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Celebrating Constitution Day

September 17 is designated as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787. Learn more about the U.S. Constitution through our public programs, family activities, and online resources.

Florence floodwaters limit access to nuclear power plant, ‘unusual event’ declared

A nuclear power plant just outside of Wilmington, North Carolina declared an “unusual event” Monday after rising floodwaters and storm damage caused limited access to the facility, officials said.

Duke Energy’s Brunswick Nuclear Plant – located about 30 miles south of Wilmington – declared the state of emergency, the lowest required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, after roads surrounding the 1,200-acre complex were impacted by flooding and downed trees.

The Brunswick Nuclear Plant

The Brunswick Nuclear Plant has declared an “unusual event” after floodwaters from Florence limited access to the facility. (Nuclear Regulatory Commission )

“None of the roads are passable,” NRC spokesman Joey Ledford told the News & Observer. “The plant is safe. The reactors are in hot stand-by mode 3 shutdown.”

Ledford told Fox News in an email that the twin-reactor nuclear plant is stable and poses no threat to public safety, as floodwaters have not entered the facility or threatened any important equipment.

Oldest US Nuclear Plant Shuts Down After Nearly 49 Years

LACEY TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY—America’s oldest nuclear power plant has shut down.

Officials at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in New Jersey say the plant went offline at noon on Sept. 17. The plant was considered near the end of its useful life.

Oyster Creek went online Dec. 1, 1969, the same day as the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station near Oswego, New York.

But Oyster Creek’s original license was granted first, technically making it the oldest of the nation’s commercial nuclear reactors still operating.

America’s oldest nuclear power plant

America’s oldest nuclear power plant is shuts down on Sept. 17, 2018. (Peter Ackerman/The Asbury Park Press via AP)

The plant in Lacey Township near the Jersey shore has dealt with corrosion and leaks during its time in service, but its owner, Chicago-based Exelon Corp., says the plant has always been safe.

Pennsylvania man accused of threatening Trump, Palin may be on the run in Ohio, officials say

A Pennsylvania man hunted by federal authorities for allegedly threatening to “put a bullet…in the head of President Donald J. Trump” is suspected to be on the run in Ohio on Monday after authorities there found an abandoned truck he’s believed to have stolen.

Shawn Christy has been wanted by federal authorities

Shawn Christy has been wanted by federal authorities for months and is believed to be in possession of numerous stolen handguns, the FBI says. (FBI)

Police investigating a crash late Sunday afternoon near Mansfield determined the truck on the side of Interstate-71 was the same one alleged to have been swiped by Shawn Christy from a construction company in Luzerne County, Pa.,

Police: Woman Faked Story About Trump-Related Hate Crime

Authorities have arrested and charged a woman in Long Island for making up a story about a Trump-related hate crime, police said.

Adwoa Lewis, 19, told detectives Friday four teenagers confronted her as she was driving home on September 2, yelling “Trump 2016!” before stating that she did not belong here.AdwoaLewis

Lewis also claimed that she parked her vehicle in front of her house, then woke up the next morning to find her car’s tires slashed and a note with the words, “Go home,” police said.

But when authorities investigated the alleged incident, police found that Lewis fabricated the tale and the incident never took place.

Kansas deputy and suspect fatally shot during arrest

A 12-year veteran of a Kansas sheriff’s office and a suspected vehicle thief were fatally shot when a fight broke out during the suspect’s arrest in a rural area of Wichita, authorities said.

Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter said Deputy Robert Kunze was shot Sunday afternoon after receiving a call about a black truck that had been stolen. He said the 41-year-old Kunze was “an exceptional deputy.”

When Kunze arrived at the scene about 20 miles (32 kilometers) west of downtown Wichita, he found the hood open on the black vehicle. Kunze patted down the suspect’s waistband and found a 40-caliber handgun. The gun was placed away from the two of them, but a fight ensued when Kunze tried to handcuff the suspect, Easter said at a news conference Sunday.

