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In The News:

Bizarre creature washed up on Australian beach, stuns locals

(Credit: Katrina/Cosy Seaside Escape)

Cosy Seaside Escape posted photos of the strange-looking marine animal to Facebook after it “came out to sunbake” on Golden Beach in the state’s Gippsland region over the weekend.

The odd-looking animal is actually a catshark.

This species of shark usually stays on the ocean floor eating small fish, though some species are able to live in very shallow waters for lengthy periods.

Video shows old-fashioned car slamming into SUV at high speed

The hood of the old-fashioned roadster can be seen popping off and the driver appears to hit his head on the steering wheel, which is not equipped with an airbag, as the front of the car is crushed and the vehicle swerves into a roadside embankment.

Dash camera footage from the SUV that was rear-ended on the highway near Shrewsbury, U.K, captured the moment that the 2018 Morgan Plus 4 skidded into it with its tires smoking after its driver waited too long to hit the brakes.

Trump to give Medal of Honor to former Army staff sergeant who rescued entire squad in Iraq

During Operation Phantom Fury in 2004, Bellavia’s platoon was pinned down while clearing a block of houses.

Bellavia then exchanged his M16 rifle for an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon and entered the house where his squad was trapped to provide cover fire so the soldiers could exit safely, the White House said.

“A Bradley Fighting Vehicle arrived to help suppress the enemy, but it could not fire directly into the house,” it added in a statement.

“Then-Staff Sergeant Bellavia re-entered the house… and assaulted insurgents who were firing rocket-propelled grenades.”

There, he engaged five different fighters, pursuing them through the house until the threat was neutralized.

The White House said Bellavia “continues to serve the military and veteran communities through a number of philanthropic organizations.”

Trump presents the Medal of Honor to Staff Sergeant David Bellavia

President Trump presents the Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt David Bellavia for his actions on Nov 10, 2004, while serving as a squad leader in support of Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah, Iraq.

Prosecution expert witness admits no evidence of stab wound in Navy SEAL war crimes trial

“There is no evidence at all that a stabbing occurred,” said Maj. Nelson Candelario, a Marine defense attorney representing Gallagher.

“That’s true,” Sheridan replied.

“As far as you can see, there is no blood on his hands?” Candelario asked, displaying a photo of Gallagher at the scene. “As far as I can see,” the pathologist said.

“Your testimony here is built on possibilities and maybes,” Candelario said, pointing out that there was no autopsy or physical evidence.

A police officer was fatally shot. His ‘last moments’ were live-streamed on Facebook.

Officer Michael Langsdorf was shot and killed in the line of duty on Sunday, June 23, 2019. Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks came to the St. Louis-area from North Carolina.

Kashina Harper, a clerk at the St. Louis-area store where Sunday’s fatal shooting happened, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she was one of the first people to reach North County Police Cooperative Officer Michael Langsdorf and grabbed his radio to call for help.

“I’m the one who tried to save that man,” the 34-year-old said Monday.

“I went to his walkie-talkie. I said, ‘A police is down. Somebody shot him. 6250 Page. Can you please hurry up?’”

At around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Langsdorf, a 40-year-old father of two and veteran police officer, got a call about a person trying to cash a bad check at Clay’s Wellston Food Market Restaurant located just northwest of downtown St. Louis, Maj. Ron Martin with the police cooperative said during a news conference Monday.

Upon arrival, Langsdorf confronted a man later identified as 26-year-old Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks, a violent “multi-convicted felon” with an “extensive criminal history” in North Carolina, Martin said.

Authorities announced Monday that Meeks had been charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, unlawful possession of a firearm and resisting arrest. He remains in custody without bond and it is unclear if he has an attorney.

Clerk in Wellston who aired live Facebook video of dying officer says she regrets it; newspaper apologizes for link

Kashina Haper says she’s received threats since posting a Facebook Live video
Witness explains why she recorded moments after officer was shot, then posted it on Facebook Kashina Haper says she’s received threats since posting a Facebook Live video that showed the moments after Officer Michael Langsdorf was gunned down.

“I don’t know why I went to Facebook. I don’t know,” Kashina Harper said through tears Monday. “I regret it. I didn’t know the officer was going to die.”

Harper said Sunday was her normal day off work but she came in anyway because she wanted to make extra money selling food.

In an exclusive interview with the Post-Dispatch, Harper described the demeanor of the man who would shoot Langsdorf about 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

About 15 minutes earlier, Harper had sold him a plate of soul food. Harper mentioned to her co-worker that the man was acting “weird.”

Driver with record charged with 7 homicides in biker crash

Motorcyclists attend the Blessing of the Bikes ceremony in Columbia, N.H. on Sunday, June 23, 2019. The long-planned ceremony for motorcycle enthusiasts became a scene of mourning and reflection as about 400 people paid tribute to seven bikers killed Saturday in a devastating collision with a pickup truck.
(AP Photo/Lisa Rathke)

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, was arrested Monday morning at his home in West Springfield, Massachusetts, the New Hampshire attorney general’s office said.

He will be arraigned Tuesday in Lancaster, New Hampshire, authorities said.

Connecticut prosecutors say he was arrested May 11 in an East Windsor Walmart parking lot after failing a sobriety test.

Additionally, Zhukovskyy was arrested on a drunken driving charge in 2013 in Westfield, Massachusetts, state motor vehicle records show.

Records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration indicate that the company Zhukovskyy was driving for, Westfield Transport, has been cited for
various violations in the last two years, reported .

There were two instances where drivers were in possession of narcotic drugs. Other violations including a driver without a commercial driver’s license, one for speeding and another for defective brakes.

Texas man, 89, brutally beaten and knocked unconscious during robbery in Houston

Gilevalto Herrera, 89, was brutally beaten in a robbery outside his home in Houston on June 5. (Houston Police Department)

“This goes down as by far the worse video I’ve seen this year, simply because it goes without saying because there’s two types of people you don’t mess with and if you do it’s going to get a lot of public attention: one, kids, two, elderly, don’t mess with them,” Houston Detective Jeff Brieden told FOX26.

“And in this case, this guy is an elderly 89-year-old male, he turns 90 next month, by no means deserved this.”

The man began to talk with the suspect, who led him to the side of his house.

“This is a robbery,” 89-year old victim Gilevalto Herrera told ABC13. “That’s the only thing he said to me.”

In a video released by police, the suspect can be seen pushing Herrera to the ground. The suspect then beats and knees Herrera before going through his pockets.

Nebraska woman’s accused killer slashes his neck in courtroom horror: reports

Fifty-two-year-old Aubrey Trail yelled “Bailey is innocent,
Fifty-two-year-old Aubrey Trail yelled “Bailey is innocent, and I curse you all” Monday before slashing his neck in the courtroom, reports said.
(Eric Gregory/Lincoln Journal Star via AP, File)

Aubrey Trail, 52, yelled, “Bailey is innocent, and I curse you all,” before swiping an object — possibly a razor blade — across his neck in the courtroom in Wilber, 35 miles southwest of Lincoln, KOLN/KGIN reported.

Deputies rushed to help as Trail lay bleeding on the floor.

Trail and Bailey Boswell, 25, who is awaiting trial, have charged with first-degree murder in the killing and dismemberment of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe in November 2017.

Man allegedly shoots infant in head after mom spurns his advances: report

Marcos Antonio Echarte was arrested Sunday on suspicion of three counts of attempted murder, police say. (Fresno Police Department)

The alleged shooting took place at a home in Fresno. A man there tried to grab the mother’s hand but she rejected his advances, police said.

The mother later left the home with the baby another male friend, police said.

As they were driving away, the suspect, Marco Antonio Echartea, 23, began shooting at the car, police said.

Police found the suspect near the home and arrested him on suspicion of three counts of attempted murder, the Fresno Bee reported.

He was also wanted for another shooting in May.

Vail man pleads guilty to first-degree murder of killing wife, and daughter


PIma County Sheriff’s deputies say Hernando Enriquez killed his 43-year-old wife, Sandra Enriquez, and his 15-year-old daughter Isabelle Enriquez at their Vail home.

