pleads guilty to felony theft of $10K during sex affair

Democrat Megan Barry, Nashville’s first female mayor, pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to felony theft of government property worth more than $10,000 and is expected to resign from office later in the day, according to multiple reports.

The Dan Bongino Show March 6, 2018: Ep. 670 The Truth is Finally Coming Out

In this episode I discuss the new revelations about the Obama/Clinton spying scandal. The Trump team was framed, and the information is finally coming out.

World News:

Syrian regime used chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta, UN report says

Islamic State fighters and other insurgent groups committed war crimes including deadly attacks on civilians and using them as human shields, the investigators said in their latest report covering six months through January 15.

A Syrian paramedic carries an injured child following reported bombardment

© Abdulmonam Eassa, AFP | A Syrian paramedic carries an injured child following reported bombardment by Syrian and Russian forces in the rebel-held town of Hamouria in eastern Ghouta on January 6, 2018.

During the period, “victims of the Syrian conflict have suffered greatly as violence countrywide re-escalated to new heights,” the U.N. Commission of Inquiry said.


Illegal immigrants with sex, robbery convictions among those who evaded capture after Dem mayor’s warning

A Democratic mayor’s warning to illegal immigrants of an incoming ICE raid in northern California may have led to a number of illegal immigrants with violent and sex-related convictions evading capture and deportation.

The raid led to the arrest of 232 illegal immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area, 180 of which ICE said “were either convicted criminals, had been issued a final order of removal and failed to depart the United States, or had been previously removed” from the country and had come back illegally.

Federal judge allows Trump to withhold grants to California as part of sanctuary city crackdown

A federal judge in Northern California has declined a request from California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to block the Trump administration’s decision to withhold a law enforcement grant to the state as part of its crackdown on states and jurisdictions that protect illegal immigrants.

Commentary / Opinion:

The Broward County Superintendent’s Corrupt and Dangerous Agenda

There’s little doubt Broward County Public Schools superintendent Robert Runcie’s rabid implementation of his “no arrest” policy in 2011 helped Nikolas Cruz to stay “in the classroom and out of the courtroom,” a phrase Runcie often repeated when touting his signature PROMISE program.

But according to many outside reports, by 2015, the Obama-directed school discipline guidelines were creating chaos in the country’s classrooms. After Oklahoma City instituted the new discipline policies, teachers referred violent students to the administration, only to have them returned to the classroom a short time later.