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News and Headlines. 11/8/2018

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Kellyanne Conway on CA shooting, suspending CNN’s Acosta

Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway reacts to the mass shooting at a California bar and defends the decision to revoke CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass after a contentious press conference with the president.

Adam Housley’s niece killed in California bar shooting


The niece of former Fox News correspondent Adam Housley and his wife, actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, was killed in the California bar shooting on Wednesday, the couple confirmed in a statement.

“Our hearts are broken. We just learned that our niece Alaina was one of the victims of last night’s shooting at Borderline bar in Thousand Oaks,” the couple said in a statement. “Alaina was an incredible young woman with so much life ahead of her and we are devastated that her life was cut short in this manner. We thank everyone for your prayers and ask for privacy at this time.”

Thousand Oaks Shooting: Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Helus ‘Died A Hero’, Wanted To Retire This Year

Ventura County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Helus.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Helus.

THOUSAND OAKS (CBSLA) — Ron Helus, a Ventura County sheriff’s sergeant, was killed in a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks late Wednesday night. He was a 29-year veteran of the force looking to retire within the next year.

Minutes after the shooting was first reported at 11:20 p.m. Wednesday, Helus was the first to enter the bar and was struck several times by gunfire, according to Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean. A California Highway Patrol officer who was entering with him retreated, secured the perimeter, then pulled Helus out of the line of fire.

‘Hit Twice’: Group at Thousand Oaks Shooting Earlier Survived Las Vegas Massacre


For one group of people inside the Southern California country music bar where a black-clad gunman opened fire with a .45-caliber handgun in the early hours of Nov. 8, it was the second time they narrowly escaped a mass shooting.

For one group of people inside the Southern California country music bar where a black-clad gunman opened fire with a .45-caliber handgun in the early hours of Nov. 8, it was the second time they narrowly escaped a mass shooting.

“It’s the second time in about a year and a month that this has happened,” he said. “It’s a big thing for us. We’re all a big family and, unfortunately, this family got hit twice.”



D.C. police are investigating a left-wing mob’s protest at Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house Wednesday evening as a ‘suspected hate crime’ with ‘anti-political’ motivations, according to a police report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The mob, organized by the Antifa group Smash Racism DC, posted Carlson’s Washington address online and sent a mob to his house calling him a “racist scumbag” and demanded he flee the city. Carlson, a co-founder of The Daily Caller News Foundation, was at the Fox News studio when the mob arrived at his home.(Please See Commentary/Opinion for Tuckers Commentary from last nights show)

Antifa protesters chant outside Tucker Carlson’s home

Mob chanted threats outside Tucker Carlson’s family’s home. Howard Kurtz weighs in.


Fox News execs condemn ‘reprehensible’ threats made outside home of Tucker Carlson

Top Fox News executives on Thursday condemned the “reprehensible” threats made by a chanting mob outside the home of network host Tucker Carlson overnight.

“The incident that took place at Tucker’s home last night was reprehensible. The violent threats and intimidation tactics toward him and his family are completely unacceptable. We as a nation have become far too intolerant of different points of view. Recent events across our country clearly highlight the need for a more civil, respectful, and inclusive national conversation. Those of us in the media and in politics bear a special obligation to all Americans, to find common ground,” CEO Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace said in a joint statement.

Video of the incident outside the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host’s home was posted on social media by Smash Racism, D.C. The same group made headlines in September after activists confronted Sen.Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his wife inside a restaurant during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Twitter has since suspended the group’s account, but the video can still be viewed on the accounts of journalists who condemned the situation.

Louis Farrakhan warns Trump war with Iran will ‘end America as you know it’


Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-Semite who recently compared Jewish people to termites and led a “Death to America” chant in Iran, continued his lifelong knack for repugnant remarks by warning President Trump on Thursday not to pull “the trigger of war in the Middle East at the insistence of Israel.”

“The war will trigger another kind of war which will bring China, Russia, all of the nations into a war,” Farrakhan said. “The war will end America as you know it.”

Tens of thousands flee fast-moving Northern California fire

The massive plume from the Camp Fire, burning in the Feather River Canyon near Paradise, Calif.,

The massive plume from the Camp Fire, burning in the Feather River Canyon near Paradise, Calif., wafts over the Sacramento Valley as seen from Chico, Calif., on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018.

