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News and Headlines. 2/27/2019

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In The News:

Mother suspected of killing baby, tossing son from landing

Tierra Ortega
This undated photo provided by theUpland Police Department shows Tierra Ortega who has been booked for investigation of homicide, attempted homicide and child abuse resulting in death.(Upland Police Department via AP)

The events unfolded late Tuesday morning in Upland, a small city at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in the inland region about an hour’s drive east of Los Angeles.

A neighbor called 911 to report that a child was screaming or crying and then saw the woman was holding the child on a second-story landing, according to police.

“The mother proceeded to release the toddler, who fell to the ground below. Upon officers arriving on scene, they noticed the child on the floor and the mother subsequently jumped from the second story landing head first,” a police statement said.

California officer was justified in fatal police shooting on Halloween 2017 captured on video, report says

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said in a 32-page report that Lt. Emmett Larkin shot and killed Jesus Contreras Jr. because he posed an “imminent threat.”

The shooting came after officers responded to a report of a domestic-related stabbing on Oct. 31, 2017. Officers arrived to find a woman who had been stabbed in the stomach, according to the report.

“She told officers that Contreras had told her he would ‘cut her to pieces,’ stabbed her and barricaded himself in her home,” the DA’s report said. The woman also told officers that Contreras was on parole and did not want to go back to jail.

Lawmaker to Equifax CEO: Feel like sharing your Social Security number?

The House Oversight Committee in December released two scathing reports on Equifax’s security breach, with Republicans outlining the flaws that led to thieves accessing massive amounts of personal data and Democrats demanding new cybersecurity laws.

Equifax CEO Mark Begor found himself in the hot seat during a congressional hearing featuring aggressive questioning by two freshman members of the U.S. House.

Porter then questioned why Equifax attorneys were seeking to dismiss a class-action suit over its 2017 breach by arguing in federal court that no harm had occurred.

Supreme Court seems inclined to retain cross on public land

Before arguments in the case, it seemed that the memorial’s supporters, including the Trump administration, had the upper hand based on the court’s conservative makeup and its decision to take up the matter.

On Wednesday, even liberal justices Elena Kagan and Stephen Breyer suggested that they could join a narrow ruling upholding this particular memorial.

Kagan noted that the cross is a symbol linked with soldiers killed in World War I.

WATCH: Abortion Clinic Staffer Says She Will Drown a Baby Who Survives Abortion in a Jar of “Solution”

“Our investigators exposed this New York abortion facility, which says they will put a born-alive baby in a jar of ‘solution’ to drown her,” Live Action founder Lila Rose tweeted Wednesday.

“They also say to ‘flush’ the baby down the toilet, or ‘put it in a bag’ if she’s born alive.”

Gloria Steinem Compares Pro-Life Movement to Nazism: Hitler ‘Campaigned Against Abortion’

Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem,Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for MAKERS

Appearing on NBC’s Today show on Tuesday to promote the third edition of her book Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, Steinem referred to Hitler’s position on abortion in the context of recent debates over what constitutes life.

“On a more serious note, to put it mildly, is why Hitler was actually elected, and he was elected and he campaigned against abortion.

The remarks were immediately seized upon by anti-abortion campaigners, with conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza pointing out how they were historically inaccurate.

“Hitler was vehemently anti-abortion for Nordic Germans, and vehemently pro-abortion for the so-called inferior races. This can hardly be called a pro-life position!” he wrote on Twitter.

Ohio Sonic workers walk off job, leave scathing note bashing ‘terrible’ management: ‘The whole store has quit’

According to reports, Circleville, Lancaster and Grove City have all experienced complete staff walkouts after the fast-food stores were purchased by new ownership.

“Circleville, Lancaster, and Grove City crews have all walked out and quit after the franchise was bought out by corporate.

The regional director, two district managers and four general managers have all been let go. All of which have been working for the company in management for 7+ years,” an anonymous source told Scioto Post.

