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News and Headlines. 3/13/2019

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In The News:

Burial program for veterans in Texas reaches milestone, as 100th unaccompanied veteran laid to rest

United States Army veteran Major Lee Shotwell died in November at the age of 73, but no immediate family members were found to claim his body. Little was known about Shotwell, who served in the Army from Dec. 6, 1963, to Dec. 6, 1966.

“We don’t know what he did or where he went, but none the less today he is our brother,” Marc George with the Christian Motorcyclist Association told FOX7.

Donald Trump: ‘Deranged’ Fake News Photoshopped Melania

“The Fake News photoshopped pictures of Melania, then propelled conspiracy theories that it’s actually not her by my side in Alabama and other places,” wrote Trump.

“They are only getting more deranged with time!”

The first lady’s communications director Stephanie Grisham rebuked hosts of The View television show for using internet conspiracy theories to ridicule the President and First Lady’s appearance during the couple’s trip to visit tornado victims.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s death penalty order gives reprieve to these serial killers, child murderers

The state’s residents though, in 2016, narrowly struck down a ballot measure to repeal the death penalty.

And Newsom’s decree appears to be a flip-flop from what he told the editorial board of the Modesto Bee newspaper that year while campaigning for the failed measure — that he would “not get my personal opinions in the way of the public’s right to make a determination of where they want to take us” on the issue.

California hasn’t executed anyone since 2006 due to legal challenges to its methods, and the state has put to death only 13 people since 1978. The new executive order is said to last throughout Newsom’s duration in office, giving a reprieve to 737 individuals on death row.

Here are some of the criminals that get to live their lives for a little bit longer – without fear of execution – following Newsom’s decision:

US-Taliban peace deal would dishonor 9/11 victims and troops who lost lives, senior Afghan official warns

Hamdullah Mohib, the National Security Adviser of Afghanistan (NSA) who previously served as the Ambassador to the United States. (Courtesy Afghan Unity Government)

“It would be a shame if a deal was made with the terrorists who killed more than 5,400 Americans, and if they were given control of the lives of the Afghan people.

That would be a win for those terrorists,” Hamdullah Mohib, the National Security Adviser of Afghanistan (NSA) who previously served as the Ambassador to the United States, told Fox News on a visit to the U.N. Mission in New York on Tuesday.

“It would also dishonor the one million Americans who have served in Afghanistan.”

Budget Chief Defends Spending Cuts, Strong Growth Projections

Acting Director of Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought
Acting Director of Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought speaks during a news briefing at the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House March 11, 2019 in Washington. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump unveiled his third budget resolution on March 11, titled “A Budget for a Better America: Promises Kept. Taxpayers First,” calling for significant cuts to both discretionary and mandatory spending in fiscal year 2020.

The proposal aims to cut the budget deficit by about $2.7 trillion over 10 years and balance the budget in 15 years. According to the White House, about $1.9 trillion of the savings will be to mandatory spending that is on autopilot outside of the discretionary spending. And about $517 billion in savings will come from Medicare.

Russ Vought, acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, said the budget helps achieve savings through lowering drug prices, rather than cutting Medicare benefits to seniors.

“These are programs that will continue to increase every year. So these are not cuts, these are savings over the life of the 10-year window,” he said at the House Budget Committee hearing on March 12.

Trump’s budget will help the fight against HIV/AIDS in the U.S., but we must also keep fighting it abroad

However, when it comes to fighting HIV in America, the Trump administration’s budget is quite useful. It asks for $291 million to help end the U.S. epidemic, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) receiving $140 million to help them advise and work with state and local health departments with the goal of reducing new infections.

An additional $120 million would be given to the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program – a part of the Health Resources and Services Administration which “provides a comprehensive system of HIV primary medical care, essential support services, and medications for low-income people living with HIV who are uninsured and underserved.”

More than half of the people living with diagnosed HIV in the U.S. (more than 500,000 people) are treated through this program every year. The president is right to expand its funding.

The CDC has determined that HIV mostly impacts the economically disadvantaged in urban areas of the U.S.


The suit addresses four television broadcasts and nine articles specifically, alleging that they contain statements toward or about Sandmann that are defamatory.

“The CNN accusations are totally and unequivocally false and CNN would have known them to be untrue had it undertaken any reasonable efforts to verify their accuracy before publication of its false and defamatory accusations,” the suit continues.

Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Leading Climate Change School Walkouts in U.S.

Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, 16, of Minneapolis, is spearheading the nationwide youth climate strike protests across the U.S. in nearly 50 states and Washington, DC., along with co-organizers Alexandria Villasenor, 13, of New York, and Haven Coleman, 12, of Denver.

Hirsi, who lists on Twitter page that she is the head of the Minnesota High School Democrats and several other left-wing youth-based organizations, said in a recent interview with Grist that she is looking to “change the conversation” on issues such as the Green New Deal by organizing the strike.

Rules for disabled students exploited by exam cheaters

The College Board, which runs the SAT, and ACT Inc. provide accommodations for students with medically documented disabilities that can include giving students extra time to complete the test or allowing them to take it alone under the supervision of a proctor.

Both organizations are now defending the integrity of their testing process.

The College Board said it has seen an increase in disabilities accommodations request in recent years as more students have opted to take its exams.


The news comes a day after the “Full House” actress was among a large group of celebrities, billionaires, and college coaches indicted in a massive college bribery scheme that involved fraudulent standardized test scores, and fake athletic profiles.

According to TMZ, FBI agents showed up at Loughlin’s house Tuesday, but the actress was in Vancouver for a shoot. The report says that Loughlin made prior arrangements with the FBI to turn herself in once she returned to Los Angeles.

New Jersey teen gets 17 college acceptance letters, overcomes homelessness

Dylan Chidick
Dylan Chidick got accepted into 17 colleges, making his mother very proud. CBS NEW YORK

The Jersey City student set his goals high and met them. He became the senior class president at Henry Snyder High School and got inducted into the honor society.

Now, he is looking to become the first in his family to attend college.

“The dream I want to achieve, I have to have a lot of determination,” he said.
It was his single mother’s courage to ask for help from the non-profit group Women Rising that Chidick said makes him want to do better.

“It has been hard financially, we have been homeless,” the teen’s mother, Khadine Phillip, said.

“Making herself vulnerable and putting herself out there, that made me determined to never let us get back in that situation again,” Chidick added.

“She is a great example in doing everything necessary to help her children,” said Roseann Mazzeo, executive director for Women Rising.


A watchdog group called 4thWaveNow — which describes itself as a “community of parents & others concerned about the medicalization of gender-atypical youth and rapid-onset gender dysphoria” — is raising awareness online about “the ever-accelerating medical and media fascination with the phenomenon of ‘transgender children.’”

This week, the group released a plethora of screenshots from a private Facebook group called Parents of Transgender Children, which expose multiple conversations surrounding the practices of “packing“ and “tucking“ for supposedly transgender children as young as five years old.

Some conversations involve parents expressing confusion at their child’s lack of interest in prosthetic penises.

“My kid doesn’t seem that miffed about not having a penis, which frankly throws me off a bit,” one reads.

Pentagon Acting on Policy to Disqualify Transgender Recruits with Gender Dysphoria

The policy would grandfather in all transgender troops, including those with transgender dysphoria, currently serving or those who have signed contracts by April 12 under the previous policy, but not allow new recruits diagnosed with transgender dysphoria to serve unless they are deemed stable for 36 months and willing to serve in their biological sex.

Transgender recruits who have not been diagnosed with gender dysphoria would be able to serve in their biological sex.

Those later diagnosed with gender dysphoria or who seek medical transition to another sex would likely be referred for disability evaluation or administrative separation from the military.

Terminal patient learns he’s going to die from a robot doctor

Quintana’s illness had already been diagnosed as terminal, but the family was surprised and angered when a robot rolled into the intensive care unit and a doctor delivered the news that Quintana would likely die within days via video.

The event has prompted discussions about the appropriateness of using robots in sensitive settings where empathy is expected.

Arkansas police officer fires at least 15 times into car while on hood in deadly shooting caught on video

The Little Rock Police Department released footage of the Feb. 22 incident on Thursday, which Mayor Frank Scott said was part of an effort to be “accountable, clear and transparent” in a statement posted to Twitter.

Scott said the department compiled dashcam footage, video from nearby businesses’ security cameras, and radio traffic to create a nearly 25-minute video showing the confrontation between Officer Charles Starks and 30-year-old Bradley Blackshire.

Starks was responding to a call after a detective confirmed that Blackshire was driving a car that was reported stolen.

