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In Th News:

Students at Over 200 Schools Join Walkout to Protest Planned Parenthood, Abortion

The pro-life walkout is being overseen by the Students for Life of America.

According to the walkout event’s website, students will walkout of classes for 17 minutes, which, according to SFLA, is the time it takes for Planned Parenthood to perform 10 abortions in a given day.

“We will rally and demand the end of Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funded empire. We will kneel and pray for the end of legal abortion in our nation,” the SLFA said.

Paul Ryan’s retirement plans spark mixed reactions from politicians

The news that House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., isn’t planning to run for re-election came as a surprise to some of his colleagues, while others commented that the departure was inevitable.

Meet the wealthy donors pouring millions into the 2018 elections

While these groups cannot coordinate their advertising with candidates or political parties, they often work closely with official campaigns, and they are poised to be influential forces in this year’s congressional midterm elections.

Some major donors who have been prolific givers in the past, such as casino owners Miriam and Sheldon Adelson and hedge fund founder George Soros, have yet to give substantial sums this cycle, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Trump signs order calling for work requirements in welfare programs

The White House issued a memo that argued those who rely on welfare would have an easier time achieving economic mobility through strengthened work requirements where they already exist, and the creation of new ones where applicable.

“The Federal Government should do everything within its authority to empower individuals by providing opportunities for work, including by investing in Federal programs that are effective at moving people into the workforce and out of poverty,” the executive order states.

Virginia: Muslim teen charged for false report man attacked her, removed hijab, called her ‘terrorist’

The girl is charged with knowingly giving a false report to a law enforcement officer, according to Prince William County Police.

Investigators say a school resource officer and police learned she “falsely reported” an alleged confrontation with an “unknown black man.”

Police: Hartford officer ‘violently assaulted’ after responding to domestic violence inicident

Police say that on Tuesday, Trevon was involved in a domestic violence incident in the north end of Hartford. Trevon allegedly entered his ex-girlfiend’s apartment, struck and assaulted her, stole items, then fled the apartment.

Trevon sped off in his car, and drove at a high rate of speed northbound on Barbour Street, then continued through the intersection of Barbour and Kensington Streets without stopping at the red light.

Trevon then struck another car that was traveling eastbound on Kensington STreet, which forced that car into several others, resulting in a four-car accident.

Arizona court says Dreamers no longer eligible for in-state tuition

The ruling affects so-called Dreamers who attend Arizona’s three state universities and its largest community college.

The unanimous ruling Monday will affect at least 2,000 students who participate in DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which began in 2012 and which President Donald Trump has been looking to scrap or change since taking office in 2017.


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed Friday that up to 80 percent of migrant women traveling through Mexico are raped.

Verdict: True

Estimates vary, but as many as eight in 10 migrant women may be raped by transnational gang members, other migrants or corrupt officials on their journey to the U.S.

Facebook Survey Finds Trump Support Far Higher Than Expected

A new survey finds close to 100 percent of Ohio’s most likely Republican voters hold a favorable view of President Donald Trump.

The Western Journal conducted the poll during the first week of April targeting those affiliated with the Republican Party and those who identify as conservative through Facebook.

The survey then pulled out the 1,100 respondents who indicated that they plan to vote in the Buckeye State’s May 8 primary, which will decide the GOP nominees for the U.S. Senate and governor, among other races.

Tech Watch:

Facebook threatens Voice of Europe for criticising migration

While the article heavily criticises migration, it is news, like any other article on our site. But not according to Facebook: The article was removed, we received a 30-day suspension and Facebook threatened to remove our page over it. But something even more strange happened.

Mark Zuckerberg’s notes photographed, show he was ready to punch at Apple if Congress pushed him

A picture taken by a quick-thinking photographer of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s binder shows he was prepared to go after Apple and specifically its CEO Tim Cook after Cook said “I wouldn’t be in this situation,” referring to the Facebook data leak.

Taken by the Associated Press, the picture shows Zuckerberg’s binder is full of information, including a retort if he was asked about the comments Cook recently made. The notes reference a mantra from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who has said there are “[c]ompanies that work hard to charge you more and companies that work hard to charge you less.” Zuckerberg would follow that up by saying, “At Facebook, we try hard to charge you less. In fact, we’re free.”

Zuckerberg testifies before the Senate, and the internet is outraged — at senators

But most of the shade being thrown about on social-media rival Twitter was directed at the senators asking the questions. Questions that some found to be lacking in understanding, to put it mildly.

Facebook Has Dozens Of Former Obama And Hillary Staffers In Senior Positions

Mark Zuckerberg notably failed to mention the recent revelations about the Obama 2012 campaign’s exploitation of the platform’s weak pre-2014 data protections to harvest masses of data from non-consenting users.  But when looking deeper at the number of former Obama staffers and former Hillary staffers in senior positions at the social media giant, it becomes a lot easier to see the “why” behind the obvious and glaring question.