Chemical spill at Alabama water treatment plant sends 54 to hospitals

A chemical spill caused sodium hypochlorite to mix with ferric sulfate at a Birmingham Water Works treatment plant near Highway 280, reported. Both chemicals are used to treat water separately. When combined, they create a toxic gas.

Fourteen workers complained of respiratory issues after the spill and were taken to the hospital. Another 40 were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Amid clouds of dust, border wall prototypes are demolished

Crews work during demolition of border wall prototypes at the border between Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019, in San Diego.

The Trump administration says elements of the prototypes have been melded into current border fence designs and they have served their purpose.

The four concrete and four steel panels, spaced closely together steps from an existing barrier separating San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, were one of Trump’s top priorities, and he visited the location a year ago to see the installations firsthand.

Tech Watch:

Gab Has Just Launched a Censorship-Proof Comments Section for the Internet

Gab, the social network that defends free speech online, has just launched Dissenter – a game-changing browser extension and web app that’s going to create a comments section for the internet which can’t be censored.

Dissenter can create a Gab-based comments feed for any page on the internet. Since these comment feeds are hosted by Gab, they can’t be removed, edited, or hidden by the individual website owners.

This means you can comment freely and enjoy the full protection of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains “Deboosting” “Troll Report” & Political Targeting in Interview

Project Veritas has obtained and published documents and presentation materials from a former Facebook insider.

This information describes how Facebook engineers plan and go about policing political speech.

Screenshots from a Facebook workstation show the specific technical actions taken against political figures, as well as “[e]xisting strategies” taken to combat political speech.

To gain a better understanding of the documents, Project Veritas spoke with the Facebook insider in an interview. The insider separated from Facebook in 2018 and was later hired by Project Veritas.

YouTube Deplatforms Retired Navy SEAL Who Exposed Tribal Elder Nathan Phillips’ Stolen Valor

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley.
Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley.

“I have been in YouTube Prison before when phony SEALs would cry to them about being posted,” Shipley said via email. He said his posting privileges in the past had been restricted for six months.

“This time I was told/emailed I was banned from a video I had posted several years ago about a phony SEAL, but after several years I doubt that caused it,” he said.

“If you ask me, it was because I outed Nathan Philips. That Indian who masqueraded as a Vietnam vet,” Shipley added. “THAT video got a lot of attention and a lot of big lawsuits pending from it.”

In one of his most recent videos, Shipley exposed “tribal elder” Phillips, who falsely accused the Covington Catholic High School kids of bullying him in Washington, D.C., last month.

MALKIN: I’ve Been Silicon Valley Sharia’d

Michelle Malkin,
Michelle Malkin,Image Courtesy of

Deplatforming dissenting voices is a ruthless, bizarre and unprogressive way to achieve “diversity and inclusion.”

So is conspiring with repressive regimes that are hell-bent on destroying the West. Twitter has become America’s version of Islam’s morality police — the dreaded “mutaween.”

My innocuous tweet featured a compilation image of the 12 Muhammad cartoons published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005.

It also linked to my Jan. 8, 2015, syndicated column on the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre in Paris.

There’s no hate, violence, profanity or pornography, just harmless drawings and peacefully expressed opinions about the Western media’s futile attempts to appease the unappeasable enforcers of sharia law, which bans all insults of Islam.


House passes bill to require universal background checks on gun sales

The House passed legislation mandating federal criminal background checks on all gun sales, including private transactions, in the most high-profile congressional vote on gun control in decades.

CNN Admits: Cohen Not Telling the Truth in Congressional Testimony

In a fiery exchange between Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Cohen, the Congressman asked, “How long did you work in the White House?”

“I never worked in the White House,” Cohen responded.

“That’s the point, isn’t it, Mr. Cohen? … You wanted to work in the White House, but you didn’t get brought to the dance,” Jordan said, to which Cohen repeatedly denied the claim.

