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Pilot accused of 3 murders had criminal record prior to being hired to fly

This undated photo provided by the Christian County (Ky.) Detention Center shows Christian R. Martin. Martin, a pilot for an American Airlines subsidiary was arrested Saturday, May 11, 2019 in the 2015 shooting deaths of three people in Kentucky, the state attorney general announced. (Christian County, Kentucky, Detention Center via AP)

In May 2016, a court-martial found him guilty of two counts of mishandling classified information and of assault on a child under the age of 16.

He was sentenced to be reprimanded, be confined for 90 days and be dismissed from the service.

A dismissal notice for an officer is equivalent to a dishonorable discharge, which multiple states regard as a felony conviction.

This dismissal raises the question of how Martin passed the airline’s criminal background check and the TSA background check to get the Secure Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge, allowing him access to the secured part of the airport.

Texas murder suspect found dead after bodies of 2 children discovered in burning car

Court records obtained by FOX4 said that Singh was charged with family violence in 2016 and received two years deferred adjudication.

Authorities initially said Singh was considered to be “armed and dangerous” before his body was discovered in a wooded area on Monday not far from where the car was discovered burning.

Cooke County Sheriff Terry Gilbert said that Singh had been wanted on a capital murder charge and that an autopsy has been ordered to determine what caused his death.

Georgia man arrested after UGA professor found dead near hot tub, second man dead of apparent suicide: cops

41-year-old Marcus Allen Lillard (left), 43-year-old Marianne Clopton Shockley (right),  (Baldwin Sheriff’s Office)

Once on the scene, deputies encountered Heindel and a “nude male subject,” who was later identified as 41-year-old Marcus Allen Lillard, performing CPR on 43-year-old Marianne Clopton Shockley, who was unresponsive and also was found naked.

Shockley had no pulse and emergency medical personnel declared her dead shortly after arriving, an incident report by the sheriff’s office stated.

While Lillard was in the back of a patrol car, police went to question Heindel again.

That’s when they discovered him inside the master bathroom — dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Lillard has since been charged with murder, aggravated assault and concealing the death of another.

Indiana teen pleads guilty to murder in mom’s fatal stabbing

Seventeen-year-old Chastinea T. Reeves changed her plea Tuesday under an agreement with prosecutors in exchange for a 45-year prison sentence.

Judge Diane Boswell took the plea agreement under advisement. Reeves is scheduled to be sentenced June 12.

She had been scheduled to go to trial June 3 in the February 2017 slaying of 34-year-old Jamie Garnett at their Gary home.

Reeves, who was 15 at the time of the slaying, was charged as an adult in Lake Superior Court.

Homeless encampments along California levees may be weakening them, officials warn

Officials are concerned that homeless encampments in Northern California are causing damage to levees. (FOX40)

Homeless encampments that have popped up along the sides of levees in Sacramento and San Joaquin counties are creating damage to the flood control structures, as some residents dig into the slope to create a flat surface to put their tents up.

But those cuts into the earthen levees may ultimately end up compromising the structural integrity of the mounds when floodwaters rise, according to Tim Kerr, the general manager for the American River Flood Control District.

Sacramento City Councilman Jeff Harris, whose district includes areas near the river, said the damage can be quite severe.

“In one spot a guy had actually cut into the levee enough like a cave,” Harris told FOX40. “That could cause a breach. There’s no doubt about it, this is dangerous.”

Tucker: Homelessness has no obvious solution

Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigates the nation’s homeless crisis and the decay of American cities.

Tim Conway dead at age 85, celebrities react on social media

The six-time Emmy-winning comedian and actor was known for his characters on “The Carol Burnett Show,” “Rango” and “Ace Crawford Private Eye.” He also voiced the animated Barnacle Boy on “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

His daughter, Kelly, told Fox News on Tuesday her father is “at peace now.”

Not long after the news, celebrity friends and fans alike immediately took to social media to mourne the loss of the comedy icon.

Man Pleads Guilty to Tossing 5-Year-Old Boy From Mall of America Balcony, Faces 19 Years in Prison

Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda is seen in a photo released by Bloomington police.

Emmanuel Aranda, of Minneapolis, was charged with attempted premeditated first-degree murder in the April 12 attack.

The child suffered head trauma and multiple broken bones but survived.

