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In The News:

5-year-old boy helps write his own obituary before tragic cancer death: ‘See ya later, suckas!’

A 5-year-old boy whose cancer was declared terminal in June helped his parents write his unique obituary before his tragic death earlier this month.

Garret Matthias, of Des Moines, Iowa, was diagnosed with alveolar fusion negative rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, in September. The cancer attacked the young boy’s cranial nerve, inner ear and temporal bone, the Des Moines Register reported.

“Garrett endured nine months of hell before he lost his battle with cancer. During that time he never lost his sense of humor and loved to tease the doctors and nurses. From whoopy cushions and sneaking clothes pins on their clothes to ‘hazing’ the interns and new staff doctors, he was forever a prankster. Nothing caught people off guard as his response to ‘see ya later alligator’,” the obituary read.

Garrett Matthias

Garrett Matthias helped pen his unique obituary and asked for bouncy houses at his funeral. (FOX13 SLC)

Garrett concluded the piece with: “See ya later, suckas! –

Pictured: US Army Ranger, 32, killed during a gunfight in Afghanistan is the second American soldier to die in the country this week

The second US soldier killed in Afghanistan over the past week was named on Friday as Sergeant First Class Christopher Andrew Celiz of Summerville, South Carolina.

The 32-year-old died in Paktia Province in the east of the country on Thursday after being wounded by enemy small arms fire while conducting a combat operation at a medevac landing zone, the Department of Defense said.

Sergeant First Class Christopher Andrew Celiz died in Paktia Provinc

Sergeant First Class Christopher Andrew Celiz died in Paktia Province in the east of the country on Thursday after being wounded by enemy small arms fire while conducting a combat operation at a medevac landing zone

Celiz, who belonged to 1st Battalion of the 75 Ranger Regiment and was on his seventh deployment in Afghanistan, was treated immediately and evacuated to the closest hospital, where he died of his wounds. His death is under investigation.

Labor force still has room to grow, Fed says

Thousands of additional workers could be brought off the sidelines and into the labor force, the Federal Reserve said Friday, potentially bringing the labor market into a state of health it hasn’t enjoyed since the late 1990s.

Even though long-running trends have pushed down on workforce participation in the U.S., ongoing improvement “nevertheless seems possible, especially if labor market conditions remain favorable,” the central bank said in its semiannual monetary report.

Chairman Jerome Powell, who is scheduled to testify on the report next week, has maintained that the economic recovery could extend further by creating jobs for people who today are not actively looking for work. That argument goes against the Fed aggressively tightening monetary policy out of fear of higher inflation.

Jury orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7 billion in talcum powder suit

A state court jury in St. Louis has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7 billion in damages to 22 women and their families who say the company’s talcum powder caused their ovarian cancer.

The plaintiffs argued that the product contained asbestos, a carcinogen. Most of the damages were punitive, making up one of the largest product liability verdicts in history.

Expressing disappointment in the outcome, the company said it plans to file an appeal. In a statement, Johnson & Johnson said the process was unfair because it allowed the plaintiffs to present cases of 22 women in a single trial.

(Fox News Video) Blue Origin plans space tourism flights for $200,000 a ride

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ New Shepard space vehicle will carry six passengers and blast off vertically, shooting more than 62 miles above Earth into suborbital space.Opera

Man charged in cold-case murder of elderly California woman

A single fingerprint helped detectives make an arrest Tuesday in the 1987 cold case murder of an elderly Southern California woman.

Kevin Thomas Ford, 62, of St. Pauls, N.C., was arrested in connection with the murder of Grace Hayden, according to The Robesonian. Hayden, who was 79 at the time of her killing, was found in her Normal Heights, Calif. home smothered and possibly raped on May 20, 1987.

Kevin Ford was charged

Kevin Ford was charged in the murder of a Southern California woman. (Robeson County Sheriff’s Office)

The case went cold until investigators in San Diego took a fingerprint found on Hayden’s stove and ran it through the national database,

Four women wanted for pummeling Applebee’s waitress in Georgia, police say

Georgia police were on the hunt Friday for four women who they say started an all-out brawl at an Applebee’s after their waitress bumped up against one of their knees.

The wild fight was captured on surveillance footage late Tuesday night at one of the restaurant’s locations in McDonough.

Images of the four women police are looking for.  (FOX5 Atlanta)

Images of the four women police are looking for. (FOX5 Atlanta)

“One suspect grabs a knife and cuts her in the arm and the other suspect punches her,” McDonough Police Det. T.F. Spangenberg told FOX5 Atlanta.