Defrocked priest accused of abusing teenage boys fatally shot in Nevada, police say

John Capparelli, 70,
John Capparelli, 70,

Police believe Capparelli died amid “suspicious circumstances,” but authorities haven’t divulged details as to whether there’s a suspect in his death or if the killing had anything to do with the abuse allegations.

“Preliminary investigation indicates the victim died of suspicious circumstances, and the incident is being investigated as a homicide,” police said in a statement, according to “A suspect has not been identified at this time and police are following up on developed leads.”

Pregnant Florida woman allegedly stabbed boyfriend for looking at picture of another woman, cops say

Julitza Emily Gonzalez, 25, was arrested Thursday and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after officers responded to a report of a stabbing at a Zephyrhills home, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Gonzalez was in the room when her boyfriend’s roommate showed him a photo of a woman the roommate wanted to date, FOX13 News reported, citing an arrest report.

The boyfriend looked at the picture, which reportedly sparked an argument between him and his pregnant girlfriend.

Wisconsin woman accused of spitting, attacking officers while threatening ‘you dead’ after traffic stop

The Brown Deer Police Department said in a report the incident began at 11:56 p.m. Saturday after an officer reported a wrong-way driver.

Police attempted a traffic stop, but said the driver, identified as 26-year-old Denisha Davis, did not pull over for several blocks.

Once Davis was outside the vehicle, video obtained by FOX6 shows the 26-year-old attempt to complete field sobriety tests while giggling and stumbling.

Once she was handcuffed by officers, Davis can be seen looking at a dashboard video camera and sticking up her middle finger and sticking out her tongue.

Former detention officer arrested on rape charges, covered in scratches in mug shot

Kirk Taylor Martin, a former jail guard in Georgia,
Kirk Taylor Martin, a former jail guard in Georgia, was arrested and faces rape and other charges after police say he held a woman in her home. (Murray County Sheriff’s Department via A)

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced Monday that 28-year-old Kirk Taylor Martin, of Acworth, is facing multiple charges including aggravated sexual battery, aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit sodomy, false imprisonment and obstructing an emergency call.

Officials said he was arrested Friday after the victim was able to contact someone outside her home after being held there by Martin from the afternoon of March 7 until the early hours of March 8.


Study: Migrants Using Nearly 2X the Welfare of Native-Born Americans

In recently released research by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), analysts discovered that about 63 percent of noncitizen households, those who live legally and illegally in the U.S., use some form of public welfare while only about 35 percent of native-born American households are on welfare.

Likewise, roughly 50 percent of naturalized citizens — those who legally immigrated to the country and became citizens — use taxpayer-funded welfare, as well as about 55 percent of all households headed by legal immigrants, those who are naturalized citizens and those who are not yet citizens.

California and Texas have the most expansive welfare-dependent immigration. For example, more than 7-in-10 noncitizen households in California use at least one form of welfare compared to just 35 percent of native-born American households that use welfare in the state.

In Texas, nearly 70 percent of noncitizen households use welfare. Similar to California, only 35 percent of native-born American households are on welfare.

Illegal immigrant with criminal history arrested in California woman’s murder

Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, was arrested Monday night in connection with the murder of 59-year-old Bambi Larson; police say he stalked her before stabbing her to death.

Larson’s son and a co-worker went to her home in the 900 block of Knollfield Way around 1:45 p.m. and discovered her body in the bedroom, San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said.

Police arrived and found Larson suffering from multiple stab wounds consistent with a cutting tool, multiple lacerations to her body and blunt force trauma.

They also recovered a bloodied towel and footprints from the scene near a sliding door.


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will shutter nearly two dozen international field offices in the coming months “in an effort to maximize our agency’s finite resources,” according to an email from USCIS Director L. Francis Cissna that was sent to staffers on Tuesday.

Services currently being performed by the nearly two dozen offices abroad will instead be transferred to domestic offices and the State Department’s consulates and embassies.

A cost analysis by USCIS officials in 2018 found that a phase out of its international offices would save the agency millions per year.

Politics/President Trump/Deep State/Corruption:

Pelosi blocks vote on National Emergencies Act overhaul

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday said she would not bring to the floor proposed legislation to overhaul the National Emergencies Act, which could politically protect Republicans reluctant to vote against President Donald Trump’s national emergency at the border.

The legislation, proposed by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, on Tuesday, would make national emergency declarations by the president subject to congressional approval every 30 days. Lee said the National Emergencies Act of 1976, which gives the president power to declare emergencies without Congress, allows the executive to act “like a king.”

Pelosi’s statement Wednesday, though, tells the Republican senators their efforts are moot because she won’t bring the Article One Act up for a vote in the House.

“Republican Senators are proposing new legislation to allow the President to violate the Constitution just this once in order to give themselves cover,” she said.

Lisa Page admitted Obama DOJ ordered stand-down on Clinton email prosecution, GOP rep says

But Page’s testimony was perhaps the most salient evidence yet that the Justice Department improperly interfered with the FBI’s supposedly independent conclusions on Clinton’s criminal culpability, Ratcliffe alleged.

The document dump was part of a major release by House Judiciary Committee Republicans, who on Tuesday released hundreds of pages of transcripts from last year’s closed-door interview with Page, revealing new details about the bureau’s controversial internal discussions regarding an “insurance policy” against then-candidate Donald Trump.

Originally Comey accused the former secretary of state of being “grossly negligent” in handling classified information in a draft dated May 2, 2016, but that was modified to claim that Clinton had merely been “extremely careless” in a draft dated June 10, 2016.

It was revealed last month that FBI’s top lawyer in 2016 thought Hillary Clinton and her team should have immediately realized they were mishandling “highly classified” information based on the obviously sensitive nature of the emails’ contents sent through her private server.

And he believed she should have been prosecuted until “pretty late” in the investigation, according to a transcript of his closed-door testimony before congressional committees last October.

Trump blasts Obama DOJ as ‘corrupt machine,’ as Page transcript suggests Clinton case intervention

Those transcripts, released by House Judiciary Committee Republicans, appeared to show Page confirming that DOJ officials during the Hillary Clinton email investigation made clear to the FBI that they should not pursue Clinton for “gross negligence” in the handling of classified information.

“The just revealed FBI Agent Lisa Page transcripts make the Obama Justice Department look exactly like it was, a broken and corrupt machine. Hopefully, justice will finally be served.

Much more to come!” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.

Trump blasts California governor for halting executions

President Trump on Wednesday blasted California Gov. Gavin Newsom for halting executions for the state’s 737 death row inmates.

“Defying voters, the Governor of California will halt all death penalty executions of 737 stone cold killers. Friends and families of the always forgotten VICTIMS are not thrilled, and neither am I!” Trump tweeted early Wednesday.

Letitia James subpoenas banks for Trump Organization records

State Attorney General Letitia James
State Attorney General Letitia James

James, who campaigned on investigating the president, initiated the civil inquiry after Trump’s former longtime lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen testified to a House panel last month about the president’s financial dealings.

A number of investigations are ongoing into Trump, his businesses, his campaign and his inauguration in Congress and by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Deutsche Bank subpoena seeks loan applications, mortgages, lines of credit and other records of financial transactions in connection to the Trump International Hotel in Washington, the Trump National Doral in South Florida and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, the New York Times reported on Monday evening.

Flynn seeks further sentencing delay, cites possible ‘additional cooperation’

In a court filing on Tuesday, Flynn’s lawyers requested a 90-day delay as “there may be additional cooperation for the defendant to provide pursuant to the plea agreement in this matter.”

Flynn has been cooperating with prosecutors in an ongoing case against two former business associates accused of illegally lobbying for Turkey. That case is scheduled for trial in July.

Mueller’s office said in the filing that it takes no position on the request for a continuance and says that “[Flynn’s] cooperation is otherwise complete,” meaning that his cooperation in the Mueller investigation is likely complete.

Paul Manafort sentenced to additional 3.5 years in prison

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is sentenced by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson on federal conspiracy charges; Catherine Herridge reports on the details.

Paul Manafort indicted in New York City on mortgage fraud, other state charges

The new charges were announced by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance just minutes after U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, of the District of Columbia, sentenced Manafort as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, leaving him with 81 months to serve behind bars as part of that case.

The New York indictment on mortgage fraud, conspiracy, and other state charges alleges that the 69-year-old Manafort and others falsified business records to illegally obtain millions of dollars.

Paul Manafort committed crimes, but is being punished for association to Donald Trump: Brit Hume

The term he will serve includes the 47-month sentence handed down in a separate case in Virginia last week.

“But there’s one thing that’s also true. None of this, none of this whole prosecution of him and the alleged crimes of obstruction of justice that he committed during the investigation would have happened had he not served as Donald Trump’s campaign chairman.”

Hume said the investigation into Manafort was dormant until the political advisor became associated with Trump.

“He is where he is today because he made the mistake, as it turned out for him, of serving as Trump’s campaign advisor,” Hume said. “Because if you don’t have that you don’t have this investigation.”

Who’s been charged by Mueller in the Russia probe so far?

Mueller is believed to be wrapping up his probe, which has been shrouded in secrecy, with a report to be finished sometime this year — although the exact time is open to speculation.

Dozens of people have been either indicted, convicted, or entered a guilty plea as part of the investigation, which began in May 2017. Several former Trump campaign associates – Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, Roger Stone and George Papadopoulos – are among the scalps via Mueller’s team, while at least 25 are Russian officials.

Here’s a closer look at those who have faced charges throughout Mueller’s probe.

World News:

UK parliament votes to reject no-deal Brexit

The vote, which passed by 312 to 308 is non-binding on the government. It came in the form of an amendment to a government motion which, while also rejecting a no-deal exit on March 29 — the current legal date of departure — had nevertheless noted that leaving without a deal remains the legal default.

The amendment, put forward by Conservative MP Caroline Spelman, removed this acknowledgement that no deal remains the legal default, in an apparent bid to remove any ambiguity about the government’s intentions.

Children feared dead, trapped inside in Nigeria after 3-story school collapses

In this image taken from video rescue workers and emergency teams work at the scene of a building collapse in Lagos, Nigeria, Wednesday March 13, 2019. A three-story building has collapsed in Lagos, and rescuers rush to pull out scores of children thought to be inside. There was no immediate official word on numbers of casualties. (AP)

So far it remains unclear how many children exactly have died or are still trapped.

“For now we don’t have any word on casualties as we are still busy with rescue work,” said Sani Datti, a spokesman with Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency.

“It is believed that many people including children are currently trapped in the building,” another spokesperson for the agency told the BBC.

Brazil school shooting leaves several dead, including 5 kids, reports say

A man comforts a woman at the Raul Brasil State School in Suzano, Brazil, Wednesday, March 13, 2019(Mauricio Sumiya/Futura Press via AP)

According to police, the shooters wore masks when they entered the school, which was about 9:30 a.m. local time.

They began firing away, before taking their own lives. Witnesses told Brazilian media they saw someone shooting a gun outside the school before going inside as classes were beginning.

Salles said that the shooters used a .38 caliber revolver, a bow and arrows and explosives.

Joao Doria, the governor of Sao Paulo, tweeted that he was canceling his scheduled activities and was heading to the school.

After he went there, he said: “It is a very sad scene, the saddest thing I have seen in my entire life.”

Latin America’s largest nation has the largest number of annual homicides in the world, but school shootings are rare.

Saudi women’s rights activists stand trial in criminal court

Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul is seen in this undated handout picture. Marieke Wijntjes/Handout via REUTERS

Three dozen countries, including all 28 EU members, called on Riyadh last week to release the activists. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his British counterpart have said they raised the issue with Saudi authorities during recent visits.

Activists say some of them, including Hathloul, were held in solitary confinement and subjected to mistreatment and torture, including electric shocks, flogging and sexual assault. Saudi officials have denied those allegations.

Hathloul, who had advocated an end to the driving ban and the kingdom’s male guardianship system, was previously detained twice, including for 73 days in 2014 after she attempted to drive into Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirates.

Bahrain opposition figure gets 6 months for Sudan tweet

Fareeda Ghulam, the wife of Bahrain opposition politician Ebrahim Sharif,
FILE – In this Feb. 22, 2012 file photo, Fareeda Ghulam, the wife of Bahrain opposition politician Ebrahim Sharif, carries a poster with her husband’s image as she arrives for an anti-government rally outside the offices of the United Nations in Manama, Bahrain.(AP Photo/Hasan Jamali, File)

Bahraini prosecutors have long targeted Ebrahim Sharif over his outspokenness in an island kingdom in the grips of a yearslong crackdown on dissent.

Both Amnesty International and the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy reported the court ruling Wednesday.

Sharif must pay bail of over $1,300 to remain free pending a possible appeal.

