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News and Headlines. 8/6/2018

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In The News:

Fatal Shooting, Crash Shuts Down Lanes On Bay Bridge

This is the second shooting to occur on Bay Area freeways within the past 24 hours, as a shooting on westbound Interstate Highway 80 in unincorporated Contra Costa County injured at least one person on Sunday evening.

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — At least two men were shot – one of whom has died – following a shooting that led to a multiple-vehicle traffic collision and the shut down of several eastbound lanes on the Bay Bridge for several hours early Monday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol.

According to CHP Officer Bert Diaz, three vehicles were traveling on eastbound Interstate Highway 80 around 2:23 a.m. The two men who were shot were riding in an SUV in the No. 5 lane, the CHP said, when an unknown vehicle pulled alongside in an unknown lane and shot at the SUV, causing it to collide with a sedan traveling in the No. 3 lane.

As Illinois Celebrates ‘Barack Obama Day,’ 73 Wounded In Chicago Gun Violence

Eleven people have died and 73 have been wounded, but most of the violence occurred on Sunday, according to NBC Chicago. In a span of seven hours starting around midnight on Saturday, at least 40 people were shot — four fatally.

ABC 7 Chicago has been updating its story on the violence throughout the weekend, and previously reported, according to The Daily Wire, that 63 people had been shot since Friday at 5 p.m. During one 2.5-hour period Sunday morning, 25 people were shot in five separate shootings.

The news outlet also reported that despite the deadly weekend, the Chicago Police Department said shootings are down 30% so far this year. Chicago Police Chief of Patrol Fred Waller said Sunday that 5,500 illegal guns had been taken off the streets this year.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, police superintendent tell neighborhoods to ‘step up’ after another bloody weekend

Chicago’s top cop stood side-by-side with Mayor Rahm Emanuel to deliver a message to the residents of their city in the midst of another bloody weekend: “Step up.”

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said no arrests have been made yet in the flurry of weekend shootings, which he said were not random, and were “fueled by gang conflicts.” Instead, after 11 people were killed and 70 were shot in ongoing violence, Johnson said the onus was on the communities to take responsibility.

“As neighborhoods, we can do better,” Johnson said at a news conference, adding Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and himself are always held accountable. But, Johnson said, there is a lack of accountability in the communities plagued by violence.

Iraqi refugee charged in Colorado cop shooting had ‘lengthy criminal background,’ but was never deported, DHS official says

“Al Khammasi has a lengthy criminal background dating back to November 05, 2013 with various felony and misdemeanor charges ranging from criminal extortion, trespassing, assault, parole violations, and contempt of court, to felony weapon offenses as recently as January 09, 2018,” the official said.

The official told Fox News that Karrar Noaman Al Khammasi, 31, was granted an RE1 refugee status in 2012 and has remained in the United States since then. Al Khammasi traveled to the U.S. in December 2012 on a flight from Istanbul, Turkey, to Chicago, Ill.

Karrar Noaman Al Khammasi, 31, is accused of shooting Colorado Springs office

Karrar Noaman Al Khammasi, 31, is accused of shooting Colorado Springs officer Cem Duzel. (AP)

The Iraqi refugee, who is being held without bail, was charged with attempted murder after he shot Colorado Springs Officer Cem Duzel in the head early Thursday morning. The cop was in critical but stable condition as of Saturday.

Abortionist with History of Sex Offenses Stops Practicing After Mental Competency Questioned

Trenton, NJ – Abortionist Vikram Kaji, 82, whose long list of troubles include sex offenses against his patients, has agreed to stop practicing medicine and halt his work as Medical Director for the nefarious abortion chain American Women’s Services pending the filing of a verified complaint against him by the State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety Division of Consumer Affairs and the State Board of Medical Examiners.

According to a consent agreement dated May 8, 2018, the Board of Medical Examiners was about to file complaint against Kaji after new evidence surfaced that Kaji is “currently impaired and unable to discharge the functions of a licensee in a manner consistent with the public’s health. safety, and welfare.”

