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In The News:

Study: Deaths from drugs, alcohol, suicide at all-time high in U.S.

The research said deaths by drug overdose, alcohol and suicide varied in their trends throughout the United States. File Photo by Stephen Shaver/UPI | License Photo

A study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, a healthcare advocacy group, details the rise in overdoses and suicides in a “scorecard” that uses data from 2017.

Drug overdoses are most prevalent in West Virginia and Ohio, it said — which saw 58 and 46 deaths per 100,000 residents, respectively.

“The rate of growth in drug overdose deaths in West Virginia is absolutely mind-boggling.”

“Nationally speaking, the death rates from suicide, alcohol, and drug overdose each rose markedly in the past decade,” the report said.

“The recent, sharp growth in drug overdose deaths is most alarming.”

The report said U.S. suicide rates are up almost 30 percent since 2005 while alcohol-related deaths have steadily grown by about 4 percent for much of this decade.

N Carolina man pleads guilty to killing 3 Muslim students

Craig Hicks,
FILE – In this March 14, 2017, file photo, Craig Hicks, center, charged with the murder of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, N.C., listens to with attorney Steve Freedman as he makes an appearance in a Durham County courtroom in Durham, N.C(Chris Seward/The News & Observer via AP, FIle)

Craig Stephen Hicks, 50, entered the plea to three counts of first-degree murder in a Durham courtroom packed with dozens of the victims’ family and friends.

It came two months after the new district attorney dropped plans to seek the death penalty in hopes of concluding a case that she said had languished too long.

“I’ve wanted to plead guilty since day one,” Hicks told Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson. The judge said Hicks had agreed as part of his plea bargain to accept three consecutive life sentences without parole.

Police say that in February 2015, Hicks burst into a condo in Chapel Hill owned by 23-year-old Deah Barakat and fatally shot Barakat, his wife, Yusor Abu-Salha, 21; and her 19-year-old sister Razan Abu-Salha.

Pinterest bans Live Action, alleges ‘conspiracy theories, anti-vax advice’

Originally, it appeared that Megan McClellan, Pinterest’s Law Enforcement and Government Operations (LEGO) Program Manager, placed Live Action on the porn blocked list. But after a source reached out to Pinterest regarding the permanent ban, the story changed (emphasis added):

Instead of being blocked for pornography, Pinterest now claims that Live Action was blocked for “conspiracy theories and anti-vaccine advice.”

While this classification is completely inaccurate, it is possible that Pinterest has chosen to make this claim based on the idea that simply reporting on news related to life issues is controversial.

Live Action News has published articles regarding the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover videos exposing the harvesting of aborted fetal body parts at various Planned Parenthood affiliates.

But despite the fact that the full, unedited videos (all available online from the beginning) were forensically examined by Coalfire Systems four years ago and found to be “authentic with no evidence of manipulation,” pro-abortion operatives have labeled David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt’s video investigations as “conspiracies.”


Government to use Army post in Oklahoma as emergency shelter for migrant kids

Fort Sill, Okla.
A vehicle drives by a sign at Scott Gate, one of the entrances to Fort Sill, in Fort Sill, Okla., in this June 17, 2014 file photo.Sue Ogrocki/AP, FILE

The use a military base isn’t unprecedented. In 2014, the agency used installations in Texas, Oklahoma and California to house 7,000 unaccompanied migrant children after other shelters hit capacity.

But officials say the latest influx of families and children arriving at the southern border has taxed the program once again and forced some 2,000 kids to wait at Border Patrol stations beyond the 72-hour limit before they are transferred to a children’s shelter.

Last week, HHS announced it planned to turn an apartment complex, once used by oil field workers in south Texas called “The Studios” at Carrizo Springs, Texas, into an emergency shelter for 1,600 children.

ISIS Fighter Affirms What JW Exposed Years Ago—Terrorists Enter U.S. Via Mexico

The terrorists begin their journey in Central America and exploit vulnerabilities in the Mexican border to reach the U.S., according to Abu Henricki, an ISIS soldier captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces in Rojava, Syria.