Tens of thousands of people were ordered to evacuate a fast-moving wildfire that exploded in size Thursday, threatening several Northern California communities and forcing panicked residents to race to help neighbors who had to drive through walls of flames to escape.

It was not immediately known if there were injuries or fatalities.

Grand jury indicts captain of Missouri duck boat that sank in severe weather, killing 17 people

Charges were filed Thursday against the captain of a Missouri duck boat that sank in severe weather in July, killing 17 people, including nine members of the same family, federal officials announced.

Kenneth Scott McKee, 51, was indicted by a federal grand jury and is facing 17 counts of misconduct, negligence or inattention to duty by a ship’s officer resulting in death.

Video Shows Baltimore Student Punching Female Teacher in the Face


A video shows a Baltimore teenager punching a teacher in the face at Frederick Douglass High School this week, gaining tens of thousands of views on Instagram.

The video appears to show two students arguing while standing near the teacher. One student backs away while the other strikes the teacher in the face and yells curse words at her.

Pennsylvania dioceses outline child sex abuse victim funds

Seven Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania said Thursday that they have taken steps to set up victim compensation funds, nearly three months after a chilling grand jury report documented decades of child sexual abuse by priests in the state.

The Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Scranton and Allentown dioceses issued public announcements, and a lawyer for the Greensburg Diocese said it is also involved. The Erie and Pittsburgh dioceses said they were setting up funds but were not ready to disclose details. Altoona-Johnstown said it set up a victim fund in 1999.

Trump administration to tighten asylum rules as caravans approach

Asylum seekers turn themselves in

Asylum seekers turn themselves in to a U.S. Border Patrol agent after crossing from Mexico into the United States on Wednesday in Mission, Tex. (John Moore/Getty Images)

As U.S. troops unfurl concertina wire along the banks of the Rio Grande, the Trump administration is preparing to announce new measures Thursday to fence off the U.S. immigration system by denying the ability of migrants to seek asylum in the United States if they enter illegally.

The restrictions would rely on emergency powers invoked by the president to implement his “travel ban” in early 2017, according to U.S. officials with knowledge of the plans. Legal challenges seeking to delay or block the asylum restrictions are expected to follow.

Federal appeals court rules against Trump administration on DACA


A federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled against the Trump administration Thursday, saying the government cannot immediately end the DACA program that gives young undocumented immigrants a chance to continue living and working in the U.S. without the threat of deportation.

Sarah Sanders on Jim Acosta Ban: ‘We Stand by Our Statement’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Trump administration made the correct decision in banning CNN reporter Jim Acosta from the White House.

“The question is: Did the reporter make contact or not? The video is clear, he did,” she said in a statement on Nov. 8. “We stand by our statement.”

“We stand by our decision to revoke this individual’s hard pass. We will not tolerate the inappropriate behavior,” she also wrote on Twitter.

Texas state lawmaker wins re-election from his jail cell

Texas state Rep. Ron Reynolds

Texas state Rep. Ron Reynolds won re-election from behind bars Tuesday. (Montgomery County Jail)

A member of the Texas Legislature currently serving a one-year jail sentence for allowing prohibited solicitation of his law firm celebrated a re-election win Tuesday behind bars.

State Rep. Ron Reynolds, D-Missouri City, ran unopposed in Texas’ House District 27 and earned more than 45,000 votes in the election, according to KXAN-TV.



Andrew Gillum may retract his concession in the Florida governor’s race.

“On Tuesday night, the Gillum for Governor campaign operated with the best information available about the number of outstanding ballots left to count. Since that time, it has become clear there are many more uncounted ballots than was originally reported,” Gillum campaign spokeswoman Johanna Cervone said in a statement.


A three-judge panel ruled Wednesday that Maryland officials violated the Constitution when they redrew the boundaries of the state’s 6th Congressional District to favor Democrats.

The unanimous decision requires state officials to draw new district lines for the 6th and 8th Districts by the 2020 election.


Tucker: Useful lessons from the midterm elections

The smoke is clearing from the most expensive midterm elections in American history and the outlines are just becoming visible.

What do Democrats stand for?

Open borders and socialism or wages and the middle class? Tucker Carlson takes on Democrat Bryan Dean Wright over the Democratic Party’s message coming out of the midterms.

Tucker: Sessions never forgot why he was in the Cabinet

In a Trump administration hit by leaks, infighting and people looking out for themselves, Sessions fought to make America a better country.