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In The News:

On 9/11, Navy SEAL who shot Bin Laden said he ‘died scared shitless, hiding behind his wife’

In a tweet Wednesday evening, Rob O’Neill, who is personally credited for taking the shot that killed bin Laden, described the final moments of Osama bin Laden’s life during the SEAL Team 6 raid on bin Laden’s Pakistan compound on May 2, 2011.

O’Neill has been vocal about the mission since the events of the Operation Neptune Spear quickly began to come out to the public.

In a 2018 Fox News interview, O’Neill said he was watching the news of his team’s own mission break while they stood over his body and law enforcement officials conducted the DNA testing to verify bin Laden’s remains.

Rep. Mast, a retired Army Ranger, to be evicted from office at VA after grilling officials

Retired Army ranger and double amputee Rep. Brian Mast speaks out on being evicted from his congressional office space in the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center.
Retired Army ranger and double amputee Rep. Brian Mast speaks out on being evicted from his congressional office space in the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center.

Mast had opened the first-ever congressional office inside a VA facility back in January, looking to make “a better path forward to advocate for all our veterans.”

In April, after three veterans took their lives within five days of each other at VA facilities in two states, Mast directed tough questions to Veterans Affairs officials during a hearing.

“We need to flip that place upside down in order to change the whole climate of what’s going on there and if the people in charge aren’t willing to do that, then they’re not doing the right thing,” Mast said.

He went on to say, “There are 435 representatives sitting in the Capitol. Everyone, of which is saying, on a weekly basis, they want to effect 22 suicides a day, they want to make the VA a better place for people to get their healthcare needs, they want to make it a better place.”

“Everyone of them should be begging to be in those doors and the VA should be begging them to be in there so that we make sure every veteran that walks in there is treated with compassion.

They’re treated by competent people,” he said.

California Parents Find No Help From Lawmakers in Dealing With Child Protective Services

The State Capitol Building in Sacramento, California.
The State Capitol Building in Sacramento, California. (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Smith is the former foster mother of a four-year old girl she says is being raped by a member of a Mexican street gang who has been arrested multiple times and has custody of the child.

Smith, who is the adoptive mother of the girl’s brother, said that a friend of the gang told her the man was raping the child in the bathtub.

Smith said the man admitted that he was showering with the girl, that she saw irritation in the girl’s vagina, and that the girl is terrified of the bathtub.

She told Smith that the man did things to her every night, and she didn’t like it. The Epoch Times was unable to contact the man.

“All these red flags were happening, and we would report it to CPS and they would just report it back to him (the gang member),” Smith said.

“We reported it to CPS six or seven different times” and “they gave me excuses back.”

Families of 911 victims suing Saudi Arabia

Families of 9/11 victims suing Saudi Arabia Victims’ families arguing Saudi government was linked to the attacks; the attorney for those families, Jim Kreindler, weighs in.

Trump hails ‘big victory’ in Supreme Court asylum order

The Supreme Court reverses decades of U.S. policy and allows the Trump administration to deny asylum to migrants who pass through another country on the way to the U.S. without first seeking protection there; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.

EPA to announce rule revising controversial water regulation from Obama era

The rule has been a target since the beginning of President Trump’s first term. In 2017, he signed an executive order directing the agency to reconsider the rule and abide by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s plurality opinion in a case on the issue.

That ruling, in Rapanos vs. United States, restricted the federal government’s regulatory authority to bodies of water with a somewhat permanent flow. According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Obama-era rule gave the EPA authority over bodies of “seasonal streams, ponds, ditches, and even depressions fields that are dry through most of the year.”

Daren Bakst, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, similarly described the rule as a “power grab” in a statement provided to Fox News on

Parkland father exposes how killer was enabled by Obama’s school-leniency policies

Andrew Pollack
Andrew Pollack
(Amy Beth Bennett/Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

The mourning father has written a book spelling out the countless red flags school officials and law enforcement were handed regarding the deranged murderer who took the lives of so many innocent victims, including Meadow — and says policies implemented by President Barack Obama prevented the reporting of an abundance of evidence that could have been used to stop his daughter’s killer.

The piece goes through a litany of events which — although apparently disturbing enough for Cruz’s teachers to report in their notes — were either never reported to or dismissed by proper authorities.

One noteworthy example was that Cruz’s psychiatrist insisted her patient should not be admitted in to JROTC citing “the safety of others/himself,” but he was nonetheless enrolled in the program and “literally” given “an air gun, shaped like an AR-15, and [allowed to] practice shooting.”