Henricki and 160 of his fellow terrorists were interviewed at length by a research group called the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism.

The nonpartisan organization published its findings recently in an alarming report that includes a video of the interview with the captured terrorist, who is Canadian and has dual Trinidadian citizenship

“They were going to move me to the Mexican side [of the U.S. southern border] via Puerto Rico,” Henricki says about the ISIS plot. “This was mastermind[ed] by a guy in America.

Where he is, I do not know. That information, the plan came from someone from the New Jersey state from America. I was going to take a boat [from Puerto Rico] into Mexico.

Chinese Risk Dangerous and Costly Journey Across Mexican Border to Illegally Enter US

Border Patrol agents apprehend seven illegal immigrants from China,
Border Patrol agents apprehend seven illegal immigrants from China, one from Mexico, and one from El Salvador after they tried to evade capture after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico into the United States near McAllen, Texas, on April 18, 2019. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

According to a June 5 statement from San Diego police, while driving through the border with Mexico on June 3, 23-year-old Travis James Eckstein refused to stop for inspection when U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers approached.

He then fired multiple gunshots while attempting to drive through San Ysidro, the district in San Diego immediately north of the border with Mexico.

Two people aged 18 and 27 were found “secreted inside” the car, both Chinese nationals “with no legal status to enter the U.S,” according to a CBP statement.

Both were unhurt and released after a police interview. Police and the CBP have not said whether the two would be deported.


According to Bexar County officials, Jesus Abraham Gonzalez-Moreno, 26, faces four charges of intoxication assault, one DWI and one illegal entry charge.

The District Attorney’s office said it will change one of the intoxication assaults to an intoxication manslaughter charge after one victim, 58-year-old Keith Kephart, passed away Monday night.

The Sheriff’s office tells us Kephart and his family were heading to church around 9 a.m. Sunday when Gonzalez-Moreno veered into oncoming traffic in the 24000 block of Pleasanton Road.


Benito Juarez-Hernandez, 39, his brother Cupertino Juarez-Hernandez, 33, and Diana Rodriguez, 36,
Benito Juarez-Hernandez, 39, his brother Cupertino Juarez-Hernandez, 33, and Diana Rodriguez, 36,

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office said Benito Juarez-Hernandez, 39, his brother Cupertino Juarez-Hernandez, 33, and Diana Rodriguez, 36, were arrested following an investigation by detectives with the Violent Crimes Unit.

The sheriff’s office said the three suspects are accused of abusing at least five children in the Beaverton and Aloha communities.

The abuse started about 15 years ago and continued until this year, when it was first reported to law enforcement.

Benito also has an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold, according to the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Detectives strongly believe there are additional victims in the case based on the investigation. Anyone with information about the suspects is encouraged to reach out to the sheriff’s office at 503-846-2700


Meadows: ‘There’s a Cover-up Within Certain Realms at the FBI’

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), in an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” touched on a wide range of issues including the investigation by Justice Department (DOJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the potential testimony before Congress of former special counsel Robert Mueller, the release of new documents this week, and whether people in the FBI and DOJ will be held accountable.

Donald Trump Jr. says ‘nothing to correct’ as he returns for Senate committee testimony

Wednesday’s closed-door hearing comes after Trump Jr. already testified for more than 20 hours and provided thousands of documents to Congress.

Last month, President Trump supported his son, questioning the need for the additional testimony.

“I don’t know why. I have no idea why. But it seems very unfair to me,” the president said.

Some Republicans even said Trump Jr. should not comply with the subpoena, which is believed to be the first subpoena targeting a member of the president’s family.

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., tweeted, “It’s time to move on & start focusing on issues that matter to Americans.”

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, a GOP member of the panel, said he understood Trump Jr.’s frustration. Cornyn’s Texas colleague, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, said there was “no need” for the subpoena.

Flynn Hires Sidney Powell. Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Meets His Match, Again.

Embattled Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has hired well known defense attorney Sidney Powell to represent him before his sentencing hearing in Washington D.C.’s federal court. Powell told

“He is and will continue to cooperate with the government in all aspects,” Powell told “He and his family truly appreciate all the cards and letters of support from countless people and the contributions to the defense fund which are even more important now.”

