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‘I’m devastated:’ Ohio police grieve latest officer death

Officers and mourners react after the casket of Detective Bill Brewer,
Officers and mourners react after the casket of Detective Bill Brewer, a 20-year veteran of the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, is placed into a hearse outside of Mt. Carmel Christian Church during funeral ceremonies, Friday, Feb. 8, 2019, in Batavia, Ohio. Authorities in the Cincinnati region are reeling after the deaths of five police officers in less than two months. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Clermont Sheriff Steve Leahy called Brewer someone he could always count on “to do the right thing” and acknowledged that he was reeling from his loss.

“I’m a mess. I’m a wreck,” Leahy told the church audience in services carried through livestream by local news media. “I’m devastated.”

He said Brewer gave his life “as a hero,” and said the wounds from his death will never completely heal.

“Everybody in the law enforcement community is truly shaken,” Sammarco told reporters this week. The Cincinnati-based coroner since 2012 said she can’t think of any comparable period for so many police deaths so close together.

Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion clinic law

The justices said by a 5-4 vote late Thursday that they will not allow the state to put into effect a law that requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s four liberals in putting a hold on the law, pending a full review of the case.

American Jews Thank Trump in Full Page New York Times Ad

American Jewish leaders took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times on Thursday to thank President Donald Trump for his efforts to combat anti-Semitism across the globe and criticize Democrats for their open embrace of causes advocating the destruction of Israel.

The advertisement, signed by more than 50 leading American Jewish voices, comes on the heels of Trump appointing Elan Carr as the new State Department Special Envoy to Combat Anti-Semitism, a post that has become increasingly important in recent years as anti-Semitism and violence against Jews flourishes across the globe, particularly in Europe.

Trump’s counselor claims woman assaulted her at restaurant

In a CNN interview broadcast on Friday, Conway said she was standing next to her middle school-aged daughter and some of her daughter’s friends when the woman began shaking her “to the point where I thought maybe somebody was hugging me.” She said it felt “weird” and “a little aggressive,” so she turned around to face the woman.

“She was just unhinged. She was out of control,” she said. “Her whole face was terror and anger. She was right here, and my daughter was right there. And she ought to pay for that. She ought to pay for that because she has no right to touch anybody.”

The restaurant’s manager told police that the woman who confronted Conway had to be forcibly removed from the premises. Conway told police the woman yelled and gestured at her for 8 to 10 minutes before she was escorted out of the restaurant.

Florida trio targeted illegal immigrants in kidnapping and armed robbery scheme, police say

Joshua Reiff, Natalie Williams, and Andres Rafael are facing charges that include kidnapping, armed robbery and aggravated battery in a scheme targeting undocumented immigrants. (Davie Police Department)

According to the arrest report, the incident began when Williams approached the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck at a stop sign at about 9 p.m. Saturday and asked for a ride.

When the driver refused, another man stepped in front of the truck and Williams, carrying a black handgun, reached through the passenger side window and opened the door, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Williams and the unidentified man who blocked the truck got into the vehicle and directed the driver to a home in the Western Hills Mobile Home Park in Davie, officials said. There, the pair allegedly blindfolded the driver and took him inside a home where five more men were waiting.

New Jersey man ‘set a timer’ while killing female classmate, according to disturbing video shown in court

Liam McAtasney is accused of killing Sarah Stern in December 2016. (Patti Sapone/NJ Advance Media via AP, Pool)

“I picked her up and had her dangling off the ground. It took me a half hour to kill her,” McAtasney said.

He told his friend that he “set a timer,” and added Stern’s dog “laid there and watched as I killed her.”

He also described throwing Stern’s body — which hasn’t been found — off a bridge.

McAtasney, 21, of Neptune City, was heard saying in the video that he was disappointed Stern “only had $10,000” and had believed he would be stealing much more money from the woman, the Asbury Park Press reported.

Florida resident kills two men who were attempting home invasion

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said the incident happened around noon, with one of the men dying at the scene and the other pronounced dead later at a hospital.

“The second one was able to run from the residence, made it down the street and collapsed down the street,” Brevard Sheriff’s Spokesman Todd Goodyear told FOX35 Orlando.

2 strippers charged with stealing Boston cop’s gun during night out

Mug shots for Melissa Dacier, 22, of Providence, (l.), and Neish Rivera, 25, of Pawtucket,
Mug shots for Melissa Dacier, 22, of Providence, (l.), and Neish Rivera, 25, of Pawtucket, who have been accused of stealing an off-duty Boston cop’s gun during a night out last weekend. (Pawtucket Police)

Melissa Dacier, 22, of Providence and Neish Rivera, 25, of Pawtucket, were ordered held without bail Monday on larceny and conspiracy charges, the Providence Journal reported Thursday.

