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In The News:

Mother of former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has died

Then-U.S. Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis meets with Lithuania's Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., Nov. 28, 2018.
Then-U.S. Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis meets with Lithuania’s Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., Nov. 28, 2018. (DoD photo by U.S. Army Sgt. Amber I. Smith)

After her retirement, she volunteered with the former CHREST museum in Richland.

She was born Lucille Proulx in St. Boniface, Canada, and immigrated to the United States as a young child.

During World War II she was a civilian employee of the Army Military Intelligence Corps, and as a stenographer typed up the plans for Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa, according to the obituary written by her family.

In 1943 she was assigned to the Office of the Military Attache in the U.S. Legation in Pretoria, South Africa.

She left New York for South Africa on a ship escorted by destroyers for protection from German submarines, according to her obituary.

On board she met her future husband, West Mattis, a Merchant Marine officer. He died in 1988.

She is survived by sons Gerald, Jim and Tom Mattis, two grandsons and a great-granddaughter.

Movie Showing Elites Hunting Down Trump Supporters Slated to Hit Theaters in September

Betty Gilpin stars in "The Hunt," which is slated to hit theaters in September. (Universal Pictures)
Betty Gilpin stars in “The Hunt,” which is slated to hit theaters in September. (Universal Pictures)

The movie, “The Hunt,” from Universal Pictures, shows people hunting down “deplorables,” a term failed presidential contender Hillary Clinton used to describe supporters of Trump during the 2016 campaign.

“Did anyone see what our [expletive]-in-chief just did?” one character asks others early in the movie, reported the Hollywood Reporter.

“At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

According to the Reporter, the movie’s script features blue-state characters choosing to hunt red-state characters who expressed pro-life positions or were deemed racist.

President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure

The White House.

Gilroy Garlic Festival being investigated as domestic terrorism after gunman’s ‘target list’ found, FBI says

The FBI has opened a domestic terrorism investigation into the case, according to John Bennett, the FBI’s agent in charge in San Francisco.

He told reporters Tuesday a motive is still unclear in the shooting, and noted the suspect appeared to have conflicting ideologies.

He revealed investigators discovered a “target list” compiled by the gunman, that included nationwide religious institutions, federal buildings, courthouses and locations identified with both major political parties — but didn’t include the names of people.

He said the Gilroy Garlic Festival was among the targets.

Ohio shooting victim called father of kids before she died: ‘Babe I just got shot in my head’

A nursing student who had just returned from maternity leave and worked at a daycare center, Oglesby called the father of her children as the massacre unfolded, letting him know she’d been shot.

“She FaceTimed Me And Said ‘Babe I Just Got Shot In My Head, I Need To Get To My Kids,'” Daryl “Dee” Lee” wrote on Facebook about Oglesby.

Lee said since her death, he hasn’t been able to stop crying.

8chan Owner Heading to US as Lawmakers Seek Answers

A man hangs up an "El Paso Strong" sign at a makeshift memorial at the scene of a mass shooting at a shopping complex, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019, in El Paso, Texas.
A man hangs up an “El Paso Strong” sign at a makeshift memorial at the scene of a mass shooting at a shopping complex, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019, in El Paso, Texas.
(AP Photo/John Locher)

Jim Watkins, who lives in the Philippines, did not specifically say he would testify, but he tweeted portions of an email he said he had sent Tuesday to House Homeland Security Committee leaders expressing willingness to speak by phone.

The committee wants him to testify on what he has done to prevent the site from being used by extremists.

8chan was effectively knocked offline Monday after two companies cut off vital technical services in response to word that the gunman who killed 22 people at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart on Saturday posted a racist anti-Latino “manifesto” to 8chan just before the murders.

Military lab, which handles Ebola and other dangerous pathogens, suspended after failing CDC inspection

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick was ordered to cease all operations last month after an inspection by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in June found several causes for concern regarding safety precautions, The Frederick News-Post reported.