Moms arrested after 11 children found in ‘filthy’ New Mexico compound with armed Muslim ‘extremists,’ cops say

The three mothers of the 11 malnourished children found living in a filthy New Mexico compound were arrested and charged Sunday along with two men described as armed Muslim “extremists” after authorities raided the property in search of a 4-year-old boy.

Officials didn’t find the 4-year-old at the makeshift compound, but discovered the children — ranging from ages 1 to 15 — living in what Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe described as “the ugliest looking, filthiest” living conditions he’s witnessed. He added that he only saw a few potatoes and a box of rice.

North Carolina boy, 9, robbed at gunpoint while selling lemonade, cops say

The boy was at his lemonade stand at a roundabout in St. John’s Forest development about 3 p.m. Saturday when a teenager wearing a camouflage hat walked up, pointed a gun at the child’s stomach and demanded he hand over the money he’d earned, Union County police said. Philip Smith, the boy’s father, told FOX46 the cash amounted to about $17.

“Never had an incident like this, never thought this would happen,” Smith told the news station. “It’s pretty low, despicable in my book, and I can’t believe someone would stoop that low to steal money from him.”

California Sikh man ‘heinously’ attacked while placing road signs for GOP congressman, police say

Police are looking for two suspects involved in an alleged hate crime after a California Sikh man was brutally beaten as he placed campaign signs for a Republican congressman along the road.

Surjit Malhi, 50, has been instrumental in his community with helping the homeless, serving victims of fires and supporting the Stanislaus County GOP, KOVR-TV reported.

But last week, while Malhi was placing campaign signs for Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Calif., along the side of a road in Keyes, two men approached him, throwing sand into his eyes and beating him in the head and chest, police said.

Video of violent McDonald’s brawl in Illinois may lead to arrests, police say

It’s been only weeks since the Internet went wild over a fight at a Las Vegas McDonald’s, and already there’s a new Mickey D’s brawl making the rounds online.

The footage, which was first shared online in July but was only recently brought to the attention of law enforecement, appears to show two women — an employee and an off-duty employee — clashing behind the counter at a McDonald’s in DeKalb, Ill, on July 3, according to The Daily Chronicle.

Police now say the footage has aided in the department’s investigation, and may lead to arrests.

Walmart cashier steps in after nail salon refuses woman with cerebral palsy

BURTON, Mich. – A cashier’s simple act of kindness is getting a lot of attention after a nail salon allegedly turned down a woman because of her shaking hands, WJRT reports.

Angela Peters went shopping at her usual Walmart in Burton, Michigan, and decided she’d get her nails done at the salon inside the store.  Peters, who has cerebral palsy, told WNEM, “When I went in there they denied me because they said I moved too much.”Opera

Ebony Harris, a Walmart worker who often chats with Peters when they see each other in the store, decided to use her break to make sure Peters got her manicure.

Politics/President Trump/Immigration:

See the Class-Act Moment President Trump Stops His Motorcade to Climb out and Thank Firefighters

Footage posted to YouTube on Saturday shows President Donald Trump’s incredible appreciation for service members and first responders as it features him stopping his presidential motorcade to get out and thank a group of firefighters outside.

Just before pulling up to Air Force One, the president’s limousine in the motorcade can be seen coming to a sudden stop in the video. After two Secret Service agents speak with him through the window, President Trump climbs out of the vehicle.

New Report Shows Government Gave DACA Protection to Thousands of Criminals

Recently, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services did a comprehensive review of aliens who applied for benefits under DACA. Getting approved under DACA provided a period of deferred action (a promise that the alien would not be deported) as well as access to certain government benefits such as Social Security and Medicaid.

This new data from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services contradict claims that DACA has not been a shield for criminal aliens. Director L. Francis Cissna lamented: “The truth is that we let those with criminal arrests for sexually assaulting a minor, kidnapping, human trafficking, child pornography, and even murder be provided protection from removal.”

Not only were some of the DACA beneficiaries—the so-called “Dreamers”—criminals before they received deferred action, but a number of them committed crimes after they were given a free pass. Of the group of DACA beneficiaries with prior arrests, 13 percent of them—nearly 8,000 aliens—were arrested for another crime after they were in the United States.

