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Reps. Scalise and Zeldin: On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we must commit to fighting anti-Semitism

New efforts by Jewish cultural foundations are working to ensure the Holocaust is not forgotten by the younger generation.

It can feel as though we’ve taken great strides since World War II. Nazi rule ended when Germany was defeated in World War II, many architects of the Holocaust were held to account in the Nuremberg trials, and millions of Jews from around the world established the state of Israel.

But unfortunately, the stain of anti-Semitism lingers.

Specifically, we have seen a resurgence of anti-Semitism in the global left. A campaign called the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) has rapidly gained support from leftist groups.

The BDS movement is designed to delegitimize and economically isolate Israel.


The US Congress established Days of Remembrance as the nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust.

The Museum is responsible for leading the nation in observing Days of Remembrance and for encouraging observances throughout the United States.

Days of Remembrance will be commemorated on Thursday, May 2, 2019. Observances and remembrance activities will occur nationwide between Sunday, April 28, and Sunday, May 5.

This Prayer Sums Up Everything About America

The prayer offered at the National Day Of Prayer event at the White House Rose Garden .May 2, 2019

Leftists In Seattle Accuse Jews Of ‘Weaponizing’ Anti-Semitism To Target Blacks And Muslims

Carl Larson / Contributor via Getty Images

The event description on Facebook says they will ask:

“How are charges of antisemitism being weaponized to specifically target powerful Black and Muslim leaders, force Jews and Jewish allies into false dichotomies, divert attention from the worldwide rise of white nationalism and state violence, and divide progressive movement-building?”

As Rantz notes, co-sponsors for the Jew-hating event include the American Muslim Empowerment Network, Seattle King County NAACP, Washington State’s ACLU, OneAmerica, and Womxn’s March Seattle.

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro has explained, the theory of “intersectionality” — which serves as the over-arching theme for the Seattle Jew-hating event —is inherently anti-Semitic:

‘Extremely serious’ death threat against Ben Shapiro leads to arrest

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro 
Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon

TMZ initially reported that the FBI, Secret Service, and Kent Police Department were all involved in taking the suspect into custody Wednesday, after Shapiro filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department.

The joint task force coordinated the 27-year-old man’s arrest, which occurred during a traffic stop in his home state.

Shapiro confirmed the story on Twitter, extending his gratitude to the law enforcement agencies for their “quick and hard work.”

Further details regarding the alleged threat made by the Washington man are expected Thursday afternoon, when the suspect is scheduled to appear in federal court in Seattle, KCOP-TV reported.

Ringleader of failed Al Qaeda plot to bomb NYC subway to be sentenced after helping feds catch terrorists

Najibullah Zazi

Najibullah Zazi arrives at the offices of the FBI in Denver for questioning in 2009.

Seamus Hughes, deputy director of George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, told the Associated Press he believes Zazi could also get “considerably less” than life imprisonment.

Prosecutors at the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office “tend to look favorably on cooperation when it comes to terrorism cases,” he said.

And the lengthy lag between Zazi’s guilty plea and sentencing, Hughes added, “speaks to the value that prosecutors saw in terms of Zazi testifying against others.”

Following his 2009 arrest and decision to cooperate, Zazi testified against Medunjanin in the subway plot, providing a tearful account that prosecutors said was “critical to establishing proof of Medunjanin’s understanding of and participation in the conspiracy to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan and to conduct a suicide attack on the New York City subways.”

In 2015, he gave critical evidence in the trial of Abid Naseer, a Pakistani national convicted of leading an Al Qaeda plot to bomb a shopping mall in Manchester, England.

Zazi also played a role in the prosecution of Muhanad Mahmoud al-Farekh, a U.S. citizen born in Texas who was convicted of supporting Al Qaeda and conspiring to bomb a U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

California killer accused of beheading, torturing cellmate

Jaime Osuna. Osuna, a convicted killer.