Baltimore’s ‘No. 1 trigger puller’ on trial for racketeering

The man police called Baltimore’s “No. 1 trigger puller” is set to go on trial as part of a federal racketeering case against a gang accused in 10 unsolved killings.

Montana Barronette, along with 9 other men, is accused of being a member of vicious street gang “Trained to Go” – reportedly an offshoot of the Black Guerrilla Family.

Montana Barronette, once called Baltimore's 'No. 1 trigger puller,'

Montana Barronette, once called Baltimore’s ‘No. 1 trigger puller,’ is set to go to trial in a federal racketeering case. (Fox Baltimore)

The 23-year-old Barronette was arrested more than two years ago in connection to a 2014 murder, which was just one of up to a dozen homicides police believed he was behind, Fox Baltimore reported in August 2016.

At the time of his arrest, Barronette was charged with first and second-degree murder, first and second-degree assault, firearm use in commission of a violent felony, handgun on person and reckless endangerment.


Mary Ann Mendoza and Michelle Root are two women who suffered the same tragic incident: the death of a child.

Mendoza and Root’s cases, whose children were both killed by illegal immigrants, are further linked by the fact that both their losses could have been avoided, they say, if the U.S. had stricter immigration laws.

The two women are part the “Angel Families” organization, which was given a larger platform under President Donald Trump, and seeks to address immigration laws and bring light to their permanent separation from loved ones.Opera

Mendoza’s son, Brandon, a Mesa, Arizona, police officer, was killed on May 12, 2014 in a violent head on collision by a drunk driver driving the wrong direction on a highway as Mendoza was headed home from work.

Man charged with killing wife at sea sought to inherit her estate, prosecutor says

A British man murdered his wife and deliberately sank the couple’s catamaran near the Bahamas in a bid to inherit her estate, prosecutors said last week.

Lewis Bennett, 41, was charged with second-degree murder on the high seas in the May 2017 disappearance of Isabella Hellmann, 41, of Delray Beach, Florida, in February. Bennett and his wife were on a delayed honeymoon to St. Maarten, Puerto Rico and Cuba.


Hellmann’s family allegedly bugged her apartment in Delray Beach to listen to Bennett’s conversations because they believed he was involved in her disappearance, The Guardian reported, citing court papers.

Convicted murderer still on the run after prison escape

Law enforcement authorities continued their dayslong search Monday for a convicted murderer who escaped for a third time from prison in Maine, fleeing from a minimum security unit little more than a year before his release date.

Corrections Commissioner Joseph Fitzpatrick floated the theory that 65-year-old Arnold Nash had spent much of his life in prison and may not have wanted to leave. He said corrections officials monitor visits and are interviewing individuals that Nash may have contacted in the past.

“I’d really like the public to know that we do consider Mr. Nash dangerous,” Fitzpatrick said.

Antifa Website Shows How To Injure Police, Hold Up Banks, Sneak Across The Border, & More

Ever wonder how you can injure multiple police officers during a protest and get away with it without anyone ever knowing it was you?

How ’bout elaborate schemes to deny banks service to their customers? How ’bout providing an assist to countless illegal aliens who want to sneak across the border?

Of course you haven’t, But a website called Destructables provides far left protesters and other law breakers with step-by-step guides on exactly how to accomplish such.

ISNA Convention Uses Shame, Fear to Stir Radical Agenda

In a year when Muslim political candidates are breaking new ground or falling just short of doing so, it’s not surprising to see politics dominate the country’s largest annual gathering of Muslim Americans.

But the political sessions at the annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in Houston, Texas were far from celebrations. Rather, they cast a dire picture for Muslims in America.

Leading the charge was Linda Sarsour, a co-chair of the national Women’s March and founder of a political activist group called MPower Change. Sarsour spoke to at least four separate sessions during the conference, with ISNA President Azhar Azeez introducing her as “the most famous, known activist in America today.”

