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In The News:

Trump In North Carolina: ‘We’re Ready…To Do Whatever We Have To Do To Make This Perfect’

President Trump traveled to North Carolina to assess the damage. He helped hand out hot meals and other supplies to hurricane victims, promising to do whatever is necessary to make the post-hurricane relief effort perfect.

Trump called Florence “one of the most powerful and devastating storms ever to hit our country” and promised federal support for disaster relief. “There will be nothing left undone,” he said.e197388f-fd8f-4dd6-ba64-f162479e35fa

Hurricane Florence is now behind us, but destruction is everywhere in the aftermath. At least 37 people spanning three states have lost their lives. People in North Carolina were ordered to leave their homes, and the city of Wilmington has been cut off due to the immense flooding. Governor Roy Cooper has asked residents to be patient during the disaster relief effort:

President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure

Departing the White House this morning -heading to North Carolina- President Trump held an impromptu presser with DC media on a variety of topics.

Shooting at Judge Daniel Shimshock’s Office in Masontown, Pennsylvania

A shooting was reported at the Pennsylvania, district judge’s office in Masontown in Fayette County, according to reports.

Four people were shot and injured, officials told Triblive. The shooting occurred at around 2 p.m. local time at the office of District Judge Daniel Shimshock at 1 East Church Ave. It’s not clear if Shimshock was a victim in the incident.

KDKA reported that the shooting suspect, who was not identified, is dead. Three other people, including a police officer, were injured.

“It’s an ongoing situation. Multiple medical helicopters have been summoned to the scene,” a dispatcher said in the report.

Middleton Shooting: 4 Injured at WTS Paradigm Office Building in Wisconsin

Several people were wounded in a shooting inside an office building in Middleton, Wisconsin, police said.

UW Health University Hospital confirmed told NBC News that they received four patients from the shooting. The severity of their injuries is not clear.

Judy Lahmers, a business analyst at WTS Paradigm where the shooting took place, said that she heard gunshots. She ran from the building and hit behind a vehicle.

“I’m not looking back, I’m running as fast as I can. You just wonder, ‘Do you hide or do you run?’” she said.

The suspected shooter was also injured, said City Administrator Mike Davis, USA Today reported.

Maryland man had dog leash around wife’s neck at Pennsylvania fair, authorities say

A Maryland man was arrested and charged with assault Saturday after he allegedly yanked on a leash that was around his wife’s neck.

A witness said William Wolford, 66, was walking around the York Fair in Pennsylvania over the weekend with an approximately 8-foot-long dog-style leash attached to his wife’s neck, the York Daily Record reported, citing charging documents.

William Wolford, 66,

William Wolford, 66, was charged with simple assault in connection with using a leash on his wife, authorities said. (West Manchester Township Police)

Wolford tugged on the leash, which caused his wife’s head to snap back and left red marks around her throat, the witness added, according to paper citing documents.

Video shows New York City deli owner wrestling away gun during brazen robbery attempt

A New York City deli owner said he was thinking of his pregnant wife as he wrestled a handgun away from a would-be robber during a brazen, broad daylight attack Monday — and the owner’s heroics were captured on video.Opera

Police surveillance footage released in the wake of the attempted heist at Habibi Deli in the city’s Bronx borough shows Mina Farag waiting until the attacker looks down before Farag makes his move to grab the firearm.

Jogger stabbed to death in Washington, DC, collapses in takeout restaurant as attacker flees, cops say

Police were hunting Wednesday for the mysterious man who fatally stabbed a female jogger in a seemingly random attack on a Washington, D.C. street Tuesday night.

After she was attacked around 8 p.m. in the Logan Circle neighborhood, the woman, 35-year-old Wendy K. Martinez, stumbled into a takeout restaurant, where customers attempted to save her life, police said.Opera

In surveillance video, Martinez appeared to alert customers to her attacker. Some people ran out to look for the assailant while others helped the jogger, FOX5DC reported. Police don’t believe Martinez previously knew her attacker.

Police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. People with information are urged to call police at (202) 727-9099.

Florida man who tried to kidnap child taken down by K-9, police say

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said the K-9 named “Titan” helped take down a man who tried to kidnap a child from a home in New Port Richey, located northwest of Tampa on Monday.

The man, identified as 24-year-old Kevin Wilson, had arrived at the home and climbed up to the second-floor window. Wilson entered the home, argued with a woman inside and then grabbed a child and took off.

Kevin Wilson, 24,

Pasco County Jail, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (Kevin Wilson, 24, was taken down by a K9 after attempting to kidnap a child and fleeing into the woods, according to police)

The sheriff’s office said that there was a no-contact order in place, and Wilson was not supposed to have contact with the mother or to enter the home. The child’s uncle grabbed his gun and confronted Wilson in the front yard before the 24-year-old released the child and fled, police told FOX13.