Rivera was arrested on a prostitution charge in December after an undercover sting at the Foxy Lady in Providence — New England’s oldest and most well-known strip club, the paper reported.

According to the paper, the Boston cop met Rivera on Instagram and arranged to meet her at the Hampton Inn bar. From the bar, the pair went to a popular hookah lounge in Providence and met Dacier.


A dog from Westchester County, New York, saved the lives of her family members after a gas leak broke out in the basement of her home Wednesday afternoon.

Sadie the pit bull was home alone when she sensed something was awry. She dug out a wooden door blocker to escape through the backyard and roamed the streets of Tuckahoe, barking nonstop.

This prompted neighbors to call 911 at 3:45 p.m. to report a loose dog. Police arrived at the scene to find Sadie, who brought them to her home.

Man impaled by bike’s handlebars says accident ‘happened so fast’

Dane Phillips suffered horrific injuries when he was impaled by his own handlebars in a freak crash. (SWNS)

Phillips, a maintenance technician at a local college, said: “I was on my way to Aldi and cycling the route I’d done a thousand times before when this car came out of nowhere.”

“It all happened so fast, it clipped my front tire and the bike just flew up 10 feet in the air,” he said. “I was lying on the ground and the bike landed on top of me with the handlebars through my leg.

Marines 3D-print amazing concrete bridge

A Marine with 1st Marine Logistics Group walks across the 3D-printed concrete footbridge
A Marine with 1st Marine Logistics Group walks across the 3D-printed concrete footbridge on Dec. 12, at Camp Pendleton, California. (U.S. Navy photo by Ensign Elizabeth Flanary)

The feat, which took place in December, is the first time in the U.S. or the Western hemisphere that a bridge has been 3D-printed on site, as opposed to in a factory, according to the Marine Corps.

The footbridge was printed as part of the Corps’ annual Steel Knight exercise. Marines were trained to use the Automated Construction of Expeditionary Structures (ACES) 3D-printer.

Apple and Google Accept Saudi Smartphone App Which Tracks Women’s Movements

In December, it was reported that Google was also hosting an Indonesian app which allows users to report incidents of religious “heresy” to the government — which punishes “heretics” severely.

That app also remains on Google Play.

Despite this, Google has previously cracked down on legal firearm marketplace GunBroker, free speech social network Gab, a video game mocking Hillary Clinton, and a video game mocking Black Lives Matter.

Similarly, Apple has cracked down free speech social network Gab, and the official Infowars app.

Border Patrol overwhelmed by large groups of migrant families

Agents of El Paso Sector U. S. Border Patrol
Agents of El Paso Sector U. S. Border Patrol conduct a Mobile Field Force training exercise in the Anapra area of Sunland Park, New Mexico, as seen from the Mexican side of the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico January 31, 2019. REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

Until recently, most people caught crossing the border illegally were men from Mexico, but now Central American families and unaccompanied minors make up some 60 percent of those apprehended, data from the agency show.

“Large bus loads of individuals are being bussed up to the border and we don’t have any infrastructure in that area,” the official said on the call with reporters.

The border patrol official said smugglers drop off large groups as a diversion tactic to tie up law enforcement resources in order to move drugs across other parts of the border.

Suspect Shot Trying to Run Over Border Officer in Arizona, Says Mayor

Arturo Garino, the mayor of Nogales, told Fox 10 the driver allegedly tried to run over the officer in an attempt to flee into Mexico and was shot in response. The truck stopped on the Mexican side of the port.

CBP revealed the Office of Professional Responsibility and Homeland Security Investigations are looking into the case. Authorities have not stated a reason for the shooting victim to run through the inspection area, whether he was armed, or if he was carrying contraband.

Border security in Nogales recently became a point of controversy after the city council voted to remove concertina wire from the existing border fence. 


Democratic Sen. Chris Coons: Trump’s border wall is not immoral — it’s a piece of infrastructure

Coons said he and his Democratic colleagues have previously voted for billions of dollars more in border security as part of broader immigration reform.

Coons, who said the U.S. should invest more in border security, said he hopes a deal can be reached and the nation “frankly really needs one.”

Empowered Dems flex muscle with host of new tax proposals

From D.C. to Sacramento, the controversial levies include everything from a “wealth tax” to new charges on ammunition and groceries.

Some of these are meant as a deterrent against certain kinds of purchases — like guns and ammo — while others are intended to help pay for ambitious new programs.

Here are just some of the proposals being considered since the start of the New Year:

Hearing erupts as Acting AG Whitaker calls time on Dem chairman: ‘Your 5 minutes is up’

Democratic Chairman Jerry Nadler presses Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker
Democratic Chairman Jerry Nadler presses Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker on his supervision of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe at a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

The retort came after Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., first said he wanted Whitaker to appear for a private deposition after the hearing and went on to ask Whitaker whether he had been “asked to approve any requests or action” for the special counsel.