Women’s March co-organizer Linda Sarsour (far-right)

Women’s March co-organizer Linda Sarsour (far-right) speaking at a panel on antisemitism at The New School on November 28, 2017. Photo: Screenshot.

Her tone often was not aimed at inspiring Muslims to be more politically active, as much as it was to shame them for not doing so. If they aren’t sufficiently engaged in advocating for the Palestinian cause, she said, “you as an American Muslim are complicit in the occupation of Palestinians, in the murder of Palestinian protesters.

New Hampshire man has toddler climb into arcade game to steal prizes, police say

Police are looking for a man who allegedly used a tiny accomplice to steal several items from an arcade-style game at a New Hampshire mall last week.

The suspect told a small, female toddler to climb into the bottom of the game at the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, police said. Once inside the arcade vending machine, the tot grabbed several items and handed them to the suspect, police said.Opera

Salem police posted photos and a video of the alleged crime on its Facebook page, asking for the public’s help in identifying the man. The suspect was described as a “white Hispanic male” between 20 and 30 years old.

More than half of violent crimes in the U.S. never reported to police

October has been recognized for years as National Crime Prevention Month, but statistics from the Department of Justice show the best way for Americans to prevent criminal activity may be to simply start picking up their phone.

The DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics says in its most recent National Criminal Victimization Survey (NCVS) that in 2016, “U.S. residents age 12 or older experienced 5.7 million violent victimizations.” A majority of those crimes, some 58 percent the DOJ says, were never reported to police.

According to DOJ data provided to Fox News, victims in the past have cited a variety of reasons for failing to report their experiences to authorities. Primary drivers include the fear of reprisal, or the feeling that the incident was a private or personal matter.

Another common refrain, according to BJS data, is the idea that police wouldn’t bother to investigate, they would be ineffective, or they could cause trouble for the victim.

Former NASA scientist: No, climate change is not making hurricanes worse

“Why does the Washington Post say such stupid things?” asks Dr. Roy Spencer, who is an actual atmospheric scientist.

Part of the answer is obviously that they don’t know what they’re talking about, but another part is that they don’t really care what’s right, true or accurate. They only care what advances their political agenda, and if blaming Donald Trump for a hurricane advances that agenda and they think they can plausibly sell it, they will.

The truth, of course, is that global warming or “climate change” or whatever you want to call it is not resulting in an increase in the number of hurricanes, nor is it resulting in greater severity in hurricanes, because neither of those two things has actually happened.

All you need is to do a little simple research to find that out, but Dr. Spencer has done it for you so just go ahead and listen to him:

Survey finds 2M US teens are vaping marijuana

A school-based survey shows nearly 1 in 11 U.S. students have used marijuana in electronic cigarettes, heightening concern about the new popularity of vaping among teens.

E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine, but results published Monday mean 2.1 million middle and high school students have used them to get high.

The devices are generally considered a less dangerous alternative to regular cigarettes, despite little research on their long-term effects including whether they help smokers quit.

The rise in teenagers using them has alarmed health officials. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration gave the five largest e-cigarette makers 60 days to produce plans to stop underage use of their products.

Police chiefs warn of increased crime if California allows pot deliveries statewide

The prospect of vans loaded with pot delivering to homes in quiet Morgan Hill makes Police Chief David Swing uneasy.


Like most cities in the state, the upscale San Jose suburb has banned pot shops. But now, as California considers a proposal to allow marijuana businesses to send home-delivery vans into communities where retail stores are prohibited, Swing and others in law enforcement say they are preparing for the worst.

U.S. official: Increase LNG exports to Europe to counter Russia

Sept. 17 (UPI) — The United States needs to increase its natural gas exports to Europe to counter Russia’s increasing energy dominance in the region, a top Trump administration official warned.

Europe is shifting away from coal and new pipelines from Russia to Europecould put the countries at the mercy of Gazprom, Russia’s largest gas producer.

“Due to a lack of supply routes and insufficient pipeline buildout, Europe is also becoming more, not less dependent on Russian natural gas,” Steven Winberg, assistant secretary of fossil energy, said during a Senate hearing Thursday. “That does not have to be the case. Our nation is endowed with vast supplies of natural gas and production is growing rapidly.”

Rocket reveal: Elon Musk unveils new images of BFR

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to show off two new images of the BFR, ahead of the announcement tonight as to who the private passenger is that the company will fly “around the Moon.”


The images of the Big Falcon Rocket (Musk has given it another name) show a rocket with fins on the side. It also has a forward moving wing near the nose, Musk wrote on Twitter.


When someone asked if it was supposed to look like a shark, Musk simply replied “with lasers,” a reference to the Austin Powers movie series.

Politics/Deep State/Judge Brett Kavanaugh:

Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Donned ‘Brain’ Pussy Hat for Anti-Trump March

Blasey Ford is cited in a San Jose Mercury News article as wearing the hat at the march, which the newspaper said was held because people were “angered by the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to research.”

“It’s a science party!” said biostatistician Christine Blasey, of Palo Alto, who will wear an elaborately knitted cap of the human brain — yarn turned into a supersized cerebral cortex — inspired by the “pussy hats” donned during the Women’s Marches. “Getting introverted people to the march — that’s huge,” [Blasey] laughed.

A photo of those hats is featured in the article and is accompanied by the caption, “Pleasanton knitter Eilene Cross made ‘brain caps’ for the upcoming March for Science, to be worn by friend Christine Blasey of Palo Alto.”


Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine questioned on Sunday why Democrats waited until after the Senate Judiciary Hearing to introduce the allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“What is puzzling to me is the Democrats, by not bringing this out earlier, after having had this information for more than six weeks, have managed to cast a cloud of doubt on both the professor and the judge,” Collins told The New York Times.

“If they believe Professor Ford, why didn’t they surface this information earlier so that he could be questioned about it?”

Lawyer for Kavanaugh accuser downplayed sexual misconduct allegations against Clinton, Franken

Attorney Debra Katz made the rounds Monday on morning television to argue her client’s sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be taken seriously, an appeal accepted even by the White House.

But while her client’s claims have raised bipartisan concerns about Kavanaugh, Katz, a longtime Democratic donor known for representing sexual harassment accusers, also has a history of downplaying or dismissing accusations made by women against Democratic politicians — including former President Bill Clinton and former Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

In more recent years, Katz also downplayed the wave of sexual misconduct allegations against Franken, who denied some of the allegations but eventually resigned from the Senate over them.

Attorney Debra Katz

Attorney Debra Katz is representing Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford. (

“Context is relevant,” Katz said of Franken, who was a comedian before his election to the Senate. “He did not do this as a member of the U.S. Senate. He did this in his capacity of someone who was still functioning as an entertainer.”

This is How Chuck Grassley Will Proceed With Kavanaugh’s Accuser

A single sexual misconduct accusation from nearly 40 years ago has complicated the confirmation vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh to become the next Supreme Court justice.

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, along with some Republicans, are calling for Kavanaugh’s scheduled confirmation vote to be delayed. It is scheduled for Thursday.af79fc0d-32d2-4f22-bdf4-33c33063bdfd

Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley detailed how he will handle the situation and accusations made by professor Christine Blasey Ford in a statement Monday afternoon.

Kavanaugh Hires an Attorney to Defend Against SJW Christine Blasey

Brett Kavanaugh hired the founding partner of Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz — Beth Wilkinson — after he was accused of attempted rape and worse by California leftist, Christine Blasey Ford.

Wilkinson represents clients before the Department of Justice, Congress, and other government agencies, according to her bio page.

Democrats are demanding the FBI investigate this vague 36-year-old event/crime. We say vague since the accuser can’t remember when or where it happened yet she says she is still traumatized.

In addition to her career as a defense lawyer, Wilkinson is also known for successfully prosecuting Oklahoma City bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols for their roles in the April 1995 bombing that left 168 people dead.

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page admits the agency could NOT prove collusion between Trump and Russia before the appointment of Mueller as special counsel in bombshell testimony

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page, in a bombshell revelation, says the agency could not prove collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign before Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed.

Page told a closed-door joint session of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees in mid-July that investigators could not make the charge, according to a transcript of her deposition reviewed by Fox News.

‘I think this represents that even as far as May 2017, we still couldn’t answer the question,’ Page said.

Strzok Discussed Opening a ‘Case,’ Filing ‘Charges’ 2 Hours After Comey’s Firing

Recently released text messages between senior DOJ officials continue to shed new light on the stunning level of political bias throughout the Department of Justice, with new communications showing Peter Strzok discussed opening a mysterious “case” just hours after James Comey was fired from the FBI.

According to Fox News, “Text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, discussing whether to open a ‘case’ in a ‘formal chargeable way’ after Director James Comey was fired, are under fresh scrutiny after Page told congressional investigators there was no evidence of Russian collusion at the time, according to three congressional sources.”

Trump says new Strzok-Page info undermines Russia probe: ‘Conspiracy caught?’

President Trump said Monday that the Russia probe “should never have been allowed,” citing newly reported statements from ex-FBI official Lisa Page that investigators could not say whether there was Russian collusion more than nine months into the original probe.


Fox News reported over the weekend that Page, during a transcribed July interview before House committees as part of a congressional investigation into the Justice Department’s handling of the Russia and Clinton email probes, said investigators were unsure on the issue “even as far as May 2017,” when James Comey was fired as FBI director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed.

“Therefore, the case should never have been allowed to be brought. It is a totally illegal Witch Hunt!” Trump tweeted Monday, citing the report.

Bob Woodard Drops Bombshell About Trump. Democrats Will Not Be Happy.

Journalist Bob Woodward said in a radio interview on Friday with Hugh Hewitt that in the two years of investigative work that he conducted for his book “Fear,” he found no evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia — which Special Counsel Robert Mueller was hoping to find.

“There’s a lot complimentary in this book, the most important of which is John Dowd firmly believes, the president’s former lawyer, that the special counsel, Bob Mueller, has nothing,” Hewitt began.

“There’s no collusion, there’s nothing. It’s all a play to get an 18 USC 1001 perjury trap, and that POTUS should never sit down. Is that a fair assessment of what John Dowd believes?”


House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said Sunday that he plans to release transcripts of interviews with around 70 witnesses in the Trump-Russia probe within the next few weeks.

“We believe that the depositions that we took, I think for nearly about 70 people those need to be published, and they need to be published I think before the election,” Nunes said in an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“By published I mean put out for the American people to review, so that they can see the work that we did and they can see all of the people that were interviewed by us, and there are answers to those questions.

I think full transparency is in order here so I expect to make those available from our committee to the American public here in the next few weeks,” continued Nunes.

Hillary Clinton: Abolish Electoral College Because Donald Trump Is Destroying America

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton returned to the public forum demanding an end to the electoral college in presidential elections because President Donald Trump was a terrible president.hillary-clinton-640x480

“You won’t be surprised to hear that I passionately believe it’s time to abolish the Electoral College,” she wrote in a new op-ed in the Atlantic.

Clinton complained that Trump was a racist who was destroying American democracy.

Maxine Waters wins media award, uses speech to bad-mouth Trump to newspaper publishers: ‘I don’t like him’

The National Newspaper Publishers Association honored Rep. Maxine Waters with a National Leadership Award on Friday and the Democratic leader used her acceptance speech to bad-mouth President Trump and call for his impeachment in front of media heavyweights.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) told a raucous crowd that she would

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) told a raucous crowd that she would go after Vice President Pence next. (Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

“It is no secret… the president doesn’t like me and I don’t like him either,” said Waters, D-Calif., as executives from predominately black-owned news organizations laughed.

