About the Author.

I’m a news junkie and love sharing what I find as I cruise the Web and I’m really interested in Politics. I’m a Christian Conservative Cold War Veteran, married and retired bus driver. My time in the Army was spent in Europe. As a kid, being a Navy brat I traveled around a lot. What I want to do here on News and Headlines is just share good reliable News and Headlines. I sift through the fog of the latest News and Headlines so you don’t have to, no fake news. I’ll do my best to post true accurate and reliable News and not share Headlines or sites filled with ads and popups, though some popups and ads can’t be helped on some sites.  If you like what I do don’t forget to add RoboeAmeican.com to your favorites, sign up for email alerts or follow News and Headlines. I also blog on Roberts Thoughts 2 There you’ll get more of a Conservative view of things and find me other places on the web through my social profiles. Here on News and Headlines I try and leave the bias at the door and just share News and Headlines.


I also love to ride. I started when I got out of the Army on Harleys of course, though I don’t have one right now here’s a picture of my last baby a Yamaha Road Star. DSC00002

Bike 1 001

Brake time with some friends on the “River Run” 2009. re riverrun 09 003

Thanks for stopping by. IMAG007


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