He also tried to kill his 17-year-old son. The son showed up to the home after the wife and daughter’s deaths.

His dad tried to kill him, first hitting him with a hammer. The son was able to get away and ran to a neighbors house.

Fake News: Photos Of Children On Cement Floor With Aluminium Blankets NOT Taken During Trump Administration

Did two photos tweeted by actress Nancy Lee Grahn show immigrant children sleeping on cement floors covered in aluminium blankets during the Trump administration?

No, that’s not true: the pictures were taken in 2015 during the Obama administration and show adult immigrants in overcrowded holding cells in Arizona.

The photos appeared in a tweet published on June 21, 2019 by Nancy Lee Grahn on Twitter with the caption:

Fake News: ‘I Will Revoke The U.S. Citizenship Of All Puerto Ricans,’ Donald Trump Did NOT Say

Did Donald Trump, while a presidential candidate, say “I will revoke the U.S. citizenship of all Puerto Ricans”?

No, that’s not true: A satire website published a humorous article including that quote, but other websites republished the satire as true news.

It is not. Trump never said it.

This is an old claim that originated in 2015 as it was copied from a satire site and republished in both spanish and english, including an article published under the title “I will revoke the U.S. citizenship of all Puerto Ricans,” says Donald Trump?”. It opened:

Tech Watch/Censorship:

Project Veritas video targeting Google pulled by YouTube after privacy complaints

The decision to pull the explosive video came after privacy complaints about the footage, which showed two Google employees unaware they were being filmed discussing the company’s policies.

The video may still be viewed on the Project Veritas website.

The video also featured an unidentified “Google insider” who accused the company of manipulating its search results to promote its agenda, sparking outrage among conservatives who have long charged tech platforms with anti-right bias.

“If @google can do this to influence presidential elections and hurt the President of the United States, just imagine what they can do to you,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr.

Rep. Louis Gohmert, Texas Republican, said that Google’s “‘social justice narrative’ should distress all Americans who value a free and open society.”

“Google should not be deciding whether content is important or trivial and they most assuredly should not be meddling in our election process,” Mr. Gohmert said in a statement.

“They need their immunity stripped and to be properly pursued by class action lawsuits by those they have knowingly harmed.”

O’KEEFE: More Whistleblowers Have Contacted Project Veritas Since Monday Google Bust

Just hours after Project Veritas released bombshell undercover footage in which a Google employee admitted that the company was actively working against President Donald J. Trump, founder and head of the non-profit James O’Keefe said that more whistleblowers have already reached out to him.

Just weeks ago, Project Veritas busted Pinterest for leftist bias when an employee came forward to detail how the company censors right-wing content. The employee was subsequently fired from the social media company.

Sen. Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorship

Sen. Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorship.


HHS Sec. Azar: We are running out of money to take care of migrant children

Fox News Video: “We’re full and we’re running out of money. We need this money to take care of these kids,” he said. “I can’t put a kid in a bed that does not exist and I cannot make a bed that Congress doesn’t fund.”

Azar characterized the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border as dire, but said some accusations against his department’s work in the area are not true, in a Monday interview on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Customs and Border Protection boss out amid controversy over detention conditions

The news comes shortly after it was reported that more than 100 children were returned to a Border Patrol station in Clint, Texas, which was reported to have had poor sanitation, food, and water, with children caring for each other.

The resignation came as House lawmakers were scrambling to pass a troubled $4.5 billion funding bill to combat the escalating humanitarian crisis at the border — with Republicans accusing Democrats of “playing games” with the crisis, and Democrats urging their GOP counterparts to “show some decency.”

The Senate already has a bill that would provide additional funding to improve border conditions, but the House is still working on its version of the legislation — which would impose various funding restrictions including not allowing
funding of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention beds.

Second US service member found dead along Mexico border in Arizona

The service member’s body was found 22 days after U.S. Army Pfc. Steven Hodges was found dead on federal land near Nogales, the Tucson Sentinel reported.

Hodges was also assigned to the Southwest Border Support Mission.

Officials said foul play isn’t suspected in Hodges’ death either.