Aranda, 24, will be sentenced June 3. His plea deal calls for prosecutors to drop an aggravated-circumstances component to the charge that could have meant an additional year in prison.

Prosecutor Cheri Ann Townsend said the boy’s family supports the plea deal.

Ex-Michigan state trooper sentenced in death of Detroit teen, second taser-involved case

In this April 10, 2019, file photo, former Michigan state Trooper Mark Bessner listens to Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Matthew Penney deliver his opening statement in Bessner’s trial, in Detroit. (Clarence Tabb Jr./Detroit News via AP, File)

Mark Bessner was convicted last month of involuntary manslaughter for the August 2017 death of 15-year-old Damon Grimes.

Bessner was in the passenger side of a patrol car that was pursuing Grimes, who was being chased while on an all-terrain vehicle.

Bessner, who said he believed the teen was reaching for a gun, fired his Taser at Grimes, causing him to crash into a parked pickup truck. Grimes ultimately died of his injuries.

Black grandmother-of-three, 44, shot dead by Texas cop was NOT pregnant – and police claim she Tasered officer in the groin before he opened fire FIVE times

Police claim Turner fired the officer’s Taser at his groin before he opened fire on her

According to police, Turner struck the officer in the groin with his own Taser, shocking him.

In response, the cop fired multiple rounds at the woman, striking her at least once.

The officer, who was not named but described as Hispanic, has been placed on paid administrative leave, as per department policy.

The 11-year veteran of the department was patrolling the Brixton Apartments complex on Garth Road Monday night and attempted to arrest Turner because he had previously dealt with her and knew she had outstanding warrants, according to police.

In the video circulating on social media, Turner is heard saying, ‘You’re actually harassing me’ and ‘I’m actually walking to my house.’

Clash over abortion at UNC results in second arrest

A student was arrested Monday after she snatched a sign from the hands of pro-life activists.

Last week, Fox News reported Jillian Ward, a pro-choice feminist at UNC, was arrested for punching Austin Beigel, a member of the pro-life group Created Equal.

A second student on the same campus faces larceny charges after she stole a sign that read “warning: abortion victim photos ahead.”

Pro-Abortion Rep. Brian Sims Hides His Twitter Following Pro-Life Rally

Pro-abortion advocate Rep. Brian Sims from Pennsylvania made his Twitter account private following a pro-life rally held in Philadelphia last week.

The rally was organized by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh in response to Sims’ harassment of pro-life volunteers who prayed outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood.

Tech Watch:

How Nissan’s ‘invisible-to-visible’ tech could pave the way for autonomous cars

It lets drivers “see” inside buildings to find parking spots or get driving lessons from virtual avatars.

It may sound purely like science fiction, but Nissan recently began testing I2V at its Japanese proving grounds.

Digital Trends recently caught up with Roel de Vries, Nissan’s global head of marketing and brand strategy, at the 2019 New York Auto Show to get the full story on I2V.

Are there any other uses you view as being more on the practical side, more likely to get put into production?

The biggest applications are to make driving better.

There are other fun things you can do like, if I drive in my car and it’s foggy, we can make the road look beautiful.

You go on a holiday to Scotland and you want to see this beautiful scenery, but three out of four days it’s rainy in Scotland. But in the future, you [could] drive along the road, it would be like you’re driving on a sunny day.

I think there are unlimited possibilities.

Which ones will become reality, and which ones won’t? I don’t know, but the fun part of these things is that you need to play with the imagination.

Then something’s going to pop, and we’ll realize we can actually do it, and commercialize it. What that will be, I don’t know yet.

Amazon re-training employees after mistakenly blocking religious ads

After one person who has sold “Christian Fashion Gifts” on the platform for two years had an ad blocked, the seller asked Amazon why.

In an email, the company said the content of the ads — which included images of Christian apparel with biblical quotes on them — violated its new policy, adding that other sellers with similar language about religion would soon get taken down as well.

“The other sellers who are currently advertising religious related products are doing incorrect practice, which may lead to their account suspension,” Amazon’s rep told the seller in an email last week.

An Amazon spokesperson told CNBC the move was made in error.

A number of different sellers have written on Amazon’s seller forum detailing nearly-identical interactions with the company.

One was told Amazon was “working to stop all advertising of religious items” in February and told that crosses, Bibles, and similar products could be restricted from advertising for promoting a “specific religion.”