Antifa protesters accost conservatives Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens at Philadelphia cafe

Two prominent conservative activists were accosted Monday outside a Philadelphia restaurant by a group of profanity-hurling protesters allegedly aligned with Antifa.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and communications director Candace Owens were attempting to eat breakfast at the Green Eggs Café near Center City, when the group gathered outside and aggressively harassed them.

In video footage posted on Owens’ Twitter page, the protesters can be seen shouting and blowing whistles in the conservative commentators’ faces while chanting “F— white supremacy.” Owens is black.

Elizabeth Warren hates money in politics, keeps taking campaign donations from rich lobbyists and corporate executives

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Warren re-election campaign’s latest Federal Election Commission report shows she received a $5,400 donation from Jonathan Lavine, co-managing partner at Bain Capital and chief investment officer at Bain Capital Credit. The private equity firm is headquartered in Boston. Lavine’s wife also reportedly contributed $5,400 to Warren.

The Free Beacon points out another noteworthy contribution on Warren’s FEC report, this time from Larry Rasky, the head of a powerful lobbying firm in the senator’s state. The Boston Globe described Rasky Partners earlier this year as “one of the busiest lobbying firms in Massachusetts.” Rasky and his wife each contributed $5,400 to Warren’s campaign.

Tech Watch:

Facebook removes Infowars pages, following Apple and Spotify

Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s YouTube on Monday joined Apple Inc. in removing Infowars content from its platform.

Facebook disclosed in a blog post that it has “unpublished” four pages related to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars website. Facebook said that content posted to these pages violated the company’s policies around violent content and hate speech. In particular, Facebook said that the pages contained content that glorified violence and used “dehumanizing language” in reference to immigrants, Muslims, and transgender people.

InfoWars Ban: CNN, Democrats Successfully Lobby Big Tech to Censor Their Critics

It’s a sign of how the concentration of power in America has shifted from big government to big tech that politicians are now lobbying tech companies rather than the other way round, but that’s exactly what happened over the course of the past few months, as Democrats applied relentless pressure on Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants to censor InfoWars.

Chief among them was Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL), who demanded that a Facebook representative “explain” their decision not to ban InfoWars at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on social media censorship last month. Calling Jones as “well-known conspiracy theorist” whose “brand is bullying,” Deutch also demanded Google’s representative explain how many strikes it would take for a channel on Google-owned YouTube to be deleted.

Facebook Bans InfoWars, but Keeps Antifa, Louis Farrakhan

Facebook’s explanation for the InfoWars ban claims that the site posts material which “glorifies violence,” and also uses “dehumanizing language.”

But the social media Masters of the Universe have made no attempt to explain why InfoWars should be banned while leftist pages with a far more explicit glorification of violence, not to mention using “dehumanizing” language towards Jews, Christians, and Americans in general, should remain and even prosper on the platform.

Among them, a page called “Kill Trump,” and dozens of global pages for the registered domestic terrorist group Antifa, which have made unchallenged posts supporting violence

Infamous anti-Semite and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan also remains on the platform, with nearly one million likes, while The Young Turks, a progressive news outlet, remains despite its founder Cenk Uygur’s denial of the Armenian Holocaust.

Getty/AFP & Mark Wilson

Getty/AFP & Mark Wilson

The New Black Panther Party, a black supremacist organization, which according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has “encouraged violence against whites, Jews, and law enforcement officers,” also has several pages on the social network.

O’Keefe Calls on Whistleblowers to “Expose the Entire Rotten Tech Machine” After Tech Tyrants Launch Coordinated Attack on Infowars

James O’Keefe vowed to expose the rotten tech machine and called on whistleblowers to contact Project Veritas.

On Monday Facebook caved to the leftist media mob demanding censorship of InfoWars and permanently banned their page.

And now Google-YouTube has terminated the Infowars Account.

The tech tyrants launched a coordinated attack on Alex Jones and Infowars. Make no mistake, they are coming for FOX News, Breitbart News and Gateway Pundit next.

Facebook punishes Trump ‘Crossing the Swamp’ painting post

President Trump crossing the D.C. swamp violates Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

Artist Jon McNaughton, who painted “Crossing the Swamp,” a parody of George Washington crossing the Delaware, features the President in command of a rowboat as it crosses a swamp in front of the Capitol.

