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In The News:

Nine people shot in Washington D.C. rampage

The first one took place in the courtyard of an apartment complex in the 1300 block of Columbia Road NW in Columbia Heights at about 10:05 p.m.

Cmdr. Stuart Emerman of the 3rd District said one man was killed and five other adults were wounded. Of the victims, police said five were men and one was a woman.

The injuries of the survivors ranged from non-life-threatening to critical.

According to D.C. police, the search was on for two “males armed with AK style rifle”. They were last seen in the rear of the complex – that’s according to a tweet the department sent out just after midnight.

Boston cop on leave over accusations of racial slurs by students

Here’s what allegedly happened. The students involved are in the ninth and 10th grades.

Parents said they were at a McDonald’s down the street from the school before classes began and they were being so disruptive that the manager asked them to leave.

They didn’t, and so someone at the restaurant called the cops.

Parents said the officer got angry when they didn’t listen.

It’s amazing what happens these days with simple accusations.

Two weeks ago, we reported about how an entire Pennsylvania fire company was closed by town officials. Why? Because one of its volunteer firefighters once attended Proud Boys social gatherings.

You read that right.

The department is in Haverford Township, part of Delaware County.

At least 4 dead, multiple critical injuries in tour bus crash outside of Bryce Canyon National Park

The tour group, made up of Chinese-speaking tourists, hit a guard rail before crashing, according to the Utah Highway Patrol. (Photo: Utah Highway Patrol)

Multiple air ambulances, rescue crews and other emergency responders were headed to the crash on State Route 12, the main highway to the entrance of the park, which is located in central Utah.

The highway was closed and officials asked motorists to avoid the area if possible to make room for emergency vehicles, according to the UHP’s Twitter account.

Between 12 and 15 people sustained “very critical injuries,” according to the account. “We are confirming the tourists are Chinese speaking tourists,” a tweet says.

Buffalo police release surveillance video in case of abandoned boy found on porch

Police said the two individuals were being sought as persons of interest in the torching of the vehicle, which was found Monday afternoon with two charred bodies inside. The bodies have not been identified.

“This is a horrific, horrific crime,” Capt. Jeff Rinaldo told a news conference on Thursday.

“This is a very complicated case involving missing persons, a juvenile, and now a homicide,” he said, according to WHEC-TV.

Facebook suspends tens of thousands of data-scraping apps

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Facebook said it has reviewed millions of apps and suspended tens of thousands associated with about 400 developers.

Some of those apps were suspended for inappropriately sharing data, making data available without protecting users’ identities or violating other Facebook policies.

The investigation is ongoing. Facebook says it’s learning how to better understand patterns of abuse and how to “root out bad actors.”

As part of Facebook’s settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, app developers will face additional oversight.

Twitter bans thousands of state-backed accounts spreading misinformation


In a transparency report shared today, Twitter says it removed 4,248 accounts from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 273 accounts from the UAE and Egypt, 1,019 accounts based in Ecuador, 265 accounts from Spain and six accounts from Saudi Arabia.

It also released more data on 4,301 of the 200,000 accounts from China and Hong Kong that were suspended for stoking unrest around the Hong Kong protests.

Facebook also removed accounts linked with misinformation in Spain. The accounts removed by both platforms were linked with Spain’s People’s Party, Partido Popular.

As the Financial Times points out, it’s one of the few occasions in which social media platforms have linked a major political party in western Europe with coordinated disinformation campaigns.

Barges break loose and strike a bridge near Houston after Imelda forces 400 water rescues and strands 300 drivers

The chaos continued early Friday, when officials got a report that nine barges had broken away from their moorings on the San Jacinto River, the US Coast Guard said.

At least one barge struck the westbound bridge along Interstate 10, Texas Department of Transportation spokesman Danny Perez said.

Officials are assessing the eastbound bridge for damage, with a full assessment planned when water level recede, Perez said.

At least one loose barge is carrying an unknown hazardous substance, Perez said.

5 inconvenient truths about the ‘climate strike’

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 20: Students and activists block Lambeth Bridge during the Global Climate Strike on September 20, 2019 in London, England.
(Photo by Guy Smallman / Getty Images)

Thousands of students around the world are leaving class Friday, going on “strike” to demand immediate action against climate change.

But critics say they miss these important big-picture facts.

Some climate scientists say the term “existential emergency,” meaning the existence of humanity itself is endangered, is scaremongering.

“Climate strikers and others (including most of the Democratic presidential candidates) refer to climate change as an existential crisis.

This is nonsense,” Judith Curry, a climate scientist and former professor at Georgia Tech, told Fox News.

Michelle Carter, who encouraged boyfriend to kill himself, denied early release from prison

Michelle Carter, center, departs following a parole hearing on Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 in Natick, Mass.
Michelle Carter, center, departs following a parole hearing on Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 in Natick, Mass. Carter, who was sentenced to 15 months in jail for urging her suicidal boyfriend via text messages to take his own life, was denied early release Friday. (Photo: Steven Senne, AP)

Two members of the Massachusetts Parole Board wrote the decision for the seven-member panel, saying “the (board) is troubled that Ms. Carter not only encouraged Mr. Conrad to take his own life, she actively prevented others from intervening in his suicide.”