Cop, firefighter among 24 charged in child luring sting

TRENTON, N.J.  — New Jersey authorities say a police officer and a firefighter were among 24 men who tried to lure teenagers for sexual activity.

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal says the men charged in the statewide sting used social media and chat apps to communicate with people they thought were teenage boys and girls. But they were actually talking with undercover officers.Opera

Those charged in “Operation Open House” were arrested this month at a Toms River home where they expected to meet the children, who they thought were home alone. Among them was a police officer who claimed he was a 19-year-old boy and believed he was chatting with a 15-year-old girl.

ICE: Vast Majority of UAC Sponsors are Illegal Aliens or Already House Them

Matthew Albence, executive associate director for ICE, told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that four-fifths of the families that sponsor unaccompanied alien children (UACs) are illegal aliens themselves or have illegal aliens already living in their homes.

The placement of UACs is coming under additional scrutiny after some were considered “lost” when sponsors refused to respond to placement follow-up inquiries.

“From our data that we’ve seen just recently, you’re looking at close to 80 percent of the people that are sponsors or household members within these residents are illegally here in the country,” Albence testified.

Subcommittee Chairman Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., noted that migrant children previously had to be released to a citizen or legal resident. Now the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which oversees UAC care and placement, does not take into account the sponsor’s immigration status.

Government/Politics/Deep State:

Deep State Unmasked: Leaks at HHS; DOJ Official Resists “From Inside” and “Can’t Get Fired”

Project Veritas has released the second installment in an undercover video series unmasking the deep state. This video features a Department of Justice paralegal Allison Hrabar reportedly using government owned software and computers to push a socialist agenda.

Also featured is Jessica Schubel, the former Chief of Staff for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during the last Obama administration.

Both Schubel and Hrabar make admissions revealing that federal employees are using their positions in the government to resist or slow the Trump administration’s policies, some breaking laws in the process.

DOJ Looking into ‘Misuse of Government Resources’ Alleged in Project Veritas ‘Deep State’ Sting

The U.S. Department of Justice said on Wednesday it would look into alleged “misuse of government resources to advance personal interests” in response to a video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas purporting to expose “deep state” federal employees.

Horrifying Admission: Dem Leaders Reveal Top Trump Intel Officials Agreed to Hide Intel From Trump

In a stunningly revealing letter, the intent of which was to create open rebellion against the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States, shatter the separation of powers, and show utter contempt for the office of the President of The United States, several high-ranking Democrats sent a seditious letter to the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The letter ordered the intelligence agencies to ignore President Trump’s order to declassify numerous documents, including the Russia investigation and FISA applications until consulting with certain elite members of congress.

This despicable letter signed by Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Senator Mark Warner, and Senator Charles Schumer acknowledges both a working conspiracy to withhold information from the President and also demands direct and immediate insubordination to the president.

Here is a copy of the letter to Intelligence leaders……


Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley told the lawyers of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of high school-era sexual assault, if she wants to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee she must have prepared testimony submitted by Friday morning.

“I remind you that, consistent with Committee rules, Dr. Ford’s prepared testimony and biography are due to the Committee by 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 21, if she intends to testify on Monday,” Grassley said Wednesday in a letter to Ford’s lawyers.

Sen. Collins Calls on Kavanaugh Accuser to Testify Publicly or Privately Before Senate

“I hope that Dr. Ford will reconsider and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday,” she tweeted. “It is my understanding that the Committee has offered to hold either a public or a private session, whichever would make her more comfortable.”

Sen. Collins also reportedly argued that it wouldn’t be fair to Judge Kavanaugh if Ford refused to testify.

California Republican leads Obama-backed Democrat accused of sexual misconduct in hotly contested race: poll

A new poll shows a Republican candidate in a highly contested swing district in California is leading by 10 points over her Democratic opponent — who was endorsed by former President Barack Obama but whose candidacy was plagued by accusations of sexual misconduct.

Young Kim,

Young Kim, a former representative in the California State Assembly, is leading in California’s 39th Congressional District race, a new poll says.

Young Kim, a former representative in the California State Assembly, is leading Democrat Gil Cisneros among likely voters in California’s 39th Congressional District, according to a Monmouth University poll released Tuesday.

Huge Upset for GOP in Texas: State Senate Seat Flips Red for First Time in 139 Years

In a major upset Tuesday night, voters elected a conservative political newcomer to the Texas Senate, flipping a Democratic district red for the first time in 139 years.

Retired game warden Pete Flores defeated former state and U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego in the runoff election for the Senate District 19 seat in San Antonio, further increasing the Republicans’ supermajority in the chamber ahead of the November elections.

Flores will replace Democrat State Sen. Carlos Uresti, who was forced to step down in June after being sentenced to 12 years in prison on federal fraud and money laundering charges.

Memo: Dem Candidate Scott Wallace Member of Secretive Soros Club

A confidential memorandum sent to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) in 2013 revealed that Scott Wallace, the wealthy Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, is a partner in a secretive liberal club that was co-founded by billionaire George Soros.

Scott and Christy Wallace / Scott Wallace for Congress

Scott and Christy Wallace / Scott Wallace for Congress

The memo was sent to Pelosi on Sept. 12, 2013 for a cocktail reception and dinner that took place at the W Hotel in Washington, D.C., during a two-day conference held by the Democracy Alliance, a group of deep-pocketed liberals who help to set the Democratic agenda and have poured more than $500 million into the coffers of approved progressive organizations since its founding in 2005.

43 years after the Vietnam war, many Navy veterans are still battling for benefits for potential Agent Orange exposure

Veterans groups are pushing a bill making its way through Congress that would extend VA benefits to tens of thousands US Navy veterans who were potentially exposed to Agent Orange while serving off the coast of Vietnam.

The bill is the latest glimmer of hope for veterans who have fought for decades to receive the benefit, and would finally recognize their exposure to the toxic herbicide but come at an estimated cost of $5.5 billion to US taxpayers.

The VA is attempting to delay this provision, saying that this vast increase in health care costs should only come after more study, which is likely to publish next year.

Repatriated profits total $465 billion after Trump tax cuts – leaving $2.5 trillion overseas

American companies have returned some of their profits held overseas after President Trump cut corporate taxes for the first time in 31 years, but most of their $3 trillion moneypot remains parked offshore.

The government on Wednesday said U.S.-based companies returned almost $170 billion in cash in the second quarter. Firms had returned $295 billion in first quarter.

While the new onetime tax rate is alluring, companies must juggle with a host of issues. For one thing, the Internal Revenue Service still hasn’t finalized rules on which profits fall under rubric of the repatriation tax.

How it all plays out remains to be seen, but even without all the overseas profits returning home, the U.S. economy is booming.

World News:

Moon, Kim sign agreement for North Korea to take further steps to denuclearize

North and South Korea issued a joint statement Wednesday laying out more steps North Korea is prepared to take to denuclearize, but offering few details as to how they will get there.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un pledged to permanently shut down the Tongchang-ri missile launch and engine testing facilities with independent inspectors present.

Kim also said he is prepared to permanently shut down his nuclear production facility at Yongbyon, but only if the U.S. takes “reciprocal steps” in the spirit of the June 12 agreement signed by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Deputy to ISIS leader Baghdadi is sentenced to death by Iraqi court

 A top aide to the leader of the Islamic State was sentenced to death by hanging by an Iraqi court on Wednesday, becoming the highest-ranking member of the extremist group to be tried and punished in a court of law.

Ismail al-Ithawi was part of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s inner circle and was responsible for religious edicts, finances and designing the educational curriculum for the Islamic State’s once-vast area of control across Iraq and Syria. He is also thought to be the group’s only operative in custody to have seen Baghdadi alive last year.

leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,

This image from video posted on a militant website on July 5, 2014, purports to show the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, delivering a sermon at a mosque in Iraq. (Militant video/AP)

Ithawi, who used the alias Abu Zaid al-Iraqi, was captured in a joint operation by Iraqi, American and Turkish intelligence agencies in February and had been providing information to Iraqi authorities, including coordinates for airstrikes on targets in Syria, Iraqi officials said.

Russia to study Israeli data related to downed plane

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted Israel’s offer to share detailed information about its air raid which triggered fire by Syrian forces that downed a Russian reconnaissance plane, the Kremlin said Wednesday.

Syrian forces mistook the Russian Il-20 for Israeli aircraft, killing all 15 people aboard on Monday. Russia’s Defense Ministry blamed the plane’s loss on Israel, but Putin sough to defuse tensions, pointing at “a chain of tragic accidental circumstances.”

FILE In this file photo taken on Saturday, March 4, 2017, The Russian Il-20 electronic intelligence plane of the Russian air force

FILE In this file photo taken on Saturday, March 4, 2017, The Russian Il-20 electronic intelligence plane of the Russian air force with the registration number RF 93610, which was accidentally downed by Syrian forces responding to an Israeli air strike flays near Kubinka airport, outside Moscow, Russia.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Putin on Tuesday to express sorrow over the death of the plane’s crew, blamed Syria and offered to dispatch Israel’s air force chief to Moscow to provide details.Israel’s air force chief to Moscow to provide details.