Powell noted that Flynn’s case file, “is massive” and “it will take me at least 90 days to review it.”

The guilty plea has been a source of contention in news reports, after evidence and testimony surfaced that the FBI special agents that interviewed Flynn in January, 2017 didn’t believe he was lying.

Former FBI Director James Comey joked about the bureau’s interview with Flynn.

Comey said in an interview that he used tactics he would not ordinarily use because the then fledgling Trump administration was unorganized at the beginning.

Basically, he and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe discouraged Flynn from asking White House general counsel to sit in on the interview.

Trump asserts executive privilege over census materials as Dems weigh contempt against Barr, Ross

Republicans condemned the move by committee Democrats. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the ranking member of the committee, called the Democratic probe a “partisan investigation.”

“Why don’t the Democrats want to know how many citizens are in the country?” Jordan said.

As for the Oversight Committee, Democrats say they want specific documents to determine why Ross added the citizenship question to the 2020 census. They say the Trump administration has declined to provide the documents despite repeated requests.

A spokesman for Ross said the Commerce Department has worked in good faith with the committee and delivered nearly 14,000 pages of documents. Ross testified for nearly seven hours earlier this year.

The Supreme Court is considering the citizenship question in a ruling expected later this year.

Democrat reads letter calling Trump supporters ‘racist’ and ‘dumb’ on the House floor

Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge
Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge

“‘It is glaringly apparent that many who support the president’s administration are either racists, steeped in religious beliefs, ignorant, or as my mother used to say, just plain dumb,'” Fudge read.

“‘I believe the crooked ascension of Trump to the Oval Office is a gauge that measures the declining patriotic and moral values of the many citizens of America.'”

“‘My growing concern is that the Congress and Senate of the United States have more of a personal interest for themselves rather than a patriotic duty to the people they represent,'” she continued.

“‘The Republicans appear to have become a Trump cult, and the Democrats refuse to move against this man in a collected, decisive way.'”

But this goes to show that Democrats care more about playing identity politics than they do about winning back Blue Dog Democrats who overwhelmingly supported the president,” Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken said in response, according to


Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaks to the press following a meet and greet for women voters in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S., June 7, 2019. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

DOJ will have “no choice” but to press charges, the Democratic presidential candidate told National Public Radio.

The senator stated that the Mueller report may have found no evidence of Russian collusion and no reason to charge Trump with obstruction, but the subtext of the report is seeking impeachment against the president.

Pro-impeachment Democrats are hanging their legislative hopes on a comment that former special counsel Robert Mueller made in a public statement on his report, saying that if his investigation had had “confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

Tech Watch:

Meet John Matze, The CEO of ‘Parler’ Social Media App

Parler founder and CEO John Matze sat down with the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill to talk about his new social media app which is generating a lot of attention.

Matze wants the app to be seen as a public square where he says views will not be censored, unless they are in violation of federal law.

There’s a frightening deepfake of Zuckerberg on Instagram. Your move, Facebook

It was only a matter of time. IMAGE: AURELIEN MEUNIER / GETTY IMAGES

As reported by Motherboard on Tuesday, artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe posted a fake video on Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), featuring Mark Zuckerberg talking about “stolen data” and “controlling the future.”

On his Instagram profile, Posters posted several similar fake videos, with Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian and Morgan Freeman seemingly talking about Spectre.

According to the caption under the video, it was created by using VDR (video dialogue replacement) technology created by Israeli company CannyAI.

As far as deepfake videos go, it’s not terribly convincing, but it’s realistic enough to throw off a viewer that’s not paying too much attention.

Google shakes up lobbying efforts as it faces government scrutiny, report says

Google reportedly cleared out half a dozen of its lobbying firms this week. Drew Angerer,Getty Images

The search giant is reportedly cleaning house and shuffling its ranks.

The change comes as the US Justice Department is reportedly preparing to mount an antitrust investigation into big tech.

