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In The News:

Gunman opens fire inside crowded Alabama mall, injures 2 before killed by police

A man opened fire inside a crowded Alabama mall ahead of Black Friday after getting into a fight with another shopper, injuring two – including a 12-year-old girl – before he was killed by police.

Police said the shooting frenzy began after two men got into a physical confrontation outside a Foot Action shoe store. At one point, one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the other.

Minnesota house explodes, injuring at least 1 person


One male was inside the house at the time of the explosion. While his condition is unknown, he was conscious when transported to the hospital, Assistant Fire Chief Matthew Simpson told reporters Friday morning. He said officials believe he was the only person home at the time.

The cause of the explosion has not been revealed.

Eight people have been displaced because of the explosion, Smith said.

‘How Can You Sleep?’ Texts Between Convicted Murderer Chris Watts and Wife Shanann Revealed

Christopher Watts

Christopher Watts sits in court for his sentencing hearing at the Weld County Courthouse in Greeley, Colo., on Nov. 19, 2018. (RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via AP, Pool)

Texts between Chris Watts, and his wife in the weeks leading up to the murders have been revealed for the first time.

The texts and other information, including videos and phone calls, reveal how the relationship between Watts and his wife Shanann broke down in just a few months as he became involved with a mistress.

REVEALED: Chris Watts finalized plan to kill his family at a birthday party then took daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, home for showers, pizza and a snack before murdering them in their beds


At 5.06pm that evening, Watts set in motion his plan for disposing of his wife and daughters’ bodies, as he texted Roberts that he would be making the drive out to one of the more distant oil fields that was managed by his company, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.

It is also where the bodies of Shanann, Bella and Celeste were discovered just days after they went missing.

Watts, per his own admission in interviews with law enforcement officials, then took his daughters home, gave them both showers, fed them pizza and got them each a snack before putting them to bed.

Aunt’s heartbroken warning after teen’s accidental overdose goes viral

Jake Morales, left, and Gunner Bundrick, right, died in

Jake Morales, left, and Gunner Bundrick, right, died in “accidental overdoses” earlier this month after they ingested pills laced with fentanyl. (Fox 10 Phoenix)

Gunner Bundrick and Jake Morales, both 19, were found unresponsive on Nov. 3 by Bundrick’s mother — a medical examiner later ruled the teens had died due to a combination of illicit drugs, fentanyl and 4-ANPP.

“We don’t know why he decided to take ‘a pill’ that night,” she wrote in the post that has been shared more than 824,000 times and garnered nearly 400,000 reactions.

“The only thing we can assume is that the curiosity of knowing that the ‘high’ is like came into play? Again, we can only assume. His friend also took a pill. Both boys died what we think was pretty immediately. Both went to sleep and never woke up.”

Trump takes bid to restrict transgender troops to Supreme Court

NEW YORK (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s administration on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review lower court rulings blocking a policy barring certain transgender people from serving in the military, declining to wait for the decisions from federal appeals courts currently considering the issue.

Trump announced in March that he would endorse a plan by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to restrict the military service of transgender people who experience a condition called gender dysphoria.

The policy replaced an outright ban on transgender service members that Trump announced last year on Twitter, citing concern over military focus and medical costs.

Romaine Lettuce Linked to E. Coli Outbreak Likely Was Grown in California, FDA Chief Says

On Thanksgiving Day, he tweeted that his agency is still working to figure out the source of the outbreak, which has left nearly three dozen people sickened, including 13 who have been hospitalized.

“FDA continues to investigate source of e.coli outbreak traced to Romaine. We believe it’s related to lettuce harvested from California,” Gottlieb tweeted. “We hope to have more information by Monday isolating the growing region. New crop will soon harvest from other regions.”

Mysterious tunnels discovered in Florida


Earlier this week, architect Gerry Curts was on site showing pictures and offering descriptions of one of the tunnels, Fox 13 reported. He said that a new opening to the tunnels was revealed during demolition work by developers planning an office building.