China reaches out to US over demand for media registration

China has reached out to the U.S. over reports that the Department of Justice has ordered two top Chinese state-run news outlets to register as foreign agents, a spokesman said Wednesday, adding that Beijing opposed “politicizing” the role of the media.

The Wall Street Journal said Tuesday that the Xinhua News Agency and CGTN, the international arm of state broadcaster CCTV, had been told in recent weeks to register as foreign agents amid growing scrutiny of efforts by overseas media organizations to influence U.S. public opinion. The demand was also reported by Bloomberg News.

Chinese media is almost entirely state-run and heavily censored, while the country maintains strict limits on the presence and ability of foreign outlets to report and travel in the country.

Democrat Lawmakers Supported Alleged Chinese Front Group

A ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigation finds that four Democratic lawmakers supported efforts by the China-United States Exchange Foundation, an alleged Chinese government front group. Tucker Carlson.

China temporarily spares U.S. oil imports from tariffs

Sept. 19 (UPI) — U.S. crude oil exports have been temporarily spared from Chinese tariffs, giving state-run oil refineries a short window to import as much as possible.

They’re scrambling for U.S. imports because WTI, the U.S. benchmark, is selling at a $6.66 per barrel discount to Dubai crude oil. That’s the biggest price difference of the year.

China announced 10 percent tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. imports Tuesday in retaliation for President Donald Trump’s latest volley of tariffs that were announced Monday.

It’s not clear when China’s tariffs on crude oil will go into effect.

EU copyright law may force Google, Facebook to pay billions to music companies, publishers

Facebook and Google could be forced to pay billions to media publishers, music companies and filmmakers if a proposed copyright rule is formally adopted in Europe.

The proposed copyright directive could upend the internet as we know it. Article 11, which has been dubbed a “link tax” by critics, would mandate that news aggregation platforms like Google and Facebook pay publishers for showing news snippets or linking to news stories on other websites.

Europe’s largest news agencies have urged lawmakers to support it, having accused the two tech giants of “plundering” the news and vacuuming up their advertising revenue.

EU opens investigation into how Amazon uses data

BRUSSELS (AP) — European authorities said Wednesday they have opened a preliminary antitrust investigation into Amazon over the e-commerce giant’s treatment of smaller merchants on its website.

EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said she wants to examine how Seattle-based Amazon uses data it gathers through transactions, including those involving rival sellers, on its platform.

“The question here is about the data,” Vestager said at a press briefing.

She said the probe will look at whether the data, which is collected for legitimate purposes, is also used to give Amazon a competitive advantage over the smaller merchants by giving it insights into what kinds of things people want to buy.


It’s a Set-up

It is fashionable throat-clearing at this point to offer some vertiginous, ostentatiously sympathetic twaddle about how Professor Ford is credible in the sense that she truly believes what she has claimed, yet mistaken about . . . well . . . everything that matters. Sorry, I’m a simple man. What’s happening here is pure BS.

I don’t know if something awful really happened to Ford when she was 15. None of us will ever know.

Apparently, Ford herself does not know basic facts either, since she cannot tell us where and when the alleged assault happened, and what she did in the aftermath. Giving her the benefit of the doubt that it happened as she claims it happened, she hasn’t come close to establishing that Brett Kavanaugh, as opposed to some other kid she has forgotten, was her assailant; that is, she has not established that her memory of the assailant can be trusted when she cannot recall other rudimentary details.

We can feel sympathy for her while nevertheless inferring that she does not want to testify because she cannot explain the oddities of her account. Or we can justifiably suspect that the whole thing is a partisan stunt.

If Ford won’t agree to testify, hold the vote tomorrow as planned.

There’s No Reason To Delay The Kavanaugh Vote Any Further

“Guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions?” Sen. Mazie Hirono explained, boiling down the Senate Democrats’ position on Brett Kavanaugh. “It’s the men in this country. I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up. And step up. Do the right thing for a change.”Opera

Demanding an entire gender “just shut up” because it shares in a collective guilt borne of the actions perpetrated by a people who happen to share their biological features is a pretty ugly notion for anyone to be voicing, much less someone charged with defending the Constitution.

Then again, arguing that the “right thing” for all men to do is surrender their right to due process or any kind of genuine defense, isn’t much better. But welcome to 2018.

The truth is, Hirono gave away much of the game when she followed up her authoritarian outburst by wish-casting a scenario in which this Supreme Court seat stays vacant for two years—or, more precisely, until after the 2020 election, when presumably a Democrat can fill it.

Black support for President Trump at 36% #Walk&Talk

Good morning YouTube world and happy Yom Kippur for the Jewish community out there! Just presenting a Live Video briefly touching on the subject of the recent increase of support of President Trump within the minority community!!