Standing with the foot on the edge of the boat and holding a lantern, Trump is surrounded by Nikki Haley, James Mattis, Ben Carson, President Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Mike Pompeo, Sarah Sanders, Ivanka Trump, John Bolton, Kellyanne Conway and John Kelly.

NASA Announces Crews for Private ‘Space Taxi’ Project

On July 8, 2011, the space shuttle Atlantis launched from Kennedy Space Center, marking the last time a U.S. astronaut was launched into space from American soil. For the seven years since then, NASA has relied on Russia’s pricey Soyuz spacecraft to ferry American astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

The research taking place on the International Space Station is providing

The research taking place on the International Space Station is providing valuable information and breakthroughs for life on the ground.

To move beyond reliance on Russian transport, NASA tapped Boeing and SpaceX in 2014 to craft a sequel of sorts to the Space Shuttle: private, Apollo-style “space taxis” built and launched in the United States. Now, we know the names of those launches’ first passengers.

World News:

Chinese experts claim ‘successful’ test of nuclear-capable ‘waverider’

Aug. 6 (UPI) — China has successfully tested a hypersonic aircraft that can “break any missile defense system,” the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics said.

The Xingkong-2, or Starry Sky-2, can be equipped with a nuclear warhead and can move at such high speeds its trajectory is difficult to predict, the academy’s experts said Sunday on social media platform WeChat, according to state tabloid Global Times.

It was launched in a rocket, then released in the air after about 10 minutes, the report stated.

The vehicle flew independently, making “large-angle turning maneuvers,” before “landing in the targeted area as planned.”

Bologna highway explosion leaves 2 dead, up to 70 injured, Italian police say

Two people were killed and dozens more were injured Monday when an explosion sent flames shooting into the sky from a Bologna-area highway overpass, causing a bridge to partially collapse, Italian police and media reported.

The explosion was reportedly caused by an accident involving a truck that was transporting flammable substances

The explosion was reportedly caused by an accident involving a truck that was transporting flammable substances. (AP)

Police said up to 70 people were injured when a truck carrying flammable cargo exploded after a traffic accident in Borgo Panigale, located on the outskirts of Bologna.

Bangladesh authorities investigate weekend attack on U.S. ambassador’s car

 — Authorities in Bangladesh said Monday that they were investigating a weekend attack on a car carrying U.S. Ambassador Marcia Bernicat. The U.S. Embassy said the incident was not connected to ongoing protests in the country over road safety.

Armed men on motorcycles targeted Bernicat’s car in the residential Mohammadpur area of the capital, Dhaka, on Saturday as she was returning from a dinner party at the home of a prominent social activist, the embassy confirmed. The ambassador escaped unharmed.


“Crossing the Swamp” – by Jon McNaughton

Over 240 years ago George Washington suffered through Valley Forge and crossed the Delaware River to bring an astonishing victory to the Continental Army. This led to what many thought was impossible, to defeat a despot King and his formidable army.

Today, Trump endeavors to cross the “swamp” of Washington DC as he carries the light of truth, hope, and prosperity. The murky water of the deep state is laced with dangerous vermin, perfectly willing to destroy American prosperity for their personal ideologies and financial gain.

Multiple Corporate Social Media Platforms Simultaneously Ban Alex Jones for Thought Crimes…

Imagine if BP, Exxon, Chevron and Sunoco all moved, on the same day, at the same time, to charge $5.00/gal for gasoline at their service stations.  That would be illegal collusion to take advantage of a monopolistic position.

That’s essentially what happened today when Facebook, YouTube, Apple and Spotify simultaneously banned the Alex Jones broadcast from their platforms; in an effort to purge him from the internet.

Oddly enough this was entirely predicted.  Back in the Fall of 2015 Matt Drudge appeared on the Alex Jones broadcast to warn of this exact situation.  Drudge talked about the need to stay off their platforms, because he could see the political use of platform control was likely to happen in the next few years.  In hindsight Drudge was eerily prescient: