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In The News:

Vietnam vet found covered with ants in nursing home bed dies after being bitten more than 100 times

An American flag flies in front of the Atlanta VA Medical Center in Atlanta,
May 24, 2013.

Laquna Ross, the daughter of Air Force veteran Joel Marrable, was visiting her father at the Eagle’s Nest Community Living Center, a nursing home for veterans on the Atlanta VA Medical Center campus, where he was being treated for cancer, when she noticed her father’s hands were swollen and his body was covered with red bumps.

Ross said she alerted a medical center staffer to her father’s new ailments and was “worried and confused because that wasn’t how he looked when I saw him the last time,” she told ABC Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV

The response she got from the employee shocked her.

‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Singer Eddie Money Dead at 70

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

“The Money Family regrets to announce that Eddie passed away peacefully early this morning.

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our loving husband and father. We cannot imagine our world without him.

We are grateful that he will live on forever through his music,” the singer’s family said according to TMZ.

Appeals Court Revives Anti-Corruption Lawsuit Against Trump’s Businesses

A federal trial judge in New York City dismissed the case in December 2017 for lack of standing, saying the plaintiffs — a group of hoteliers and restaurant owners joined by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) — could not attribute declines in business to post-election interest in Trump properties.

On appeal, the 2nd Circuit said the trial court had asked the plaintiffs to prove too much too early in the dispute.

The decision creates the prospect of Supreme Court review, as the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Trump in a similar dispute brought by the attorneys general of Maryland and Washington, D.C., concerning the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The justices generally take cases in which multiple courts disagree about the same questions of law.

The full 4th Circuit is currently considering whether to review that decision.

Air Force deal to refuel near Trump’s Scottish resort reportedly signed under Obama

The details emerged as the Air Force was called to explain a March stopover in the Scottish resort — with Democrats on the House Oversight Committee writing to Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan as part of their investigation into alleged conflicts of interest by the president.

The twist revealing that the airport deal predates his administration could boost Trump’s case.

The Post noted that no evidence has emerged to show Trump did anything to alter the existing arrangement since entering office.

The New York Times, meanwhile, found that the deal involved the Air Force paying a discounted rate of as little as $130 a night, compared with a typical rate of more than $300 a night.

It was one of 13 hotels booked by the airport, and is approximately 40 minutes away from the airport.

Trump has dismissed criticism on the issue, saying he had “nothing to do” with the stops.

People are already getting arrested at Area 51, and of course they’re YouTubers

Although more than two million Facebook users responded to the event, the U.S. government warned against actually attempting to storm the military base on Sept. 20.

“The U.S. Air Force is aware of the Facebook post,” an Air Force spokesperson told Insider. “Any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous.”

Ahead of the estimated thousands of eager alien enthusiasts flooding the area, the Nevada Department of Transportation removed the iconic “Extraterrestrial Highway” sign, according to a Fox 5 report on Thursday.

Instead of risking the prison sentence or worse, consider going to the corresponding music festival, Alienstock.

The Facebook event’s original creator backed out and called it a “potential humanitarian disaster,” but the festival is still reported to proceed as planned.

Epstein Donated Nearly $9 Million to Harvard, School President Says

Jeffrey Epstein in a file photograph. (New York State Sex Offender Registry via AP)

Two weeks ago, Bacow had ordered a review of Epstein’s donations to Harvard after the financier’s links to Harvard and other schools, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), had raised “concerns,” he said.

Bacow also emphasized that their review of Epstein’s donations is still ongoing.

Harvard made the point that they had never received a gift from Epstein after he pleaded guilty in Florida in 2008 to state charges of soliciting a child for prostitution under a non-prosecution agreement that required him to spend 13 months in jail and register as a sex offender.

“Epstein’s behavior, not just at Harvard, but elsewhere, raises significant questions about how institutions like ours review and vet donors,” Bacow said.

He added that Harvard will be forming a group to review strategies to stop such situations from occurring again in the future and noted he hoped to engage with peer institutions as well.

MIT’s Media Lab Director Joi Ito resigned on Sept. 7, a day after a new report detailed how the lab attempted to hide its financial relationship with Epstein.

Felicity Huffman gets prison time for paying off SAT fixer in college admissions scheme

Felicity Huffman and husband William H. Macy make their way to the entrance of the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse on Friday, September 13, 2019.
Felicity Huffman and husband William H. Macy make their way to the entrance of the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse on Friday, September 13, 2019.

