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News and Headlines. 5/8/2018

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Donald J. Trump Weekly UpdateTrump announces plans to withdraw from Iran nuclear agreement

President Trump on Tuesday announced plans to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, saying it has failed to halt the country’s nuclear ambitions.

Speaking in the Diplomatic Room of the White House, Trump said: “I am announcing today the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.”

He said, “The Iran deal is defective at its core.”

A source said that Trump’s announcement will start a 90-day countdown to the restoration of sanctions.

Once sanctions are re-imposed, the U.S. effectively would be out of the deal.

April was best month in history for U.S. budget, according to CBO figures

The federal government took in a record tax haul in April en route to its biggest-ever monthly budget surplus, the Congressional Budget Office said, as a surging economy left Americans with more money in their paychecks — and this more to pay to Uncle Sam.

All told the government collected $515 billion and spent $297 billion, for a total monthly surplus of $218 billion. That swamped the previous monthly record of $190 billion, set in 2001.

Donald J. Trump Weekly Update

Alleged Abuse Victim Urged to Keep Quiet to Protect ‘Democrat’ Schneiderman

“After the former girlfriend ended the relationship” the New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer report, “she told several friends about the abuse. A number of them advised her to keep the story to herself, arguing that Schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose.”

Ohio’s Christina Hagan: GOP ‘Should Be Delivering’ on ‘America First’ Agenda, American ‘People Just Want Us to Lead’

Hagan has faced fierce opposition from the pro-amnesty Chamber of Commerce and GOP establishment, with the corporate lobby and political elite spending more than one million dollars to stop her from getting to Congress, as Breitbart News reported.

During an interview on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Hagan spoke about her initiative to stop U.S. foreign aid to Mexico until the foreign country helps the Trump administration end the current southern border crisis and drug trafficking.

Christina Hagan LIVE on FOX News

16th Congressional District Candidate talks about a vital issue in regards to her run for the US House of Representatives.

Facebook bans foreign ads in Ireland abortion referendum

LONDON (AP) — Facebook announced Tuesday that it is banning foreign advertisements related to Ireland’s abortion referendum amid concerns that North American groups are trying to influence the campaign.

Irish voters will decide May 25 whether to repeal a constitutional ban on abortion, in a divisive referendum that has drawn international attention.

Nearly $1 million worth of cancer medication stolen from semi-truck

According to the Giles County Sheriff’s Department, the 18-wheeler was hauling two pallets of about 1300 vials of Octagam, a medication used by cancer patients with an estimated value of $965,000. The vehicle belonged to Arman Transport from Louisville, Kentucky

Surveillance video shows what is believed to be a Red Volvo semi truck and trailer following the driver into the truck stop lot. A person then got out of the Volvo and took the truck and trailer.

Enfield to sue opioid manufacturers for damages

It’s the latest in a string of lawsuits by state, county and local governments accusing prescription opioid manufacturers of fraud and deceptive marketing. New Haven and Waterbury have filed similar suits.

Aspiring model found dead in doctor’s home after night of sex, drugs and alcohol, police say

Police in Florida are investigating after an aspiring 18-year-old model was found dead in a doctor’s home following a night of partying, sex, drugs and alcohol.

Olya Langille

Police are investigating Olya Langille’s [right] death after she was found in Dr. Naval Parikh’s [left] apartment. (Facebook)

Olya Langille died of an accidental overdose on March 26, 2018, an autopsy stated. Fentanyl, cocaine, Xanax and ecstasy were discovered in her system, NBC Miami reported.

Man allegedly overdoses while merging onto highway, crashes into firefighter’s family

On April 21st, High Point firefighter Dustin Reid responded to a call he would never forget, describing it to WGHP as a “total nightmare.”

Investigators believe Gordon overdosed while driving a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado and merged onto Business 85, causing a wreck with a 2008 Jeep. Reid’s wife and two young children were inside the Jeep.

Man missing after video shows him being beaten inside California 7-Eleven store

The video of the violent encounter shows the female customer screaming at Martinez and kicking over luggage he had with him, then apparently knocking his food out of his hands.

The woman who appears to physically attack

The woman who appears to physically attack another customer inside a 7-Eleven store in downtown Los Angeles on May 1, 2018, is seen here. (Credit: Myra Olvera)

Other customers and at least two people dressed in security uniforms – one possibly a Los Angeles traffic officer – can be seen watching the woman and another young man beat the man, but none of them intervened, the video shows.

Police: Up to 7 girls could be buried in Michigan woods

Digging resumed Tuesday in Macomb Township, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) from downtown Detroit. The search started Monday for the remains of Kimberly King, but Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer told WJBK-TV that there could be others buried in the area.

“We have probable cause to believe that (Kimberly) is buried there,” Dwyer said. “We also believe that there’s maybe four to six other girls that have been reported missing that are buried there. We certainly are convinced we

Catholic Charities of Minnesota drops refugee program; will take care of poor and homeless already among us

At least one of the major players in Minnesota’s refugee industry has woken up and smelled the coffee—gobs of federal money is not going to flow to the resettlement of more refugees to Minnesota, especially Somalis, in the foreseeable future.

One of the first questions people ask me when they first hear about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program and the imminent arrival of third world poverty to their home town/city is this:

Why are we doing this when we have so many poor and homeless people right here who need care?

It looks like at least Catholic Charities is getting the message, perhaps from many faithful Catholic parishioners…..

Feds will close 74 refugee offices during the course of this year

We knew this was happening, but this article at The Indypendent has some useful nuggets of information on the internal turmoil involving the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program which began in 1980 as a supposed public-private partnership, but has evolved in to an almost entirely publicly (taxpayer) funded industry.

I’m guessing that the average uninformed reader of this story is scratching his or her head and asking, how can the federal government ask non-profits to close their doors?

It is because the ‘non-profits’ are really fake charities and they can’t survive without the continuous infusion of federal dollars.



Tucker: Democrats want to impeach Trump, but lie about it

Tucker: The Mueller probe is a hit job on Trump. All liberals care about is power. But they don’t want to scare voters before the midterm election. So they don’t mention impeachment, and instead use unelected bureaucrats with guns to crush the presidency. The worst part is, it’s working.

Time for secrecy around Mueller probe to end?

As Trump’s legal team ponders how to handle a possible Meller subpoena, questions persist about the Russia special counsel’s motives.