This May 24, 2017, photo released by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows Jaime Osuna. Osuna, a convicted killer.
(California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via AP)

The state corrections department said guards found Romero dead in his cell about 7:30 a.m. March 9 at the prison, which houses more than 3,300 inmates about 220 miles (354 kilometers) south of Sacramento.

Romero bled to death from “multiple sharp force trauma injuries,” and his body was mutilated, according to an autopsy report released Friday.

Osuna was sentenced to life without parole after pleading guilty in 2017 to killing Yvette Pena, 37, at a Bakersfield motel in 2011, according to media reports at the time.

Romero also was serving a life term for a Los Angeles County slaying, but with the possibility of parole.

Corcoran State Prison inmate Jaime Osuna removed several body parts from his cellmate, Luis Romero, Assistant Kings County District Attorney Phil Esbenshade said Friday.

Charges accuse Osuna, 31, of repeatedly cutting Romero last month using what the prosecutor called a sharp metal object wrapped in string and attached to a handle.

Florida man arrested 47 years after North Carolina mom was found murdered beside her shivering baby

Larry Joe Scott, 65,

Scott was arrested in Florida after new DNA technology linked him to the murder of Neighbors, authorities said.
(Manatee County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Neighbors was allegedly kidnapped with her infant son almost 47 years ago while on her way to pick up her 7-year-old boy from school.

Days after disappearing, her body was found in a migrant worker house near Benson, N.C., the Raleigh News & Observer reported.

The 4-month-old child was found shivering, curled next to his mother’s body, having survived the cold December temperatures.

Larry Joe Scott, 65, was arrested Monday in Bradenton, Fla., and charged with murder and kidnapping in the death of 33-year-old Bonnie Neighbors, said Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell.

Best Buy’s Geek Squad finds child porn on man’s laptop after he spilled gravy on it: police

Robert Leo Watson, 54,

Robert Leo Watson, 54,

The Geek Squad employees made the disturbing discovery while they were transferring the files from the “gravy-covered computer” to a new device, the report said.

They contacted police, who took both laptops as evidence and arrested Watson on 10 counts of child porn possession.

2-year-old killed in northeast Arkansas shooting; 2 arrested

Officers with the Osceola Police Department responded around 10:10 p.m. on Wednesday to a shooting call in the 400 block of Buckingham Street, Chief Ollie Collins said.

Collins said that the toddler was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., where the child died.

Collins told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that two suspects have been arrested, but he couldn’t go into detail about who they were or when they would be charged.

Democrat Defends Aborting “Retarded” Babies: “Some Kids are Unwanted, You Kill Them Now or Kill Them Later”

Democratic state representative John Rogers of Birmingham,

Democratic state representative John Rogers of Birmingham,

The comments come as Alabama is in the middle of a heated abortion debate.

The state House passed a pro-life bill this week that would ban all abortions and make abortion a felony, putting abortion practitioners responsible for killing unborn children in prison.

He continued by saying some children may be aborted because they are “retarded” and “half-deformed.”

“Some parents can’t handle a child with problems,” he said. “It could be retarded. It might have no arms and no legs.”

“I may bring a bill to force all men to have vasectomies,” he said later in his remarks. “That would end this whole debate. There would be no more abortions and eventually no more voters.”

Trump defends clinicians’ right to refuse to do abortions

President Donald Trump speaks during a National Day of Prayer even

President Donald Trump speaks during a National Day of Prayer event in the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday May 2, 2019, in Washington.
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Donald Trump made the announcement during a speech in the White House Rose Garden to mark the National Day of Prayer.

“Just today we finalized new protections of conscience rights for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, students and faith-based charities,” Trump said. “They’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the rule requires hospitals, universities, clinics and other institutions that receive funding from federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to certify that they comply with some 25 federal laws protecting conscience and religious rights.

Universal Health Care in Canada: A Colossal Government Failure

[This is Part Two of a three part series. See Part One and Part Three.]

Tom Kent was the senior government policy person in Canada when the Medical Care Act was passed in 1966. He described the government’s objective:

After half a century, the government has still not honoured its commitment, and its performance declines with each passing year, despite increased spending.