In addition, the actress will serve one year of probation and perform 250 hours of community service.

“I think this is the right sentence here,” U.S. District Court Judge Indira Talwani told Huffman. “You can move forward and rebuild your life after this.

Without this sentence, I think the community around you would ask why you got away with this.”

A tearful Huffman had addressed Judge Talwani before she received her sentence.

Whole Foods is cutting medical benefits for hundreds of part-time workers

The Amazon-owned company told Business Insider it was cutting benefits “to better meet the needs of our business and create a more equitable and efficient scheduling model.”

Whole Foods has about 95,000 employees, so it means about 1,900 people will lose benefits.

A 15-year employee of Whole Foods said she was devastated by the news.

Marine tackles high school students during brawl

A video shows a Marine, who was on Edison High School’s campus to help with military recruitment, sprinting toward two students mid-brawl and tackling the pair to the ground.

The incident is now at the center of a Stockton Unified School District investigation and has left some parents outraged.

Other parents said the Marine’s actions were justified and he helped stop the fight from escalating further.

“It could have been a little less of a tackle but I believe in discipline.

These kids were not behaving. Someone’s got to stop it,” one parent told FOX40.

Woman arrested for ‘arranging to have sex with a dog on Instagram to celebrate its first birthday’

Rebekah Little is alleged to have arranged to have sex with a dog at her home in Texas
Rebekah Little is alleged to have arranged to have sex with a dog at her home in Texas

In December 2017, she was contacted by Jerrid Cook, who said he and another man named Kevin Cook would bring their dog, Ryder, to the apartment to “have fun”.

Court documents say the two men took Ryder to Little home on Christmas Day, but the pet “was not cooperating” with the plan.

Little, a real estate professional, told Houston Police that she didn’t ultimately have sex with the dog because she was too nervous.

Instead she had sex with Jerrid.

All three have now been charged with bestiality, although only Little is in custody.

Man becomes first to lose guns under New York’s ‘red flag’ law

Robert King, 51, was accused of illegally possessing and firing a pistol in Columbia County that struck a parked car in New Lebanon, Albany’s News 10 reported.

Cops said that after his arraignment, he said something about hurting himself, so authorities filed an extreme risk protection order against King.

His weapons — a pistol and seven long guns — were seized on Sept. 4 pending a hearing scheduled for Friday, but King waived the formal hearing “based upon clear and convincing evidence against him,” Judge Patrick McGrath said.


From October 2015 to September 2017, Illinois made 84 insurance payments for 80 deceased individuals that the state did not recover, according to OIG’s audit.

The state now owes the federal government $3.2 million – the portion of the $4.6 million Illinois received from the federal health department.

State officials blamed the errors on a “technical flaw,” according to the Chicago Tribune, and said the state failed to enter the individuals’ death dates into the system.


Christine Blasey Ford’s Father Supported Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

To this day, there is zero evidence beyond her claims that the alleged assault ever happened. One detail, however, remains particularly intriguing.

The Blasey family stayed conspicuously silent about the veracity of her allegations.

A public letter of support for Ford that began “As members of Christine Blasey Ford’s family . . .” wasn’t signed by a single blood relative.

Reached for comment by the Washington Post, her father simply said, “I think all of the Blasey family would support her. I think her record stands for itself. Her schooling, her jobs and so on,” before hanging up.

Privately, however, it appears the Blasey family had significant doubts about what Ford was trying to accomplish by coming forward and making unsubstantiated allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Within days of Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, a fascinating encounter took place. Brett Kavanaugh’s father was approached by Ford’s father at the golf club where they are both members.

CNN, New York Times hosting next Democratic primary debate, to be held in Ohio

The debate — it’ll be the fourth round this year — will be hosted by The New York Times and CNN at Otterbein University, the party said in a news release.

The debate is scheduled for Oct. 15. (If enough candidates qualify to split the candidates over two nights, the second will be Oct. 16.)

The moderators for October’s debate will be Marc Lacey of The Times, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett.

It will be the cable network’s second Democratic debate this cycle: CNN hosted the party’s July debate event in Detroit.

The New York Times said it will be the paper’s first presidential campaign debate in more than a decade.

Real News Insights with Natalie Harp

Commentary/Opinion: Democrats plan a government TAKEOVER of healthcare.

That means ELIMINATING private plans (like Blue Cross/Blue Shield)!

The Republican Party will become the Party of Great HealthCare.

Obama-Biden Care is a disaster, even Democrats want to get rid of it!

Unfair blame: Valerie Plame tries to lie her way into Congress

Commentary/Opinion: Plame this week released a spectacularly meretricious video advertisement that repeats the thoroughly debunked falsehood that former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby “leaked [her] identity.”

It’s not true. But it’s all part of a high-gloss effort to further the image Hollywood created for her in 2010.

Years after Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage — not Libby — inadvertently revealed Plame’s allegedly covert status to columnist Robert Novak in 2003, Hollywood turned Plame into a heroine in its movie Fair Game.

This film, a very entertaining but even more misleading piece of agitprop, portrayed Plame and her flagrantly dishonest then-husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, as victims of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

It’s sickening.

Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler gave Plame’s ad a “three Pinocchio” score (with four being the worst) for its degree of falsehood.

Plame should spare us the deceit and the drama-queen persona. With her book and movie deals, she surely has made a pretty penny from her fame.

And to somehow present herself as an avenging angel against Trump (apparently a convenient political target in Plame’s New Mexico district) is ludicrous.

Trump’s pardon of the innocent Libby did absolutely nothing to inconvenience Plame.

O’Rourke responds to state lawmaker’s AR-15 tweet: ‘This is a death threat’

O’Rourke responded after state Rep. Briscoe Cain (R) quoted the Democrat’s response to a question about assault weapons in the debate and tweeted, “My AR is ready for you, Robert Francis,” referencing O’Rourke’s birth name.

Cain had shared an earlier tweet from O’Rourke’s account that quoted the former congressman’s remarks in the debate in Houston in which he drew applause by declaring, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.”

Cain tweeted in response to O’Rourke, calling the Democratic presidential hopeful “a child.”

Cain also sent an earlier tweet responding to another Twitter user who asked if he was threatening the Texas Democrat by calling that Twitter user an “idiot.”

Twitter Removes Texas State Rep’s Tweet Threatening Beto O’Rourke With AR-15

O’Rourke’s press secretary Aleigha Cavalier told CNN, “We are reporting to FBI.”

Cain’s tweet was live on the social media platform for more than two hours before it was pulled down from Twitter on Thursday.

A Twitter spokesperson told CNN Cain’s tweet was removed because it violated the company’s rules against violence and wishing harm against others.

Twitter’s rules on safety specifically state, “you may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people.”

Cain accused O’Rourke Friday of spinning his tweet into a death threat.

Biden Clashes With Sanders and Warren Over Medicare for All

Former vice president Joe Biden clashed with the other top Democratic presidential contenders on Sept. 12 over Medicare for All, a socialist proposal that would have the government take over the entire health industry.

World News:

Taliban negotiators arrive in Moscow days after Trump declares Afghan peace talks ‘dead’

A Taliban delegation arrives for talks in Moscow earlier this year.
A Taliban delegation arrives for talks in Moscow earlier this year.
(AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, File)

The Russian state news agency Tass, citing the Taliban’s Qatari-based spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, reported that the delegation had met with Zamir Kabulov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s envoy to Afghanistan.

A Taliban official confirmed the visit to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Russia has been accused of aiding the Taliban as a safeguard against a burgeoning affiliate of the Islamic State (ISIS) that has close ties to the Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, a militant group in Central Asia. Russia has stepped up its defenses in Central Asia and has claimed thousands of ISIS fighters were in northern Afghanistan

Moscow has twice this year hosted meetings between the Taliban and prominent Afghan personalities.

L A Times “climate change facts” article conceals critical global energy & emissions data

The article offers climate change straw man arguments that distract readers from much more relevant and important climate change alarmist flawed realities.

The article tries to limit the climate change issues discussed by only addressing possible future roles for nuclear power, excuses trying to minimize the importance of China’s CO2 emissions growth and how “decarbonization” schemes in the U.S. will create jobs.

This Times article completely ignores any discussion of global energy use actual data that demonstrates the “fact” that the world’s developing nations overwhelming dominate global energy use (and emissions) with fossil fuels providing 87.5% of these nations energy consumption in 2018.

