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News and Headlines. 3/14/2018

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Suspected killer of New York college student arrested in Nicaragua, cops say

A man suspected in the murder of a Binghamton University student who jumped on a flight to his native Nicaragua was arrested Tuesday in the Central America country, The New York Post reported.

Haley Anderson was found dead Friday

Haley Anderson was found dead Friday in the off-campus home of Orlando Tercero, a fellow student at Binghamton University. (Facebook)

Orlando Tercero, 22, who holds dual citizenship, fled to Nicaragua after allegedly killing Haley Anderson, 22, a fellow student at Binghamton’s Decker School of Nursing.

Texas-born Muslim Student Association (MSA) Leader Gets 45 Years for Conspiring to Murder U.S. Soldiers for Al-Qaeda

Muhanad Mahmoud al Farekh, 32, of Houston, was sentenced today to 45 years following his Sept. 29, 2017 trial conviction of multiple offenses covering seven years of terrorist conduct, including conspiracy to murder American military personnel in Afghanistan, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, conspiracy to bomb a government facility and providing material support to al-Qaeda.

Feds planned to charge Gardens teen for international school threats

In January 2017, several local law-enforcement agencies and the FBI came together with the staff at William T. Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, where he was a student at the time.

Corey Johnson, 17, is facing a homicide charge in

Corey Johnson, 17, is facing a homicide charge in the Monday morning stabbing that left a boy dead and a woman and child seriously injured at a home in BallenIsles Country Club. (Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post)

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received information that Johnson supported the terrorist organization ISIS and had reached out to the group online, expressing his desire to join them.

Cop killer granted parole decades after cold-blooded murders

A cold-blooded killer who gunned down two New York City police officers nearly half a century ago is set to walk free after he was granted parole.

Herman Bell,

Herman Bell, who was convicted of brutally murdering two New York City police officers in 1971, was granted parole. (AP)

Herman Bell, a former Black Revolutionary Army thug who lured Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones to a housing project in 1971, was granted clemency recently – despite past parole board rejections of his earlier bids that argued freeing Bell “would depreciate the severity of this crime,” the New York Post reported Wednesday.

WATCH: ‘Sick and Tired of Hearing About Illegal Alien Dreams!’ Border Wall Advocates Rally in San Diego

Supporters of President Trump and the families of victims of illegal immigrant crime held a pro-border wall rally in San Diego, California on Tuesday as the president toured prototypes of the wall.

Larry Kudlow Has Accepted Job As Top White House Economic Adviser

Kudlow will fill the role vacated by former Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn, who left the White House after differing with the president over tariffs to protect America’s steel and aluminum industries.

Andrew McCabe faces possible firing days before retirement from FBI

What’s going on: Citing people briefed on the matter, McCabe’s possible termination stems from a DOJ inspector general’s report which said that McCabe was not “forthcoming enough” during a review that investigated his 2016 decision to allow FBI officials to speak with reporters about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The matter sparked an FBI disciplinary review which advised McCabe’s termination. The final decision is ultimately up to the attorney general.

Hillary Clinton criticized by fellow Dems for trashing female Trump voters

Democrats who typically fall into the Clinton camp are trashing the two-time failed presidential candidate for singling out white female Trump voters, blaming their ballots cast in 2016 on “pressure” from male figures in their lives.

Fed Court Hands ‘Hate’ Group SPLC A DEFEAT In Free-Speech Case

Parker, who is in the running to be chief justice, gave his views on marriage in a radio program several years ago, and SPLC filed a complaint against him for the comments. The group is known best for its list of “hate” groups in America, but since the list includes conservative organizations that disagree with its pro-abortion and pro-homosexual agenda, it is known itself as a “hate” organization.

SPLC was linked to domestic terror in the court case against Floyd Corkins, who attacked the Family Research Council in Washington because of its Christian positions on marriage and sexuality.

Atheists challenge Kansas county over prayer before meetings

Local government officials in the second most populous county in Kansas are grappling with a challenge by atheists to a decades-old practice of opening meetings with prayer, prompting a Sedgwick County Commissioner to say during a public meeting Tuesday that if they don’t believe in God, he doesn’t care if they “go to hell.”

Sedgwick County commissioners are planning to meet with their attorney behind closed doors in the wake of a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group based in Madison, Wisconsin, that advocates for separation of church and state.

US Appeals Court Upholds Texas’ Anti-Sanctuary Cities Law

A federal appeals court upheld a majority of Texas law that targets sanctuary cities and cracks down on illegal immigration Tuesday afternoon.

A three-judge panel in New Oreans’ 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Texas’ current immigration enforcement laws are constitutional. Senate Bill 4 enacted the law allowing local law enforcement officers to question the immigration status of people they detain or arrest, The Texas Tribune reported.

DOJ Announces Plan to Prosecute More Gun Crimes, Assist in Arming School Officials

Sessions said the department would be taking a number of steps in support of the plan announced on the same day by the White House. He announced a new initiative to increase the number of school resource officers, provide firearms training to school personnel, and ramp up the number of gun crime prosecutions. He said the changes are necessary to keep school kids safe.

House passes school safety bill amid student protests

March 14 (UPI) — The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a school safety measure that, while not including any gun control measures, seeks to prevent shootings like the one that killed 17 people last month at a school in Parkland, Fla.

Donald J. Trump President Weekly Update 3.10.18

Trump Marches into California and Drops the Hammer on Gov. Jerry Brown

President Donald Trump pronounced on Tuesday during a visit near the U.S. – Mexican border in California that Gov. Jerry Brown is doing a “very poor job” running the state.

Trump’s assessment came after inspecting eight prototypes of his proposed border wall.

A reporter asked the president how he would respond to criticism from Brown that the money used to construct the wall could be better spent elsewhere.

Trump’s border wall: A look at the numbers

One of President Trump’s biggest campaign promises was his vow to build a wall along the country’s southernmost border.
Read on for a closer look at Trump’s proposed border wall by the numbers.

6 US soldiers in mountain warfare training hit by avalanche

Six U.S. soldiers in mountain warfare training have been hit by an avalanche on one of Vermont’s tallest peaks and are being evacuated.

Theranos CEO Holmes accused of $700M ‘massive fraud’

The SEC said Holmes and Balwani raised more than $700 million from investors through deception, misleading them about the company’s technological capabilities and its finances.

World News:

U.S. Monitoring Possible North Korean Military Base in Syria

The United States is monitoring information indicating that North Korea may be running a large underground military base in Syria that could be used for advanced weaponry and nuclear-related work, according to regional reports and U.S. officials tracking the situation.

North Korea skips derogatory media references to Trump

In a sign the Kim Jong Un regime is recognizing Trump’s agreement to a summit with the North Korean leader, Korean Workers’ Party newspaper Rodong Sinmun replaced derogatory terms, like “madman,” with “American ruler,” in an article published Tuesday that criticized U.S. tariffs against imported steel and aluminum.

23,000 evacuated after WWII-era bomb found in Italy

March 14 (UPI) — A new discovery in central Italy of an unexploded bomb from World War II led authorities to evacuate 23,000 people, officials said.

Commentary / Opinion:

As more and more Conservatives and people not in lock step with the left get banned and censored by the big three there are options

With social-media giants becoming increasingly hostile to anyone who disagrees with statist and globalist ideology, a growing chorus of voices is sounding the alarm. Christians, conservatives, libertarians, patriots, and more have all been purged from key platforms.

Battling Online Censorship

Diversifying your online presence is a simple strategy to bypass censorship and safeguard your content.