Daryl Shaw, one of the developers involved in the project, confirmed the tunnels’ existence to Fox 13 and explained that attempts will be made to preserve them, possibly by installing a glass floor in the office building.

Mormino speculated that the tunnels may have been part of a network that transported Chinese prostitutes from Cuba to the Port of Tampa to Ybor City in the early 1900s, but added that we may never discover their real use.

Is Thanksgiving Racist? College Students React

Campus Reform Correspondent Josiah Tejada recently asked University of Oregon students their thoughts on Thanksgiving, and the schools “Thanks But No Thanksgiving” event.


Tijuana declares humanitarian crisis as migrant group that split from caravan pushes toward border


Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum asked for international groups like the United Nations to step up its aid response to the more than 5,000 migrants who have arrived in the city over the past two weeks in an attempt to reach the U.S. border.

He claimed the Mexican federal government had not helped the city deal with the massive influx of migrants and accused it of neglecting its duties.

“They have categorically omitted and not complied with their legal obligations,” he said during a press conference on Thanksgiving Day, the Arizona Republic reported. “So we’re now asking them and international humanitarian aid groups to bring in and carry out humanitarian assistance.”


President Donald Trump doubled down Thursday on his promise to seal the border shared with Mexico if the ongoing migrant caravan issue continues to spiral out of control.

In Trump’s Thanksgiving remarks to reporters at his Florida retreat of Mar-a-Lago, the president again spoke of closing the border — and for that purpose has reportedly prepared an executive order. He has also authorized the use of lethal force — “if they have to” — for U.S. military troops deployed to the border for resisting illegal entry into the U.S. by the migrants.


Swartz had previously beat a second-degree murder charge and this week was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter of Elena Rodriguez.

Prosecutors did not deny that Rodriguez and others were throwing rocks at Border Patrol guards while the Mexicans were assisting two smugglers get back to Mexico.

In August a federal court ruled that Border Patrol agents do not have constitutional immunity with they engage in cross-border shooting resulting in injury or death.

Report: Tax subsidies to immigrant ‘students’ costs $2 billion a year


A federal subsidy program that lets foreign students and their U.S. employers avoid payroll taxes robs Social Security and Medicare $2 billion a year, money American workers pay into the trust funds for the elderly, according to a new report.

The little reported on Optional Practical Training (OPT) program also effectively sets aside 240,000 high-income jobs for immigrants who claim to be students, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, which has been detailing taxpayer-funded subsidy programs for aliens that also benefit U.S. firms.

World News:

Reports: Gunmen kill at least 5 in southeast Libya

BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — A Libyan doctor and an eyewitness say armed men in pickup trucks have killed at least five people in an attack in the southeastern town of Tazirbu.

Basit Alzway, a witness from Tazirbu, says Friday’s attack targeted a police station and the casualties included policemen and civilians.

He says the gunmen also kidnapped several citizens before fleeing the scene.

French priest charged with child rape, in new blow to church

The regional prosecutor’s office said the Rev. Robert Bonan was arrested Tuesday in the town of Lautenbach near the German border. The charges were based on multiple complaints, some dating to the 1980s.

His archbishop, Monsignor Luc Ravel, called it a “disaster for humanity.” In a diocese statement Friday, he praised those “who came forward, in great suffering.” He promised the church would help seek justice for these “terrifying crimes” and urged other victims of priest abuse to step forward.

French forces kill at least 30 extremists in central Mali

France’s ministry for the armed forces says its anti-terrorism forces in Mali have killed at least 30 al-Qaida-linked extremists in central Mali.

Florence Parly said in a Twitter statement Friday that a chief jihadi leader, Hamadoun Kouffa, may be among the dead in the operation overnight Thursday into Friday. Kouffa is the head of Katibat Macina, a predominantly Fulani jihadi group that is a member of al-Qaida-linked militants, known by the acronym JNIM.

The ministry of armed forces says the attack combined airstrikes, helicopter assaults and ground engagement by French soldiers.

95-year-old alleged SS camp guard faces charges in Germany

Hans Werner H., whose last name wasn’t released because of privacy regulations, is accused of serving as an SS guard in the camp in northern Austria from mid-1944 to early 1945.

During that time, 36,223 people were killed at Mauthausen, primarily by gassing, but also by lethal injection, shootings, starvation or exposure, prosecutor Martin Steltner said.

Asia Bibi’s family hunted by religious extremists going door-to-door

While Asia Bibi is in hiding, her family is being hunted by religious radicals in Pakistan. Bibi is being held in a safe house in Pakistan after being released from prison after years of being held on Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Reports suggest that extremists are going door to door with pictures of her family, and not with good intentions.

North Korea Blows Up Military Posts, Connects Road at Border With South Korea in Peace Efforts

South Korean soldiers gather at Arrowhead Ridge,

South Korean soldiers gather at Arrowhead Ridge, a site of battles in the 1950-53 Korean War, as a tactical road is built across the military demarcation line inside the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, South Korea on Nov. 22, 2018. (Kim Min-Hee/AFP/Getty Images)

The South Korean Defense Ministry announced the demolition on social media and released accompanying photos and footage.

The two Koreas began destroying 22 posts along their heavily-fortified frontier under a plan to reduce tensions on the border. There are a total of 220 guard posts along the DMZ—160 of which are operated by North Korea, and 60 which are operated by South Korea. Both Koreas later agreed to preserve one post on each side, out of the 22 posts, for historic value.

Coal Ban Forces Chinese Living in Frigid North to Burn Furniture to Keep Warm

A woman farmer tieing a bunch of firewood as her son watches

A woman farmer tieing a bunch of firewood as her son watches outside their home in Hutou village on Pingtan island. (GOH CHAI HIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Residents said that the local Street Office of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) promoted the coal ban and promised a heater to each household. However, not all residents received heaters and many couldn’t afford the high electricity bills, so they were forced to find their own firewood.

All kinds of wooden objects are piled up in peoples’ homes.

“We take whatever can make fire and keep us warm,” said one Kangle resident. “We can start worrying about other things once we’re not freezing.”

London police target ‘moped bandits’ by driving into them in new crime-fighting tactic


London police say their tough tactic of ramming violent “thieves” off their moped as they flee has helped bring down crime in the city.

Scotland Yard released a video Friday showing a team of specially trained drivers knocking suspects off their mopeds and motorcycles, saying offenders will be targeted “at every opportunity.”


Busting Grandma

The elderly black female Supervisor of Elections in Broward County is the poster child for voter fraud and she needs to be prosecuted…..political correctness be damned.

(WATCH) Andrew Klavan: How Gratitude Would Change The Left

Americans just celebrated Thanksgiving and so the topic of “gratitude” and the Left’s lack of it, was on Andrew Klavan’s mind.

Trans “woman” gets light sentence for sexually assaulting daughter

Ezra Levant of The Rebel and columnist Barbara Kay discuss disturbing news that a transgender woman in Quebec City was sentenced to only 18-months in prison for sexually assaulting “her” daughter.

Thanksgiving Day Parade Forces Parents to Talk of Sex with Little Kids


The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade included two women kissing full on sexually and the leftists loved it. The heterosexualphobes have forbidden us to talk about it or we will be called homophobes.

The problem is a lot of us were sitting with our young children and young grandchildren and didn’t want to explain this during a holiday parade.

We are also sick and tired of this agenda being shoved down our throats.

This is similar to Disney creating a nasty feminist Cinderella. What people do with their sexual inclinations or their leftist viewpoints is their business but everyone is entitled to agree or disagree.

Stop forcing your views on us. No sexuality during the Thanksgiving Day parade would be a good starting point.

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