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In The News:

Missouri farmer charged in killing of Wisconsin brothers

FILE – This document provided by the Clinton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department shows brothers Justin Diemel, left, and Nick Diemel, were reported missing July 21, 2019 and are presumed dead. Missouri cattle farmer Garland Nelson was charged Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019 with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of the two missing brothers from Wisconsin.
(Clinton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department via AP, File)

According to the probable cause statement, Nelson shot the brothers then put their bodies in 55-gallon metal barrels and used a skid loader to move them one at a time from a barn to a pasture.

There, he burned them using diesel fuel and an unknown liquid. Nelson told investigators he then dumped the remains on a manure pile and hid the barrels elsewhere on his property, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) northeast of Kansas City, Missouri.

Rob Chubb, who managed the feeder cattle side of the Diemels’ business, said he believes Nelson lured the brothers to his property with a promise of repaying his debt but with the intention of killing them.

WATCH: LeBron James Screams, Walks Off Court During National Anthem

Getty Images/Zhong Zhi

As the anthem played ahead of the Lakers’ opener against the Clippers, James was seen leaving the court as the rest of his team stood at attention.

Stomping off the court, James crowed “let’s goooo” as he unzipped his sweat jacket before taking a seat on the sidelines as everyone else observed the anthem.

NYPD officer shot, returns fire on naked suspect during Harlem gunfight

Glenn Schuck

According to police sources to the NY Post, that suspect was the superintendent of the building at 2785 Frederick Douglass Boulevard and his mother was a cop at the 52nd Precinct.

It all went down just before 2 a.m. after a 911 call came in from a resident saying a man was harassing her, banging on doors and breaking glass.

Eight officers responded.

It’s not the suspects first run-in with law enforcement. He’s had “previous interactions with the police,” he said.

The Post reports that he had two domestic violence arrests this year, according to their sources.

Search for missing 3-year-old girl called off as police make tragic discovery

During a press briefing, Birmingham police announced that they had discovered the body of 3-year-old Kamille McKinney in a dumpster at a landfill, ending the state-wide search.

McKinney was last seen on October 12 during a birthday party at the Tom Brown Village public housing complex, according to a report from NBC News.

Police have two people in custody in association with the crime, a male and a female. They were identified by authorities as Patrick Stallworth and Derick Brown.

Bed Bath & Beyond pulls black jack-o’-lanterns amid blackface complaints, report says

The home goods store pulled the controversial Halloween pumpkins after some said they resembled blackface, News 12 reported.

The controversy started when a law firm put the jack-o‘-lanterns on display outside its office in Nyack, New York.

Wilbur Aldridge, the regional director at the NAACP, said in a statement to News 12 that the pumpkin design “shows an extreme lack of sensitivity.”

“By now, I would believe everyone [would] know that anything in blackface is offensive,” the statement read. “Equally as offensive is that a retail store would have such an item in its inventory for general purchase.”

Triggered Treat: Sex offenders suing Sheriff’s office over Halloween warning signs

It started last year, when Butts County Sheriff Gary Long instructed deputies to place “Warning! No Trick-or-Treat at this address!!” signs in the front yards of more than 200 sex offenders registered in the county from Oct. 24-Nov. 2.

That’s right – the county has that many sex offenders.

His office is planning on doing it again this year, which has triggered three registered sex offenders into filing suit.

Former IRS Employee Sentenced To 32 Months In Prison For Evading $500,000 In Taxes

Authorities say the employee, 72-year-old Craig Orrock of Salt Lake City, Utah, obstructed efforts by the government to collect taxes since 1993.

“Orrock was ordered to pay $923,666.73 in restitution and to serve three years of supervised release” in addition to his time that he will be serving behind bars, according to the DOJ.

Only days ago, it was reported that a former IRS employee in Kansas City was indicted for fraud after she “[orchestrated] a scheme to steal tax refund money.”

Facebook to debut ‘News Tab’ product on Friday, company says

“Later in this week we actually have a big announcement coming up on launching a big initiative around news and journalism where we’re partnering with a lot of folks to build a new product that’s supporting high-quality journalism,” Zuckerberg said.

The company spokesperson confirmed Zuckerberg will unveil the new product at a New York City event Friday that will focus on “journalism in the digital age.”

He’ll be joined by Robert Thomson, CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Some U.S. Facebook users will see the feature starting that day, ahead of a broader gradual rollout.

Facebook has for months teased the product, which will reportedly be curated in part by veteran journalists hired by the company.

Facebook has separately courted publishers to strike up content-sharing agreements to populate the tab.

Georgia police save suicidal father in dramatic bodycam footage: ‘Drop the knife…your son needs you’

A Georgia police officer called to a home earlier this summer was able to convince a suicidal father to drop the knife he intended to use to end his life, dramatic footage shows.