Furthermore, the government made it illegal for citizens to pay private parties for the health care which the government fails to provide.

According to a Fraser Institute survey, for medically necessary treatment, the median waiting time for patients in Canada from referral by a general practitioner to consultation with a specialist, and then to the date of actual treatment, was 21.2 weeks in 2017.

This year’s [2017] wait time — the longest ever recorded in this survey’s history — is 128% longer than in 1993, when it was just 9.3 weeks.

Research has repeatedly indicated that wait times for medically necessary treatment are not benign inconveniences.

Wait times can, and do, have serious consequences such as increased pain, suffering, and mental anguish. In certain instances, they can also result in poorer medical outcomes — transforming potentially reversible illnesses or injuries into chronic, irreversible conditions, or even permanent disabilities.

Or even death! From a 2014 study by the Fraser Institute:

Expert: Doubling Americans’ Income Taxes Wouldn’t Cover Even the Lowest Cost Est

Charles Blahous, a senior research strategist at George Mason University

Charles Blahous, a senior research strategist at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, 
Source: Screenshot via C-SPAN

In fact, these single-payer proposals (favored by nearly every Senate Democrat running for president, and co-sponsored by almost half of House Democrats) would outlaw virtually all private insurance in America, ripping away a system on which nearly 180 million Americans currently rely (and are overwhelmingly satisfied).

Sanders also claimed that under his preferred system, in spite of large tax increases, the lopsided majority of people would end up paying less for their healthcare.

Some experts strongly disagree:

Blahous spoke before the House Rules Committee about “Medicare for All,” the health care plan proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and supported by several 2020 Democratic candidates. Blahous estimated the cost is between $32.6 trillion and $38.8 trillion.

“Now, to be clear, these would not be the total costs of Medicare for All.

These would the federal government’s net new cost above and beyond currently projected federal health obligations.”

Health insurance deductibles soar, leaving Americans with unaffordable bills

Tomas Krusliak, a 27-year-old chef in western Virginia, took on two extra jobs to pay medical bills after his wife had a miscarriage. (David Hungate / For The Times)

In the last 12 years, annual deductibles in job-based health plans have nearly quadrupled and now average more than $1,300.

Yet Americans’ savings are not keeping pace, data show. And more than four in 10 workers enrolled in a high-deductible plan report they don’t have enough savings to cover the deductible.

One in six Americans who get insurance through their jobs say they’ve had to make “difficult sacrifices” to pay for healthcare in the last year, including cutting back on food, moving in with friends or family, or taking extra jobs.

And one in five say healthcare costs have eaten up all or most of their savings.

The explosion in cost-sharing is endangering patients’ health as millions, including those with serious illnesses, skip care, independent research and the Times/KFF poll show.

Tech Watch:

Facebook, Instagram ban Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, other far-right figures

Alex Jones

Facebook had removed pages belonging to Alex Jones in August 2018, but did not ban the Infowars leader until Thursday. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”

The action came amid a flurry of suspensions and content take-downs for Jones and Infowars, which were also booted from Google-owned YouTube, Twitter and other platforms.

“The action today means these individuals can no longer maintain an account on Facebook or Instagram,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an email.

Advocacy groups have long called for social media platforms to take action against Farrakhan, who has a history of spreading anti-Semitic rhetoric online.

Facebook and Instagram Thursday also extended bans to a series of other far-right personalities, including Yiannopoulos, Infowars contributor Paul Joseph Watson and right-wing activist Laura Loomer.

Mark Zuckerberg could become Facebook’s ‘designated compliance officer’


According to a report in Politico, the FTC may require Facebook to create a privacy oversight committee as well as appoint a “federally approved privacy official” at the company.

The committee would be “independent” but could consist of Facebook board members.

The FTC could also designate Mark Zuckerberg as the company’s “designated compliance officer,” in which he would assume personal accountability for Facebook’s privacy failures.

It’s a way for the government to send a message about data privacy to other big tech companies.