Mexico Sends Almost 15,000 Troops to US-Mexico Border to Curb Illegal Immigration

Members of Mexico's National Guard detain Cuban migrants
Members of Mexico’s National Guard detain Cuban migrants after they were trying to cross illegally the border between the U.S. and Mexico, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico June 21, 2019. (Reuters/Jose Luis Gonzalez)

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard recently said that Mexico would meet with 19 other countries in the coming weeks to try and gather support to stem the flow of illegal immigrants to the United States.

He added that Mexico was investigating a network of human smugglers—including that of unaccompanied minors, which he said was on the rise—and the financing of these operations.

U.S. border security officials say an unknown number of these units use fraudulent birth certificates to fake family ties.

Customs and Border Protection in June released the number of migrants illegally crossing the border, showing a 13-year high of 144,278 in May.

He said that at any given time, there are 100,000 migrants moving through Mexico to get to the U.S. border.

Exclusive: Mexican Officials Confirm U.S. Warned Them About Suspected ISIS Terrorists Headed to Border

 Ahamed Ghanim Mohamed Al Juburi from Iraq, and Ibrahim Mohamed and Mohamed Eissa from Egypt
Ahamed Ghanim Mohamed Al Juburi from Iraq, and Ibrahim Mohamed and Mohamed Eissa from Egypt

Breitbart News exclusively confirmed that Mexican Federal Police are on alert, preparing to encounter or arrest Ahamed Ghanim Mohamed Al Juburi from Iraq, and Ibrahim Mohamed and Mohamed Eissa from Egypt.

The three men are believed to have entered through Panama in May, crossed through Costa Rica on June 9, and could be headed to Mexico, a leaked internal security memo revealed.

The documents make reference to BITMAP, the U.S. Homeland Security Investigations’ Biometric Identification Transnational Migration Alert Program, a collection of databases on “special interest aliens, violent criminals, fugitives and confirmed or suspected terrorists encountered within illicit pathways.”

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrest deported child molester

Mexican national 41-year-old Juan Rojas-Rodriguez
Mexican national 41-year-old Juan Rojas-Rodriguez

CBP says previously deported Mexican national 41-year-old Juan Rojas-Rodriguez was convicted of sex with a minor under 14-years-old in California back 1996.

Officials say Rojas-Rodriguez was deported in 2008 after being located at the Lompoc Federal Correction Institution in California.

CBP says “Rojas-Rodriguez is charged with re-entry as a previously deported aggravated felon.”


Katie Pavlich calls out AOC, Ilhan Omar, other liberal Dems for ‘cynical ploy’ on border funding

After both of the freshman Democrats expressed reservations about a bill to provide $4.5 billion to address the escalating humanitarian crisis, Pavlich said on “Outnumbered” that they both appear more interested in “political talking points, rather than solving the problem.”

“I’m not interested in … making sure that caged children are getting warmer burritos. I’m trying to make sure that they’re not getting caged in the first place,” Ocasio-Cortez said after the meeting, calling the bill a “short-term measure.”

Pavlich said if Ocasio-Cortez believes the detention centers are as bad as “concentration camps,” as she stated last week, then she should support fixing the situation as quickly as possible.

“Now when it comes to getting $4.5 billion to fund the beds, get more diapers, get food for the children that Border Patrol agents and HHS staff are trying to take care of … they are saying no, we’re not going to vote for that, we want to talk about a bigger situation,” Pavlich argued

First lady spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham named new White House press secretary

Stephanie Grisham, spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump, watches as President Donald Trump and the first lady greet attendees during the annual Congressional Picnic on the South Lawn, Friday, June 21, 2019, in Washington.
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

“I am pleased to announce @StephGrisham45 will be the next @PressSec & Comms Director!” the first lady tweeted.

“She has been with us since 2015 – @potus & I can think of no better person to serve the Administration & our country. Excited to have Stephanie working for both sides of the @WhiteHouse.”

Other potential candidates thought to be under consideration were Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley, former State Department spokesman Heather Nauert and Tony Sayegh, who recently left his job as Treasury Department spokesman.

President Trump Signs an Executive Order

President Trump Signs an Executive Order Establishing a White House Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing.