Spokeswoman Caree Vander Linden confirmed the news to the outlet, adding that inspectors questioned standard operating procedures including failure to follow local procedures and a lack of periodic recertification training for workers in the biocontainment laboratories.

She also said that the wastewater decontamination system failed to meet standards.

Heart-stopping video shows robbers armed with an assault rifle raiding an armored truck in Philadelphia before security guards retaliate by firing their own weapons

The men - clad in black hoodies and ski masks - then storm towards two Garda guards who are loading up the ATM.
The men – clad in black hoodies and ski masks – then storm towards two Garda guards who are loading up the ATM.

The brazen heist took place at 10am last Thursday in the bustling University City neighborhood, and was captured by several surveillance cameras set up in the area.

The heart-stopping footage, which has been shared to YouTube, begins with an armored Garda truck pulling up on Market Street to deposit cash into an ATM.

Shortly after, two bandits can be seen pulling up behind the truck in a dark red SUV before they emerge from the vehicle and make their way to the cash machine.

The men – clad in black hoodies and ski masks – then storm towards two Garda guards who are loading up the ATM.

One of the thieves brandishes a large assault rifle, while the second suspect holds a handgun.

Peter Chadwick: Millionaire arrested over wife’s murder


“We believe that [he] has been in Mexico since his disappearance,” Chief Lewis added. “He used a variety of aliases and obtained several fake IDs.

“He stayed in high-end hotels but when [they] began requiring passport identification he turned to more modest accommodation.”

“Today is sweet,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer added. “We apprehended a fugitive on America’s Most Wanted List.”

He said Mr Chadwick, who made his millions in property development, was arrested by immigration officials near Mexico City on Sunday night.

He was then flown to Los Angeles and detained.

Driver who killed 5 in crash had ‘second largest level’ of marijuana seen by medical examiner in living specimen: report

Jamel Turner was sentenced to 27 years in jail for vehicular manslaughter and other charges. (Suffolk County Police)

Jamel Turner was sentenced to 27 years in jail for vehicular manslaughter and several other charges linked to the Valentine’s Day 2018 crash on Long Island when he rear-ended a car on the highway while traveling 154 miles per hour, the New York Times reported.

All of the victims burned alive, prosecutors said.

Turner was driving four times the legal 40 mph speed limit or approximately “the speed at which jetliners take off,” Suffolk district attorney, Timothy Sini, said at the sentencing hearing.

The medical examiner said Turner had the “the second-highest level of marijuana that they’ve ever seen in a living specimen” at the time of the crash, Sini added.

Turner, who was driving a stolen Chevy Camaro, plowed into the McCoy family’s Mazda, which then hit another car and careened into an oil truck until catching fire. All four passengers in the Mazda were burned alive.

Hunt for the ‘Tie-dyed bandit’: FBI offering $10,000 reward for information on suspected bank robber

The "Tie-Dyed Bandit" got his nickname, the Associated Press says, because agents believe a dye pack in a bag of stolen money went off in his getaway car.
The “Tie-Dyed Bandit” got his nickname, the Associated Press says, because agents believe a dye pack in a bag of stolen money went off in his getaway car. (FBI)

The suspect is believed to have robbed or attempted to rob at least four banks at gunpoint in and around the Fort Lauderdale area between April and June, the FBI said in a press release Wednesday.

The unidentified individual is considered armed and dangerous.

The FBI says the bandit was driving an older model Toyota Corolla that may have dye stains in it from a dye pack explosion, which was captured on video, the Associated Press reports.

The FBI asks anyone with a tip call the FBI in South Florida at (754) 703-2000.

Cyntoia Brown, alleged sex-trafficking victim who killed man as teen, walks free after 15 years

Cyntoia Brown released from prison

Nashville, Tenn. — A woman who said she was a 16-year-old sex-trafficking victim when she killed a man in 2004 was released from prison early Wednesday seven months after being granted clemency.