Another from April said rosaries were blocked because they are “religious in nature.”

Facebook revives ‘View As Public’ profile feature

The “View As Public” feature was initially removed after hackers used its code to execute a massive hack that exposed 50 million users.

While that vulnerability was patched quickly, it’s taken more than six months for the feature to return.

The ability to quickly check and edit what info is publicly available could also help in the event of other glitches — like the time a bug set 14 million users’ profiles to public.

The changes also align with Facebook’s recent emphasis on its “the future is private” mantra.

Facebook warns advertisers: You might not like ‘clear history’

Though it’s been well known within the tech and advertising industry, it’s not something the typical Facebook user has been given much visibility into. But that will soon change, thanks to the company’s upcoming “clear history” tool.

The long-promised (and much delayed) feature will allow people to see which websites send your browsing activity to Facebook and remove that info from the company’s servers. It is expected to launch in the next few months, according to Facebook.

But there’s one group that may not be thrilled with the rollout: advertisers, who will have a more difficult time targeting Facebook users, once clear history becomes available, the company warned.

Google, Walmart to testify before Senate on machine learning

The hearing, set for Tuesday, May 21, before the commerce committee’s Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet, will “examine how algorithmic decision-making and machine learning on internet platforms influence the public,” says a description on the commerce committee’s site.

“Witnesses will provide insights on ways technology companies use algorithms and machine learning to dictate outcomes.”

The subcommittee, chaired by Sen. John Thune, will also look into what policy responses should be made, such as algorithm explanation or transparency.

Google’s director of user experience, Maggie Stanphill, and Walmart’s former head of behavioral science, Jason Hreha, are slated to testify.


Trump promotes his U.S. energy sector policies in Louisiana

President Trump tours an LNG export facility in Hackberry, Louisiana before making a statement on energy sector infrastructure and the economy.

Trump approval at 51%, winning millennials, trusted more than Democrats on economy

The latest Zogby Poll put Trump’s approval rating at 51%, his highest ever in the trademarked survey.

Zogby Analytics pollster Jonathan Zogby said that the president is riding a booming economy and could be hard to beat should the nation’s economic health continue to improve.

His survey found that several groups that had been leaning against Trump were starting to favor him in large part because they have growing confidence in the economy and Trump’s handling of it.

Notably millennials and independents have turned in his direction.

Overall, likely voters said that they trusted Trump over Democrats, 46%-42%, to “grow” the economy.

“With a solid economy, a potentially long and drawn out primary season for Democratic presidential candidates, plus solid gains with independents, millennials, urban voters, college educated voters, and minorities,

Trump could be very hard to defeat in 2020,” said Zogby.

Limbaugh says Comey, bureaucrats feeling uneasy after Barr names prosecutor to investigate Russia probe origins

On “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh joked that listeners should keep an eye out for certain people “fleeing the country.”

“If you see James Comey in Argentina or if you see [former Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper somewhere where they can’t be extradited, then you will know that we are getting close… I’m only half-joking,” he said.

“It hasn’t started yet, but man, are they nervous,” Limbaugh said.

Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, will conduct the inquiry, a source told Fox News Monday.

On Tuesday, a person familiar with the process told Fox News that Durham had actually been working on the endeavor “for weeks.”

Elizabeth Warren takes a ‘hard pass’ on Fox News town hall

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) says she won’t appear on Fox News and blasts the network.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, Warren called Fox News a “hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracy theorists.”

The tweet contained a link to her website and asked visitors to sign a “petition” supporting the decision (i.e., join an email list for Team Warren).

Warren also released a much longer statement on the decision, doubling down on her Fox News fire and saying the network “balances a mix of bigotry, racism, and outright lies with enough legit journalism to make the claim to advertisers that it’s a reputable news outlet.”

Warren’s announcement follows Fox News town hall appearances by Democratic challengers Bernie Sanders in April and one earlier in May by Amy Klobuchar.

One other entrant in the crowded Democratic 2020 field, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, has a town hall scheduled for the network on May 19.

At least one of Warren’s opponents, former Congressman John Delaney, has already spoken out against Warren’s decision.


Warren asked supporters to donate to her campaign “instead of helping Fox News turn a fatter profit.”

The fundraising pitch also took a veiled shot at other Democratic candidates, such as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who have appeared on the network, though she didn’t criticize her opponents by name.

