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News and Headlines. 8/7/2018

Sagrada Familia cathedral (pictured), one of the leading tourist attractions in the city,

News and Headlines. Tech Watch (FaceBook, Twitter, Free Speech/Censorship, China), In The News, World News, Commentary/Opinion, Humor, Video’s. Tech Watch: Facebook Wants Banks to Hand Over Your Financial Information The Wall Street Journal revealed that […]

News and Headlines. 8/6/2018

The research taking place on the International Space Station is providing

News and Headlines. In The News, Tech Watch,(Censorship,Free Speech,FaceBook,Google,YouTube,Space), Politics/President Trump/Immigration, World News, Commentary/Opinion, Video’s. In The News: Fatal Shooting, Crash Shuts Down Lanes On Bay Bridge This is the second shooting to […]

News and Headlines. 7/26/2018

News and Headlines. In The News, Politics, Tech Watch(Twitter,Facebook,Amazon,AI), Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Grieving mother orca carries dead calf for a second straight day FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash. — A grieving mother orca carried […]

News and Headlines. 7/25/2018

Jacqueline Souza, 31, is accused of stabbing her fiance,

News and Headlines. In The News, Politics, Tech Watch(Facebook,Twitter,Google,YouTube), Immigration, World News, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Trump, Juncker Announce Deal Pulling Back From U.S.-EU Trade War President Donald Trump reached an agreement Wednesday with […]

News and Headlines. 7/13/2018

Kevin Ford was charged

News and Headlines. In The News, Immigration, Politics, Tech Watch, World News, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: 5-year-old boy helps write his own obituary before tragic cancer death: ‘See ya later, suckas!’ A […]

News and Headlines. 6/8/2018

Gloria Williams, who kidnapped a newborn

News and Headlines. In The News, News from the Blogoshere, Deep State/Politics/Government Corruption, World News. In The News: Alligator reportedly drags woman into Florida pond; search underway Police are searching for a […]

News and Headlines.6/7/2018

Palestinians preparing kites loaded with flammable material

News and Headlines. In The News, Deep State/Politics/Government Corruption, World News, News from the Blogosphere, Video’s. In The News: Total jobless claims running at lowest level in 44 years The total number […]

News and Headlines.6/4/2018

News and Headlines. In The News, Tech Watch, World News. In The News: U.S. Supreme Court backs Christian baker who rebuffed gay couple WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday […]

News and Headlines. 6/1/2018

Here’s a picture of Wiggins shortly after his capture.

News and Headlines. In The News, Deep State/Politics, News from the Blogoshere, Tech Watch, INCYMI, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Unemployment rate matches lowest point in half a century WASHINGTON DC — How low can […]

News and Headlines. 5/22/2018

Slain officer is Police Officer First Class Caprio.

News and Headlines. In The News, INCYMI, Tech Watch, Deep State/Government Corruption, Commentary/Opinion, World News. Sanctuary California: Two previously deported rapists re-arrested in California From KESQ:  Border Patrol agents arrest two convicted sex offenders […]

News and Headlines. 5/16/2018

Jonathan Allen, left, and Ina Rogers, right, were arrested after police found 10 children living in "horrible" conditions

In The News. News and Headlines. Man finds treasure in own backyard after finally opening ‘cable box’ NEW YORK – Treasure was found in May, not buried on a deserted island but languishing […]