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In The News:

Florida hotel clerk fights off would-be armed robber in dramatic video

Davie police released Wednesday the dramatic video of the attempted robbery in hopes of arresting the unidentified assailant, who fled the Dec. 22 incident at Woodspring Suites empty-handed.

The clerk was working her shift around 4 a.m. when the man — wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a mask covering part of his face — entered the hotel and pulled out a gun. The man was captured on video jumping over the front desk, grabbing the clerk and covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

U.S. State Department Issues Travel Advisory for China Due to ‘Exit Bans’

The State Department said China uses exit bans to “compel U.S. citizens to participate in Chinese government investigations, to lure individuals back to China from abroad, and to aid Chinese authorities in resolving civil disputes in favor of Chinese parties.”

The advisory noted that China can hide exit bans from U.S. citizens until they attempt to leave China, the bans can last for unspecified durations that run into years, and those facing exit bans have been “harassed and threatened.”

President Donald J. Trump joins White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders for a briefing.

Driver in Wild Pursuit from Westside to San Diego County May Have Struck Pedestrian

A driver struck a pedestrian in the 7800 block of West Manchester Avenue about 11:15 a.m., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The driver eventually stopped near the Las Pulgas exit of the 5 Freeway in the Camp Pendleton area near Oceanside, aerial video showed. Police waited for the driver to come out of the car.

The pursuit originated in Culver City before the Los Angeles Police Department took over.

Ohio man, girlfriend accused of plotting violent attack

TOLEDO, Ohio – Federal prosecutors say an Ohio couple charged last month in a terrorism investigation is now accused of obtaining guns and explosives in a plot to kill others.

The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday announced the indictments that include conspiracy charges against the pair from Toledo.

Authorities in court documents filed in December said both Vincent Armstrong and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Lecron, had talked about carrying out violence and had bomb-making supplies and weapons inside their home.

Student at Seymour High arrested on sexual assault charges

Police said they arrested a male student on December 17, 2018 when he turned himself in to police. The student was charged as a juvenile due to his age at the time of the incident.

He turned 18 since that time. He was charged in juvenile court with third degree sexual assault, third degree assault, risk of injury to a minor, and reckless endangerment in the second degree.

He will appear in court on January 4. Because the matter is in juvenile court, his name was not released.

Hamden PD: Milford cop arrested after fatal Hamden pedestrian crash

Courtney Bothwell, 28,
Courtney Bothwell, 28,

Police said Kristin Wilczynski, 50, of North Haven was attempting to cross the street when she was hit by a car driven by Courtney Bothwell, 28, also of North Haven.

On Wednesday, Hamden police arrested Bothwell and she was charged with negligent homicide with a motor vehicle, failure to exercise due care to avoid colliding with a pedestrian and distracted driving (not cell.)

‘Seinfeld’ is the latest TV classic to offend millennials over jokes about ‘Soup Nazi,’ same-sex relationships

“Seinfeld” “Soup Nazi”
A Bustle reporter finds the classic “Soup Nazi” episode of “Seinfeld” problematic by today’s standards.

Millennial-focused website Bustle is taking heat for publishing a listicle that examines all the reasons why “Seinfeld” would be a little too edgy in the modern climate of policing everything that isn’t deemed politically correct.

Comedian and author Tim Young told Fox News that the article is “ridiculous,” and that it blows his mind how desperate people are to be offended, with the attack on “Seinfeld” the latest example. “Seinfeld,” which aired from 1989-1998 is widely considered one of the best programs in television history – but Bustle doesn’t exactly feel that way.

Watch: Plastic Straw Ban Sparks Wild Brawl at McDonald’s

The new law will ban straws entirely by 2020, but currently, they are unavailable unless specifically requested by the customer, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“He was very upset, he started berating her, swearing, saying ‘There’s no law like that,’” Biandudi said, according to BuzzFeed. “She said, ‘Yes it is, we’re not allowed to put straws out.’”

That explanation was apparently unacceptable to Taylor, who reached across the counter and grabbed James by the shirt.

Plastic Straws Officially Banned In Washington, D.C.

Is the straw ban a result of moral panic? Tucker investigates the plastic straw ban.

Longtime Democratic alderman in Chicago charged in federal extortion probe

Alderman Ed Burke, 75,
Alderman Ed Burke, 75, is charged with one count of attempted extortion for conveying to company executives in 2017 that they’d get the permits if they signed on as clients at Burke’s private property tax law firm in Chicago. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)

Alderman Ed Burke, 75, is charged with one count of attempted extortion for conveying to company executives in 2017 that they’d get the permits if they signed on as clients at his private property tax law firm, the 37-page complaint said.