The Times article ignores “facts” showing that none of the world’s developing nations have any present or future binding emission reduction commitments within the phony Paris Agreement making these nations signatory status of this agreement an embarrassment and signaling that the Agreement was purely politically contrived.

The Times articles concealment of critical global energy and emissions “facts” demonstrates that the primary purpose of this article was to create a distracting smoke screen to hide the “facts” of the world’s present and future global energy use and emissions reality from view.

Brazil Hospital Fire Leaves 11 Dead, Many of Them Elderly Patients

A patient is evacuated from a burning hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019.
A patient is evacuated from a burning hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019. The fire forced staff to hastily evacuate patients and temporarily settle some on sheets and mattresses in the street while firefighters fought the blaze.
Leo Correa—AP

Four firefighters were hospitalized after battling the blaze at Badim Hospital and about 90 patients were transferred to other hospitals, the fire department said Friday. Authorities are investigating the cause of the blaze.

Medical workers in surgical masks rolled equipment in the road as smoke billowed from the building after fire broke out Thursday night.

Television images showed staff tending to patients sitting in wheelchairs with IV poles beside them in the street, some on sheets and mattresses.

Elderly and intensive care patients were among those rescued.

Survivors in Bahamas desperate for aid after Hurricane Dorian

Two weeks after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, the situation in the Bahamas is just as desperate as ever.

One America’s Pearson Sharp sat down with Doug Manchester, a San Diego developer, who has a charity that is organizing relief efforts on the island.

State Dept.: No changes to Afghan policy

The Taliban is facing a tough military crackdown by the U.S. over a series of recent attacks against American and Afghan troops.

One America’s Kristian Rouz has the latest on U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

Pension funds in Iran on brink of collapse amid US ‘maximum pressure’ campaign

U.S. officials are pointing to this as evidence of just how punishing the ongoing “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran has been.

“They have fewer resources. We can see it with the Shia militias in Iraq.

They’re scrambling for resources. We think the Iranian government will shrink, that their GDP will shrink by as much as 12 or 14 percent this year,”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on “Fox News Sunday,” speaking to the economic impact.

“This will reduce their capacity to purchase the things they need, the equipment they need, the materials they need, to inflict terror around the

Report: Gay ‘Chem-Sex’ Parties Re-Fueling HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Europe

(Getty Images)

Two of the drugs often used for “chemsex” are crystal meth and GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid), a drug that induces euphoria and is also used as a date-rape drug. A subset of chemsex is “slamsex,” according to Reuters, in which partygoers “self-inject drugs rather than taking them as pills or via pipes.”

“Chemsex is very pervasive now — it’s a growing phenomenon,” said Rusi Jaspal, a professor of psychology and sexual health at De Montfort University in Leicester, England.

The drugs “reduce inhibitions and increase feelings of horniness or lust,” he said, and this creates a “perfect storm” for the partygoers who are already at high risk of acquiring HIV.

“The result, AIDS experts say, is that in cities across Europe, HIV is spreading rapidly among men who have sex with men — leading to concentrated epidemics in hard-to-reach groups,” reported Reuters.

Poland Gets All-Clear to Buy US F-35 Joint Strike Fighters

A U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II aircraft sits on a runway during Operation Rapid Forge on Powidz Air Base,
A U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II aircraft sits on a runway during Operation Rapid Forge on Powidz Air Base, Poland, July, 16, 2019.
(U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Milton Hamilton)

The State Department announced Wednesday that Poland was approved to receive 32 Lockheed Martin-made F-35A Lightning II aircraft with support and associated equipment, for an estimated cost of $6.5 billion.

“The sale of the F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter to Poland will provide a key NATO ally with the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft, improve its ability to provide collective and self-defense, and reduce its dependence on legacy Russian equipment,” a State Department official said in a Defense Security Cooperation Agency release.

The F-35 will “contribute to Poland’s goal of modernizing its military capabilities while further enhancing interoperability with the United States, NATO members, and other allies,” the official added.


What you NEVER hear about after mass shootings

If anyone mentions mental illness or anti-depressants, or lax sentencing for violent felons, they are ridiculed, because GUN CONTROL!

But, in fact, these things DO matter,and they matter a great deal.

Consider some issues that are almost always ignored:…..

It must also be remembered how many shootings have taken place in “gun-free” zones, and how many have happened in California, a state with very strict gun laws. Laws do not prevent evil people from doing evil things.

They never have, and never will.