But some civil rights groups say that the “independent” committee—which would involve Facebook executives—wouldn’t go far enough to prevent future privacy violations.


ICE starting 90-minute DNA tests on immigrant families at border

ICE told the Examiner it has seen 29 verified fake families, each with an unrelated child and adult, since April 18.

Forty-five cases were referred for prosecution for fraud and the U.S. attorney’s offices accepted 33 of those referrals.

The agency hopes the pilot will allow them to increase the number of cases referred to the Justice Department.

The debut marks the first time DNA testing of any sort has been at the border.

Currently, ICE and Customs and Border Protection employees must use verbal statements and written documents to verify family connections.

“We’ve never done anything like this before,” the DHS official said.


Under the upcoming plan, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers would train Border Patrol agents deployed on the southern border on how to perform “credible fear interviews,” according to sources who spoke with the Washington Examiner.

A migrant illegally crossing the border would be subjected to an interview by an agent shortly after apprehension and would only be allowed to claim asylum if they pass the interview.

“If that gets rolled out and we actually start deporting people within a timely manner, you’re going to see the numbers drop exponentially,” an official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said to the Examiner.

The only drawback for the administration would be that agents would be temporarily diverted away from border enforcement duties as they undergo training.

However, the plan is expected to result in an overall drop of illegal immigrants entering the interior of the country.

A Jordanian Man Planned to Smuggle People From Yemen Through Mexico and Into the U.S.

“According to the plea agreement, during the second half of 2017, Aldairi conspired with others to smuggle at least six Yemeni nationals across the Texas border and into the United States in exchange for a fee.

Aldairi admitted his role in transporting the aliens from Monterrey, Mexico to Piedras Negras where he directed them to cross the Rio Grande River into the United States,” the Department of Justice released in a statement.

“Aldairi provided construction hard hats and reflective vests to some of the aliens in an effort to enable them to blend in after crossing. Aldairi will be sentenced by the Honorable Alia Moses at a later date.”


Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Thomas Homan blasted congressional lawmakers when asked if they would support the White House’s request for more border emergency funds.

“Look, I don’t have any faith in Congress. Congress has failed this president from day one,” Homan said Thursday during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

“They talk about the president obstructing justice — who’s obstructing more than Congress? They obstructed this president from day one.”

“Forget about Congress.

There are certain things we can do operationally if Congress is going to fail legislatively.

There’s three things they could do right now that they’re not doing,” the former acting ICE director continued.


Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh submits written resignation amid investigations

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

“Baltimore deserves a mayor who can move our great city forward,” Pugh said in a written statement, which was read by Steve Silverman, Pugh’s attorney.

In a letter to Jack Young, president of the Baltimore City Council, Pugh wrote, “In the best interest of the people and government of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, I am writing to attest that, effective immediately, I hereby resign from the Office of Mayor, to which I was duly elected on November 8, 2016.

The FBI’s probe comes amid several investigations into Pugh’s business dealings, including probes by the state prosecutor’s office, the City’s Board of Ethics, the City’s law department, and the state insurance commissioner, as well as an internal audit from the University of Maryland Medical System.

Senate fails to override Trump’s veto on Yemen

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

“The resolution before us starts with false premises,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. “We’re not parties to the civil war in Yemen.”
Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

Seven Republicans broke with the White House and joined all Senate Democrats to override the veto, which ultimately failed on a 53-45 vote.

The measure needed 67 votes to override the veto.

Trump described the bipartisan resolution as “an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities” in April when he vetoed it.

It was Trump’s second veto of his presidency.

Ilhan Omar Blames US for Venezuela Crisis…Here Was Nikki Haley’s Message for Her

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Most observers would point to Nicolas Maduro’s socialist policies for his citizens’ suffering. But, Omar traced the tragedy elsewhere.

“A lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in Venezuela and we have sort of set the stage for where we are arriving today,” Omar (again, a U.S. representative) said in an interview with “Democracy Now!.”

Nikki Haley, who was our ambassador to the UN from 2017 to 2018, set the record straight.

Trump Spied On by FBI During Counterintelligence Briefings?

Attorney General William Barr committed on May 1 to brief congressional lawmakers on the possibility that senior FBI officials used counterintelligence briefings with President Donald Trump’s transition team to gather intelligence on the incoming administration.


A woman who posed as an assistant to former Cambridge professor Stefan Halper has been identified as an FBI investigator who worked on an intelligence-gathering operation against George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign adviser.

The New York Times reports that the woman, who used the alias Azra Turk, was tasked by the FBI to work alongside Halper during a series of meetings with Papadopoulos in London in September 2016.

The Justice Department’s inspector general is looking at the FBI’s use of Halper, including whether the bureau had adequate control of the informant, according to The Times.

Michael Horowitz, the inspector general, has been investigating whether the FBI abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act during its investigation of the Trump campaign.

The FBI relied heavily on the unverified Steele dossier to obtain four FISA warrants against Carter Page.

Denver activists pushing law to allow homeless to set up camps in any public place video.foxnews

Greenway Foundation founder Jeff Shoemaker explains the impact on the environment the Right to Survive measure would have if passed.

World News:

Trial opens for 24 accused in killing, beheading of Scandinavian hikers in Morocco

Maren Ueland, 28,

Maren Ueland, 28, a Norwegian student, was one of two found murdered in Moroccos’ Atlas mountains (Facebook)

Lars Loekke Rasmussen, Denmark’s prime minister, described the killing in December as “politically motivated and thus an act of terror,” while also stating it was a “beastly crime”.

Prior to leaving on the trip, Jespersen wrote on her Facebook page: “Dear friends, I’m going to Morocco in December. Any of you guys who’s around by then or any mountain friends who knows something about Mount Toubkal?”

Moroccan media outlets at the time also reported that investigators retrieved surveillance footage showing three of the accused putting up a tent near where Jespersen and Ueland were camping – and then leaving the area after they were killed.

Cyprus serial killer case forces justice minister to resign amid uproar over handling by police

Cyprus' Justice Minister Ioanas Nicolaou

Cyprus’ Justice Minister Ioanas Nicolaou has resigned over the case of a serial killer who has confessed to killing seven foreign women and girls amid mounting reports that police had bungled their investigation when some of the victims were initially reported missing. (AP Photo/Philippos Christou)

Critics say Cypriot police did little to investigate the disappearances of the women because they were low-status foreign workers.

Police Chief Zacharias Chrysostomou is slated to meet with the Cypriot president on Friday amid speculation he may also be on his way out.

The chief has also ordered a second, separate investigation into the disappearances of three of the victims who vanished in September 2016 and December 2017, according to a spokesperson.

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou told reporters on Thursday he was resigning over “conscience and principle” after a Cypriot army captain admitted to killing 7 women and girls.

Search crews are still scouring the bottom of a poisonous mining lake west of the capital Nicosia where the suspect — who hasn’t been named because he has not been formally charged yet — told police that he dumped three of his victims after putting their bodies inside suitcases.

Cyclone Fani churns toward India, prompting evacuation of almost 1 million

Clouds loom ahead of cyclone Fani in Visakhapatnam,

Clouds loom ahead of cyclone Fani in Visakhapatnam, India, May 1, 2019.

Some 3,000 shelters in schools and government buildings have been set up to accommodate more than a million people.

More than 100,000 dry food packets are ready to be dropped if needed, reports said.

On Thursday the storm, which reports said would be the biggest to hit eastern India in nearly two decades, was brewing in the Bay of Bengal about 155 miles offshore and moving slowly but ominously to the west.

CBS News contributing meteorologist Jeff Berardelli says Bay of Bengal cyclones can be the deadliest on the planet because the region is so low-lying, exposing densely-populated coastal areas to extreme storm surges.

