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Big budget deal in Senate hailed as ‘genuine breakthrough’

Nunes Says Obama State Dept. Passed Trump Dirt ‘to Very Strange Places’

Grassley and Graham’s referral revealed that Clinton campaign aides and former Obama appointees fed material to Steele as he compiled the dossier. The anti-Trump dossier was used by the FBI and DOJ to obtain warrants from the FISA court allowing the government to spy on Trump associates.

“Sadly, the mainstream media continues to ignore this. Even tonight I was looking. No one’s covering this,” Nunes said of Grassley and Graham’s referral, noting that “it’s pretty clear now you have the Clinton campaign, who was getting information from the Russians, dirt on Trump.”

Senate Homeland Security Committee releases report on FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton

The texts between the two, who worked on the Clinton probe and were engaged in an extramarital affair, show they talked about serving to “protect the country from the menace” of “enablers” of then-presidential nominee Donald Trump.

According to the documents released by Johnson, the two talked about then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and how they knew Clinton would not face criminal charges for her private email server — even before the FBI had interviewed the former secretary of state.

The two also discussed drafting talking points for then-FBI Director James Comey, stating former President Obama “wants to know everything we’re doing.”

Texts From Anti-Trump FBI Officials Reveal Obama Wanted ‘To Know Everything’ About Clinton Investigation

Newly discovered texts exchanged by FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page reveal possible involvement by former President Barack Obama in the 2016 investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, Fox News reports.

“Potus wants to know everything we’re doing,” Page told Strzok in a text message dated Sept 2, 2016. Page then described preparing former FBI director  James Comey to brief Obama on the details of a particular investigation.


Court Rules ‘Admission in Any Status’ Doesn’t Include Illegals

A recent ruling by an immigration court will make it harder for some immigrants to beat deportation orders.

The issue decided last week by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) revolved around whether the phrase “admitted in any status” includes people who entered the country illegally. The court ruled that it does not.

Booming Foreign-Born Population Handing Over Electoral Dominance to Democrats

House Democrats are dominating in districts across the United States that are heavily populated with foreign-born residents, a new report reveals.

An analysis by Axios’s Chris Canipe and Andrew Witherspoon shows the overwhelming trend of foreign-born populations voting Democrats into office over Republicans.

For example, in New York’s 15th District, the region goes strongly to Democrats, with a foreign-born population that is near almost 40 percent. Likewise, California’s 34th District, which has a foreign-born population of 46.5 percent, is a Democrat stronghold.

Islam / Terrorist / War on Terror:

CAIR Urges LA to Say No to Anti-Extremism Program

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is pushing the Los Angeles mayor’s office to refuse funding from the federal government to implement a Countering Violent Extremism Program (CVE).

The program – which comes with a grant for $425,000 – was offered to Mayor Eric Garcetti from the Department of Homeland Security.

What could possibly be wrong with an anti-extremism program?

CAIR objects, in principle, to the concept of CVE on three grounds:

Child Porn to Pyromania: New Terror Cases in the US

#2 Child pornography was found on the electronic devices of a Virginia man who was arrested at the end of last year for destroying evidence that linked him to ISIS.

Sean Andrew Duncan, a convert to Islam, was also suspected of planning a terror attack and providing information to an ISIS contact about building homemade bombs.

Saudi Man Linked to Al-Qaeda Arrested in Oklahoma

A Saudi man living in Oklahoma with ties to al-Qaeda was arrested and charged with visa fraud and lying about his involvement with international terrorism.

Naif Abdulaziz M. Alfallaj, 34, first entered the U.S. in 2011 on a nonimmigrant visa due to his wife’s status as a foreign student, according to the Justice Department.

Advice for Jihadi Brides Brought to You by Al-Qaeda

Apparently fed up with ISIS which is putting women on the front lines when they should be at home preparing to take care of their husbands, al-Qaeda launched a new magazine for jihadi brides titled Beituki (“Your Home”).  Here’s everything you need to know — in al-Qaeda’s opinion — to take care of a jihadi husband.

P.S. We aren’t making this up. The magazine and its advice are for real.

Al-Qaeda: Muslims Should Kill ‘Americans Everywhere’

A senior Al-Qaeda leader has called on all Muslims to “rise and attack the Jews and the Americans everywhere.”

World News:

Stunning new pictures show the scope of Chinese building in the South China Sea

While the buildings and boats seen in the photographs are not news, seeing them up-close is striking. In satellite images, bases, radars and runways look like fuzzy rectangles. In these pictures, they look like bases, radars and runways. 

Fiery Cross reef. (Courtesy of Daily Inquirer/)

The pictures will not change China’s position, nor are they likely to shape the U.S. response. But for those following the conflict from a distance, they provide a revealing glimpse of what is happening on these distant rocks and reef — and it sure does not look civilian.

Johnson South reef.
Johnson South reef. (Photo courtesy of Daily Inquirer/)

In The News:

A Florida man, charged with felony battery and manslaughter for killing a woman with a single punch to the face in a Daytona Beach bar last year, will face at least 11 years in prison.

Michael Lamothe, 36, pleaded no contest to charges of felony battery and manslaughter for killing Debra Jost,
Michael Lamothe, 36, pleaded no contest to charges of felony battery and manslaughter for killing Debra Jost, 54, with a single punch to the face in a Daytona Beach bar in April 2017. He faces 11 years in prison and eight years probation. Volusia County Corrections

Michael Lamothe, 36, could also serve eight years probation after he finishes his prison term, according to an agreement with prosecutors, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported Tuesday.

Lamothe pleaded no contest to the charges.

Commentary / Opinion:

If students in America knew THESE shocking things about fascism that have been taken out of their textbooks, they would never become Democrats. YES, REALLY: How Democrats actually redefined “fascism”

Believe it or not, Antifa thugs don’t represent the greatest fascist threat to America today, THESE people do. D’Souza exposes which leftists are more dangerous than Antifa

Sharia — Destroyer of Civilizations

Hello, I would like to talk to you about Sharia and how it destroys civilizations. Ever wondered how Turkey, Pakistan, North Africa, the Middle East and Egypt all became completely Islamic? Well, the answer is simple, Sharia was implemented, after Islam invaded.
Now before I tell you what Sharia is, we need to tell you what Islam is and no, Islam is not just a religion found in the Koran. The reason is simple, there’s not enough in the Koran to practice the Five Pillars of Islam. But there are 91 verses in the Koran, which say that every human being is to follow the perfect pattern of Muhammad’s life and Muhammad’s life is found in the Sira, his biography and the Hadith his traditions.