“I want you to know that I didn’t just get started. I knew that this president should not be in the White House when I saw him, and the way that he conducted himself in the primary campaign,” Waters continued.

GOP Rep. Chris Collins to stay on ballot despite insider trading indictment

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Indicted U.S. Rep. Chris Collins will remain on the November ballot despite previously suspending his campaign, confounding Republican Party leaders in his district Monday who had counted on Collins’ cooperation to replace him.

The surprise decision by Collins, who pleaded not guilty to insider trading charges in August, throws the race for the western New York seat further into turmoil.

Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y

Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., was indicted on federal insider trading charges last month. (REUTERS/Mark Makela)

Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy said Collins confirmed his plans to him Monday, suggesting in a phone call that removing himself from the ballot could undermine his legal defense.

World News:

Palestinian Terror Groups Praise Murder of American-Israeli Ari Fuld

TEL AVIV – Palestinian terror groups including Hamas praised the fatal stabbing of an American-Israeli father of four on Sunday, saying it was a “natural response to Zionist crimes against the Palestinians.”

The Palestinian Authority did not comment on the attack. Its official news agency, Wafa, briefly reported it under the headline: “The occupation injures a teenager south of Bethlehem.”

In an incredible feat that was captured by several security cameras, moments after being stabbed in the back, the victim, Ari Fuld, pursued his attacker for several hundred feet, leaping over a fence and shooting him all the while before collapsing.murdered-640x480

He was evacuated to Shaare Tzedek medical center but doctors said he showed no signs of life on arrival.

Refugee camp landslide in Thailand leaves 1 dead, 7 missing

BANGKOK — A disaster response official says a landslide at a refugee camp in northern Thailand has left one person dead and seven missing.

The official in Mae Hong Son province said Monday that 12 people were injured at the Mae La Oon refugee camp, which houses about 9,000 people, mostly members of the Karen ethnic minority from Myanmar.

The official said the Sunday night landslide completely destroyed six shelters and partially damaged seven, affecting 654 people from 120 households.

Pakistan’s PM pledges citizenship for refugees’ children

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has pledged to grant citizenship to Pakistan-born children of Afghan and Bengali refugees who have been living in the country for decades.

Khan, in his first visit to commercial hub Karachi city, said hundreds of thousands of Afghans and Bangladeshis live in the country without the benefits of its social security system.

Addressing a fundraiser for dam construction, Khan said the children’s lack of documentation and education has prevented them from getting jobs, so they turn to crime. He said his government will grant them citizenship.

Belgium: Knifeman Shot, Wounded After Attacking Police Near Immigrant ‘Hub’

Belgian police have shot and wounded a man who attacked officers with a knife after he was found sleeping rough near a Brussels park where illegal immigrants congregate.

The suspect pulled out a knife and threatened police officers, who repeatedly asked him to drop the weapon to no avail. Officers sprayed the man with gas, but “the person continued to be threatening and injured the officer in the head,” she said.

As the officer who was hurt in the attack went to receive medical treatment, his colleague shot the suspect in the leg and the torso, said Van de Keere, adding: “An investigation is underway to determine exactly what happened related to the shooting

Saudi-led air strike hits wrong target, kills dozens of civilians

Sept. 17 (UPI) — A Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen killed seven civilians, including two children, a few days after the coalition assured U.S. officials it would take steps to avoid collateral damage.

The strikes were intended to target Houthi rebel fighters backed by Iran but hit a civilian area instead. Other fighting over the weekend killed 32 rebel fighters and injured more than a dozen in Hodeidah.

