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News and Headlines. 8/3/2018

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In The News:

Jobs survey: Most U.S. employers plan to give pay raises this year

Aug. 3 (UPI) — In a highly competitive job market, employers are finding creative ways to find and keep talent — including perhaps the most effective method: Offering more money.

According to a new survey Friday by CareerBuilder, more than half of companies questioned said they’ll give employees pay raises before the end of the year. Nearly a quarter said they will be pay hikes of at least 5 percent.

The report said 58 percent of employers plan to offer raises, and another 45 percent plan to up the starting salaries for new workers.

NRA says it’s broke and on the verge of collapse

The group had filed a federal lawsuit against Cuomo and the state in May, claiming New York launched an unfair “blacklisting campaign” against the association.

In the new court filing in late July, the NRA complained it couldn’t obtain financial services crucial to its operations and faced “irrecoverable loss and irreparable harm” after losing insurance coverage.

“Insurance coverage is necessary for the NRA to continue its existence,” according to the new document, which was first reported by the New York Law Journal.

Moscow: American held in Russia after arriving in rubber boat

The Russian government identified the man as 46-year-old John Martin. A source told Russia’s state-run Tass news agency Martin accidentally got lost at sea after traveling from Alaska’s Yukon River.

According to the report, Martin arrived in Russia’s Chukotka region Wednesday and authorities took him to shore and questioned him. The received medical treatment in the village of Lavrentiya, on the sparsely populated coast, and was taken to Anadyr.

Joseph Pappas, man suspected of murdering George HW Bush’s doctor, commits suicide after being confronted by police

The man charged with murdering George H.W. Bush’s former cardiologist committed suicide Friday after being confronted by two members of the Houston Police department, officials said.

When police arrived, they found Pappas wearing body armor. He did not comply with officers’ commands and, when more officers closed in, Pappas shot himself in the head, around 3.5 miles from his home.

Indiana man survives internal decapitation years after beating brain cancer: ‘Our boy is a miracle’

Surviving this type of injury is rare: the mortality rate for those who suffer internal decapitation is high. Aside from the physical separation of skull and spine, this injury can also be fatal because “the blood vessels supplying the brain and the spinal cord itself are commonly injured … [causing] significant neurological deficits and often prove fatal,” according to the Beacon Health System.

Meister was just the second patient in Memorial Hospital’s history to arrive alive with this particular injury.

The X-ray of Meister's neck.  (Beacon Health System)

The X-ray of Meister’s neck. (Beacon Health System)

Just minutes before Meister and a friend were slated to arrive, the car hit a patch of black ice, causing the vehicle to tip over and roll on the passenger side where Meister was seated.

Meister’s head smashed into the window, shattering it, and ultimately separating his skull from his spine in the process.

The truck that Meister was in

The truck that Meister was in when the accident occurred. (Beacon Health System)

“Half my body was out the window,” he recalled.

Fox News Video: UK activist Tommy Robinson speaks out after prison release

British conservative activist Tommy Robinson speaks exclusively with #Tucker after being freed on bail.

4 Lessons We Need to Learn From the Tommy Robinson Case

Watching him walk out of prison was a fascinating thing. This new tiny person emerged, shrunken in size, with sharp cheekbones, struggling with trousers now four sizes too big for him. A haunted-looking thing blinking against the sun, disorientated by the sudden freedom from his cage, like a mistreated dog from a rescue shelter.

Our victory is that this smaller person now has a much bigger voice than before. If the Establishment intended to school us in how to take an enemy of the state and turn him into an international face of oppression with a global platform, they succeeded. We will need him to tell his story well.

Because behind the hullabaloo we all have a role in this and there are important lessons we can learn. And we should study them well; I fear we will need to be reminded of them in the near future.

O’Keefe Catches Antifa ‘Fight Instructors’ Teaching Activists How to Inflict Pain on Their Targets

“If you get a good liver or kidney shot, it’s pretty much crippling them,” the Antifa instructor said. “They’re going to be pretty much doubled over and in a lot of pain.”

The video also introduces Andy Zee, an organizer for Refuse Fascism, a project of the Revolutionary Communist Party, talking about a possible meet-up with Democrat donor Tom Steyer.

“I don’t know if we took the meeting today. We were meeting with his main advisor on impeachment,

Tucker: Left thinks racism against white people impossible

New York Times writer Sarah Jeong’s racist tweets surface and show that the left thinks it’s impossible to be racist to white people.

Obama Praises South African Leader Despite Race Killings and New Law that Seizes White Farmers’ Land without Compensation

During the speech Obama called for guaranteed income.

Obama also lectured rich people for buying big homes despite purchasing a $8.1 million home in the DC area.

Obama also praised the South African president despite the recent decision to steal land from white farmers without compensation.

Pastor Van Moody: Don’t attack me and other black faith leaders for working with Trump to help others

I was one of a group of black faith leaders from inner cities who attended a meeting with President Trump at the White House Wednesday to talk about the importance of the church in building community – especially in the area of prison reform and workforce development for former prisoners.

Unfortunately, the political and cultural climate in our country has plummeted to such a petty and disturbing place that I fully expected I might be attacked afterwards.

Nevertheless, I accepted the invitation. I believe that the ability to help others who are marginalized, disenfranchised and voiceless is an important pursuit, and I remain committed to the cause of Christ beyond pettiness and politics.

Trump Asks Pastor To Lead Room In Prayer Stunned By What Happens Next(VIDEO)!!!

Trump asks pastor to lead room in prayer stunned by what happens next. President Donald Trump asked a well-known pastor John Gray to lead the room in prayer. He was subsequently stunned by what happened.

Tom Fitton on Strzok’s demands before joining Mueller team

Emails show Peter Strzok demanded to keep his security clearance before joining Robert Mueller’s team; Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton reacts.

Wold News:

Pompeo says North Korea weapons work counter to denuclearization pledge

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Less than two months after a landmark U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew back to the city state on Friday and said North Korea’s continued work on weapons programs was inconsistent with its leader’s commitment to denuclearize.

“Chairman Kim made a commitment to denuclearize,” Pompeo told reporters. “The world demanded that they (North Korea) do so in the U.N. Security Council resolutions. To the extent they are behaving in a manner inconsistent with that,

U.S. hits Russian bank with sanctions for North Korea-related activity

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Friday imposed sanctions on a Russian bank it said had facilitated a transaction with a person blacklisted by Washington for involvement with North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

The move comes as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo presses Southeast Asian countries during meetings in Singapore to maintain sanctions to pressure Pyongyang, which is in talks with the United States about dismantling its nuclear program.


How Spygate Is Turning Democrats Like Me Against Our Party

One story of the last two years is how this most alpha of alpha males has become an underdog of sorts in American politics today. Of course, you won’t find this narrative in any of the mainstream media outlets. 

This narrative merely exists in the minds of millions of voters who are outside the core Democratic base: those of us who are Republicans, moderates, independents, former Democrats like myself. 

We’ve been silently watching, listening, observing the opposition to Trump in the last eighteen months, and it’s been the most sickening thing to see, more appalling than what the right did to President Obama.