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News and Headlines. 8/15/2017

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In The News:

71% of Cities Will See Double-Digit Premium Increases as More Insurers Drop Out of Exchanges

Feds Collect Record Income and Payroll Taxes Through July

Charges sought against those who toppled Confederate statue

2 worshippers shot to death outside Chicago church

Missing Alabama woman found after 28 days in the woods

Wyoming Judge Appeals To Nation’s Highest Court After Losing Job For Being A Christian

Lincoln Memorial vandalized with spray paint

Neo-Nazi group moves to ‘Dark Web’ after website goes down

Teenage son chokes mother’s ex-boyfriend to death after seeing him beat her: police


“Alabama voters go to the polls Tuesday to select party nominees in the closely watched Senate race for the seat that belonged to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The race will test both the reach of Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after a super political action committee tied to McConnell spent millions of dollars in advertising to try to clear the way for Strange.” More here.> Alabama Senate race tests Trump, McConnell reach

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — “Three GOP candidates hoping to replace former Rep. Jason Chaffetz in Congress face off in a primary election Tuesday after weeks trying to burnish their conservative credentials and fend off attack ads from deep-pocketed outside groups.” More here.> 3 Republicans face off in Utah primary for vacant House seat

16-year-old is running for Kansas governor seat

“Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams called for the removal of the giant carving that depicts three Confederate war leaders on the face of state-owned Stone Mountain, saying it “remains a blight on our state and should be removed.” More here.> Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain

“According to report just out, President Obama knew about Russian interference 3 years ago but he didn’t want to anger Russia!”

President Donald Trump GRILLED at Press Conference THEN SLAMS FAKE NEWS REPORTERS Trump Tower 

Deep State:

“Former National Security Administration Technical Director Bill Binney told Tucker Carlson he has data showing that the Democrats’ narrative regarding Russia hacking the DNC and 2016 election are untrue.

Binney, a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), said the story spread around the mainstream media that Russia is at fault can’t necessarily be proven.” Video and article here.> Former NSA Official: Dems’ Russia Hacking Story Likely Bogus

“In a memo to President Trump, a group of former U.S. intelligence officers, including NSA specialists, cite new forensic studies to challenge the claim of the key Jan. 6 “assessment” that Russia “hacked” Democratic emails last year.” More here.> Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

World News:

“A 47-year-old asylum seeker in the Germany city of Augsburg in Bavaria has received a suspended sentence of 15 months imprisonment for the sexual abuse of several children, some as young as five.

The unnamed asylum seeker, originally from Afghanistan, is said to have abused several children in the asylum home he lived in over the period of a year. The man, found guilty of sexual abuse and bodily harm, is said to have used the opportunity of living in a shared accommodation to molest the children, local newspaper Augburger Allgemeine reports.” More here.> Migrant Gets Suspended Sentence for Sexually Abusing Children as Young as Five

Iran Says Can Quit Nuclear Deal if U.S. Keeps Adding Sanctions

“Hamas money apparatus which transferred funds to families of Hamas terrorists in Jerusalem has been exposed following a joint operation with the Israel Police, the Shin Bet cleared for release on Tuesday.

Hamas gave money and support to families of terrorists who carried out deadly attacks in Israel.” More here.> HAMAS MONEY TRANSFERRING APPARATUS REVEALED IN EAST JERUSALEM

WASHINGTON (AP) — “The Trump administration denounced the Islamic State group on Tuesday for carrying out “genocide” against Christians and other religious minorities in areas under its control.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the group is “clearly responsible for genocide” against Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Shiite Muslims in Syria and elsewhere. His comments were made as the State Department released its annual report on international religious freedom.” More here.> US DECRIES ISLAMIC STATE ‘GENOCIDE’ OF CHRISTIANS, OTHERS


Multiple people were killed in attack on a Burkina Faso restaurant

Government Corruption:

Today — an exclusive first look at a new report that says you can put a price on success when it comes to Congress. The report by Issue One exposes the secretive money system in which members of Congress “buy” top spots on the most powerful committees. To raise the money, they often collect from the very interests their committees are supposed to oversee.

