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News and Headlines. 8/28/2018

News and Headlines. In The News, Politics/Deep State/Censorship/Free Speech, President Trump, World News, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Global stocks climb as markets celebrate trade deal NEW YORK (Reuters) – A global stocks index […]

News and Headlines. 7/30/2018

News and Headlines. In The News, Video’s, Commentary/Opinion. Thomas More Law Center Files Supreme Court Brief In Last-Ditch Effort To Save The Bladensburg Cross Erected Over 90 Years Ago The Cross was […]

News and Headlines.6/7/2018

Palestinians preparing kites loaded with flammable material

News and Headlines. In The News, Deep State/Politics/Government Corruption, World News, News from the Blogosphere, Video’s. In The News: Total jobless claims running at lowest level in 44 years The total number […]

News and Headlines. 5/30/2018

News and Headlines. In The News, President Trump, World News, Economy, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Dickson County deputy shot, killed; Search for suspect underway DICKSON, TN — The search is underway for the […]

News and Headlines. 5/3/2018

Keeping you informed. In News and Headlines today, In the News, Politics/Deep state/Corruption, World News, got some great Commentary/Opinion today. Baltimore Museum Announces Sale Of Warhol and Other Masterpieces By White Artists […]

News and Headlines. 4/16/2018

Officer Phillip W. Cardillo

Keeping you informed. Covered on News and Headlines today, In The news, World News, Tech Watch, (covering Facebook, Google and Yahoo.) with some funny and interesting Commentary/Opinion. In The News: R. Lee Ermey’s […]

News and Headlines. 4/9/2018

Christopher White, 20,

Keeping you informed. In News and Headlines today, In The News, California, World News, Public Service Announcement, Commentary/Opinion, Tech Watch(Twitter,Facebook,Government), President Trump, On This Day In History in 1865, Robert E. Lee […]

News and Headlines. 4/2/2018

Russian research vessel Yantar

Covered today in News and Headlines, INCYMI. Headlines from the weekend, In The News, World News, Commentary/Opinion, President Trump, Economy/Stocks. Scroll down for all the News and Headlines. In March News and Headlines […]

News and Headlines. 3/29/2018

College of the Holy Cross professor, Dr. Tat-siong Benny Liew,

In The News, Commentary/Opinion, World News, keeping you informed. This 3D “carbon copy” of Jesus was created using the Shroud of Turin “Therefore, we believe that we finally have the precise image […]

News and headlines. 3/28/2018

Keeping you informed, News and Headlines for today. Plane Dumps 30 Tons of Fuel Mid-Flight in Emergency Landing to Save Passenger’s Life Crew members attempted to assist the woman, who was transferred […]

News and Headlines. 3/26/2018

A meeting of the Human Rights Council. (UN/Pierre Albouy

Keeping you informed, lots of News and Headlines to cover today, World News, In The News, INCYMI some Sunday Headlines, the latest News on Facebook, Commentary/Opinion, Terrorism, Bat-wielding sisters savagely beat woman in alleged road […]

News and Headlines. 3/19/2018

Airbus wants to bring down a defunct space station with a giant harpoon

Covered today in News and Headlines, World news, Deep State/Government Corruption, In The News, Commentary/Opinion. In The news: Airbus wants to bring down a defunct space station with a giant harpoon Junk […]