On Wednesday, Pollack explained to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, a specific example of how policies implemented by the Obama administration contributed to Cruz slipping through the cracks.

US attorney recommends proceeding with charges against McCabe, as DOJ rejects last-ditch appeal

McCabe appealed the decision of the U.S. attorney for Washington all the way up to the deputy attorney general, but the department rejected that request, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The potential charges relate to DOJ inspector general findings against him regarding misleading statements during the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Retail store closures in first half of 2019 surpass all of 2018

The report from BDO USA, a professional services firm, found that retailers across a range of sizes and scale announced a combined 7,282 stores would be shuttering so far this year, outpacing last year’s less than 6,000 store closures.

A total of 12,000 stores are expected to shutter in 2019, according to the report.

While the pace of store closures and bankruptcies has accelerated this year, the firm noted that retail sales have remained strong.

Consumer spending spiked in July, according to data from the Commerce Department, and the economy has continued to grow.

Still, the firm urged retailers to “remain cautious heading into 2020” due to the ongoing trade war and rising debt burden.

New Mexico girl, 5, found dead in Rio Grande River after disappearing days earlier, officials say

Authorities are working to determine how and why Renezmae Calzada died.
Authorities are working to determine how and why Renezmae Calzada died.
(New Mexico State Police)

Renezmae Calzada, of Española, N.M., was the subject of an Amber Alert on Sunday after disappearing earlier in the morning.

She was last seen outside her home, roughly 25 miles north of Sante Fe.

On Wednesday, FBI Special Agent James Langenberg announced Renezmae’s remains had been found earlier in the day.

Her body, which was found in the Rio Grande in Española, was brought to the medical examiner’s office to determine a cause of death.

Carson cleared as HUD inspector general finds no evidence of misconduct in furniture controversy

The watchdog completed the report Wednesday, after more than a year investigating whether Carson and his wife improperly tried to purchase a $31,561 dining set for his office as part of a costly makeover. Fox News obtained a copy of the findings.

The inspector general found that Carson left the matter of purchasing furniture to members of his staff to handle, “in consultation with his wife, who provided stylistic input after the Department decided to purchase new furniture.”

“We found no evidence indicating that either Secretary or Mrs. Carson exerted improper influence on any departmental employee in connection with the procurement,” the report stated.

“We did not find sufficient evidence to substantiate allegations of misconduct on the part of Secretary Carson in connection with this procurement.”

Florida man allegedly stabbed 5 people after he learned he’d be fired, police say

Antwann Brown, 41, allegedly stabbed five people
Antwann Brown, 41, allegedly stabbed five people after he learned he might be fired from Dyke Industries in Tallahassee, Fla., police said. (Leon County Detention Facility)

Brown was in “good spirits” before arriving at work, a co-worker who gave him a ride told investigators.

But, once there, Brown seemingly overheard his supervisor having a conversation “about needing to terminate” him, the supervisor said.

Brown proceeded to confront his boss and allegedly grabbed his pocket.

The supervisor, “afraid Brown would retrieve a weapon,” used a piece of wood to arm himself. Brown was ordered to clock out and leave work.

The 41-year-old then called his pastor, asking for prayers and forgiveness — which prompted the pastor to call police, according to an arrest affidavit.

Rep. Omar called out by son of 9/11 victim during memorial ceremony

‘Squad’ member Rep. Ilhan Omar is called out for her ‘some people did something’ comment.


Axelrod: Biden tweeting Obama video ‘as subtle as a screen door on a submarine’

Getty Images

The short, minute-long video released by Biden ahead of Thursday’s 2020 Democratic debate in Houston highlighted Biden’s praise of the former president amid images of the two men working together during the Obama White House.

Biden has sought to tie himself closely to the former president on social media an in previous debates, and has faced criticism from some Democrats for doing so.

During a heated exchange at July’s debate, Biden faced questions from former Housing Secretary Julian Castro over the Obama administration’s record of family separations at the border, which Biden argued that Castro had not opposed while a member of the administration.

Ted Cruz will oppose Trump’s judicial nominee

Sen. Ted Cruz said he doesn't believe Halil Suleyman “Sul” Ozerden, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, "meets the standard" of being a "constitutionalist."
Sen. Ted Cruz said he doesn’t believe Halil Suleyman “Sul” Ozerden, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, “meets the standard” of being a “constitutionalist.” | Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

“For a lifetime appointment on the court of appeals, I believe we should be looking for someone with strong, demonstrated record as a constitutionalist.

I have significant concerns that Judge Ozerden’s judicial record does not indicate that he meets that standard.

For that reason, I do not believe he should be on the court of appeals, and I will oppose his nomination,” Cruz said in a statement for this story.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has held a hearing for Ozerden but has not yet held a committee vote.

Republicans are split on whether he will move forward: Some believe the White House may have to withdraw the nomination, others want to push him through despite reluctance among conservatives about Ozerden.

Condoleezza Rice shuts down NBC anchor who asks if Russia was responsible for President Trump winning

Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images

Russian scholar and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dismissed a question from NBC’s Savannah Guthrie during an interview Wednesday, telling the anchor it was insulting to American voters to suggest that Russia helped President Donald Trump win election in 2016.

“I think that really does devalue the people in Wisconsin and Michigan and others who decided to vote for President Trump,” Rice continued.

“Whether you like this president or not, whether you believe that he should be president or not, let’s give the credit to the Americans who went out and voted for somebody who they thought would bring change.”

Rice added, “The question is, are we going to be responsive to some of the messages that were out there and ‘do you hear me now’?

Do people who felt that they were disadvantaged by globalization — the unemployed coal miner in West Virginia, the opioid-addicted person in Pennsylvania — are we going to be responsive to those people?

That’s really the question we should be asking.”

Shunned By Democratic Party Leaders, Liberal Pro-Life Activists Rally in Houston

Founder of Pro-Life San Francisco, Terrisa Bukovinac will speak at a pro-life rally on Thursday in Houston, Texas.
Founder of Pro-Life San Francisco, Terrisa Bukovinac will speak at a pro-life rally on Thursday in Houston, Texas. Their rally will take place at Texas Southern University, the site of this evening’s Democratic Debate airing on ABC.

“We want the voices of the people to be heard, and we’re calling upon our party to represent us,” said Terrisa Bukovinac in an interview prior to the rally.

Founder of Pro-Life San Francisco, Bukovinac will be among a half-dozen committed Democrats who nonetheless disagree with the party’s shift to pro-abortion activism in recent years.

While she is nonreligious, clergy will also be represented at the rally.

“As ones committed to the principles of the Democratic Party, we are calling on our leaders to be inclusive of pro-life ideals,” said Reverend Bruce Nieli, a Catholic priest based in Austin, Texas.

Homan hits back after fiery confrontation with ‘head clown’ AOC and House Dems: ‘They can’t handle the truth’

The House Oversight Civil Rights and Civil Liberties subcommittee hearing was called to examine the Trump administration’s decision to stop considering requests from immigrants seeking to defer deportation for medical treatment and other hardships.

Homan, a Fox News contributor, was called “bigoted” during the hearing at one point by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.

Homan said he wished he would have pushed back even more forcefully when Ocasio-Cortez banged the gavel at one point, and told him his time to speak had ended.

“I wish I would have let her know, this hearing is a joke, it’s a circus, you’re the head clown.

Because hearings are supposed to be about Congress asking questions to come to some common sense on an issue that’s going on,” he said, adding that the Democrats just wanted to “spend five minutes insulting” him and not let him respond.

Glezman: Buttigieg is misrepresenting scripture to push pro-abortion agenda

Commentary/Opinion: Pete Buttigieg’s brother-in-law Ryhan Glezman reacts to Mayor Pete using the Bible to justify abortion.

Tucker: Republicans victorious in North Carolina

Commentary/Opinion: Democrats admit Trump helped GOP sweep North Carolina in special elections.

Elizabeth Warren’s Wall Street Plans Will Hurt All Americans • Hannity

Commentary/Opinion: Independent Women’s Voice: Tammy Bruce.

Trump campaign flying banner over debate site to blast 2020 Dems as socialists

The campaign says they’ll fly a banner that reads “Socialism will kill Houston’s economy” above the site of Thursday’s third round Democratic primary debate, which is being held in Houston on the campus of the historically black Texas Southern University.

The banner will fly from 2 p.m.-6 p.m. local time, just ahead of the nationally televised showdown.

“Socialism SUCKS and @TeamTrump is flying high above the Dem debate in Houston to remind the circus in town that their policies will hurt Houston, Texas and America!”

Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted on Wednesday.

Tulsi Gabbard: 9/11 inspired me to enlist in the military

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard reflects on the terror attacks of 9/11 and how she was impacted by it.