Nick Penniman: It’s not only a powerful position, it’s a perverse system. In fact, it’s the inverse of what we all as citizens should want.” Transcript here.> Price of Power

FULL MEASURE:Price of Power 

The Smear: Sharyl Attkisson Talks Fake News, Hidden Political Agendas in New Book 


“President Donald Trump’s merit immigration reform will save $1 trillion in various taxpayer-funded welfare and aid programs, says a cautious report by the Heritage Foundation.

The $1 trillion cost-saving generates a $3,000 saving for each American, and it is gained by halving one decade’s inflow of unskilled immigrants who will be dependent on taxpayer aid during their working years and in their old age.

Heritage’s 75-year estimate uses the data and analysis validated in September 2016 by the prestigious National Academics of Sciences. The academies’ September 2016 report — prepared by a panel of pro-immigration experts — showed that low-skill immigrants are very expensive for taxpayers. They are so expensive that American taxpayers are virtually depositing at least $140,000 in a bank at 3 percent interest as soon as each low-skill migrant arrives, the NAS panel said.” More here.> Donald Trump’s Merit Immigration Reform Saves $1 Trillion by 2027, Says Study

Economy / Stocks:

ATLANTA (AP) — “Americans are plowing money into their homes at an astonishing rate, new, used and even those not yet built, creating for Home Depot a frenzy of loyal customers.” More here.> The boom is booming and Home Depot is setting records

High-tech US plants offer jobs even as the laid-off struggle

Amazon Prime Day helps boost U.S. retail sales in July to 7-month high

U.S. Stocks Drift Lower Amid Receding Korea Threat: Markets Wrap

U.S. import prices rebound after two straight monthly declines

U.S. business inventories post biggest gain in seven months

Commentary / Opinion:

“Author Dinesh D’Souza explained why white nationalists actually belong in the Democratic party, which promotes ethnic nationalism, just days after violence displays by white supremacists left the nation grieving.” Video and article here.> Dinesh D’Souza: White Nationalists Belong With Dems But Are Politically Homeless

Jesse Watters: “We can armchair President Trump’s responses all we want, but there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on here. Hillary Clinton waited two weeks after Benghazi to call that terrorism. If Trump had blamed Charlottesville on a video, maybe he would have gotten a free pass. President Obama waited four days during Ferguson while that city burned. And he was in Martha’s Vineyard having dinner, and when he came out then he blamed both sides, the looters and the police. When Black Lives Matter activists executed NYPD people and shot cops cold dead in the streets in Dallas, what did the president do? He didn’t condemn Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter got invited to the White House. And when he did speak about it, he goes, “It’s hard to untangle the motivations of the shooter, and we don’t want to assign blame from one kook to a larger national movement.”

Obama called terrorism “workplace violence.” So it’s hard to be lectured about word games from the left. And the Scalise shooter – this guy, a Bernie Sanders volunteer, targeted Republican congressmen with a weapon. No one blamed Bernie Sanders for that! But they want to lay this death at the doorstep of Donald Trump? It’s disgraceful. These same people who are mad at President Trump for saying “radical Islam” now all of a sudden want him to say “white supremacy?” It’s totally ridiculous.” More here.> Watters Blasts Left’s Charlottesville Hypocrisy

Matt Walsh: Dear alt-right white supremacists and leftist Antifa thugs, you deserve each other

“LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham said protesters who tore down the statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, North Carolina, Monday night don’t care “about racial healing or racial unity” but rather seek to “control the historical narrative,” during an appearance Tuesday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

“This is madness. This is not about what they claim it is,” Ingraham said. “This is not about any type of unity or getting past the racial divide. This is about controlling the historical narrative, which we see happening all over the world.”

She added: “We see it with the Taliban pulling down Christian historical sites. We’ve seen this in the old Soviet Union. We see this with the Stalinists. But in America we have a way of discussing issues and bringing out more viewpoints that I think really does lead to greater understanding and recognition. But you didn’t see that in Durham last night. You saw criminality.” More here.> Ingraham: Durham Protesters Who Toppled Statue Seek ‘Eradication of History’

“Faith Goldy provides a candid response in the wake of her on-the-ground reports from the so-called Unite The Right rally in Virginia this weekend.” Faith Goldy: Charlottesville, In My Own Words 

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