“Mr. Chairman, I see that your five minutes is up, so…” Whitaker replied as the hearing room broke out in gasps. “I am here voluntarily. We have agreed to five-minute rounds.”

Rand Paul Calls for Senate Hearings on FBI Methods and Selective Prosecution of Trump Officials

The Kentucky senator declared that the Senate should investigate FBI methods and selective prosecution of Trump officials.

“Justice is supposed to be blind. Why is it that an admitted liar like James Clapper perjured himself to Congress and got off scot-free?

But if you’re somehow associated with @realDonaldTrump, then they will pursue you relentlessly? This shouldn’t be a one-way street!” Senator Paul tweeted.

Citing Virginia race scandals, Dem vows vote to impeach Trump

The scandals facing the top Virginia lawmakers have stunned the state and put Democrats — in both Virginia and Congress — on the defensive as they seek the appropriate response.

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said the refusal of both Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam (D), and the state’s attorney general, Mark Herring (D), to resign after admissions of wearing blackface in the past “is but a symptom of a greater syndrome that currently plagues our country as a result of not acting on President Trump’s bigotry.”

Green argued that the pair has been emboldened “to a great extent because the Trump presidency has sent a message that you can be immune to the consequences of bigotry, by daring those with the authority and power to constitutionally remove you from office.”

World News:

‘The heart breaks’: Hundreds mourn Ori Ansbacher, 19, murdered in Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement on the murder, saying Ansbacher was killed “with shocking brutality.”

“At this difficult hour we all embrace the Ansbacher family and the people of Tekoa. The security forces are investigating the murder — we will find those responsible for it, and we will bring the matter to justice,” the prime minister pledged.

BDE: Ori Ansbacher, 19, H’yd, Murdered in a Jerusalem Forest

The murder was so brutal that the courts have placed a gag order on the details of her murder.

The police together with the Shin bet are investigating if it was a criminal act or terrorism and are still searching for suspects. Four Arab suspects had been detained for questioning, but were released after questioning.

Finnish basic income trial: creates happiness, but not jobs

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, or Kela, said “it was not yet possible to draw any firm conclusions” from the first half of the experiment, where about 2,000 randomly selected, unemployed people aged 25-58 got tax-free income of 560 euros ($636) a month with no questions asked.

Proponents say that universal basic income can empower people to start new businesses, knowing that they would continue to receive monthly income no matter how well their new venture does. Critics say it would merely reduce incentives for people to look for work.

In the Finnish experiment, the basic income is below what unemployment benefits pay, which is 32.40 euros a day, or almost 1,000 euros ($1,135) a month — subject to income tax of about 30 percent. The basic income is tax free, but barely enough to live on for someone paying rent, so it keeps pressure on the recipients to join the work force.

Venezuela’s Maduro spurns U.S. aid, rival warns military not to block it

More than 40 nations including the United States, major European powers and most of Latin America have recognized Guaido as the country’s rightful head of state.

“I want to see how many military officers are willing to commit crimes against humanity by not allowing the lives of the most vulnerable to be saved, 250,000 to 300,000 are at risk of dying if they do not receive immediate attention,” Guaido said during a gathering of university students.

India court hands seven Muslim men life sentences for killings that sparked 2013 riots

FILE PHOTO: Soldiers stand guard on a deserted street during a curfew in Muzaffarnagar, 127 km (80 miles) northeast of New Delhi, in the state of Uttar Pradesh September 9, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo

The riots began in the district of Muzaffarnagar, 130 km (81 miles) northeast of New Delhi, and spread to other areas in the country’s most populous state months before the 2014 election won by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party.

Nearly all the victims here of the riots were Muslims, including about 12,000 people who were made temporarily homeless due to the unrest that polarised western Uttar Pradesh on religious lines.


“White” Women Rule: Why Female Democrat Lawmakers Outnumber GOP

Women dressed in white at President Trump’s State of the Union address highlighted the stark imbalance between the GOP and Democrat representatives in Congress.

Why do Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans when it comes to female lawmakers? Is there an institutional GOP rule against female candidates?

What lessons should the US learn from Venezuela?

Could the U.S. end up like Venezuela? Former Clinton adviser Mark Penn weighs in on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

The 10 Most Insane Requirements Of The Green New Deal

It is not hyperbole to contend that GND is likely the most ridiculous and un-American plan that’s ever been presented by an elected official to voters.

Not merely because it would necessitate a communist strongman to institute, but also because the societal costs are unfathomable.

While some of the specifics need to be ironed out, the plan’s authors assure us that this “massive transformation of our society” needs some “clear goals and a timeline.” The timeline is ten years. Here are some of the goals: