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In The News:

White Supremacist Leader Escapes Jail In Arkansas, Considered Armed And Dangerous

Wesley Gullet, one of 54 indicted members of the gang, is thirty years old and was charged with federal crimes the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Gullet was the president of the gang, according to court documents. He is also accused of attempted murder.

Gullet and another inmate, Christopher Sanderson, who was in jail for federal gun and drug charges, escaped Jefferson County jail in Pine Bluff, Arizona.

These men escaped by using a “vulnerability in C pod” where criminals who are held on federal charges are put, Jefferson County Sheriff Lafayette Woods Jr. told The Pine Bluff Commercial.

Navy pilot confirmed dead in California crash that injured 7 on the ground

FILE: An F/A-18D Hornet from the VX-9 Vampire squadron at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake
FILE: An F/A-18D Hornet from the VX-9 Vampire squadron at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, flies out of what is known as Star Wars Canyon toward the Panamint range in Death Valley National Park, Calif. (AP)

The single-seat jet crashed Wednesday morning during low-level flying in what was described as routine training

The crash injured seven people who were at a scenic overlook in Death Valley National Park where aviation enthusiasts routinely watch military aircraft speeding low through a chasm dubbed “Star Wars Canyon.”

The lookout point about 160 miles north of Los Angeles is popular with photographers and aviation buffs who gawk at jets flying in the steep, narrow canyon.

Officials closed the area after the crash. Park spokesman Patrick Taylor said initial reports were that the injuries were minor.

CNN: White Robots Are Evidence of Racism


“Have you ever noticed the popularity of white robots? ” CNN exclaimed in its August 1 news article.

In its tweet, CNN used a photo of a NASA robot manufactured all in white plastics.

The NASA unit pictured is the R5 Valkyrie which the space agency has slated for work on the surface of Mars.

However, the automaton built by NASA is not white because of the racism inherent in its engineers, but because of the scientific requirements for the machine’s tasks, such as heat resistance.

Little Caesars employee slapped over allegedly incorrect pizza toppings

Joseph Thorpe was arrested on misdemeanor assault and battery charges.

Security camera footage shows a customer at a Little Caesars in Michigan slapping an employee of the restaurant after he received a pizza that wasn’t made correctly.

Thorpe was angry because his pizza had been made with Italian seasoning instead of parmesan cheese, Detroit Free Press reports.

The woman working at the register reportedly attempted to refund his money and offered him a new pizza.

Apparently that wasn’t enough to calm down Thorpe.

Texas deputy sheriff charged with cyberstalking girl he met playing Minecraft when she was 12

Pasquale “Gino” Salas, 25, a deputy sheriff with the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested Wednesday morning in Bay City, Texas, on federal cyberstalking charges. The girl, now 17, lives in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The cyberstalking continued through this summer, prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts allege.

Salas expanded his communication with the girl to Snapchat, Skype, phone calls and text messaging.

He’s accused of soliciting the girl to send him hundreds of sexually explicit images and videos of herself through various social media platforms and sending sexually explicitly photos of himself to the girl on Minecraft.

Dozens swallowed by ‘tsunami’ after wave pool malfunctions at water park

The incident occurred at Yulong Shuiyun Water Amusement Park in Longjing, near the border with North Korea, the South China Morning Post reported.

A video posted on social media shows the enormous wave form and crash into dozens of tourists in the pool.

A notice from local government says the wave was caused by electrical problems that damaged equipment in the control room, according to the Morning Post.


Authorities Arrest ICE’s ‘Most Wanted’, Alleged Leader of Human Trafficking Ring

Darrick Bell. (ICE)

Darrick Bell, 48, who has been on the run for more than two years, was apprehended by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the U.S. Marshals Service in Monroe, Michigan, on July 31, according to a local ICE spokesman cited by local reports.

Bell, a U.S. citizen, had given authorities the slip in January 2017 when they raided the Victory Inn in Detroit, where authorities say a massive human trafficking and narcotics distribution operation was being run.