Carter, 22, appeared before the board Thursday to ask for early release in the high-profile case that stems from the 2014 suicide death of Conrad Roy III, then 18 years old.

She’s been in prison since February after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2017.

“Ms. Carter’s self-serving statements and behavior, leading up to and after his suicide, appear to be irrational and lacked sincerity,” the one-page decision reads.

“Ms. Carter needs to further address her causative factors that led to the governing offense. Release does not meet the legal standard.”

Locan authorities want to sue Facebook for Alienstock Area 51 event

While Robert and co. shifted the event to Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, the owner of Little A’Le’Inn however said that she would still host her own Alienstock event, in spite of the fact that Robert had sent her a legal notice asking her to not use the name “Alienstock.”

The Lincoln County Sheriff expressed his frustration at the fact that people had already started arriving at the inn and that his county has to spend a quarter of a million dollars.

For this reason, the authorities are planning on suing both Facebook and Matty Roberts.

‘Storm Area 51′ raid brings crowds of ‘alien believers’ to Nevada

Visitors from around the country are trekking to the Alien Research Center in Hiko, Nevada, where the ‘Storm Area 51 Basecamp’ will take place Friday and Saturday.

Fox News spoke to some of the ‘alien believers’ to find out if they really plan to raid Area 51 this weekend.


Mexican drug cartels fueling meth comeback in US, with seizures at ‘historically high levels’

Meth seizures along the border increased 255-percent from over 8,400 kilograms in 2012 to 30,081 kilograms—that’s the weight of an average loaded cement truck—in 2017.
Meth seizures along the border increased 255-percent from over 8,400 kilograms in 2012 to 30,081 kilograms—that’s the weight of an average loaded cement truck—in 2017. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

“Meth seizures have increased dramatically [by U.S. Customs and Border Protection] over the last four to five years,” said Pete Bidegain, Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent and special operations supervisor.

“A lot of that is due to demand here in the U.S., and the Mexican cartels are now creating their own meth and then pushing it across the border through the channels that they use historically for cocaine and marijuana.”

Month after month, drug agents are intercepting large supplies of meth at the border.

Scott Stewart, vice president of tactical analysis for Stratfor — an American geopolitical intelligence platform and publisher — said meth is coming into the U.S. at “historically high levels.”

Pentagon: Border Wall Going Up at About 1 Mile Per Day, and Rising

The CBP showed a new section of steel bollard wall near San Luis, Arizona, over the weekend (CPB)

“Right now we’re at a pace of about a mile a day. And we’ll see that continue to go up,” Hoffman said.

“It’s going to be a few months but our goal is that by the end of next year, we will have completed over 100—450 miles of wall construction all told across the entire federal government,” he said.

President Donald Trump traveled to the southwest earlier this week to review construction progress. Speaking at a press conference in San Diego on Wednesday, he said that the border wall “still, obviously, has a ways to go, but we’re building it at a breakneck speed.”

“And we think we can get it close to 500 miles by the end of next year, depending on certain terrain conditions,” Trump added. “But we’re doing all of the most important areas.

Protesters target Aurora GEO/ICE prison warden at his southeast Aurora home

Protesters in the southeast Aurora Tollgate neighborhood Thursday night are targeting the home of David Choate. Choate is the top official of the Aurora GEO ICE prison,
Protesters in the southeast Aurora Tollgate neighborhood Thursday night are targeting the home of David Choate. Choate is the top official of the Aurora GEO ICE prison, a detention center for illegal immigrants.

A march organized by two immigrant-rights activist groups, Denver Communists and Abolish ICE Denver, began about 6:30 p.m. at a park in southeast Aurora.

The group planned to make a circuit on streets in the neighborhood, targeting Aurora GEO/ICE warden Johnny Choate.

Protesters continued to circle Choates’ home, were Aurora police armed with rifles stood in driveway in a clearly defensive stance.

“Keep it peaceful, but that’s not how you bring me to your side — if you piss me off,” said Tollgate neighborhood resident Dave Lund. “(Choate is) not even home right now. They’re just going to be yelling at an empty house.”

Some neighbors jeered at them, and many drank beers on their lawns watching the action.

Protesters also yelled, “No ICE. No KKK. No fascist USA.”


Fact-Checkers Decline to Revisit Ilhan Omar Marriage Question

Ilhan Omar / Getty Images

It has been difficult to confirm or refute the allegation that Omar married her brother. She has denied the allegation but has so far refused to provide the names of her family members and has denied requests for further information from the media.

Reporters attempting to get to the bottom of the question for Minnesota’s Star-Tribune had their requests for information denied by Omar, and were therefore unable to come to any conclusion at all.

“What’s really made it hard is that she’s been unwilling to address any of these questions,” said Star-Tribune editor Kevin Diaz, who believes Omar could easily put the question to rest if she wanted to.

“We’ve asked her these questions, and also asked her to make her father
available,” Diaz said. “Her family could put this to rest easily. No one will talk to us.”