More than 600,000 EU citizens apply for UK settled status

The Home Office said 200,000 applications had been made on its settled status phone app between August 2018 and April.
Photograph: Katharina Brandt/Alamy

EU citizens wishing to stay in the UK must apply for settled status by June 2021 in the event of a Brexit deal and December 2020 in the event of no deal.

Data shows that the most applications came from Romanian nationals, (37,742), followed by those from Italy (28,575) and Poland (28,214).

There were 11,583 from France and 10,825 from Germany, two of the EU’s founding states.

Bolt said EU citizens’ post-Brexit plight presented the Home Office with the opportunity to show it was a department that could be trusted, after it was heavily criticised over the Windrush scandal.


Freedom or Government Control — There Is No True “Third Way”

Interventionists claim to advocate for a ‘third way’ of economic organization, one that preserves the productive nature of capitalism, while merely reining in some of its destructive excesses.

For instance, Sen. Elizabeth Warren last year described herself as a “capitalist to the bone,” even declaring “I believe in markets and the benefits they can produce when they work.”

However, she added the caveat that it is “markets with rules” that can create value and insisted “markets worked better” during the timeframe of 1935 to 1980 in large part due to “more aggressive regulation of markets.”

But is there a reasonable “third way”?

The defining difference between socialism and capitalism, as described by Ludwig von Mises in his 1950 essay “ Middle of the Road Policy Leads to Socialism,” is “the substitution of public control of the means of production for private control.”

More properly understood, socialism would eliminate the private ownership of the means of production by capitalists.

So efforts to impose “more aggressive regulation of markets” – which typically amount to more confiscatory taxes and stricter government regulations – may fall short of actual socialism, but erode the defining characteristic of capitalism, namely private ownership over the means of production.

Why Social Democracy is Failing Europe

With social democracy we observe committed socialists and communists using democracy as the pathway towards increasing socialism and eventual communism.

But there’s a problem, which in time becomes increasingly obvious to the electorate.

Electors become poorer over time, and the more progressive among them seek to escape in order to participate in more capitalistic economies.

Lenin and Mao Zedong dealt with this tendency by suppressing all freedom of expression and they redefined democracy to permit only the election of communist officials.

Intellectuals, always the first to express discontent, were liquidated or sent to the Soviet gulags and China’s penal labor camps.

Social democratic political parties express a belief in social justice.

But social justice is a meaningless term used by the far left to attract support for more extreme forms of socialism.

In Europe, social democrats advocating social justice have held sway since the Second World War. But they are becoming victims of their success at taking down capitalism, because they are losing electoral support.


“Professor Frank Ellis at the University of Sheffield noted the term ‘political correctness’ was first used in the late 19th to the early 20th century when Vladimir Lenin began his rise to power.

Ellis said that Marxist-Leninists and Maoists placed a heavy preeminence on being ideologically correct, both politically and theoretically.

Essentially, a ‘forum for discussion,’ as Ellis described it, would impede the revolutionary spirit needed to upend the social order.”

Leftist intellectuals were in the forefront of advancing communist ideology.

“As pointed out by author William Lind, it was the intellectuals, such as Georg Lukacs, who believed culture needed to be rooted out before it could be replaced by a Marxist one.

To do so, ‘critical theory’ came to fruition with the goal of destroying what it perceived to be old ways of thinking.”

The goal was to replace support for liberal individualism and freedom with collectivism and obedience, and correspondingly to replace capitalism with communism.

In Chinese schools, the head teacher plays the role of the commissar:

“In the organizational structure of a Chinese classroom the head teacher is responsible for 50 students’ study, behavior, and thought for three years.

This organization is repeated from kindergarten to university, and from Beijing to Tibet.

Back when the Communist Party was a revolutionary movement, a political commissar was responsible for the discipline and orthodoxy of each Party cell, and a ‘head teacher’ is basically the political commissar of a cell of 50 students.

In Chinese high schools, having students study hard is not enough – correct thinking is the ultimate goal.” [emphasis added]

Tucker: Facts no longer matter, only emotion

Democrats continue searching for evidence of collusion during Attorney General Barr’s hearing.