Warren’s Fox News boycott echoes rhetoric from left-wing activist groups like Media Matters, who have sought to weaponize advertisers against the network’s more successful conservative hosts.

California files 50th lawsuit against Trump administration in case over union dues

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announces a lawsuit against the Trump Administration’s new rule affecting home health care workers on Monday, May 13, 2019, in Sacramento, California.  (AP Photo/Adam Beam)

The Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services announced the rule change last week, saying that “nothing in this rule would interfere with an employer’s ability to make payroll deductions that are required by law or voluntary deductions for things like health and life insurance … and union dues.”

In 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled union dues for home health care workers had to be voluntary, meaning unions could not deduct dues from employees who were not members yet were still covered under the collective bargaining agreement.

That same year, former President Barack Obama’s administration issued a ruling clarifying states could deduct dues from paychecks of home health care workers who volunteered to join the union.

The Trump administration reversed that rule, arguing it violated federal law that bans states from diverting Medicaid money to third parties, with some exceptions.

But Becerra and union leaders said it is designed to weaken the finances of unions by making it harder for people to pay their dues.

AOC ramps up rhetoric on wages, says there is ‘no more’ paying people ‘less than they need’

“What we are fighting against — what we are fighting against is a logic that says it is ok to pay someone less than they need to live, and we are here to say no more,” she said during an event promoting her “Green New Deal.”

While it’s unclear how she would enact that idea through policy, her idea came amid a variety of other progressive proposals that would nudge up wages for workers across the nation.

During her speech, Ocasio-Cortez portrayed herself as someone authentically on the left side of the political spectrum.

Taking aim at “conservatives in both parties,” Ocasio-Cortez seemed to target former Vice President Joe Biden.

Congressional Candidate Wants To Take On AOC

North Carolina 9th Congressional District candidate Stevie Rivenbark wants to win her seat so she can take on AOC in Congress.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Compares Climate Change to World War 2

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed the world would end in 12 years because of climate change, then changed her claim.

97 percent of scientists agree: AOC should really think before speaking.

World News:

Brazil cancels another UN climate change event

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro speaks during a ceremony where he signed a second decree that eases gun restrictions, during the signing ceremony at Planalto presidential palace in Brasilia, Brazil, Tuesday, May 7, 2019.
 (Eraldo Peres/Associated Press)

Salvador’s sustainability secretary says the Environment Ministry told him it didn’t want to host the regional climate workshop.

The Environment Ministry says the event was conceived by a previous government as a part of the U.N.’s COP25 conference, which Brazil pulled out of hosting late last year, citing budget reasons.

The decision announced Tuesday is the latest blow to climate change consensus by the government of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

Saudis say oil pipeline was attacked by drones, possibly from Yemen

In a statement carried by the state-run Saudi news agency, the kingdom’s energy minister said the attack unfolded early Tuesday morning and targeted the oil facilities of state-owned oil giant Aramco.

It came two days after four oil tankers, including two Saudi-owned ones, were damaged off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in what Emirati officials described as acts of sabotage.

Shortly before Tuesday’s attacks, Yemen’s Houthi rebels declared on their television station that they had launched at least seven drone attacks on significant targets into neighboring Saudi Arabia. But the rebels did not identify their targets or the time of the attacks.

Sudanese security forces kill six in clashes with protesters

Sudanese protesters carry an injured man on a stretcher after the attack in Khartoum. Photograph:
Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP/Getty Images

The killings took place after nightfall on Monday, when protests in Sudan usually swell during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which is marked by dawn-to-dusk fasting.

The focus of the violence appears to have been close to the central Nile Avenue in the capital, Khartoum.

Most of those injured and killed were protesters manning several barricades that have sprung up around the sit-in that has occupied a large central area for more than a month.

Church Attacks Plague Burkina Faso as Jihadists Switch Tactics

Gunmen opened fire on a religious procession in a village in northern Burkina Faso, marking the third attack on Christians in less than two weeks in the country that’s struggling to cope with a surge of Islamist militant violence.

Attacks on churches are a new phenomenon as jihadists mainly targeted soldiers and teachers in the border regions, which have become increasingly dangerous due to a spill-over of violence from neighboring Mali.