According to the Tennessee Department of Correction, Cyntoia Brown was released on parole.

Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna and other celebrities had lobbied for Cyntoia Brown’s release, and then-Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam agreed in January.

The now-31-year-old Brown will remain on parole supervision for 10 years after her release, on the condition she does not violate any state or federal laws, holds a job, and participates in regular counseling sessions, Haslam’s commutation says.

Georgia police investigating after woman claims she infected men with HIV in Facebook video

Brandi Yakeima Lasiter posted a roughly one-minute video to Facebook last week detailing her alleged sexual encounters with various people, claiming she had infected them with the rare disease that attacks the immune system.

In the video, she listed the men she allegedly infected — along with their wives and girlfriends — and bragged about getting revenge on the men.

Lasiter was interviewed by investigators on Tuesday after people forwarded links to the video to Americus Police, the department told Fox News on Wednesday.

Harvard-Harris poll shows 2020 voters support less immigration

Immigration continues to be one of the most important issues for Americans, and a recent poll confirms that most people want presidential candidates who support tighter immigration laws.

One America’s Neil W. McCabe spoke to an immigration expert for more details.


Ingraham calls out Dems: ‘They are throwing kerosene on a fire’

Commentary/Opinion: “We should not, and we will not, allow the political hucksters of the left to separate us or distract us from addressing these real problems that need practical, workable solutions,” Ingraham said on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“Let’s not give either an evil racist force or a lunatic left wing nut any satisfaction by turning on one another in the wake of these heinous acts of domestic terror,” she said.

Ingraham accused Democrats of using the tragedies to silence and marginalize President Trump and his supporters.

She also called their attempt to equate Trump’s border policies with racism as “obscene.”

Tucker: Left is doing all it can to divide Americans

Commentary/Opinion: Mob threatens Mitch McConnell outside his home as Joaquin Castro lands in hot water for targeting Trump donors on Twitter.

Tucker Carlson Blasts Dems Who Blamed Shootings on Trump

Commentary/Opinion: Tucker Carlson shuts down democratic presidential candidates who push blame on Trump for the most recent deadly shootings.

El Paso … Who’s To Blame?

The Media Lied About Trump’s Charlottesville Comments

The media has been lying for two years about who President Trump called “very fine people.”

The lies continue this very week.

A straight exploration of the facts should reveal the truth.

That’s what CNN political analyst Steve Cortes does in this critical video.

Nadler goes after Kavanaugh’s White House records

Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler is being accused of ‘harassment’ by Republicans for seeking records from Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s time in the George W. Bush administration.

Why Trumps Strategy on China is Working

Commentary/Opinion: China already knows who it wants in the Oval Office after the 2020 presidential election—his name is Joe Biden.

Well, anyone with a “D” after their name would do, but “Beijing Joe Biden” is the preferred candidate.

China hasn’t had it easy under President Donald Trump, who came into office vowing to renegotiate harmful, outdated trade deals that put U.S. workers at a disadvantage for far too long.

Gasoline Prices Under the Green New Deal Would Reach $13 per Gallon

Key to the Green New Deal is the goal of eliminating gasoline-powered vehicles in favor of electric vehicles.

But in order to make electric cars desirable to consumers gasoline prices would have to increase to $13 per gallon. Such a tax would undoubtedly harm consumers and the U.S. economy.

The Cost of Transitioning to Electric Vehicles

The authors of the study find that a carbon tax of about $1,000 per metric ton of carbon dioxide or roughly $10 per gallon of gasoline would be needed for electric cars to compete with conventional ICE vehicles based on the full cost of ownership and operation of the vehicle.

They estimate that it costs about $2,700 more per year to use an electric car instead of a conventional car, which would save about 2,700 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

As a result, each metric ton of carbon dioxide not emitted costs about $1,000.


The Green New Deal would cripple the U.S. economy by requiring carbon taxes ranging from $200 to $1000 per metric ton to spur replacement of current technologies in the transportation and electric generating sectors.