Trump nominates wave of California judges, in fresh bid to reshape courts

Two nominations are for the influential San Francisco-based Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a long-liberal bench with jurisdiction across the American West whose political makeup has shifted with Trump’s aggressive appointment campaign.

While it is traditional for a nominee’s home-state senators to give their approval, it is not required, and Trump lately has bypassed the so-called “blue slip” tradition in order to get conservative judges on the bench.

While Democrats have fumed at the tactics, conservatives cheered Trump this month for seeing the 150th federal judge confirmed.

“This is a historic milestone,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said in a statement.

“As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I will continue to push through highly qualified, conservative judges at all levels of the federal courts.”

Bernie Sanders Makes A Startling Admission During The First Leg Of MSNBC’s Two Day Climate Forum

There will be some pain, the Vermont senator said during the first day of MSNBC’s two-day climate change forum. Sanders, who’s running neck and neck with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Democratic primary, was referring to the effect his proposed fracking ban would have on fossil fuel jobs.

“I’m not going to say Chris, you know if you want to press the point, that there aren’t people who will be hurt. I got that.

And it doesn’t make me happy,” Sanders told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

‘He’s Coming Home’: Bill de Blasio Ends His 2020 Presidential Campaign

“My presidential campaign may be over, but I am going to keep fighting for working people — and ensuring that New York City remains the vanguard of progressivism,” Mayor de Blasio wrote.

President Trump shared his farewell message on Twitter Friday. “Oh no, really big political news, perhaps the biggest story in years!

Part time Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, who was polling at a solid Zero but had tremendous room for growth, has shocking dropped out of the Presidential race.

NYC is devastated, he’s coming home!,” Trump said.


The suit was filed after the DOJ and FBI both failed to respond to identical July 11, 2019, FOIA requests seeking access to a single record:

“The Electronic Communication that initiated the counterintelligence investigation of President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

Included with each FOIA request was an April 2018 letter from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (Intelligence Committee) to the Justice Department concerning a congressional subpoena for the same record.

“The FBI and DOJ are still covering up the corruption behind the Obama administration’s illicit spying on President Trump,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“The original document behind the ‘counterintelligence’ spy operation against President Trump is key to exposing the corruption of Spygate.

It is beyond belief the FBI and DOJ are still hiding it.”

World News:

China to test journalists on loyalty to Xi Jinping to get credentials renewed

Getty Images

More than a dozen state-owned media organizations in China received a notice from the country’s media regulator, prompting journalists of the organizations to prepare for the test, which will be administered in October.

According to Media Reform, an independent news account on WeChat, the test will consist of five sections.

A couple of the sections will center around Xi’s teachings on socialism and his “important thoughts on propaganda.”

As it stands, China is already one of the worst countries for journalists to operate.

Reporters Without Borders ranked the country 177th out of 180 countries earlier this year. The only countries below China in the rankings were Eritrea and North Korea.

Saudi-led forces launch airstrikes on Yemeni city of Hodeidah

The Houthis said the attacks are a response to the recent assault on the Saudi Aramco oil facilities.
The Houthis said the attacks are a response to the recent assault on the Saudi Aramco oil facilities. Photograph: Yahya Arhab/EPA

The Houthi rebels, battling Saudi support for the UN-recognised Yemen government for the past five years, claimed the airstrikes on four sites were in violation of the ceasefire agreement signed in December 2018 in Stockholm.

A Houthi military spokesman described the assault as a serious escalation and a reprisal for the Houthi-claimed assault on Saudi oil installations last weekend.

Defending the attacks, the Saudi coalition spokesman, Turki Al-Malik, said:

“The coalition’s naval forces detected an attempt by the terrorist Houthi militia backed by Iran to carry out an imminent act of aggression and terrorism in the southern Red Sea using an unmanned, rigged boat … launched from Hodeidah province.”

The Saudi attacks were seen by the Houthis as an attempted show of strength in response to the last Saturday’s devastating assault on the Saudi Aramco oil facilities, a strike that exposed the vulnerability of the Saudi oilfields to terrorism.

Trump slaps sanctions on Iran’s national bank after Saudi attack, says Tehran is ‘broke’

“These are the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country. We’ve never done it to this level,” he told reporters in the Oval Office.

Trump on Wednesday had tweeted that he ordered Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to “substantially increase sanctions” on Iran.

On Friday, Mnuchin stood by the president and said that the sanctions mean that the U.S. has now cut off all sources of funding to Iran.

“This will mean no more funds going to the [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] or to fund terror, and this is on top of our oil sanctions and our financial institution sanctions,” he said, calling the move “very big.”


All Eyes on Suburban Women Heading into the Presidential Election • Ingraham Angle

Commentary/Opinion:Independent Women’s Voice.

Climate Tyrants Target Poor and Middle Class | Ep 447

Rich people will be just fine if a 2020 climate tyrant wins.

They will be able to afford outrageously expensive meat, new cars, and then new homes closer to work after cars are banned. Poor and middle class people will suffer.

The Democrats don’t actually care about saving the planet.

They like the climate change movement because they think it will help them gain power over every aspect of our lives.