Afghans on social media demand punishment for child killers

Kabul police chief Gen. Sayed Mohammad Roshandil told reporters on Wednesday that the men confessed to their crime.

The two were brought before cameras during the presser, which was broadcast live.

Roshandil says the kidnappers had demanded $300,000 from the girl’s father. He promised they would be dealt with speedily and according to the law.

U.S. citizen sentenced in Peru to 27 years over sex abuse ring

The final reading of the 27-year sentence against the U.S. citizen, nicknamed by Peruvian media since his December 2015 arrest as “The Beast,” will be on Thursday, America TV and El Comercio reported.

Brown was found guilty of organizing a group dedicated to finding vulnerable women, including minors, to be offered for sex to tourists, Peru 21 reported Tuesday.

Peruvian citizen Marilyn Salazar was also sentenced to eight years in the same proceeding, on charges of, in complicity with Brown, committing child pornography crimes involving a 4-year-old.

2 arrested in Georgia for trying to sell uranium

A statement from the State Security Service on Wednesday said the two were arrested in Kobuleti, a town on the Black Sea.

The statement said they were in possession of about 40 grams of uranium-238. That is the most common isotope of uranium and is not fissile but can be used to produce highly fissile plutonium-239.


Rep Crenshaw Deconstructs Dem Arguments On Illegal Immigration, Border Security

Rep. Dan Crenshaw deconstructed Democrat arguments on illegal immigration and border security during a hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee on 3/6/19.

3 Things the Media Was Too Afraid to Tell You

Tech Watch:

Facebook lost 15 million users in the U.S. since 2017

A new study by Edison Research claims that Facebook is seriously bleeding American users. The social media giant is especially losing users in the key 12- to 34-year-old demographic. 

Google slammed over privacy invasions in Washington hearings

The hearing was looking at the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and California’s Consumer Privacy Act with a view to strengthening US laws amid growing concern about privacy scandals and data breaches.

It took place after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had released new submissions to its digital platforms inquiry including one from US company Oracle which claimed Google was creating “shadow profiles” on millions of Australians, potentially in breach of the law.

The ACCC inquiry is attracting global attention because it is the first of its type in the world.

Facebook, Instagram Experiencing Outages Around the World

Facebook tweeted at 3:03 p.m. ET that it was working on fixing the problems, which appeared to begin just around noon ET, as soon as possible. But it said it didn’t believe the issues were related to a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack, a common way of bringing down websites by overwhelming them with requests.

At 1:49 pm. ET, Facebook acknowledged the problems in a tweet, saying that “we’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps.”

Outage maps on showed difficulties for both Facebook and Instagram being reported in the U.S., Mexico, South America and Europe. According to DownDetector, outages on Facebook were first reported starting at 11:56 a.m. ET, while those for Instagram began at 12:01 p.m. ET. WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, also appeared to be having issues, although moreso in South America and Europe than in the U.S.


Tucker Carlson: We’re becoming an authoritarian society – and the group in charge is coming after Fox News

Ever notice how certain people have started to disappear? Not vagrants or runaways, the usual missing persons. But fairly prominent, well-educated people with dissenting political opinions.

One day you’re watching or reading them online. The next time you check, they’re gone. You can’t find their videos. They’re not showing up in your Facebook feed. Suddenly you can’t buy their books on Amazon.

You Google them to find out what happened and discover they’ve been banned. They’re being called dangerous extremists, bigots and Nazis. For the public good, they’ve been shut down. Disappeared.

You’re a little surprised to hear this. They didn’t seem evil or radical to you. They were just free thinkers, saying something a little different from the party line on CNN. You don’t complain about it, though. You don’t want anyone to know you were watching forbidden videos.

There’s a penalty for that.

Tucker Carlson – “Left, liberal media want Fox News gone”

Only Fox News carries an alternative view, all other networks speak with one voice almost entirely in sync with the Democratic Party.

Dave Rubin on ‘Media Matters’ and attacks on Fox News

‘The Rubin Report’ host Dave Rubin weighs in on the media’s attack on free speech and differing views.

It’s All About the Ad Hominems, Baby

Omar’s comments, which last week yielded a broad, anodyne House resolution against bigotry that satisfied no one, evoked a trifecta of anti-Jewish stereotypes.

But they also embodied a bipartisan tendency to question people’s motives rather than rebut their arguments, a tactic that is poisonous to civil and rational debate.