Teacher reportedly compares pro-Trump MAGA hat teen to Nazi in vulgar tweet: ‘F— EM’

A sixth grade social studies teacher is under investigation for a tweet comparing the Texas teen who had his “Make America Great Again” hat stolen inside a Whataburger to a “Nazi,” with the teacher reportedly adding: “F—” him.

Houston-area Channelview Independent School District is investigating Jogi Pattisapu, who teaches sixth grade social studies at Anthony Aguirre Junior High, for the vulgar tweet, Director of Communications for the school district LaKeisha LeBlanc told Fox News in a statement.

“Mr. Pattisapu is a teacher in Channelview Independent School District.  We are aware of the comments made on social media,” LeBlanc said. “The district is taking this matter seriously and we are conducting an investigation.”


Illegal Alien Pelts Border Patrol Agents With Rocks As They Gave Medical Aid To Pregnant Woman

Weslaco, Texas, agents observed a group of illegal aliens attempting to cross the Progreso Port of Entry by climbing a tree on July 7. While two illegal immigrants were at the top of the bridge, a 25-year old pregnant Mexican nationalist was at the base of the tree in distress.

Border Patrol attempted to provide medical assistance to the woman, but were met with rocks hurled at them by one of the illegal aliens.

Dems who drafted bill to abolish ICE now say they’ll vote against it

Democrats who drafted a bill to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] suddenly announced Thursday night that they would vote against it if the legislation went to the floor, after House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Fox News he intended to call their bluff.

“We know Speaker [Paul] Ryan is not serious about passing our ‘Establishing a Humane Immigration Enforcement System Act,’ so members of Congress, advocacy groups, and impacted communities will not engage in this political stunt,” Reps. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, Pramila Jayapal of Washington and Adriano Espaillat of New York told The Hill and other news outlets.

“If Speaker Ryan puts our bill on the floor, we plan to vote no and will instead use the opportunity to force an urgently needed and long-overdue conversation on the House floor.”

WaPo: Go Figure That Family Detention And Border Enforcement Turn Out To Be Pretty Popular After All

Not only does the “abolish ICE” drive run counter to the American public’s desire for enforcement of border laws, a majority in a recent Washington Post poll supports detaining families together rather than engage in so-called “catch and release” policies when arrests involve children. Scott Clement breaks down the results:

The news gets even worse for Democrats where it matters most. “Battleground” voters support family detention over release by a 64/35 margin, slightly more supportive than the 60/35 among non-battleground voters.


Gun-Rights Groups Sue California Over Registration Failures That Could Result in Gun Owners Being Locked Up

“We’re suing because California DOJ’s Firearms Application Reporting System (CFARS) broke down during the deadline week for people to register their firearms in accordance with new state laws,” Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation founder, said. “For a whole week the system was largely inaccessible.

People who wanted to comply with the law simply couldn’t and now they face becoming criminals because they couldn’t do what the law requires.”

“It’s like a bad version of Catch-22,” Gottlieb said. “The government required registration by the deadline, but the online registration failed, and people couldn’t register.

5 Key Takeaways From The House Hearing With FBI Counterintelligence No. 2 Peter Strzok

The hearing was a public revelation of the stonewalling and obstruction the DOJ has enforced against congressional oversight.

Strzok chose to present himself to the world as a smug, arrogant, and peevish man. He was defensive and condescending. His answers were almost mind-blowingly implausible. It wasn’t just that he lacked good judgment or even-handedness. It’s that he didn’t seem to have a grip on reality. He kept saying he wasn’t biased, when his bias is indisputable.

Despite the length of yesterday’s hearing, congressional overseers were able to elicit almost no substantive answers to the questions they asked. Strzok claimed he was not answering questions because the Department of Justice told him not to answer questions. No matter the question, Strzok refused to answer any question about his role in the Russia probe, with almost no exceptions.

10 Ways DOJ Abused Its Authority When It Spied On Trump’s Campaign

New facts indicate Obama administration officials and career FBI and DOJ employees misled the FISA court in more ways than previous thought.

Last Friday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) missed another deadline to comply with subpoenas issued by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). The DOJ’s latest episode of stonewalling prompted HPSCI Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) to suggest that President Donald Trump intervene.

While the DOJ had turned over some of the subpoenaed information, Nunes told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro that the House still does not have critical documents detailing the FBI’s use of informants to spy on the Trump campaign prior to the official launch of the Russia collusion investigation, dubbed Crossfire Hurricane.

New York to allow medical marijuana as substitute to opioids

The state’s Department of Health announced details of the new policy Thursday. State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker says medical marijuana has been shown to be an effective pain treatment that doesn’t carry the risk of addiction that comes with opioids. Zucker says that giving people an alternative to opioids is a critical step in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and his primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon, are blowing hot air when it comes to energy exploration.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and activist/actress Cynthia Nixon, opponents in September’s New York gubernatorial primary, don’t agree on much—but they are hell on hydrocarbons. Cuomo has outlawed natural-gas hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the Empire State, while Nixon wants to ban fracked gas from even entering the state.

Never mind that the revolutionary energy-extraction method has over the past decade transformed America from a net hydrocarbon importer to the world’s leading energy producer. Both candidates promise to block new gas pipelines in New York, too.

The two arrived at their identical positions from opposite directions. Nixon is a provocateur, not a policy macher. Her views are as otherworldly as her prescriptions. Cuomo, meanwhile, is unencumbered by ideals.

His positions are calibrated for maximum political benefit—he polled for almost two years before imposing his fracking ban, for example.

Pelosi Caught at Philly Fundraiser in Company of Tax Evader, Union Officials Under FBI Investigation

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was spotted in the company of some less than savory characters while attending a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

Pelosi, who journeyed to the city of brotherly love to raise money for Democratic efforts to retake the majority in the House, attended a fundraiser with William Miller, a political consultant who pleaded guilty to tax evasion in April, and officials from a labor union under FBI investigation, the Philadelphia Inquirer reportedFriday.

Tech Watch:

Facebook making slow progress on diversity, report says

Facebook’s latest diversity report shows that, while the tech giant has grown the percentage of women in its workforce, more work needs to be done in other areas.

In its fifth annual diversity report, the social network revealed that, globally, the percentage of women working at Facebook has increased from 31 percent in 2014 to 36 percent today.

However, the Menlo Park, Calif.-based firm also needs to increase its efforts in other areas, according to Williams. “We continue to have challenges recruiting black and Hispanic employees in technical roles and senior leadership,” she said.

SEC to investigate if Facebook properly warned investors of data issue

Facebook is currently under investigation from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Justice Department, and the FBI, as authorities from these agencies are working to uncover how much the social media giant knew about the misuse and improper gathering of users’ data during last March’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. Specifically, the investigation is focusing on whether Facebook gave investors enough advance notice of what was going on.

Questioning is primarily focused on what Facebook knew in 2015 — when it initially learned that Cambridge Analytica had improperly accessed the data of tens of millions of Facebook users — and why the company didn’t share that information with its users or investors at the time.

The news didn’t become public until March 2018. Investigators will also look into the words and actions from Facebook executives — including CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Government will appeal AT&T merger with Time Warner

The U.S. Justice Department says it will appeal a judge’s decision that allowed AT&T to acquire Time Warner, even though the deal has already been completed.

The government tried to block the two companies from joining forces, claiming the pairing of a telecom giant with a major content provider would be too powerful and harm consumers. But in a lengthy opinion, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon ruled the government had failed to show that the deal violated antitrust laws.

Leon acknowledged the Justice Department could appeal the ruling, but the judge, in very strong language, urged the government not to seek a stay that would block the two companies from proceeding with their merger. The merger was completed in mid-June.

US officially lifts ban on Chinese telecom giant ZTE

The Trump administration on Friday officially lifted the ban on U.S. companies selling to Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE after it reached an agreement to revive the business.

That agreement came amid a wave of criticism from Republican lawmakers and followed years of warnings about ZTE from the intelligence community.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross insisted that the lifting of the ban only came after severe sanctions.

Obama has higher percentage of fake Twitter followers than Clinton, Trump

Former President Barack Obama lost a greater number and larger portion of his Twitter followers than President Trump and Hillary Clinton following the technology company’s purge of fake accounts.

Obama dropped from 103.6 million followers to 101 million as of mid-Friday, a day after bogus and spam accounts were deleted. The 2.6 million drop cut out 2.5 percent of his followers.

New Army command aims to help counter China, Russia threats

Army leaders say the creation of a new Texas-based Army command focused on the future will help the service adapt to the emerging threats from powers such as China and Russia, after years of counterinsurgency warfare.

The Army’s chief of staff, Gen. Mark Milley, tells reporters that the military recognized that China and Russia have improved their capabilities while the U.S. has been fighting insurgents for the past 16 years.

World News:

Thousands march against Trump in rowdy London protests

Thousands took to the streets of Britain’s capital Friday in protest of President Trump’s three-day visit to the country — just as Trump was trying to smooth over relations with Prime Minister Theresa May after an interview in which he criticized her approach to Brexit.

Trump avoided the center of London, instead visiting Sandhurst Military Academy and May’s residence in Chequers, where the pair held a press conference. But that did not deter protesters, who marched through the streets in the thousands, despite what was an unforgivably hot British summer day.