Andrew Yang Promises $12,000 To One Lucky Twitter User Who Follows Him By July 4

Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang hosts a campaign rally
WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 15: Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang hosts a campaign rally at the Lincoln Memorial April 15, 2019.
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The giveaway replicates the entrepreneur’s most popular campaign promise of a universal basic income, or “Freedom Dividend,” which proposes $1,000-per-month every 12 months for all American citizen over the age of 18.

The plan will be funded “by consolidating some welfare programs and implementing a Value-Added Tax (VAT) of 10%” to the production of goods and services.

“Current welfare and social program beneficiaries would be given a choice between their current benefits or $1,000 cash unconditionally – most would prefer cash with no restriction,” his plan adds.

Emergency aid bill challenges Pelosi’s grip on Democrats

Customs and Border Protection Chief Operating Officer John Sanders told The Associated Press that Border Patrol stations are holding 15,000 people – more than three times their maximum capacity.

A $4.5 trillion House bill aimed at alleviating circumstances like these is up for a vote Tuesday, but liberal Democrats are calling for provisions to strengthen protections for migrant children, and challenge the Trump administration’s border policies.

Democrats met on Capitol Hill with Pelosi late Monday to try and reach a compromise. The meeting reportedly eased some Democratic complaints.

Congress plans to leave Washington in a few days for a weeklong July 4 recess.

While lawmakers don’t want to depart without acting on the legislation for fear of being accused of not responding to humanitarian problems at the border, it seems unlikely that Congress would have time to send a House-Senate compromise to Trump by week’s end.

AOC demands apology from Kevin McCarthy for chaos on the southern border

During an appearance on Fox News last Tuesday, McCarthy said AOC “owes the country an apology” for comparing border processing facilities to concentration camps. He also criticized her for not making a trip to the border to see the conditions for herself.

Ocasio-Cortez remained defiant while responding to McCarthy on Twitter the following day, and said she’d “never apologize” for telling the truth.

World News:

Appeal court overturns forced abortion ruling

The appeal court’s decision came after the woman’s mother challenged the previous ruling that an abortion was in the best interests of the woman. Photograph: Alamy

On Friday, the court of protection in London decided an abortion was in the best interests of the woman, who is in her 20s, and is 22 weeks pregnant.

She has the mental capacity of a six- to nine-year-old child.

The NHS trust that is caring for the woman had sought the court’s permission for doctors to terminate the pregnancy.

Three specialists, an obstetrician and two psychiatrists, said a termination was the best option because of the risk to the woman’s psychiatric health if pregnancy continued.

Both the woman and her mother were opposed to the abortion, and the woman’s mother had offered to care for the child.

A social worker who works with the woman said the pregnancy should continue.

UK halts sale of teargas to Hong Kong amid police brutality claims

A cameraman lies injured after riot police fire tear gas on protesters outside the Legislative Council, in Hong Kong,
A cameraman lies injured after riot police fire tear gas on protesters outside the Legislative Council, in Hong Kong, on 12 June 2019. Photograph: Vincent Yu/AP

The foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, who is campaigning to be the next prime minister, said no new export licences would be approved until concerns about human rights abuses were “thoroughly addressed”.

His statement appeared to leave existing export licences untouched, including open licences not due to expire until 2020.

Hong Kong police used teargas and rubber bullets against protesters opposed to a proposed extradition law they said would allow China to target political enemies and try them in its opaque courts, where the conviction rate is as high as 99%.

Some of the equipment used by police was sold by British firms.

Paris air pollution: French state blamed in landmark case

Parisians have faced a series of high pollution episodes in recent years.GETTY IMAGES

The case, backed by NGOs, was the first brought by individuals against the French state over health problems caused by air pollution.

The mother, 52, and her daughter, 16, said the authorities did not take effective steps against atmospheric pollution, in particular during a bad period in December 2016.

“The state committed a fault by taking insufficient measures concerning the quality of air” when between 2012 and 2016 it failed to reduce the levels of certain polluting gases, the administrative court in Montreuil outside Paris said in a statement.