ABC News favored Joe Biden over other candidates ahead of network’s Democratic debate, study says

The Media Research Center (MRC) analyzed ABC’s “World News Tonight” from January 1 through August 31 and found that Biden was given 68 minutes of airtime while rival Kamala Harris finished well behind with only 15 minutes of coverage.

Biden received 52.5 percent of “World News Tonight” coverage among the 10 candidates who qualified to partake in the debate, while four candidates who have already dropped out received more airtime than Yang.

“So, the question can be posed,” Noyes wrote to end the study.

“Have the media already effectively winnowed the Democrats’ 2020 field before the voters ever had a chance make themselves heard?”

Flynn’s Legal Offensive Pushes for Spygate Disclosure

The defense team of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, is pursuing an avenue that could reveal information crucial to discovering the basis—or lack thereof—for the Obama administration to surveil Trump campaign aides—a matter that has come to be known as “Spygate.”

House Dems move on Trump impeachment, as Republicans mock ‘giant Instagram filter’ hiding disarray

Committee members are expected to vote on a resolution during the meeting.

The committee is not writing articles of impeachment, and nothing is going to the floor of the House right now, but the session still holds political consequences for both sides of the aisle.

“The resolution before us represents the necessary next step in our investigation of corruption, obstruction, and abuse of power,” committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., said in his opening statement.

The vote allows members to show the impeachment-eager base they are moving forward.

But the push has also rattled some Democrats from more moderate districts.

World News:

Mexico says it disagrees with ‘astonishing’ Supreme Court decision allowing Trump asylum rule

The Trump administration on Wednesday was granted approval from the Supreme Court to enforce the asylum rule as legal battles surrounding the rule continue.

The rule had previously been blocked by a California judge, prompting the administration to turn to the High Court.

President Trump tweeted after the court decision that he spoke to Obrador on the phone Wednesday about border policy, which Obrador confirmed to The Associated Press.

Trump administration releases $250M in military aid to Ukraine

The administration had put a hold on the funding, which lawmakers in both parties argued was key to fending off Russian aggression.

“The Departments of State and Defense are proceeding with the obligation of all military and security assistance funding to Ukraine,” a senior administration official said.

“The Administration supports Ukraine’s efforts of reform and self-defense, and these funds will advance Ukrainian efforts toward those ends.”

The decision came as members of the committee met to mark-up spending bills.

Cyprus Turkish army depot blast hurts 12, blows out windows at nearby hotel

A worker on a balcony, below right, cleans up the debris after an explosion
A worker on a balcony, below right, cleans up the debris after an explosion at an army’s munitions depot near the coastal city of Kyrenia in the Turkish occupied area at northern Cyprus, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019. (AP)

Early reports appeared to suggest that an undetected fire that broke out in the area may have triggered the explosion.

Videos shared on social media showed powerful explosions following the initial blast, sending some bystanders scattering.

At the nearby Acapulco hotel, some tourists were treated for minor injuries after most of the hotel’s windows and sliding doors shattered as a result of the explosions.

Burger King Removes “Ham” From “Hamburger” to Avoid Offending Muslims

The company, whose headquarters are based in Miami, Florida, said the word was being eliminated in order “to be more respectful of Muslim customers.”

The change is being made despite the fact that the “ham” in hamburger has nothing to do with pork and relates to the German city of Hamburg, where the patties were first made.

However, the company admitted that its outlets in South Africa would be losing their “halal” certification because of popular demand for some sandwiches to include bacon

Facebook suspends Netanyahu’s chatbot for hate speech against Arabs

Joint List party leader Ayman Odeh filming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Joint List party leader Ayman Odeh filming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a discussion on the cameras bill at the Knesset, in Jerusalem on September 11, 2019 (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The head of the predominantly Arab Joint List party, Ayman Odeh, who had complained to Facebook about the bot, welcomed the move.

Responding to criticism of the campaign, which urged Likud volunteers to adopt the campaign script to sway voters, the right-wing party on Wednesday disavowed the content as a “mistake by a campaign worker” and said it had not been approved by the prime minister.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu did not see these things, did not approve them, does not agree with them, and opposes them,” a Likud statement said.

“When the content was brought to his attention, he asked that it be taken down immediately.”


Liz Warren Will Break Up Amazon! And Google! And Facebook!

Sharia Anti-Art

Sharia has a lot to say about art.

What would our civilization look like if it followed the rule of Sharia over art?