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This 3D “carbon copy” of Jesus was created using the Shroud of Turin

“Therefore, we believe that we finally have the precise image of what Jesus looked like on this earth. From now on, He may no longer be depicted without taking this work into account.” The professor granted exclusive coverage of his work to the weekly periodical Chi, to which he revealed:

“We believe that we have the precise image of what Jesus looked like on this earth,” said Professor Giulio Fanti of the University of Padua.

“According to our studies, Jesus was a man of extraordinary beauty. Long-limbed, but very robust, he was nearly 5 ft. 11 in. tall, whereas the average height at the time was around 5 ft. 5 in. And he had a regal and majestic expression.”

New 3D Images From The Shroud Of Turin Published on Jun 10, 2010

In The News:

Jobless claims fall 12,000 to 215,000 and hit lowest level since 1973

The number of people already collecting unemployment benefits, known as continuing claims, rose by 35,000 to 1.87 million.

Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had forecast claims to total 230,000.

What happened: Jobless claims are at the lowest level since January 1973. They fell throughout most of the country last week, with the biggest declines coming in the biggest states: California, Texas, New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

With tax cut, McDonald’s adds $150M to employee tuition program

March 29 (UPI) — McDonald’s announced Thursday it’s tripling the money it spends to help employees with their college tuition — a move driven by the federal government’s tax overhaul.

The fast-food chain said in a statement it will allocate an additional $150 million over five years to its Archways to Opportunities assistance program.

Harrisonburg, Virginia: Perdue admits that they are hiring locally as refugee arrival numbers ‘plummet’

But last month, a Perdue spokesman confirmed that refugee applicants to the Bridgewater plant have dwindled significantly, and that the company is filling positions from the local community.

No comment from school officials regarding the refugee slowdown.  Gee, I wonder why?

Fewer refugee arrivals may impact local schools as well.

Marines’ ultra-powerful heavily-armed mega-drone will devastate enemies of the US

The Marine Corps is aiming to build a revolutionary drone called MUX (Marine Air Ground Task Force Unmanned Aircraft System-Expeditionary).

MUX will terrify enemies of the United States. And with good reason. MUX isn’t just big and powerful – it will be ultra-smart. This could be a heavily armed drone that can take off by itself, fly itself, avoid obstacles by itself, adapt by itself and land itself- all without a human piloting it.


President Trump calls Roseanne Barr after debut of show

NEW YORK  — President Donald Trump called Roseanne Barr after an estimated 18.4 million viewers tuned in for the reboot of “Roseanne.”

Speaking by telephone on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday, Barr said Wednesday night’s call was pretty exciting.

Roseanne’ ratings put pressure on networks to revive conservative show ‘Last Man Standing’

Following the success of the “Roseanne” reboot debut, viewers took to Twitter to ask ABC ‒ or any network ‒ to revive “Last Man Standing.”

“The support from all the fans to bring back ‘Last Man Standing’ is truly overwhelming to me and so appreciated,” Allen told Fox News exclusively in August. “I, along with the talented writers, wonderful crew and terrific actors, would definitely entertain the idea of bringing the show back as there is so much gas left in the tank, more to be said, and laughs to be had.”

Man charged after profane defense of anti-Trump online post

A heated Facebook exchange over President Donald Trump brought Secret Service agents to a North Carolina man’s door. But it wasn’t until he made a profane defense of his First-Amendment rights that they slapped him with a criminal charge.

COLLUSION DELUSION: New Documents Show OBAMA Officials, FBI COORDINATED in Anti-Trump Probe

The “WH is running this meeting” – referring to the first time the DOJ and the FBI met to discuss interagency coordination on the case

Harry Reid wrote Comey citing reports of meetings between a Trump advisor and “high ranking sanctioned individuals” in Moscow as a reason for investigation of Trump

Connecticut High School Student Posts Picture Of Airsoft Gun That He Received As Birthday Present . . . Police Promptly Arrest Him and School Suspends Him

Children have been suspended or expelled for drawing stick figures or wearing military hats or bringing Legos shaped like guns or playing with a stick gun or doodling or even having Danish in the shape of a gun or using menacing Level 2 finger guns.

Despite the public outcry over the completely irrational and abusive application of zero tolerance rules, administrators and teachers continue to apply them blindly. If you do not have to exercise judgment, you can never be blamed for any failure. Conversely, even when the public outcry results in a reversals, teachers and administrators never seem punished with the same vigor for showing no judgment or logic in punishing a child.

Dana Loesch Lights Up John Paul Stevens For Wanting To Repeal Second Amendment: Trying To ‘Restrict Speech’ [VIDEO]

Losech said anti-gun advocates are starting to show their true colors and accused them of trying to institute a massive gun grab.

“For the first time we’re finally starting to see anti-gun advocates be honest about where they are on this issue. Whenever they sit here and they talk about the AR-15, we know that that’s a stand in for all semi-automatic firearms,” she said.

Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch Lights Up John Paul Stevens For Wanting To Repeal Second Amendment Trying To ‘Restrict Speech’ – Fox & Friends 3-29-18

“We saw all the repeal the Second Amendment signs. We see this over and over. And we’re always told well we don’t want to take your guns, but yet that’s what you’re writing. You’re writing editorials in nationally distributed publications talking about the repealing the Second Amendment.”

Italian Woman Enters Gun Debate, Slays Liberals in Less Than 10 Seconds

“Americans, I’m watching the #GunControl protests from Italy,” tweeted a user by the name of Redeemed Goddaughter.

“Take a European’s advice: Last century our governments disarmed us. Now, in Germany & the UK they arrest you for Twitter & FB posts. Lesson?