A Saudi-led airstrike Sunday hit a bus carrying children

A Saudi-led airstrike Sunday hit a bus carrying children in a market in the northern Yemeni province of Saada, killing at least 50 people, officials said. Photo by EPA-EFE

The Yemeni conflict has created an humanitarian crisis with an estimated 11 million children facing food shortages, disease and a lack of social services. Coalition forces seized a critical supply route last week, which could lead to more shortages.

Ethiopia’s ethnic divides rock capital as reports of killings prompt angry protests

 Thousands of residents of the Ethio­pian capital marched through the streets on Monday, protesting deadly attacks over the weekend on the edge of the city that they blamed on the country’s Oromo ethnic group.

Police said five demonstrators were killed when they attempted to snatch their weapons.

The attacks, which left 23 dead, and the protests come as Ethi­o­pia is experiencing an unprecedented political opening under its new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed. The relaxation of once-authoritarian control has been accompanied by an explosion of ethnic tension across this diverse country.

Soros-funded NGO Taking Legal Action to Block Traditional Family, Marriage Referendum

Amnesty International is taking legal action to try and block a ‘traditional family’ referendum on whether to define marriage as a union between a man and woman in Romania.

The referendum has been prompted by a public petition, with the ‘Coalition for Family’ group gathering three million signatures in favour of an amendment to Article 48 of the Romanian constitution, to make it state the foundation of the family is a marriage between “a man and a woman” rather than “spouses”.

Romanian senators voted “overwhelmingly” for the proposals, according to EurActiv, and a public referendum is expected to take place on October 7th — but Amnesty say they intend to take legal action in the Constitutional Court to prevent the Romanian people from having their say on the definition of marriage, saying this could result in a “clear backward step for Romania” and have a “severe impact on the lives of families not based on marriage”.

Extremist who made bombs and stockpiled weapons is jailed

A man with extreme racist and homophobic views has been jailed for more than three years for making bombs and stockpiling weapons including crossbows and knives at his home in a Devon village.

One of the largest bombs created by Steven Bracher, 56, was stored under his bed and left a large crater when Royal Navy ordnance experts carried out a controlled explosion on it.

Steven Bracher

Steven Bracher had been fascinated by chemistry since school. Photograph: D&C Police/

Police also recovered a notebook from Bracher’s one-bedroom almshouse home in Bishops Tawton, near Barnstaple, in which he expressed disturbing views. He spoke of his anger at the marriage of Lenny Henry and Dawn French, who shared a house in the west country and in another passage he ranted: “It’s time to kill the rich, kill the liars.”


The Dan Bongino Show

In this episode I address the troubling tactics by the Democrats to derail the Brett Kavanaugh nomination. If this is allowed to stand, these tactics will destroy Trump’s power to appoint people. I also address the explosive new revelations that FBI investigators may have fabricated the entire premise for the Trump investigation.

News Picks:
Do illegal immigrants commit crimes at a higher rate than American citizens?

Republicans should not allow the hit on Kavanaugh to succeed

Senate Democrats have been desperate to defeat Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. The Democrat-aligned media ran a number of laughable hit pieces on him, leading to such revelations as his purchase of baseball tickets on a credit card and some beer-drinking in his youth.

Shrieking, hysterical left-wing protesters by the dozen were carted out of the hearings, yelling all sorts of insanity and obscenity. The whole effort was childish, pathetic and transparently political.

Americans of good faith saw that Kavanaugh was eminently qualified for the Supreme Court, with a spotless personal reputation and a gold-standard resume.

It became obvious that the left’s outrage stemmed from the prospect of losing the Supreme Court as a tool of progressive policymaking.

Now is the time to hold fast, Republicans. If a decades-old allegation with no independent corroboration or evidence can be used to nuke the career of a man like Judge Kavanaugh, the same tactic can be used against anyone — and it will be.

If Kavanaugh’s confirmation is derailed, the precedent will be set. Whenever the stakes are high enough, the most sinister, underhanded forces of the left will manage to surface an unsubstantiated character-destroying allegation at the most opportune moment.