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US Economy Smashes Expectations Adding 312,000 Jobs in December

Wall Street analysts expected the United States to gain 180,000 jobs in December. The official numbers beat the Wall Street estimate by 43 percent. The jobs gain is the biggest in 10 months and can help allay a recent upsurge in fears about the economy’s health that has roiled financial markets.

The unemployment rate increased by 0.2 percent from 3.7 percent in November. In December last year, the unemployment rate stood at 4.1 percent. The average hourly wage rose 3.2 percent from the same time last year.

Dow surges 746 points on Fed chair remarks, jobs blowout

Stocks surged with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising 746 points Friday after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the central bank is prepared to adjust policy quickly and flexibly.

His comments followed a blockbuster jobs report for December which saw annual wages jump the most since 2008.

Missing Georgia father was shot dead after reaching out to teen he met on escort website, police reveal

Roderick Crawford, 46,
Roderick Crawford, 46,

Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore told Fox News that investigators believe Roderick Crawford, 46, of Barnesville, left his home last week to meet up with 18-year-old Kiera Williams after interacting with her on an Internet escort website.

Crawford was “subsequently murdered and left behind an abandoned house” in Thomaston until a deputy stumbled upon his body Thursday night, police said.

Kilgore says Williams and Cameron Jones, 20, are now facing charges including murder, armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Phoenix woman sent date 159,000 text messages, threatened to turn his kidneys into sushi

Jacqueline Ades
Jacqueline Ades was accused of stalking a man and sending him threatening text messages. (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

Ades met the victim, a Paradise Valley man who was not identified, through Luxy, a dating site for millionaires. The two went on one date, but Ades allegedly became infatuated and continued to pursue him. However, the man, who is said to be the CEO of a skincare products company, was not interested in a relationship.

The man called police in July 2017 when he discovered Ades parked outside his home. After he called police, Ades allegedly started sending him threatening texts including one that stated, “I’d wear ur [your] fascia n [and] the top o [of] fur skull n ur hands n feet,” according to The Arizona Republic.

WATCH: Ruthless Millennial Drives Over Mother of 3’s Body to Avoid Paying $35 for Manicure

21-year-old Krystal Whipple
21-year-old Krystal Whipple

Whipple was driving a black rental Chevy Camaro that had been reported stolen, Police Lt. Ray Spencer ​told the Las Vegas Sun. Police found the car abandoned in a nearby housing complex.

Spencer told the Sun that the attack occurred as Whipple tried to drive off without paying the manicurist.

After trying to pay for the service with a fraudulent credit card, Whipple made a dash for it. With the shop owners chasing her, Whipple jumped into her car and drove — not stopping even as they tried to block her way. Instead, Whipple ran over the manicurist, dragging her body for 50 feet.

Florida man accused of shooting wife, in-laws after seeing video of her cheating with his best friend, police say

William Brian Stillwell, 39, of Satellite Beach, was arrested on attempted murder and child abuse charges, WFTV reported. He is being held at Brevard County Jail without bail.

Stillwell allegedly went to a house in Melbourne uninvited before he shot his wife and in-laws. His children, five-year-old twins, went to a neighbor’s home asking for help, WFTV reported. The children were heard in a 911 call asking their father to stop shooting.

More Than Half of US Dioceses Start Investigating Child Sex-Abuse Claims

More than half of the 187 Roman Catholic dioceses across the United States have started investigating clergy child sex-abuse claims or have announced plans to do so in the coming months, marking an extraordinary, renewed shift into scandals plaguing the church.

The dioceses, just in the past four months, have also released the names of an additional 1,000 priests and other clergy accused of sexually abusing children, an Associated Press investigation has found.

110 Employees of Detroit’s Failing Public School System Make Six-Figure Salaries

“Consistent with prior releases of the elementary and middle school report card, most of the lowest-rated schools are located in the city of Detroit,” the report stated. “This reflects poor performance even after adjusting for the poverty levels of students who were tested.”

That report found that nearly three-fourths of the bottom 100 schools were located in cities, while just seven were located in rural areas and three in towns.

Bob Luddy, president of North Carolina’s revolutionary Thales Academy private school, recently told Battleground State News that his schools are able to keeps costs down because they “don’t have virtually any bureaucracies.”

Infamous Traitor Chelsea Manning Lectures US on How to Fix Gov’t: ‘Why Do We Even Need a President?’

Convicted-whistleblower Chelsea Manning ​opined Tuesday that perhaps the time has arrived to get rid of the presidency of the United States.

“What if instead of wasting enormous time, energy, and money on getting yet another single person elected president, we worked to eliminate the office of the president altogether,” she proposed in a tweet.


‘Buy a Brick, Build the Wall’ Bill Introduced After Success of GoFundMe

The act would establish a fund allowing private contributions to go toward the creation and maintenance of border walls, Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) said. Davidson introduced the act, HR 32, on Jan. 3.

“Millions of Americans agree and want to chip in to help secure our borders,” he wrote on Twitter.

Trump administration revoking citizenship for application fraudsters

“This renewed focus on and renewed use of the tool of denaturalization is an important element in the Trump Administration’s efforts to restore integrity to our legal immigration system,” said Jessica Vaughan from the Center for Immigration Studies. “Because after all, citizenship is the ultimate prize.”

Last year, a new task force was formed in the Los Angeles Office of U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, designed specifically to review the records of people who became U.S. Citizens since 1990.

A September 2016 report released by the Inspector General showed that 315,000 old fingerprint records for immigrants who either had criminal convictions or deportation orders against them had not been uploaded into a database used to check identities.

GatewayPundit’s Jim Hoft Teams Up with Missouri’s St. Louis Tea Party to Announce a Rally for Trump’s Border Wall

The St. Louis Tea Party is organizing a rally for Saturday in support of President Donald Trump as he continues to fight for the border wall.

According to a press release, the rally was organized by the St. Louis Tea Party and the Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft.

“Our president needs our support. Our president needs to know we stand with him,” Hoft said in a statement, encouraging St. Louis residents to attend the Saturday rally in Clayton, Missouri.

Border Patrol union president blasts ‘Morning Joe’ for saying Hispanic members of his group are white

The president of the group, Brandon Judd, and other top representatives of the council talked with President Trump in the White House Thursday. Many were bald, and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday mocked Trump for meeting with bald, white men to defend Trump’s proposed border wall.

“They obviously have not done their research,” Judd told the Washington Examiner Friday. “This is supposed to be the people that are all-inclusive, yet they’re going to make fun of our appearance because we all suffer from male pattern baldness. How ridiculous is that? Does anybody think that I would shave my head with the nose that I have?”

“President Trump knows that the majority of our agency is minorities yet he still supports our agents 100 percent, so what does that tell you?” Judd asked.

ICE dumping immigrants in border towns due to overcrowding at detention centers

In El Paso, a Texas border town already taking in dozens of migrants a day, ICE said it may have to release 500 people a day to relieve the overcrowding situation at federal detention centers.

“I’m concerned. We’re up to 2,300 per week. If we get up to 500 a day, it’s going to be very taxing,” said Mayor Dee Margo.

Donald Trump Open to Declaring a State of Emergency to Fund Border Wall

“Absolutely, we can call a national emergency,” Trump said when asked about the idea by a reporter. “I haven’t done it. I may do it. I may do it.”
The president spoke to reporters in the Rose Garden on Friday at the White House after meeting with Congressional leaders for more than two hours to try to make a deal.

The president is allowed by law to issue a declaration of emergency to quickly move federal funds to a specific area based on his discretion. The state of emergency declaration is frequently used ahead of a hurricane or other national disaster.


Mueller grand jury term extended following Friday expiration

A federal grand jury being used by the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been extended, Fox News has learned. The original term of 18 months for the Washington, D.C.-based jury expired on Friday.

Sources close to Chief Judge of U.S. District Court in Washington, Beryl Howell, tell Fox News she has extended the grand jury term.

Appeals court sides with Trump on transgender military ban

“In light of the substantial constitutional arguments and the apparent showing that the policy accommodates at least some of plaintiffs’ interests, we think that the public interest weighs in favor of dissolving the injunction.”

The ruling hands Trump a win in a case that has seen several courts block the policy. But the policy still cannot take effect because of those other injunctions, which applied nationwide.

Supreme Court to take new look at partisan electoral districts

Disputes have arisen in cases involving North Carolina’s heavily Republican congressional map and a Democratic congressional district in Maryland, and the justices said Friday they will hear arguments in March.

The high court could come out with the first limits on partisan politics in the drawing of electoral districts, but also could ultimately decide that federal judges have no role in trying to police political mapmaking.

US Lawmakers Unveil Bipartisan Bill in Senate to Stop China Tech Threats

Senators Mark Warner, a Democrat and a vice chairman on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and Marco Rubio, a Republican on the panel, introduced the legislation.

The bill aims to create the Office of Critical Technologies and Security to coordinate an inter-agency strategy to fight high-tech threats to national security posed by China and other foreign actors, they said in a press statement.

Freshman Rep. Tlaib: Dem majority will ‘impeach the motherf—er’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib,
Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman and one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, was sworn in to office Thursday. | Rashida Tlaib

Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib declared Thursday night that the newly installed Democratic majority in the House will “go in there and impeach the motherf—er,” breaking with party leaders and stirring controversy just hours after officially taking office.

Pelosi on Friday said she wouldn’t have necessarily used the same language as Tlaib, and that her comments did not represent the position of all House Democrats. But Pelosi also pointed out that the president himself is known for using similarly coarse rhetoric.

Democrat Leader Jerry Nadler Distances Himself From Rep. Tlaib’s Comments on Impeaching Trump

Democratic Party higher-up Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York distanced himself Friday from a new congresswoman’s comments on impeaching President Donald Trump, including calling him a “motherf—-r.”

“I don’t like that language. More to the point, I disagree with what she said. It is too early to talk about that intelligently. We have to follow the facts and get the facts,” Nadler told CNN’s John Berman, according to a Friday morning tweet from CNN’s Manu Raju.

Pelosi downplays Rashida Tlaib’s profanity-laced vow to impeach Trump, as Republicans fume

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday downplayed freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s profanity-laced vow to impeach President Trump, as Republicans strongly condemned the language — and the defiant Democrat offered no apologies.

Pelosi, D-Calif., who reclaimed the gavel after being elected House speaker on Thursday, commented on Tlaib’s remarks during an MSNBC town hall, expressing distaste for the language but quickly suggesting Trump’s foul mouth led the way in coarsening the rhetoric in Washington.

Trump fires back at impeachment frenzy, after Dem’s profanity-laced threat

Trump spoke out on the impeachment calls after a video surfaced of freshman Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib making a profanity-laced vow to remove him from office. She subsequently defended her remarks, saying she will “always speak truth to power.”

“How do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time, done nothing wrong (no Collusion with Russia, it was the Dems that Colluded), had the most successful first two years of any president, and is the most popular Republican in party history 93%?”


Sanders was asked about the remarks on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning and said bluntly, “You will not impeach this president.” She further said that Tlaib was trying to advance her “own political career.”

“You will not impeach this president when he had two of the most successful years any president had in modern history,” Sanders said. “The only reason they come after this president is because they know they can’t beat us, can’t beat him when it comes to policy debate. They have no solutions for America.”

House Dems move to eliminate Electoral College, limit presidential pardon power and more in first days back

With their party in control, several House Democrats forged ahead this week with legislation aimed at changing future presidential elections or curtailing the commander in chief’s power.

Articles of impeachment and a move to end the ongoing partial government shutdown – albeit, without President Trump’s explicit demand for funding for a border wall – were also brought up as the 116th Congress convened for the first time.

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., introduced a pair of constitutional amendments that would eliminate the Electoral College as well as strictly prohibiting a president from pardoning himself, family members or associates.

House Dems target Trump tax returns as part of lead-off ethics package

The package as a whole aims to address voting to make registration and polling access easier for citizens, in addition to tightening election security. But specifically, the legislation requires presidents to disclose at least 10 years of their tax returns to the public, in an apparent swipe at Trump.

The topic has been a contentious one for the president since his time on the campaign trail in 2016, and throughout his administration, as he refuses to release his financial information. Trump has claimed that his tax returns are complicated, and has maintained that he will not release them while they are under audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Ocasio-Cortez Compares Herself to Lincoln, FDR as She Calls for 70 Percent Top Tax Rate

The “60 Minutes” clip, which aired on CBS Friday morning, shows Cortez being questioned about her “Green New Deal” by Anderson Cooper. When Cooper got her to admit the goal of zero emissions within 12 years is “ambitious,” he inquired further about the taxation necessary.

“What is the problem with trying to push our technological capacities to the furthest extent possible?” Ocasio-Cortez asked. “People are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes.”

Cooper asked for a specific on the tax rate, and Ocasio-Cortez said she was looking to the 1960’s for inspiration.

World News:

Al Qaeda terrorist behind USS Cole attack killed by US airstrike in Yemen

Air raid on rocket and arms depots in Jabal Nqm
Air raid on rocket and arms depots in Jabal Nqm east of Sana’a, Yemen. May 11, 2015. (Ibrahem Qasim/Wikimedia Commons)

A U.S. official told CNN on Friday that Al Qaeda terrorist Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi is believed to be dead after a U.S.-led airstrike on Yemen on Tuesday.

A predator drone reportedly struck Al-Badawi’s vehicle in an isolated attack as he was driving alone in the Ma’rib Governorate located in central Yemen.

Al-Badawi is believed to be the terrorist behind the Oct. 12, 2000 suicide bomber attack that struck the USS Cole as it refueled in a Yemen port. The attack claimed the lives of 17 sailors, and injured another 39.

Italy crime: Gang rips open security van with diggers near Bari

The diggers were abandoned at the scene

Two mechanical diggers were used like can openers to prise open the back of the vehicle and get at the cash.

The masked robbers, said to have automatic weapons, escaped in two cars and the highway was shut for several hours as police investigated.

The money had been intended to pay pensions in the nearby town of Matera.

Ex-Credit Suisse bankers arrested in $2bn fraud investigation

Three former Credit Suisse bankers have been arrested in London on US charges of alleged involvement in a fraud involving $2bn (£1.6bn) in loans to state-owned companies in Mozambique.

The action by US authorities came two months after the Serious Fraud Office in the UK abandoned its investigation into the case, a long-running loan scandal that pushed Mozambique into financial crisis when it first emerged five years ago.

Two drug dealers avoid jail time after judge commends their grammar in their texts

Luke Rance, 19, and Brandon Kerrison, 21, both of Southgate, Swansea, Wales, were arrested on Dec. 17, 2017, outside a library in Swansea after officers smelled cannabis, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Rance would allegedly buy marijuana and give it to Kerrison who sold it, the Times of London reported.

After a search, Rance had “seven bags of cannabis on him and a bag of cocaine” while Kerrison had “two bags of herbal cannabis” and a phone, The Telegraph reported. The phone contained text messages connected to drug dealing, a court heard.

UK police searching for suspect in fatal train stabbing

British Transport Police said a man was killed Friday on board a train traveling from the town of Guildford to London Waterloo.

“This was a shocking and violent attack which took place on board a train in broad daylight,” he said, asking passengers who were on the train to contact police.

Police: Several killed in Baghdad women’s shelter fire

Baghdad Police Lt. Col. Mohammed Jihad, briefing reporters outside the shelter, called it a “group suicide” caused by women rioting in the shelter. He said several women were suffering from a “deteriorating mental state” and rioted, leading to the fire that killed six women.

But another officer at the Rusafa police district, where the shelter is located, said the fire started in the kitchen after lodgers got into a fight. The officer, who asked that his name be withheld in line with police regulations, said two women died from stab wounds and seven perished in the fire.


More than three million Venezuelans have fled the country and now live in countries like Argentina or even the U.S., according to a review of figures provided by the International Migration Organization and the United Nations Agency for Refugees.

More than 330,000 Venezuelans have declared asylum in countries throughout the Americas.

Colombia has absorbed the largest amount of migrants, with 1,200,000 Venezuelans currently living there.


Sean Hannity: Hate-Trump Dems’ agenda is a big show. They will never convict the president on impeachment

Nancy Pelosi has officially taken back the gavel, and now the hate-Trump Democrats are gearing up to carry out the agenda they were hiding all during the election and we were warning you about.

They want their crumbs back. They want to eliminate ICE, they want open borders, and ObamaCare on steroids. They want a single-payer system and endless, endless, endless investigations. How does that help you?

They want to investigate the president and — of course — impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. But they wouldn’t tell you this leading up to the midterm elections.

EXCLUSIVE Lara Trump Commentary: President Trump Kept His Promises in 2018

The miraculous economic turnaround that was born during President Trump’s first year in office reached maturity in 2018, fueled by pro-growth policies like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, new trade deals that give American workers a level playing field, and the elimination of costly and ineffective regulations.

In addition to putting our economy in overdrive and redefining our judicial system, President Trump has also brought a new approach to foreign policy that is fulfilling long-standing American objectives.

He’s all but annihilated ISIS, moved the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and instituted a travel ban that has undoubtedly kept us safer than before.

Tucker: The American dream is dying

America’s middle class is in decline because American families are collapsing. A study in 2015 found that falling male wages cause a quarter of the decline in marriages.

The worst American politics since the Civil War

The atmosphere in Washington is too toxic. The ideological polarization on Capitol Hill is too severe, leavened by far too few moderates of either party. The tradition of friendly relations “across the aisle” is mostly a distant memory. The power of hardline activist groups on both sides, demanding purity rather than effective compromise, has grown too great.

The litmus tests regarding the border wall and abortion are too dominant. And the civil society undergirding our political system has eroded too much.

Worse, there’s little incentive from society as a whole for lawmakers to act responsibly.

The nation arguably is more balkanized — fragmented racially, geographically, and culturally — than it has been in any of our lifetimes. And our culture is also more impatient than ever before: Everybody wants what they want, when they want it, and no one has time for incremental progress or partial victories. Our politicians are reflecting and representing a populace that self-selects its sources of information, self-segregates into like-thinking communities, and is loath even to listen to opposing viewpoints.