The Henry County Police Department posted a portion of the 25-minute bodycam footage of the July 28 life-saving incident, edited to protect the distraught man’s identity.

The police department said Facebook briefly removed the video “likely due to its mention of suicide” after they posted it last week. It was published again soon after.

“We believe this video, though hard to watch, is important to learn from,” the department wrote in a post online. “The way our officers communicate with this young man is an example everyone should follow.”

California sheriff’s deputy shot dead, ride-along injured in ‘active shooter incident,’ officials say

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael was shot and killed early Wednesday, according to officials.
El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael was shot and killed early Wednesday, according to officials. (El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office)

The deputies were responding to a call for service when they were shot at by an unknown number of people, according to police.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael was shot and killed, while a ride-along who was with Ishmael during the call was injured during the shooting.

Ishmael is described as a four-year veteran with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office who previously worked for Placerville Police Department.

Man arrested after violent altercation at home of Philadelphia Eagles DT Fletcher Cox

According to court records, Corbyn Nyemah showed up at Cox’s house looking for his ex-girlfriend. Nyemah allegedly damaged her vehicle before attempting to forcibly enter the home by throwing rocks through the front door.

Court records also reveal surveillance cameras at Cox’s home capturing Nyemah walking around the exterior of the property with a baseball bat and attempting to enter the garage multiple times.

After Cox armed himself with a shotgun, he called police reporting a man attempting to break into his home.

West Point cadet Kade Kurita, 20, found dead after days of searches

Kade Kurita, a 20-year-old from Gardena, Calif.,

The four-year federal service academy announced early Wednesday that Kade Kurita, a 20-year-old from Gardena, Calif., was found dead Tuesday at 9:47 p.m. at the academy.

The discovery Tuesday concluded an extensive series of searches conducted by West Point Military Police, New York State Police, Coast Guard, CSX railroad police, local police and the 23rd Military Police Company from Fort Drum, N.Y., the academy said in a news release.

“I would like to thank the N.Y. State police and the 23rd MP Company along with partners,” Lt. Gen. Williams said.

Naval Academy midshipman charged with sexual assault of sleeping classmates

Future midshipman Nixon Keago in his Marine uniform at the Naval Academy Preparatory School on Oct. 6, 2016.
Future midshipman Nixon Keago in his Marine uniform at the Naval Academy Preparatory School on Oct. 6, 2016.

The women’s identities were redacted from the documents against Midshipman Nixon Keago, making it difficult to determine exactly how many were involved.

The third-year midshipman stood accused of entering a classmate’s dorm room at the academy in February 2018, undressing her without her permission and sexually assaulting her while she was sleeping.

In a May 2019 encounter in New York City, Keago allegedly kissed a female midshipman’s neck, pressed his body against hers and pulled down her shorts without her permission, according to the charge sheet which the Naval Academy superintendent, Vice Adm. Sean Buck, approved last month.

The documents also detailed allegations of an attempted sexual assault in September 2018 and a sexual assault the following month, both in Annapolis, Md. The alleged assaults took place while the women were sleeping, prosecutors said.

Ronan Farrow’s producer says NBC had a Matt Lauer problem and Harvey Weinstein exploited it

Fox news Video: Former NBC producer Rich McHugh claims NBC killed Ronan Farrow’s story and covered for Harvey Weinstein.


Gallup Admits Poll Claiming 52 Percent of Americans Support Impeachment May Have Included Illegal Aliens

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The 1,526 respondents to the poll conducted between October 1 and October 13 apparently included an unknown number of illegal aliens currently residing in the United States as well as non-U.S. citizens who are legal residents, in addition to U.S. citizens who are not registered to vote, as well as U.S. citizens who are registered to vote.

Gallup also apparently heavily skewed the weighting of sample respondents–a sample that most likely included illegal aliens and non-citizen legal residents–by dramatically decreasing the percentage of Republicans included in the weighted final results that showed 52 percent support impeachment, while dramatically increasing the percentage of Democrats included in those weighted results.

Evidence suggests Tulsi Gabbard YouTube channel was censored in search at the height of media attention

In addition to showing evidence of what appears to be Tulsi Gabbard’s YouTube channel being suppressed in the US during a presidential campaign, Crowder argues that this is not algorithmic and points to how YouTube staff seemed to flip a switch when censoring and then reversing the censorship of his channel in YouTube search.

The censorship of Tulsi Gabbard’s profile is similar to the form of censorship that has affected Crowder himself as well as other conservative commentators on YouTube.

Crowder’s release of this evidence comes a few months after Gabbard sued Google for election interference after a very similar incident.

The incident that sparked this lawsuit involves Gabbard having her search ads account suspended while she was the most searched for Democratic presidential candidate after a debate.