Schumer Got Huge Donations From Facebook While Accusing Trump Of Targeting Tech

Schumer has received a total of more than $150,000 from Google and Facebook since 2010, according to an analysis TheDCNF conducted of data on the Federal Election Commission website. Political donations are not the only ties Schumer has to Silicon Valley. He also has strong personal connections to both companies.

His daughter Alison Schumer, for instance, works for Facebook as the company’s privacy and policy marketing manager, according to her LinkedIn profile. Conservative street artist Sabo papered New York City with posters making fun of Schumer for his contributions from Silicon Valley, as well as his daughter’s job at Facebook.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed Tuesday that his company warned campaigns during the 2016 presidential election about Russian actors seeking to hack into the Facebook accounts of key campaign staff.

“We expected them to do a number of more traditional cyber attacks, which we did identify and notify the campaigns that they were trying to hack into them,” he told a Senate committee.

Verdict: False

Google’s File On You Is 10 Times Bigger Than Facebook’s – Here’s How To View It

With all the attention paid to Facebook in recent weeks over ‘data breaches’ and privacy violations, even though what happened with Cambridge Analytica is part of their standard business model, it’s easy to forget that there are four other Big Tech corporations collecting just as much – if not more – of our personal info.

Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are all central players in “surveillance capitalism” and prey on our data. New reports actually suggest that Google may actually harvest ten times as much as Facebook.

World News:

Trump says ‘missiles coming’ against Syria, ‘new and smart’

“Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria,” Trump tweeted. “Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’ You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, however, indicated that evidence of what happened in Saturday’s suspected attack near Damascus is still being studied. At a photo-taking session during a meeting with his Dutch counterpart, Mattis was asked by a reporter whether he had seen enough evidence to blame the Syrian government.

“We’re still assessing the intelligence, ourselves and our allies,” Mattis said. “We’re still working on this.”

Asked whether the U.S. military was ready to conduct an attack in Syria if ordered, Mattis replied, “We stand ready to provide military options if they’re appropriate, as the president determines.”

Unprecedented waves of refugees at the Iranian-Turkish border. Destination: Europe

Indicative of the situation is that only in the first three months of 2018, already 17,000 refugees and migrants have crossed the Iranian – Turkish borders.

The Turkish government have decided to build a 144 km-long wall across the Iranian-Turkish borders, which is supposed to be completed by spring 2019.

In the meantime, refugees and migrants will obviously find their way to Greece and Europe via the Aegean Sea, with the numbers of arriving refugees from Turkey rising steadily, according to the Greek Minister of immigration.

At least 257 dead in Algerian military plane crash as witness reports victims jumping out of aircraft

Some of the 257 people killed Wednesday in an Algerian military plane crash tried to jump off the jet before it went down in flames, a witness says, as authorities hunt for the cause of one of the African nation’s worst-ever air disasters.

Several witnesses told Algerian TV network Ennahar they saw flames coming out of one of the planes’ engines just before it took off. One farmer said some passengers jumped out of the aircraft before the crash, according to the Associated Press.


Remember, It’s America First’: Tomi Lahren Says Trump Should Pull Out of Syria Entirely

It’s time for Final Thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could remove Bashar Assad from power, unify Syria, keep ISIS and al-Qaeda out, and tame Iranian influence in the region?

It sure would. But this is the real world, and the LAST thing we should do is continue our involvement in another Mideast disaster.

Yes, the latest chemical attack in Syria was horrific, tragic and despicable. As Americans, we feel for the Syrian people. BUT, the hard truth is … this isn’t our battle. It’s not our war, and we will not win it.

‘Foreign Policy by Viral Video’: Tucker Rips ‘Talk Show Generals’ Calling for War in Syria

Tucker Carlson blasted those who feel the latest gas attack targeting Syrian civilians is a call to declare war on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

Carlson said “talk-show generals” and war hawk politicians like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have “no real idea what happened.”

He said that both Assad forces and those who oppose him have the capability to use sarin, as was used in a 2017 attack, or Chlorine gas that was used over the weekend.

Guess Whose House Wasn’t Raided by the FBI

If there was any doubt that Robert Mueller’s Ahab-like goal is the unseating of President Trump at all costs and by any means, it was erased by the thuggish FBI raid he orchestrated on the home and office of Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Can’t find any collusion between Trump and Russia?  Hey, why not look for collusion between Cohen and professional whore and porn star Stormy Daniels?  Was she paid to go away with campaign funds?  Even so, that’s an FEC violation punishable by a fine and something that does not require a SWAT team.

It certainly does not compare with money funneled by Team Hillary and the DNC though a law firm to Fusion GPS and British foreign agent Christopher Steele to put together a fake dossier on Trump using Russian sources.  But where were the raids on the offices of the DNC, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Fusion GPS?

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