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News and Headlines. 1/10/2019

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In The News:

California police officer in ‘violent fight’ caught on video with suspect who threatened to ‘shoot your a–‘

Artavious Coleman, 33,
Artavious Coleman, 33, was arrested early Sunday after the violent incident. (Sacramento Police Department)

The Sacramento Police Department said in a news release that Artavious Coleman, 33, was arrested after the “violent struggle,” which happened around 2 a.m. Sunday and was captured by a bodycam.

Officers had originally tried to pull over Coleman for driving a vehicle that had an expired registration, but the 33-year-old at first didn’t stop and then, when he did, Coleman exited the car and tried to run, authorities said.

Video shows Milwaukee bus driver rescuing young child

The Milwaukee County Transit System says the boy was less than a year old and wearing only a diaper and a onesie when bus driver Irena Ivic spotted him on Dec. 22. Security video shows the boy toddling down the overpass.

The video later shows Ivic stopping her bus, running across the street, picking up the crying child and carrying him to the bus.

California utility may have to turn off power to prevent wildfires, re-inspect entire grid, judge proposes

U.S. District Judge William Alsup said in his court order that the recommendations to cut power during certain wind conditions, regardless of the inconvenience to customers or loss of profit, would be to prevent devastation like the kind that ripped through the region last year.

“This will likely mean having to interrupt service during high-wind events (and possibly at other times) but that inconvenience, irritating as it will be, will pale by comparison to the death and destruction that otherwise might result from PG&E-inflicted wildfires,” he wrote.

CDC: Fatal drug overdoses soaring among middle-aged women

In 1999, about seven out of every 100,000 deaths among U.S. women aged 30 to 64 was caused by a drug overdose, but by 2017 that rate had risen to about 24 women per 100,000 — a 260 percent increase, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

The steepest increase was actually seen among older women — those aged 55 to 64 — noted a team led by Karin Mack, of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

Sharyl Attkisson Previews Her Case Against Eric Holder’s DOJ

In October 2014, the journalist released a video which she suggested was proof her computer had been hijacked by an outside party. The Obama DOJ declared that “to their knowledge” the department had “never compromised” Ms. Attkisson’s computer.

Attkisson is also suing a bunch of “John Does” at the FBI who had access to devices that showed up in the forensics report. They can’t get the names until they have “discovery,” but the government, she said, has “opposed every meaningful discovery” effort.

Revealed: Number Registered to Vote in Los Angeles County Far Exceeds Population of US Citizens

The state of California is being forced to purge up to one-and-a-half million voters from its statewide rolls, following a legal settlement that arose from a Judicial Watch lawsuit.

This development follows similar outcomes in Kentucky and Ohio, also spurred by the conservative watchdog group’s legal actions. The Washington Free Beacon has details:

Seattle TV station fires editor over doctored video of Trump’s Oval Office address

The broadcast video appeared to add orange coloring to the president and was made to appear — inaccurately — as if Trump stuck out his tongue throughout the address.

“This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the president in a negative light,” Q13 news director Erica Hill told the Seattle Times on Thursday.

Red Lobster Faces Boycott, Mockery After Pulling Ads From Tucker Carlson

Carlson said, “Nobody even tries to defend it. Instead, our leaders demand that you shut up and accept it. We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poor and dirtier and more divided.”

While “Suez” gave Red Lobster a big “Thank you!” most of the responses online to its decision haven’t been so positive. Many have announced they’ve officially joined the #BoycottRedLobster movement.

Others have responded with mockery, including NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch,


Immediately visible before Trump were objects from the crisis on the border. According to the White House Pool report, the props include an “AR-15 rifle, colt handguns, a plastic bag full of cash, and black-taped bricks of heroin and meth.” The items represent dangerous and illicit items that Border Patrol agents have seized while defending the border.

“The people that are coming in — the criminals, the gangs, the traffickers, the drugs — it’s all crime. We have laws that are so bad, they’re archaic and horrible,” Trump said in his remarks.

Among the Border Patrol agents and politicians in the room, Trump was also joined by Reggie Singh, the brother of California police officer Ronil Singh, who was killed by an illegal alien over the holidays.



Blockbuster Russia collusion story collapses, NY Times issues devastating “correction”

The NY Times broke a story asserting that Paul Manafort passed secret polling data to a Russian Oligarch with close ties to Russian intelligence:


Mitch McConnell: Obama’s Wall & President Trump’s Wall Are Identical 1/10/19


Republican Sens. John Barrasso and Cory Garnder of Wyoming and Colorado respectively and Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema introduced the Jobs and Premium Protection Act with the goal of reducing premiums for American families.

The proposed bill would repeal Obamacare’s health insurance tax, which is estimated to reach about $100 billion over the next 10 years.

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, to testify publicly before Congress

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen will testify before the House Oversight Committee, the first major move by House Democrats to haul in a member of Trump’s team connected to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to a schedule published by the committee.

In a statement to CNN, Cohen said he agreed to testify “in furtherance of my commitment to cooperate and provide the American people with answers.”

Rep. Steve King slammed by fellow GOP colleagues for ‘white supremacist’ remark

King was quoted in the newspaper as saying: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, the third-ranking House Republican, tweeted that King’s remarks are “abhorrent and racist and should have no place in our national discourse.”

World News:

US to expel every last Iranian boot from Syria – Pompeo

Mr Pompeo warned there would be no US reconstruction aid for areas controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad until Iran and its proxies had left.

He also criticised ex-President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy, saying he had made “dire misjudgements”.

Pompeo, at site of Obama’s address to Muslim world, rebukes his legacy: ‘Age of self-inflicted American shame is over’

Pompeo, while not mentioning Obama by name, said that “it was here, in this city, another American stood before you” and “told you that radical Islamist terrorism does not stem from ideology.”

Pompeo said that under Obama, the U.S. abandoned its allies and was “timid” about asserting itself, that the U.S. “grossly underestimated the tenacity and viciousness of radical Islamism,” and kept silent as Iranians tried to rise up against the regime in Tehran.

He also criticized Obama-era policy for “wishful thinking [that] led us to look the other way” as Hezbollah built up its weaponry in Lebanon, and for doing nothing as Syrian President Bashar Assad gassed his own people.

Brexit: EU sets stage for UK withdrawal

That was an official slogan adopted by the British government in 1939, on the eve of war.

On Wednesday, European diplomats were glued to the drama as MPs clashed with the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.

There was a cautious welcome for the amendment shortening the time Theresa May’s government will have to respond if, as expected, it loses next Tuesday’s vote on the UK withdrawal deal.

Ex-MI6 chief says Theresa May’s Brexit deal ‘threatens national security,’ hurts US relationship

The letter, written by former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove and former defence chief Lord Guthrie, and obtained first by Sky News, claims May’s controversial withdrawal agreement hurts NATO as well as “our close bilateral defence and intelligence relationship with the USA” and urges MPs to vote against the deal.

The first duty of the state, above trade, is the security of its citizens,” the letter says. “The Withdrawal Agreement abrogates this fundamental contract and would place control of aspects of our national security in foreign hands.”

6 unidentified Holocaust victims to be buried decades after discovery

Fragments of ash and bone, believed to have come from five adults and one child, according to testing, have been stored at London’s Imperial War Museum since January 1997, when a private donor bequeathed them, CNN reported.

The unidentified victims will be interred and given a formal Jewish funeral at Bushey New Cemetery in Hertfordshire, England, on Jan. 20, a week before International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Fox News reported.

Former Nazi concentration camp guard deported from US dies in Germany

Jakiw Palij,
FILE – In this Nov. 20, 2003 file photo, Jakiw Palij, a former Nazi concentration camp guard, stands in front of a building in the Queens borough of New York. (Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times via AP, File)

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Westfaelische Nachrichten newspapers quoted German officials on Thursday confirming that Palij, who was deported to Germany in August, died in a care home in the town of Ahlen. He was 95.

U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell, who lobbied for Germany to take Palij, said he’d been informed.


One thing to know about our national media: If Democratic leaders are saying it, reporters are saying it too.

One thing to know about our national media: If Democratic leaders are saying it, reporters are saying it too.

This Is OFFICIALLY Chuck & Nancy’s Shutdown

The Democrats’ opposition to President Trump is so fanatical that they REFUSE to agree to the 20 billion dollar compromise proposed by the deal master himself.

By offering to build a steel fence rather than a concrete wall, President Trump reduced his funding request by $20 billion.

How much more compromise can the Democrats ask for? Everyone says they want border security, but only the Democrats are refusing to pass a comprehensive plan.