What’s an advanced Russian warship doing in Havana harbor?

Russian Navy Admiral Gorshkov frigate arrives at the port of Havana, Cuba,
Russian Navy Admiral Gorshkov frigate arrives at the port of Havana, Cuba, Monday, June 24, 2019. A flotilla of Russian Navy vessels entered Havana Harbor early Monday morning, a sign of solidarity between Russia and Cuba after the deepening rift with the United States, which stopped all U.S. cruise ships from visiting the country earlier this month. (Ramon Espinosa/Associated Press)

Russia has not provided details about the purpose of its trip, but the Kremlin has moved to bolster Russia’s military capability amid tensions with the West following the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

The Russian armed forces have received hundreds of new warplanes and dozens of warships in recent years as part of a sweeping military modernization program that allowed Moscow to project power abroad.

As the U.S.-Russian relations have sunk to the lowest levels since the Cold War, Moscow has been considering further steps to boost its global presence.

An air base and a naval facility in Syria are currently Russia’s only military outposts outside the former Soviet Union but Russian military officials have talked repeatedly about plans to negotiate deals for Russian warships and aircraft to use foreign ports and air bases.

Cyprus court sentences Army officer to seven life terms for killing foreign women, children

An undated picture taken from the Facebook page of 35-year-old Greek Cypriot army officer Nicos Metaxas, on April 26, 2019, shows him posing for a selfie.
(AFP/Getty Images)

Nicholas Metaxas, 35, will serve five consecutive life sentences and two concurrently after a panel of three judges said he targeted defenseless women in the Mediterranian country looking for work and that he “didn’t even hesitate to kill children” while on his “campaign of murder.”

The victims, four Filipino women and the daughter of one of them, as well as a Nepalese woman and a Romanian mother and her daughter, were sought out by Metaxas on social networks using the handle “Orestes35,” and having sex with them before the killings.

The army officer pleaded guilty to crimes and said he doesn’t “have any clear answers” as to why he committed the killings and that he has “struggled” to figure out the “why and how.”

Road rage attack victim says he wants to ‘see the idiot who did this to me’

Paul Eva, 80, sustained serious injuries
Paul Eva, 80, sustained serious injuries after being struck in what police described as a “nonsensical” attack in April. (Met Police)

Paul Eva, 80, was crossing a road in southeast London on April 21 when the Metropolitan Police said he had a “verbal altercation” before the motorist pulled over, chased him, and pushed him into a brick wall.

Eva was knocked unconscious and sustained multiple injuries including a broken wrist, nose, and cheekbone.


What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous organization, seeking to destroy Western civilization from within and to establish a global Islamic state.

Ami Horowitz exposes the organization’s plans within America.

Warren Proposes Reparations for Gay Couples • Tucker Carlson Tonight

Independent Women’s Voice. Tammy Bruce.

The Media Needs To Stop Hiding The Truth About Illegal Immigrant Crime

This awful story should have been big national news.

It wasn’t. Chemirmir is a Kenyan citizen living illegally in the United States and hadn’t been deported despite two prior jail stints for driving while intoxicated convictions, plus another for assaulting a girlfriend.

Because Chemirmir used pillows, not guns, to kill his victims, his crimes presented no opportunity for gun-control advocates to manipulate the story.

To be blunt, his race (black), legal status (illegal), and murder weapon (pillows) were all factors that ensured that this story wouldn’t receive the attention it would have if these factors were otherwise.

CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, NPR, The Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and many other news outlets ignored the story.

NBC News referred to Chemirmir as a “Texas man” and made no mention of his illegal status.

The Washington Post didn’t mention his immigration status until around the 20th paragraph of their article on it.

The 2020 Dems’ CRINGEWORTHY Campaigns: Most Awkward Moments

Is the Democrat Party for real?

There isn’t a single good idea presented by this entire pack of goofs.

One thing they aren’t lacking, though, is the CRINGE factor.

Swalwell, Beto, Klobuchar, Gillibrand, Biden, Bernie, Kamala, Warren … Jon Miller rounded up the most awkward, embarrassing moments from the 2020 Dems on the campaign trail just for your entertainment.