A conviction carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

The Democrat’s law firm, Klafter & Burke, represented the high-rise tower that bears President Trump’s name. There’s no indication the case is at all tied to his firm’s work for Trump.

Abortion Activists Revved up for Democrat-Led House

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood and all its allies are ready to make good use of what they say is an “unparalleled, pro-reproductive health majority” in the U.S. House.

America’s largest abortion business boasts that, in 2018, both its advocacy and political lobbying arms operated their “largest midterm electoral program ever.”

“This win truly can’t be understated,” the group continues. “When newly elected members of the 116th Congress are sworn into office on January 3, 2019, Congress will be joined by 43 new women, 22 new people of color, and 5 new openly LGBTQ people.”


Trump holds impromptu press briefing over border wall

At about the 6:16 mark the press briefing starts.

President Trump drops in on a last-minute press briefing to reassert his resolution to secure funding for a border wall.

Nikki Haley: No member of Congress should be paid during shutdown

“Today the new Congress takes office. No member should get paid while the government is shut down and border security is not funded. #DoYourJob ,” Haley, who also served as South Carolina governor, tweeted.

The comments, via tweet, come as hundreds of thousands of federal workers have either been furloughed or forced to work without pay as the shutdown enters its 13th day.

Democrat introducing impeachment measure against Trump on first day of new Congress

Rep. Brad Sherman is reintroducing the impeachment articles that he first filed in 2017 with Democratic co-sponsor Rep. Al Green of Texas, a spokesman said.

“He will be introducing the same articles he introduced last year once the House is in session this afternoon,” Sherman spokesman Shane Seaver told Fox News.

The move is one of several indications that despite the go-slow approach of Democratic leadership, some in the rank-and-file will be eager to launch impeachment proceedings now that they’re in the majority. A Detroit Free Press op-ed co-authored by incoming Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, of Michigan, said the House does not need to wait for the outcome of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe “before moving forward now with an inquiry in the U.S. House of Representatives on whether the president has committed impeachable ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ against the state: abuse of power and abuse of the public trust.”

Jordan blasts Democrat for pursuing Trump impeachment on first day of new Congress

“We knew they couldn’t help themselves. Rep. Sherman files articles of impeachment on the President. Dems are more focused on stopping Trump than building the Wall and helping the country,” he tweeted Thursday.

As one of Trump’s top allies in the House, Jordan will likely be one of the president’s top defenders as Democrats prepare to launch a slew of investigations into the administration. Jordan serves as the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and sits on the House Judiciary Committee, which holds jurisdiction over impeachment proceedings.

Democrats Insert Language to Expand Abortion into Bill to End Shutdown

House Democrats made the expansion of abortion one of their first orders of business in a bill that seeks to end the partial government shutdown.

The spending bill – to be voted on Thursday – would repeal a provision that bans non-governmental organizations – such as International Planned Parenthood – from providing or promoting abortions as a method of family planning overseas.

Taxpayers To Pay for International Abortions in Democrats’ Funding Bill

A spending bill House Democrats have developed would do more than end the partial government shutdown — it would open the gates to increased abortions around the world.

The spending bill would repeal President Donald Trump’s order that requires nongovernmental organizations in countries that receive American funds to certify that they will not “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Rashida Tlaib to be sworn in on Thomas Jefferson’s Koran

Rashida Tlaib,
Ms Tlaib poses with supporters on her first day in Washington ADAM SHAPIRO VIA REUTERS

Rashida Tlaib, who is of Palestinian heritage, is also expected to wear traditional Palestinian clothing during the swearing in ceremony.

Ms Tlaib and Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar will become the first-ever Muslim female members of Congress on Thursday.

She will also make history as the first Palestinian-American congresswoman.


Wexton was one of three Democrats to oust an incumbent House Republican in Virginia. Democratic Reps. Elaine Luria and Abigail Spanberger defeated incumbent Republicans in Virginia’s 2nd and 7th district, respectively.

A former delegate in the Virginia General Assembly, Wexton received the endorsements of many prominent LGBTQ groups during her run, including the prominent political organization, “Human Rights Campaign.”

World News:

Twelve Germans Beaten In Random Attack By Asylum Seeker Mob

The attacks occurred on Saturday with German media initially reporting that nine people had been injured by the asylum seekers but new reports indicate that at least twelve people were beaten by the group of four young men aged 17 to 19-years-old, German tabloid Bild reports.

Reports claim that the group of asylum seekers had spent hours, starting in the evening at around 6:30 pm, roaming around the centre of the town and beating random people who passed by them.

A 17-year-old girl was also harassed by the group and called a prostitute by the asylum seekers. When the girl’s 17-year-old friends attempted to intervene they were also on the receiving end of violence.

Colombia’s peace agreement bloodied by distrust, drugs – and the Venezuelan regime

BOGOTA, Colombia – The monumental, Nobel-winning 2016 peace agreement between the Colombian government and the Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels was saluted as a historic victory for international diplomacy – a declaration meant to end the civil war that had bloodied the nation for more than 50 years, claimed the lives of more than 200,000, and displaced more than seven million from their homes.

But with a potent influx of instability from neighboring Venezuela and its own internal struggles, Colombia’s peace process with FARC is on increasingly feeble ground, while hopes to ink a similar deal with the smaller guerilla outfit National Liberation Army (ELN) as the next step in the operation have all but vanquished.

Bosnians light candles for dead student, challenge police

BANJA LUKA, Bosnia-Herzegovina – Dozens of Bosnians have defied a ban and lit candles to honor a 21-year-old student whose unresolved death has inspired months of protests alleging a police cover-up.

The gathering outside an Orthodox Christian church in the Bosnian Serb city of Banja Luka took place Thursday as police officers stood by and observed the crowd.


If This Man’s Speech Isn’t Protected, No One’s Is

In the age of online shaming and political correctness, many people rightly fear that they could lose their employment for their private opinions. Last month it was Kevin Hart, who stepped down from hosting the Oscars over homophobic tweets from his past. Before him, Nicholas and Erika Christakis were forced out of their roles as faculty in residence at Yale’s Silliman College for their remarks on Halloween and cultural appropriation.

You may think that you are surely safe from all this. After all, you won’t be hosting the Oscars or working with hyper-sensitive college students.

But you are wrong. After all, many, if not most, victims of public shaming and retaliation for “wrong think” are average citizens. Just ask Salvatore Davi, who worked as an administrative law judge in New York’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance from 2010 to 2015. He was considered an exemplary employee. Yet Davi’s employers charged him with seven counts of professional misconduct for comments he made while debating politics on Facebook.

30 Transgender Regretters Come Out Of The Closet

So “Trans Life Survivors” is a godsend for people struggling with trans regret, no matter what stage of transition or de-transition they are in. The book highlights 30 stories gleaned from among the many hundreds Heyer has received from his readers. Many more transgender people have contacted Walt over the years. Walt has been trying valiantly to keep up with the increasing volume of contacts.

Helping Others Escape the Trans Rabbit Hole
For many years, Heyer’s website was virtually the only place for a trans regretter to get some relief from the social and political pressures crashing down. Many of his readers express a joyful sense of liberation in knowing that they are not all alone.

Much of their isolation is caused by our society’s slavish obedience to political correctness, which dictates that there is “no such thing” as transgender regret. Even worse, the transgender lobby is making it very difficult for such people to get the counseling they desperately want and need.

Tucker: Leaders show no obligation to American voters

Voters around the world revolt against leaders who won’t improve their lives.

Army colonel to Tucker: We don’t win wars anymore

Trump critics oppose troop withdrawal from Syria; reaction from Col. Douglas MacGregor reacts on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.

New Documents Suggest The Steele Dossier Was A Deliberate Setup For Trump

A trove of recently released documents sheds further light on the scope and logistics of the information operation designed to sabotage an American election. Players include the press, political operatives from both parties, and law enforcement and intelligence officials. Their instrument was the Steele dossier, first introduced to the American public two years ago.

The dossier operation has not only damaged institutions like the FBI and DOJ, it has also poisoned the public sphere, perhaps irremediably. As a result, it is now accepted journalistic practice to print, and reprint, any garish fantasy so long as it’s layered with Russian intrigue and Trump team treason. Even as the rest of the country sees an institution that has made itself a laughingstock, the press continues to salute itself for its bravery—or the courage and industry required to take leaks from law enforcement and intelligence officials and Democratic operatives in an effort to topple a president it doesn’t like, elected by neighbors it holds in contempt.

But the core component appears to be the result of a carefully constructed plan requiring technical and legal know-how. Interviews with current and former U.S. officials provide fresh insight into how Clinton-funded operatives and senior law enforcement figures orchestrated a media campaign and weaponized the dossier to obtain the October 21, 2016 warrant on Page.