Political operative arrested in North Carolina scandal

Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr., 63,
This booking photo released Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019 by the Wake City-County Bureau of Identification, shows Leslie McCrae Dowless, who was arrested Wednesday and charged with illegal ballot handling and obstruction of justice in the 2016 general election and 2018 primary(Wake City-County Bureau of Identification via AP)

Prosecutors are still investigating evidence of ballot tampering by Dowless and others working on behalf of GOP candidate Mark Harris during last fall’s congressional election in the mostly rural 9th District, which includes part of Charlotte and extends eastward across several counties.

The indictment represents the first charges in a scandal that has cast doubt on election integrity and will leave a congressional seat unfilled for months.

World News:

‘Worthless’ UN blasted for weak Venezuela response, playing into Maduro’s hands

“[Secretary General Antonio Guterres] is playing right into #Maduro plans,” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted this month.

“Fake @UN ‘negotiations’ to divide opposition & buy time for protests to die down. Maduro will also want UN “experts” to blame #Venezuela crisis on sanctions.”

“When it comes to democracy & human rights UN increasingly worthless,” he said.

Looming behind the India-Pakistan tensions: Two growing nuclear arsenals

Indian Border Security Force personnel walk along a fence at the India-Pakistan border on the outskirts of Amritsar on Feb. 27, 2019. (NARINDER NANU/AFP/Getty Images)

As hostilities escalate between India and Pakistan, the world is getting a taste of what a limited war between two nuclear-armed rivals might look like.

For security experts, the current clash between India and Pakistan is fascinating, if alarming.

“This is like reality is playing out and testing deterrence theory,” said Uday Bhaskar, director of the Society for Policy Studies and a security expert in New Delhi.

Dalton expressed concern that domestic political considerations may tempt leaders to escalate the crisis. “The probability may be 1 percent, but the consequences are so terrible,” he said.

Britain reaches WTO deal on govt contracts post-Brexit

The agreement allows Britain to retain its place among the 47 WTO countries that are involved in the Government Procurement Agreement. The EU’s 28 member nations belong as a single entity, so the bidding agreement’s participating countries signed off on allowing Britain to join as an independent party to the pact.

The arrangement ensures continuity of cross-border bidding for big-ticket government contracts, though military contracts are generally excluded.

The deal comes a day after some countries, led by New Zealand, aired complaints about how tariff-rate quotas will be set by Britain and the European Union if they don’t reach a Brexit deal by the planned departure date.

UK lawmakers vote to hold prime minister to Brexit promises

The change of course was welcomed by pro-EU members of Britain’s divided Parliament, who sought further guarantees the government would not try to renege on May’s commitment.

Lawmakers in the House of Commons voted 502-20 in favor of a symbolic motion underscoring May’s promise.

Some pro-Brexit lawmakers, who fear delaying Brexit day could be used to try to stop Britain’s withdrawal altogether, abstained from the vote.

Elderly Jewish Man Assaulted in Suspected London Hate Crime

The assault happened on Tuesday afternoon. The attacker was in his thirties and had a shaved head, according to what witnesses told the Islington Gazette.

Marian Kennedy, a witness, said the attack against the man, who was wearing a checked shirt and overcoat, was totally unprovoked.

“He was punching him violently and right in the face with a closed fist. The older gentleman was utterly defenseless. He was being hit really hard and my instinct was jump between them but there was so much rage and violence,” she told the Gazette.


Soon-to-Be Inmate Michael Cohen is the ACTUAL Con Man and Cheat

Michael Cohen is currently sitting in the House Oversight Committee spinning MORE tales.

He has no evidence to back up his claims about Trump colluding with Russia other than his “suspicions.”

He is a known pathological liar, and his only interest is in saving his own skin from further prison time.

WATCH as Miller exposes Cohen’s real-time contradictions from today’s opening statement.

The Angle: The Democrats’ dark evangelism

Ingraham: Democrats revealing their true intentions; Senate votes down bill that would protect babies who survived abortions.

2020 presidential Democrats push for slavery reparations

Conservative author and filmmaker Shelby Steele reacts to Democrats’ agenda to ‘resolve’ slavery on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’