Democratic congresswoman claims Zuckerberg ‘ruined the lives’ of black people

Although he was there to testify about Libra, the Ohio Democrat took the opportunity to press Zuckerberg about racial disparities at Facebook.

Beatty asked Zuckerberg who he had recruited to manage an internal task force on civil rights. The Facebook founder noted that he had COO Sheryl Sandberg on the commission.

The congresswoman was displeased with Zuckerberg’s answer, saying, “We know Sheryl’s not really civil rights. I’m trying to help you here.”

Beatty then asked Zuckerberg if he knew what percentage of black Americans use his platform. When he was unable to answer the question, Beatty blasted him for not knowing that information.

Watch: Club for Growth Launches Anti-Impeachment Ads in Swing Democrat Districts

“Democrats know they can’t win in 2020 with a socialist agenda, so instead of winning at the ballot box, they are throwing a Hail Mary with the impeachment process,” said Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh in a statement Wednesday.

“Representatives Katie Porter, Xochitl Torres Small, Abigail Spanberger, and Lauren Underwood were elected promising moderation and independence, and voters deserve better than their toxic and reflexive allegiance to the Democrat’s Socialist agenda.”

The Club for Growth released an analysis this summer which found these Democrats have voted overwhelmingly with House Speaker Pelosi despite their promise to remain an independent member of Congress.

The House passes a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal felony

Currently, federal law only explicitly prohibits animal fighting, and only criminalizes wrongdoers when they create and sell videos depicting the actual animal cruelty.

The PACT Act allows authorities to go after the wrongdoers because they will have federal jurisdiction and will not be bound by state laws. They can also prosecute criminals if the cruelty occurs on federal property.

Under the act, a person can be prosecuted for crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, and impaling animals and sexually exploiting them.

Trump campaign touts ObamaCare projections for 2020, says they counter Dem narrative

CMS Administrator Seema Varna also testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday, during a House Energy & Commerce hearing titled: “Sabotage: The Trump administration’s attack on health care,” that in some states, premiums are dropping even more significantly.

“While Democrats continue to push the narrative that President Trump is trying to ‘sabotage’ their health care, the latest data confirm exactly the opposite,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told Fox News.

This month, Trump signed an executive order that “directed HHS to take a number of specific, significant steps that will meaningfully improve the financing of Medicare, advance the care American seniors receive from their doctors, and improve the health they enjoy.”

Gohmert on Dem Impeachment Inquiry: “It Violates Principles on Which This Nation Was Founded

Congressman Louie Gohmet (TX-01) spoke on the House Floor about the unfair impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

He stated, “This is an unbelievable time in our history. There is nothing more important than elective office.

It’s something that was discussed in the Declaration of Independence, and yet we have an attempted coup taking place.

It violates the principles on which this nation was founded of due process, the right to confront the witnesses against you …”

Melissa Francis on the cost of Medicare for all and health care for illegal immigrants

Fox News Video: Commentary/Opinion: Democrats seem to think math is a vast right-wing conspiracy, says Melissa Francis, co-host of ‘Outnumbered’ on Fox News Channel and ‘After the Bell’ on Fox Business Network.

“We already can’t pay for ‘Medicare-for-all,’” she said. “There isn’t the money at all.”

She said if there isn’t the money for citizens then certainly there isn’t money for people who aren’t.

Progressive Democrats have been promising, she said, what they can’t deliver.

Estimates place the 10-year cost of the “Medicare-for-all” plans at $32-34 trillion.

US opioid crisis prompts Melania Trump’s first solo trip to Capitol Hill

First lady Melania Trump, center, participates in a roundtable discussion on the opioid crisis, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019. The first lady marked the anniversary of the President’s signing of the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Because of the law, “we are able to look at ways to reduce opioid use during pregnancy,” she said in remarks thanking lawmakers for bipartisan passage of the SUPPORT Act signed by her husband.

The first lady has focused on solutions to the opioid epidemic since arriving in the White House.

She recently promoted Red Ribbon Week with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

President Trump Delivers Remarks

The White House.

GOP lawmakers try to barge into closed-door impeachment interview

Three dozen Republican lawmakers not on the House Intelligence Committee are demanding transparency from Democrats; Griff Jenkins reports on the altercation.

House Democrat accused of affair, abuse amid messy divorce

Lurid details of Democratic Rep. Katie Hill’s private life went public after photos and texts detailing her involvement in a ‘throuple’ were published online.

Obama Aide Admits Quid-Quo-Pro was Regular Practice

Brandon Straka: This Is Why I #WalkedAway

Commentary/Opinion: Brandon Straka, a former Democrat, founded the #WalkAway campaign to encourage others, who have been disappointed by the vitriol of the Democratic party, to #WalkAway.