They finally caught up with Bell at the Econo Lodge motel in Munroe, about 30 miles from Detroit, with $12,000 cash and suspected cocaine, reported the Detroit Free Press.

Illegal Immigrant Bought Baby for $80 in Guatemala to Get Priority Release in US

Supervisory Border Patrol agent Marlene Castro speaks to a group of illegal aliens
Supervisory Border Patrol agent Marlene Castro speaks to a group of illegal aliens who just crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico into the United States in Hidalgo County, Texas, on May 26, 2017. (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

Homeland Security Investigations, a division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), sent 400 agents to El Paso and Rio Grande Valley, Texas, in mid-April to interview families that Border Patrol suspected were fake.

In the past eight weeks, HSI special agents have identified 5,500 fraudulent families—about 15 percent of all cases referred.

“We’ve seen all manner of smuggling organizations communicating to potential customers and to those crossing the border how to bring a child with them to be allowed to stay in the United States,” McAleenan said.

“They’ve been active in advertising, literally on Facebook and on the radio in Central America.”

He said almost every case summary he has seen mentions the same thing:

“The subject stated that he made the attempt because he heard in his hometown that anyone traveling to the United States with a child will be released.”

Senate meeting erupts as Graham clashes with Dems over asylum bill: ‘You’re not going to take my job!’

The bill itself calls for asylum claims from the Northern Triangle of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to be made at refugee centers to be set up in Central America and Mexico.

Additionally, the bill calls for 500 new immigration judges so that cases are handled more swiftly, reducing the current backlog of cases.

“I don’t want to separate families, I want to adjudicate families,” Graham said Thursday.

The bill would also allow unaccompanied children from Central America to be sent back to their home country after screening, as is the case with children who enter from Canada and Mexico.

Graham has claimed that requiring children – and those accompanying them – to be released after 20 days has allowed for fraud.


Senate confirms 13 Trump judges ahead of August break

The nominees were split up throughout the week with four confirmation votes taking place on Tuesday and nine on Wednesday, three of which were by voice votes.

“For too long fairly uncontroversial judicial nominees just like these have been held up and delayed by our Democratic colleagues even when the vacancy qualifies as a judicial emergency. Uncontroversial district judges used to be confirmed promptly in big groups by voice vote,” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said from the Senate floor ahead of the votes on Wednesday.

Republicans have confirmed more than 100 court picks for Trump since 2017, including two Supreme Court justices and a record number of appeals court judges.

The confirmation of 13 nominees is down from the 19 judges Senate Republicans had planned to confirm before leaving Washington until September.

The other judges are expected to get a vote once the Senate returns in September.

RNC unveils logo for 2020 convention in North Carolina

“Our team is working hard to make sure we re-elect @realDonaldTrump and Keep America Great in 2020,” GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted with an image of the design.

The logo features the traditional GOP elephant in front of the logo of the city of Charlotte.That crest is a nod to its nickname of the “Queen City.”

According to the city’s website: “Charlotte and its resident county are named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the queen consort of British King George III during the time of the city’s founding.”

According to The Rock Hill Herald, the formal unveiling of the logo took place at the Spectrum Arena — where the convention will take place next August — and as the committee kicked off a push for 8,000 volunteers who will be needed for the multi-day event.

Schumer Calls for Amending First Amendment to Limit Political Speech

Source: zimmytws/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The First Amendment — as it now stands — includes 10 unambiguous words about freedom of speech.

“Congress,” it says, “shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.”

Schumer and Udall do not like this sweeping restraint on government power. There are speakers whose speech they want to abridge.

The Bill of Rights — as correctly interpreted by the Supreme Court — stands in their way. So, they are seeking to change it.

Specifically, in 2010, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission that Americans enjoy the freedom of speech not only when they act as individuals but also when they form corporations.

Tulsi Gabbard eviscerates Kamala Harris on her criminal justice record

Gabbard went in hard on the people’s champ of the first debate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), on her record as Attorney General of California.

“I want to bring the conversation back to the criminal justice system that is disproportionately negatively impacting black and brown people today,” Gabbard said.

