New and Headlines.8/22/2017

Will be posting on Twitter and News and Headlines Facebook page throughout the day. Just one interest Commentary today.

It’s a little long but good read. Heres some excerpts from it.

“But since I’m old enough to remember when Lincoln Rockwell was a fixture in the national news in the 1960s, and the Skokie March in 1977, when the ACLU, yes, “the” ACLU, secured the American Nazis the right to have a parade in a town filled with holocaust survivors, via SCOTUS. I’m trying to recall now when I’ve heard the name of a single KKK grand dragon, or Nazi-leader. Robert Byrd is the last KKK leader I can recall of any note.”

“What I’ve heard, but only of late, actually, is sort of a generic skinhead, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, again, who look like my buddies down at the A/C repair shop before it went bust, just watching cars, and if there is a black, or an olive skinned inhabitant, cursing them with those awful names and awful gestures. You know, how illegals in California teach their children to behave.”

“This picture puts me in mind of another thought. Since modern neo-nazis and skinheads are a relatively modern phenomenon, post 1950s, and race is obviously a component, I have taken note than Jim Crow Democrats ran this city in the 50s-60s. As long as Jim Crow ran the south, there really wasn’t any niche white supremacists or neo-Nazis could fill. The Democrats had cornered that market. The KKK was not only legit then, but they could read books and didn’t call their first cousin Dad.

Common sense will then tell you where the genesis of modern white supremacism came from…cast down Jim Crow Democrats who were driven underground over the past 40 years.

Point is, since their numbers have dwindled now from (in Virginia) to the tens of thousands in the 1970s after Civil Rights, to a fraction of that number today, why they are suddenly considered to be such a threat?

Real inquiring minds want to know.” More here.> WHERE ARE THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS’ CANDIDATES IN 2018?

D’Souza spoils leftist picnic with hard facts 

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