The investigation will look into whether big tech companies are engaging in “anti competitive” behavior.

Along with Google, officials are planning to look into Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible” Terms Censored

UPDATE: Pinterest REACTS. LiveAction’s Pinterest Account has been permanently suspended.

Project Veritas has received and published documents from an insider at Pinterest.

The documents, which include product code, Slack messages, and internal policies, reveal terms and websites that Pinterest apparently censors.

Pinterest Insider Fired; Part 2 Coming Soon…

World News:

Hong Kong protests turn violent

Barely one week after the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, the world is starting to focus on another massive public protest by young people in China.

This time it’s in Hong Kong where security forces tear gassed protesters Tuesday night.

The demonstrations began over a bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China.

Opponents believe it is part of Beijing’s push for greater integration with the mainland, which they say violates the former British colony’s separate status, legally guaranteed for the next 28 years. Ramy Inocencio reports.

Japanese prime minister and Trump ally Shinzo Abe visits Tehran to help ease US-Iran tensions

The Japanese leader met Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the airport and is set to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani later Wednesday.

He will meet Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini on Thursday.

Yet the visit coincided with a scathing attack on the U.S. in the Iranian media and the Houthi rebel attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha regional airport that reportedly wounded 26 people.

The front page of the Iranian daily Farheekhtegan, meanwhile, published Wednesday morning a picture of a mushroom cloud from a nuclear blast, referring to the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II and asked: “How Can You Trust A War Criminal, Mr. Abe?”

Brexit ‘shambles’ has ruined UK reputation, says senior diplomat

The remarks, first reported by Politico, came as the high commissioner left his post to take up a job in his native Scotland.

Ironically, many Brexiter MPs have claimed the UK can become a free-market haven like Singapore once it is freed from the regulations associated with the European single market.

Wightman said that as a result of Brexit, the nation that Singaporeans “admired for stability, common sense, tolerance and realism grounded in fact, they see beset by division, obsessed with ideology, careless of the truth … I fear many around the world share their view.”

Britain commits to goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050

May, who stepped down as Conservative Party leader last week but remains prime minister until a successor is chosen next month, made an amendment to the Climate Change Act Wednesday that will be considered in Parliament. It sets a goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

May is expected to make the plan official in a meeting Wednesday with scientists and engineering students, who will become part of a youth group on climate change.

The net zero carbon goal is a bipartisan issue that’s expected to be approved by British Parliament.

Israeli PM’s wife accepts plea deal in case of catered meals

The State Attorney’s office said Mrs. Netanyahu will pay roughly $15,000 in fines to close the case, which accused her of running up large tabs at luxury restaurants while the official residence employed a full-time chef.

Mrs. Netanyahu was indicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust last year. Wednesday’s settlement saw her admit to a more minor charge of exploiting someone else’s mistake and reduced the overspending at stake to $50,000.


Whether The Media Adores Or Despises Intel Agencies Depends On Who’s President

Today, media weep crocodile tears for intelligence agencies. They accuse the attorney general of politicizing intelligence. They bemoan agency morale.

They say lives are at stake. They claim it is an abuse of power and a threat to national security for the president to declassify public records about intelligence agencies spying on Americans.

They call the investigation a corrupt propaganda exercise and “an escalation of the president’s yearslong assault on the intelligence community.”

Yet media are the undisputed champions of corrupt propaganda and of waging such “yearslong assaults.”

For most of this century, they demonized American intelligence agents for waterboarding foreign terrorists in pursuit of information. Media called them “torturers” and compared them to Japanese war criminals.

They urged President Obama to criminally prosecute elected officials, civil servants, lawyers, and even medical doctors at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Few accused President Obama of threatening national security when the president declassified top-secret documents about CIA interrogation methods.

And few mourned agency morale when the president imprisoned a CIA whistle-blower who hadn’t even done the waterboarding.

Should Healthcare Be Free in America?

Free healthcare may sound good, but it’s completely unaffordable.

It also means quality and accessibility will plummet.

Will Witt spoke to people on the streets to ask them what they think about the issue. Check it out!