If the United States were to implement carbon taxes of this nature, Americans would be devastated financially.

And, given that the United States emits about 15 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions compared to China which emits 28 percent of the world total, U.S. reductions would have little impact on global atmospheric concentrations.

According to China’s commitment to the Paris Climate agreement, the country will not begin to reduce carbon dioxide emissions until after the year 2030.

World News:

95+ injured in Taliban car-bomb attack on Kabul police station

Afghans look at at a car hit damaged a suicide bomb blast in Kabul, Afghanistan May 31, 2019
Afghans look at at a car hit damaged a suicide bomb blast in Kabul, Afghanistan May 31, 2019. (Omar Sobhani/Reuters)

The Taliban claimed responsibility in a statement, saying that one of its suicide bombers carried out the attack, which had targeted a “recruitment center.”

“A large number of soldiers and police were killed or wounded,” the Taliban said in an August 7 statement.

However, it wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was killed in the attack, which occurred in the western part of the Afghan capital during the morning rush hour.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad: “The Circle of Fire is Expanding”

A senior Hamas delegation, headed by military leader Saleh Arouri, visited Iran and met with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on July 22.
A senior Hamas delegation, headed by military leader Saleh Arouri, visited Iran and met with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on July 22. Arouri was quoted as saying that the “Palestinian resistance and Iran are in one front in facing Israel.” Khamenei was quoted as expressing satisfaction over the “progress” the Palestinians have made in the past few years: “while the Palestinians used to fight [Israel] with rocks, today they possess precise rockets.” (Image source:

As Egypt, the United Nations and other parties are pursuing their efforts to prevent an all-out military confrontation in the Gaza Strip, Hamas and its allies are forging ahead in their development of various types of weapons with which to attack Israel.

The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad, the second largest armed group in the Gaza Strip after Hamas, recently revealed how it has managed to upgrade the rocket launchers that are being used to attack Israel.

According to the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, Al-Quds Brigades, it began developing its rocket launchers in 2007, when Hamas violently seized control of the Gaza Strip after overthrowing the regime of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Hong Kong faces worst crisis in 20 years, senior Chinese official says

“Hong Kong’s crisis … has continued for 60 days, and is getting worse and worse,” Zhang Xiaoming, the head of China’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office, said, according to Reuters.

Zhang said the violence is intensifying in an upheaval unlike anything seen since Hong Kong returned from British to Chinese rule in 1997, Reuters reported.

China said Tuesday the “unscrupulous and violent criminal” protesters would be punished.


Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s New “Gutsy Women” Book Reeks of Progressive Privilege

Independent Women’s Voice: Tammy Bruce.

Should Americans Pay Slavery Reparations?

Should white people in the U.S. pay black Americans whose ancestors were once slaves?

If so, what about the descendants of Irish indentured servants or the Japanese placed in internment camps?

Will Witt takes to the streets to ask people what they think about slavery reparations.

Doxxed, Threatened, and Slandered: Another Day For a Trump Supporter! | Ep 419

The media will have you believe that everyone is under attack in America except for conservatives.

Yet conservatives are the ones constantly attacked verbally and physically.

Now is not the time to cower to their intimidation.

Then, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a known liar.

When is her party going to call her on it?

She isn’t factually accurate and she’s not morally right, so why do they let her get away with it?

Special Commentary on California news K-12 Curriculum: You have till August 15th for public input.

CA Department of Education Prepares Mandatory Anti-Israel Curriculum

Hostility towards Israel and its supporters across college campuses throughout the United States and beyond–well-documented for years–has been the focus of pro-Israel groups.

Now the anti-Israel movement may be officially trickling down into the high school system of the largest state in America.

A new ethnic-studies curriculum under proposal by the California Department of Education is being widely condemned by pro-Israel and Jewish groups, California lawmakers and activists for its “blatant bias against Israel.”