“Senator Harris says she’s proud of her records as a prosecutor and she’ll be a prosecutor president.”

Gabbard said that Harris put more than 1,500 people in jail for marijuana during her tenure “then laughed about when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.”

“She blocked evidence that would’ve freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so,” Gabbard continued.

“She kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California and she fought to keep a cash bail system in place that impacts poor people in the worst way.”

Tucker: Not everyone in 2020 Democratic field is a lunatic

Moderate Democrats take sensible approach to border security and immigration during presidential debate.

Civil rights activist slams Warren’s comments on racism

Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls out multiple forms of racism; reaction from The Woodson Institute founder Bob Woodson.

Kamala Harris Brags to Joe Biden During Democrat Debate: I’m More Pro-Abortion Than You

Kamala Harris fellow Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Democratic presidential primary debate

Though she did not mention the word “abortion” at all during the Democratic presidential debate, according to Stylist, Harris basically asserted that she is more pro-abortion than Biden.

The candidates’ back-and-forth centered around the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer-funded, elective abortions in Medicaid.

Biden once supported the amendment – a position that represents a strong majority of voters. Recently, however, he reversed his stance, caving to pressure from the billion-dollar abortion industry.

After Biden’s flip-flop, all of the top Democratic candidates now support taxpayer-funded abortions.

VIDEO: Democrats can’t name a Biden accomplishment

Commentary/Opinion: With the 2020 presidential primary in full swing, former Vice President Joe Biden holds a commanding lead in nearly every national poll.

Benefitting from near-universal name recognition, Biden has cruised to this point in the race, with substantial leads in early primary states like Iowa and South Carolina.

Opponents of Biden say though he’s made a career in politics, he lacks a singular accomplishment.

Wanting to know if Democrat voters could disprove this line of attack, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips headed to Detroit, home of the second Democrat presidential primary debates, to talk with debate attendees about their thoughts on Biden and what they viewed as his main accomplishment.

It soon became clear that few voters had an answer.

Ken Starr predicts entire house of cards will collapse in Russia probe

Commentary/Opinion: Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr predicts that Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his report will show that there was no Russian collusion or conspiracy.

Did the Russians Really Want Trump to Win?

Commentary/Opinion: One of the key assumptions promulgated by the Mueller report was basically ignored during the July 24 congressional hearings with the former special counsel.

Amid all the back and forth, and the often-hapless hemming and hawing by Robert Mueller, no one questioned the report’s contention that the Russians interfered in our election in large part to get Donald Trump elected.

If they could elect Trump, the theory goes, the Russians would have covert control of the White House by blackmailing Trump over his planned Moscow hotel or something like that.

World News:

North Korea launches two short-range ballistic missiles, US defense officials say

People watch a TV showing an image of North Korea’s a multiple rocket launch during a news program at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019. North Korea said Thursday leader Kim Jong Un supervised the first test firing of a new multiple rocket launcher system that could potentially enhance its ability to strike targets in South Korea and U.S. military bases there. The signs read: “Ballistic missiles.” (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles on Thursday, the day before former Army Lt. Col. Mark Esper is to head to Asia on his first overseas trip as defense secretary, according to U.S. officials.

A defense official told Fox News the missiles are similar to the projectiles launched twice before in the past week.

The U.S. military is assessing how far and how high the missiles went.

1-Year-Old Daughter, Wife of Congo’s Goma Victim Have Ebola

A child is vaccinated against Ebola in Beni, Congo on July 13, 2019. (Jerome Delay/AP Photo)
A child is vaccinated against Ebola in Beni, Congo on July 13, 2019. (Jerome Delay/AP Photo)

The man died on Wednesday after spending several days at home with his large family while showing symptoms.

This is the first transmission of Ebola inside Goma, a city of more than 2 million people on the Rwandan border, a scenario that health experts have long feared.

The painstaking work of finding, tracking and vaccinating people who had contact with the man—and the contacts of those contacts—has begun.

“We’re seeing the first active transmission chain in Goma and expect more to come,” the International Rescue Committee’s Ebola response director, Andre Heller, warned in a statement.