President Trump avoided central London,

President Trump avoided central London, and scenes like this one, during his U.K. visit. (Fox News/Adam Shaw)

As the afternoon dragged on, tensions flared and the scene at times turned violent. When a group of pro-Trump counter-protesters staged a show of support outside a pub, they were soon surrounded by police and hundreds of anti-Trumpers, some throwing bottles.

Trump, May pledge cooperation on trade after explosive interview

President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May pledged full cooperation on trade and other issues Friday, easing tensions following Trump’s explosive interview in which he criticized her handling of ‘Brexit’ and called into question a U.S.-U.K. trade deal.

In a joint press conference outside London, the two leaders touted the relationship between their countries and a commitment to work together on issues of national security, terrorism, border security and trade.

Despite his interview with The Sun, Trump said he supported whatever decision May comes to regarding Brexit, Britain’s departure from the European Union.

U.S. President Donald J. Trump has issued a damning indictment of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying he has done a “terrible job” on terrorism and crime.

“I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad,” the President told The Sun, ahead of his working visit to the United Kingdom.

“I look at cities in Europe, and I can be specific if you’d like. You have a mayor who has done a terrible job in London. He has done a terrible job. (Listen to the tape from the Sun here.) Donald Trump says London Mayor Sadiq Khan ‘has done a terrible job on terror’

“Take a look at the terrorism that is taking place. Look at what is going on in London. I think he has done a very bad job on terrorism,” he added.

Melania Trump Greets Vets, Plays Lawn Bowls with Children in Visit to UK

Her game face on, Melania Trump dutifully tried her hand at lawn bowls during a solo outing Friday to a historic London veterans’ retirement home on her first visit to Britain as America’s first lady.

Melania Trump

(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

She greeted the children with a cheery “hello” and a big smile, shaking their hands and asking one to show her how to make a poppy pin.

Melania Trump

(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Children waving British and U.S. flags cheered loudly. She also initiated a high-five with a veteran who gave her effort a thumbs-up.

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump and Philip May,

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump and Philip May, the husband of British Prime Minister Theresa May stand with school children during a visit to British military veterans known as “Chelsea Pensioners” at The Royal Hospital Chelsea in central London Friday, July 13, 2018. The pensioners, known for their scarlet coats and tricorne hats are a cherished British institution and are often seen parades, state events and other grand occasions. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, Pool)

She ended the visit with a game of bowls with May, the children and the veterans.

Israel says it ‘most likely intercepted’ second drone approaching its border from Syria

Israel fired a Patriot missile at an unmanned aircraft that approached the country’s border from Syria for the second time this week, the military said Friday.

The defense system was fired at a Syrian drone “flying over the demilitarized zone,” adding that it was “most likely intercepted,” the military said.

It said the military will “operate against attempts to violate the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement, threats to Israeli sovereignty and any attempt to harm Israeli civilians.”

15-year-old Muslim child bride marries in Germany – 400 guests fight afterwards

On Saturday 2 June, numerous wedding guests attacked each other and more than 100 policemen had to move in to stop the fights.

The police later spoke of an “extremely aggressive mood” among the visitors, including Syrians. According to police, a dispute among the guests got out of control.

However, shortly after arriving, the officers got caught between the two parties. The police forces were, according to their own statement, “suddenly attacked”.

German publisher blocks book on ‘Hostile Takeover of Islam’ because it could amplify anti-Islam sentiments

The book, entitled “Hostile Takeover – How Islam Hampers Progress and Threatens Society”, was due to be released in August 2018, and provides a detailed critique of the Koran.

Sarrazin claimed that he had signed a deal with Random House in 2016 but talks had stalled after being unable to decide a publishing date, with Random House eventually scrapping the book altogether.

Sources at the publishing house suggest the book would “seize on and amplify anti-Islam sentiments”.

Officials say vaping co-pilot caused Air China flight to drop 21,000 feet

Authorities have determined that an Air China flight’s sudden, terrifying 21,000-foot descent was caused by a co-pilot smoking an electronic cigarette mid-flight, which triggered a series of events that led to the deployment of oxygen masks and, in turn, backlash against the pilot.

Chinese investigators announced their findings July 13, three days after the July 10 incident, which occurred aboard Flight CA106 from Hong Kong to Dalian 30 minutes after its 5:55 p.m. takeoff, BBC reports.


So, You Think You’re Tolerant?

Are you tolerant? You probably think so. But who is tolerant in America today? Is it those on the left, or those on the right? In this video, Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report analyzes this question and shares his experience.