“The Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum is deeply troubling–not only for its shocking omission of any mention of Jewish Americans or anti-Semitism or its blatant anti-Israel bias and praise of BDS, but for its clear attempt to politically indoctrinate students to adopt the view that Israel and its Jewish supporters are part of ‘interlocking systems of oppression and privilege’ that must be fought with ‘direct action’ and ‘resistance,’ ” Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, co-founder and director of the California-based AMCHA Initiative, told JNS.

California lawmakers have begun to raise alarms over the proposed curriculum, the result of a 2016 law calling for the creation of a model ethnic-studies curriculum by the state’s board of education.

The proposed curriculum is currently going through public comment and is expected to go through revisions, followed by being approved next year by the board.

DEVLIN: California’s New ‘Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum’ Imports The Leftism That Has Broken UC-Berkeley

As defined by the model curriculum, ethnic studies “is the interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity with an emphasis on experiences of people of color in the United States.

Further, it is the xdisciplinary [sic], loving, and critical praxis of holistic humanity — as educational and racial justice.”

But anyone looking for a clear explanation beyond this definition will be hard-pressed to find it in the model curriculum, as it goes on to say that the field of study is “xdisciplinary [sic], in that it variously takes the forms of being interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary, undisciplinary, and intradisciplinary.

As such, it can grow its original language to serve these needs with purposeful respellings of terms, including history as herstory and women as womxn, connecting with a gender and sexuality lens, along with a socioeconomic class lens at three of its intersections.”

The moralizing language of the radical Left may promise to “cultivate empathy,” incubate inclusivity, and create a “space to share … stories of struggle and resistance” for the “holistic well-being of all participants,” but it is merely a thin veil to cover leftists’ attempts to politicize education and write a revisionist history of the United States of America.

Don’t take my word for it: The manifesto, masquerading as curriculum, encourages a pedagogy that praises Angela Davis, Frantz  Fanon, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and notorious cop-killer Assata Shakur alike.

Ethnic Studies Curriculum Will Teach Children Capitalism Equal to ‘Racism’ and ‘Oppression’

The model curriculum may be difficult for many parents of school children to comprehend because it relies on language the radical left now considers essential to achieve its political goals.

For example, the introduction of the document uses the term “hxrstory,” instead of “history,” in keeping with the gender ideology that states “womxn” must not be defined in terms of their relation to men.

According to the model curriculum, “Ethnic studies is xdisciplinary,” and its writers add:

Ethnic Studies is about people whose cultures, hxrstories, and social positionalities are forever changing and evolving.

Thus, Ethnic Studies also examines borders, borderlands, mixtures, hybridities, nepantlas, double consciousness, and reconfigured articulations, even within and beyond the various names and categories associated with our identities.

People do not fit neatly into boxes, and identity is complex.

One of the recommended methods of teaching the Ethnic Studies model curriculum to K-12 students is through “democratizing the classroom.”

“Ethnic Studies educators democratize their classrooms by creating a learning environment where both students and teachers are equal active participants in the co-constructing knowledge,” the writers state, enabling “students to be recognized and valued as knowledge producers alongside their educators, while simultaneously placing an emphasis on the development of democratic values and collegiality.”

Junk the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Plan

Bravo to the Los Angeles Times editorial writers for coming down against the one-sided proposal on how to teach California students “ethnic studies.”

The Times editorial follows by a few days an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Williamson M. Evers, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, which hit the proposal equally as hard.

It is not the idea of ethnic studies the writers were opposed to but rather the curriculum model created by the “Model Curriculum Advisory Committee” appointed by the State Board of Education.

As the Times points out, this model curriculum is made up of “an impenetrable melange of academic jargon and politically correct pronouncements.”

Both columns advise that comments on the curriculum draft must be in by August 15. Here’s a better idea. Junk the proposal and start over.

The state wants to create an ethnic studies program that recognizes California’s rich diversity.

But that quest for diversity is apparently limited to left-wing philosophy.