Ramadan Rage 2019: Jihadis Kill 165, Wound 145 In First Week

Afghan security forces gather at the site of an attack by Taliban militants, a day after the assault on a compound housing an international aid organisation, in Kabul on May 9, 2019. – Taliban militants stormed a US-funded aid group’s central Kabul compound on May 8, having targeted the organisation for promoting Western culture and the “inter-mixing” of men and women. (Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR / AFP) (Photo credit should read WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP/Getty Images)

In 2019, Ramadan, a time when Islamic extremists believe Allah doubly rewards martyrdom and jihad, began at sunset on May 5 and is expected to last through sundown on June 4.

Breitbart News’ count excludes attacks that took place on May 5.

This week, the Ramadan death toll covers 33 incidents that took place in ten countries between May 6 and 12: Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Syria.

During the first week of the holiest month for Muslims, Breitbart News determined that Afghanistan (61 deaths, 44 injuries) and Iraq (29 deaths, 27 injuries) were the deadliest countries.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party Is Forecast to Win Big. But EU Populists May Still Fall Flat

The toughest challenge for those political leaders talking up an anti-establishment revolution will be to coordinate the political ambitions of the myriad populist groups contesting the vote.

The loudest such voice has been Italy’s Salvini, whose League party is forecast to grow from six to 26 seats.

Yet, despite his well-publicized campaign for the creation of a new populist coalition, only three relatively small parties showed up to a recent signing event.

While Europe’s populist parties almost universally share nationalist, EU-skeptic and anti-immigration characteristics, many hail from opposing sides of the traditional left-right political spectrum, making collaboration questionable.

Even if the likes of Poland’s Law & Justice (23 seats) could be expected to work with France’s National Rally (20 seats), a pact with Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement (18 seats) cannot be taken for granted, while Hungary’s Fidesz (13 seats) technically remains in the EPP, albeit with its membership suspended.

Salvini Warns of ‘Islamic State’ If Populists Do Not Win Across Europe

Mr Salvini announced a large-scale rally would be taking place in Milan next week, which will include representatives from various populist and sovereigntist parties such as French Rassemblement National leader Marine Le Pen.

Speaking over the weekend following a meeting in Albenga, Salvini stressed the importance of a populist election victory, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

“Either we save Europe now or we leave our children with an Islamic state based on fear and precariousness.

And I want a generation that is free and proud,” Salvini said and announced the Milan rally would take place on Saturday in the famous Piazza del Duomo, where Il Giornale claims that up to one hundred thousand people could attend the event.

Inside the Close Naval Encounters in the South China Sea

The U.S. Navy’s USS Blue Ridge in Singapore on May 9.
Photographer: Bryan van der Beek/Bloomberg

The U.S. Navy allowed media outlets, including Bloomberg, an inside look at the sort of ship it’s using to sail through the disputed waters.

The oldest operational warship in the American Navy, the Blue Ridge is the flagship of the 7th Fleet, and docked in Singapore as part of a tour of southeast Asian port cities.

The Blue Ridge is billed as one of the most technologically advanced ships in the world.

It operates as a central information node for a fleet whose range stretches from the Indian-Pakistan border to the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean.

Nikki Haley warns of China threat, calls Beijing ‘our foremost national security concern’

“China has become our foremost national security concern,” she said in an address to the Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul, South Korea.

“ Does this mean it’s America’s enemy? No.

Not necessarily. At one and the same time it is a principal trade and investment player, our chief strategic competitor, and our most serious potential military antagonist.”

The former South Carolina governor dismissed the theory of convergence, which predicted that as China grew wealthier, it would have to liberalize politically at home and therefore become similar to the U.S. in domestic politics and its outlook on foreign relations.

She called such a theory “false comfort,” and said that Chinese President Xi Jinping has “effectively killed the notion of convergence.”


Sally Pipes dispels myths surrounding single-payer health care proposals

Sally Pipes
Sally Pipes Health care expert:Fox News video.

Health care expert discusses the Affordable Care Act, rising prescription drug costs and the Trump administration’s plans for health care reform.

FUNNY! Barr to Investigate the Investigators & Media Loses Interest in #Russiagate

AG Barr appointed a prosecutor to make sense of the origins of the Russia investigation.

You’d think the Democrats would be jumping for joy at another collusion investigation, right? Nope.

They only care about the collusion narrative when it serves to take down Trump.

Steve Says: Standing up to China

Steve breaks down the president’s strategy in the trade war with China.