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News and Headlines. 5/16/2018

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Man finds treasure in own backyard after finally opening ‘cable box’

NEW YORK – Treasure was found in May, not buried on a deserted island but languishing on Staten Island. The Staten Island Advance has the story of Matthew Emanuel, who hired a company to rip up his damaged arborvitae trees and replace them with bamboo.

When the trees were uprooted, a box that CBS New York reports had long been assumed by Emanuel to be a cable box or something similar turned out to be something else entirely:

Man accused of killing five-year-old boy searched for ‘most painful torture’ techniques, documents say

MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. – Recently unsealed court documents reveal gruesome details in the murder of a five-year-old boy with special needs, according to WXIN.

Steven Ingalls is accused of the asphyxiation and intentional overdose death of Brayson Price.

The child’s mother, Meghan Price, faces conspiracy to commit murder and neglect charges.

Ten children removed from filthy California home were waterboarded, hit with crossbows and BBs, prosecutors say

Ten children believed to be violently abused and living in “horrible” conditions were removed from a home in Fairfield, California, and their parents were arrested, police announced Monday.

Garbage, rotten food, and animal and human feces were found strewn throughout the house, Lt. Greg Hurlbut said at a news conference Monday.

Jonathan Allen, left, and Ina Rogers, right, were arrested after police found 10 children living in

Jonathan Allen, left, and Ina Rogers, right, were arrested after police found 10 children living in “horrible” conditions in their Fairfield, California home. (Solano County Sheriff’s Office)

He added that the children described in interviews various incidents of “intentional abuse.” They suffered puncture wounds, burns and bruises consistent with getting shot with a pellet or BB gun, according to the department.WARNING: GRAPHIC

Prenatal Marijuana Use Can Affect Infant Size, Behavior, Study Finds

We know that smoking cigarettes during pregnancy has negative effects on birth weights and is linked to health problems in childhood. Now, researchers have found that smoking marijuana can impact birth weights and lead to behavioral problems, and the effects are worsened when combined with tobacco use.

Nearly 30 percent of women who smoke during pregnancy report using marijuana as well. Researchers studied nearly 250 mothers and their infants; 173 of the babies had been exposed to tobacco and/or marijuana during their mothers’ pregnancies.

New Jersey school board member accused of trying to ‘manipulate’ cop, calls police chief ‘skinhead’

A New Jersey board of education member is facing a call to resign Wednesday after video surfaced purportedly showing her trying to “manipulate” a police officer by exercising “civic privilege” after she was pulled over for speeding.

The woman in the April 27 dash-cam video, who identifies herself as Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad, a South Orange and Maplewood Board of Education member, also is heard telling one of the town’s officers that she is “scared of cops because you guys hurt black people,” before calling the cop’s boss a “skinhead.”

Original video not in Fox article: School Board member calls police chief a “skinhead” over a speeding ticket

Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad is heard using profanity, complaining when issued a ticket by Officer Shaun Horst and calling the South Orange Police Chief Kyle Kroll a “skinhead cop.

‘We Need Help, Mr. President’: CA Mayor Blasts Sanctuary Law at Roundtable With Trump

The mayor of a California city opposing the state’s heavily debated sanctuary law blasted the state’s government for its stance on illegal immigration.

A number of California lawmakers opposed to the policy met with President Trump on Wednesday to discuss the law and illegal immigration.

Trump discusses sanctuary policies with California leaders | Wednesday, 16 May 2018

President Trump hosts the California Sanctuary State Roundtable Trump discusses sanctuary policies with California leaders.

Trump Tower meeting documents released

Documents: Donald Trump Jr. was skeptical about the Trump Tower meeting. Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan on what to look for in the documents.

Hume: Democrats’ message ‘indistinct’

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume: Democratic party is obsessed with Trump and the anti-Trump message, but it’s not working out well for them in the polls.

Minority of farmers struggle for survival in South Africa

An embattled minority of farmers, mostly Afrikaners, is being targeted in a wave of barbaric murders. Instead of protecting them, the government just passed a law allowing it to seize their farms without any compensation, to distribute to more favored groups. They’ve struggled to attract much sympathy abroad.

US cell carriers are selling access to your real-time phone location data

Four of the largest cell giants in the US are selling your real-time location data to a company that you’ve probably never heard about before.

In case you missed it, a senator last week sent a letter demanding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigate why Securus, a prison technology company, can track any phone “within seconds” by using data obtained from the country’s largest cell giants, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, through an intermediary, LocationSmart

‘Hypocrisy: Facebook to rank news outlets by trustworthiness

Tech Tyranny’: Fresh of data mining scandal, social media giant will determine news outlets’ ‘trustworthiness’ for users.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg to meet Macron, other European officials next week

BRUSSELS — Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron and other European officials next week, as the Silicon Valley giant tries to calm tension with regulators and policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Zuckerberg will meet with top European lawmakers in Brussels to discuss the social network’s handling of its users’ personal information, and its potential impact on European elections, said European Parliament President Antonio Tajani. The hearing won’t be open to the public, an EU official said.