World News:

Trump announces ‘permanent ceasefire’ in Syria between Turkey and Kurds; lifts sanctions on Ankara

Speaking at the White House, Trump said that while a “permanent ceasefire” will be tough to maintain in the volatile region, he hopes it will last and end the conflict between Turkey and the Kurds.

“I do believe it will be permanent,” he said. “This was an outcome created by us, the United States, and nobody else…we’ve done something very, very special.”

Trump’s statement follows an early morning tweet, where he announced a “safe zone” along the Turkey-Syria border, and voiced optimism after the initial 120-hour pause in the Turkish military operation there ended.

UK Police Discover 39 Bodies In Truck, Arrest Driver

Police is seen at the scene where bodies were discovered in a lorry container, in Grays, Essex, Britain October 23, 2019.
Police is seen at the scene where bodies were discovered in a lorry container, in Grays, Essex, Britain October 23, 2019. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

The discovery of the bodies – 38 adults and one teenager – was made in the early hours after emergency services were alerted to people in a truck container on a gritty industrial site in Grays, about 20 miles (32 km) east of central London.

The truck was thought to have entered Britain at Holyhead, a North Wales port that is a major entry point for traffic from Ireland, on Saturday and to have originally started its journey in Bulgaria, police said.

The driver of the truck, a 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland, was in custody.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was appalled by the news and was receiving regular updates about the investigation.

Hong Kong Extradition Bill Officially Killed, But More Unrest Likely

Secretary of Security John Lee Ka-Chiu announces the withdrawal of the extradition bill, in Hong Kong, China October 23, 2019.
Secretary of Security John Lee Ka-Chiu announces the withdrawal of the extradition bill, in Hong Kong, China October 23, 2019. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

The rallying cry of the protesters, who have trashed public buildings in the Chinese-ruled city, set street fires and pelted police with petrol bombs, has been “five demands, not one less”, meaning the withdrawal of the bill makes no difference.

Hundreds of protesters gathered peacefully outside the British Consulate, waving British flags, chanting “stand with Hong Kong” and calling for support for a British parliamentary debate on the citizenship status of Hong Kong people scheduled for Thursday.

Britain has vowed support for Hong Kong, a former British colony handed back to China in 1997. But, given its plan to leave the European Union, Britain is also hoping for trading and investment opportunities with China.

Brexit – Here we go again

Commentary/Opinion: Anne Marie Waters
Leader, For Britain


Gravestones at the Jewish cemetery in Quatzenheim, France vandalized with Nazi graffiti, February 19, 2019.
Gravestones at the Jewish cemetery in Quatzenheim, France vandalized with Nazi graffiti, February 19, 2019. (photo credit: CONSISTOIRE OF THE LOWER RHINE)

The perpetrators knocked down the headstones at the cemetery of the Chatham Memorial Synagogue in Rochester, a town located 30 miles east of London, sometime between Sept. 27 and Oct. 4, police told Kent Online, which published an article about the incident Tuesday.

“The gate they ripped off was bolted to the wall. It was already open. It was damage for damage’s sake,” Halpern-Matthews said.

The last burial at the cemetery took place in 1982. Some graves there are more than 300 years old.

Floods in Southern Europe: Dead and missing in Spain and Italy

The taxi driver is thought to have died when the road collapsed.
The taxi driver is thought to have died when the road collapsed. EPA

Flash floods in northern Italy left two people dead on Tuesday and roads in the south of France were blocked as rivers burst their banks.

Ten departments in southern France were placed on orange alert. Cars were submerged and the waters of the River Orb rose dangerously beneath a historic bridge in Béziers.

The north-east Spanish region of Catalonia suffered its second period of torrential rain in two months.

Chinese Megachurch Torn Down During Worship Service

Twitter Screenshot

A megachurch in Funan County, Anhui Province of China, was leveled Friday during a worship service, ChinaAid reported.

Authorities also arrested the church’s two pastors. Pastors Geng Yimin and Sun Yongyao were held on charges of “suspected gathering of people to disturb social order.”

Fuyang Christian Church, which could seat 3,000, was just the latest victim of Emperor Xi’s “religious fascism,” ChinaAid founder Bob Fu tweeted Saturday, referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

ChinaAid is a national non-profit human rights organization “committed to promoting religious freedom and the rule of law in China.”


Students vs. Chinese: Cultural Appropriation

Ni hao! 👋 Do you think the folks in Chinatown were as bothered by Will Witt’s Halloween getup as the non-Chinese college students were?

😉😂 This is so good.

Ex-Police Officer: The Truth About Policing & Race (Pt. 1) | Brandon Tatum | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Brandon Tatum (Co-Founder of Blexit & former police officer) about how he went from being arrested at 8 to becoming a police officer, the importance of parenting, why he thinks the impression people have of police brutality, policing and race is based on lies.

He also clears up the reality of what it’s really like for black cops on the police department.