Hong Kong protests: Chinese army releases anti-riot video seen as warning

Heavily-armed troops patrol the streets in another scene from the video

The army video, posted to the Chinese social media site Weibo, shows lines of troops carrying shields and batons performing anti-riot drills. It showcases tanks, rocket launchers, water cannon and barbed wire before featuring heavily armed troops descending from helicopters and shooting their way through the streets and into people’s homes.

Protesters can also be seen being arrested and walked, with their arms tied behind their backs, to “detention points”.

US decries Chinese dams, disruption of Mekong River

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, and Thailand’s Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai,
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, and Thailand’s Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai, get ready for ASEAN-U.S. meeting on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019. (Sakchai Lalit/Associated Press)

China has built 10 dams along the upper stretch of the Mekong, the part it calls the Langcang. It is trying to have parts of the river dredged or rapids cleared so that large cargo ships can navigate.

Critics have long warned that these actions can have disruptive environmental and economic effects downstream.

The Mekong River is vital to Southeast Asia, where more than 60 million people rely on and its tributaries for food, water and transport.

Iran vows more terror attacks, hopes President Trump loses in 2020

The Ayatollah regime is making new threats against the U.S. and its allies in the face of tougher sanctions and military tensions in the Persian Gulf.

One America’s Kristian Rouz looks into the matter.

New Zealand PM Wants Right to Armed Self-Defense To Be Government-Granted ‘Privilege’

As a follow-up to the insulting, aggressive, and ineffectual attacks on free speech and self-defense that were her “response to” the March 15 murders of 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand, NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has taken a great leap forward in the annals of 21st Century state tyranny.

She has proposed a statute that will designate the right to keep and bear arms as a “government-provided privilege.”

Michael Tennant, of The New American, explains:

Peacefully-minded New Zealanders who have learned from history are already resisting the PM’s gun mandates.

Google temporarily banned from listening to voice recordings in the EU

Google must stop listening to voice recordings from people using its Assistant software in the European Union, German regulators said Thursday.

The ban will last three months while Germany’s data watchdog agency investigates privacy concerns.

Other tech giants have been under fire for how they use their voice data.

Amazon has said an “extremely small” number of Alexa recordings are annotated to help make its speech recognition systems better.

Apple contractors reportedly hear private recordings too, including medical information and couples having sex, according to a report last month from The Guardian.

Facebook removed hundreds of fake accounts tied to Saudi government

The company has removed hundreds of accounts, pages, and groups it says were tied to the Saudi Arabian government for engaging in “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

The ring of accounts consisted of 217 Facebook accounts, 144 pages, five groups, and 31 Instagram accounts, which combined reached more than a million people across Facebook and Instagram, according to the company.

“Although the people behind this activity attempted to conceal their identities, our review found links to individuals associated with the government of Saudi Arabia,” Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleicher, wrote in a statement.


What’s Behind Socialism’s Growing Appeal?

What drives otherwise reasonable people to embrace a failed ideology that has left death and despair in its wake wherever it has been tried?

Socialism’s newfound popularity among Americans arises from a fundamental misunderstanding of what socialism means, in both theory and practice.

Socialism entails government ownership and control over the means of production in an economy, yet a 2018 Gallup poll found that only 17% of Americans define socialism that way.

Instead, one-third of respondents understood socialism to either mean equality (23 percent) or the provision of social services (10 percent).

One appeal to socialism is based on the perception that the system is increasingly rigged in favor of the well-connected and powerful: namely, crony capitalism.

Among the same millennials, 55% of whom viewed socialism positively, 90% held a positive view of entrepreneurs, and 98% viewed small business favorably.

Trump is Revitalizing America’s Middle Class—Varsity Brands Founder Jeff Webb [TSAS Special]

At Turning Point USA’s Teen Student Action Summit, we sit down with Jeff Webb, founder of Varsity Brands and The New American Populist, to discuss what President Trump is doing for the middle class in America, which Webb says has been “squeezed over the last 30 years.”

We also touch on the Trump 2020 campaign, energy independence, and tax cuts.